101 Things To Do With Your Husband Besides Watch TV

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101 things to do with your husband besides watch tv

Here’s a big old list of 101 things to do with your husband besides sitting around watching television. I can really relate to this but from a little bit different perspective… See, we got rid of our television about a year ago mainly because we noticed our children were just way to caught up in it and it was sucking out too much of our lives too.

So, once you get rid of your television, you HAVE to find creative ways to spend time together. We now watch netflix and hulu but that’s been a lot different than having a constant background noise of the tely going. Anyways, this list is great and if you are looking for “more” in your relationship… try a few of these ideas out.

See all the ideas here…

Ditch The TV – 101 Things To Do With Your Hubby

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