10 Adorable Easter Cupcake Ideas

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easter cupcake recipes ideas

Easter is just around the corner and I know my kids would love to help me decorate some Easter themed cupcakes. I just found this great blog with tons of cupcake recipes and decorating ideas. I love the photo above of a cupcake with a nest full of Easter eggs.

There’s also a recipe called “white rabbit marshmallow cupcakes” on the page that is just so cute. My boys are always sneaking marshmallows so this one’s perfect.

See all the ideas and recipes here…

The Cupcake Blog: Easter Cupcake Collection

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  1. I love the cupcake blog. They have a lot of great ideas. I also use freecupcakewraps.com for making unique cupcake wrappers when I want to do something fun with my daughter. Another great site for cupcake ideas is cupcakes take the cake. They always show awesome cupcake ideas for what ever the upcoming holiday may be.

  2. I just found these nice recipes, for Easter cupcakes, and cakes! I will try to bake the Easter cookies, and decorate them, and I also likedk the easter baskes with thejellybeans, and pipecleaners, for basket handles.
    How cute! I wished I could also trythe bunny cupcakes, but they look very difficult tomake the ears, and bunny.
    I just don’t know how to f rost them, without damaging the cupcakes, so, maybe I will try to put them in the freezer for a little bit, so they get hard enough to frost!
    then, I can decorate them, with the tinted coconut! and also sbake the cupcakes!
    I wanted to say thank you, to everyone, who has contributed, such cute ideias, for us!
    I am not a big baker, nor am I very artistic, but these look simple and fun!
    Have a Happy Easter everyone! from, the Easter Bunny (mommy)!

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