10 Fridge Organization Tips That Will Save You Money And Your Sanity

Are you tired of having an unorganized refrigerator and having food go to waste? We’ve collected some awesome fridge organization tips to get your fridge in tip-top condition!

When your fridge is organized you will save money because food won’t go to waste and you’ll know what you have in your fridge at all times. You’ll even find out why you should pull your fridge out from the wall 1-2 inches.

It’s not hard to get organized once someone shows you a few tips. And fridge organization certainly doesn’t have to cost much, if anything at all. Take a look through the ideas below and note down the ones that will help you get organized and save money.

1. Use activated carbon to deodorize:

fridge organization activated carbon
Via Thecheesethief.com

2. Get a bacon container to keep it from spoiling:

fridge organization bacon saver
Via Realsimple.com

3. Use baskets to organize efficiently:

fridge organization baskets
Via Theglamoroushousewife.com

4. Store your wine horizontally with these holders:

fridge organization bottle holder
Via Quirky.com

5. Keep bottles from moving around:

fridge organization bottles
Via Facebook.com

6. Use a lazy Susan to see everything more easily:

fridge organization lazy susan
Via Marthastewart.com

7. Magazine racks make great shelves:

fridge organization magazine racks
Via Auntpeaches.com

8. Move your fridge away from the wall and save energy costs:

fridge organization move fridge
Via Welovelocalgovernment.files.wordpress.com

9. Follow this handy guide for ultimate organizing:

fridge organization guide
Via Squawkfox.com

10. Great storage bins for the lazy Susan:

fridge organization storage bins
Via Fancy.com

Have any tips for fridge organization to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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