11 DIY Outdoor Tables for the Perfect Backyard

Every backyard needs a beautiful table to bring the yard together. You need a place to be able to sit outdoors with friends or family on a beautiful day. If you have been to any furniture store, you know that backyard tables can be expensive. Spending $200 on a table that sits outside all the time does not sound like a smart investment.

Instead of buying an outdoor table, make your own. This will save you a lot of money and help you build the backyard you always wanted on a budget.

These easy DIY outdoor tables will make it easy to get the backyard of your dreams for less. Having a beautiful backyard table does not have to mean you spent a lot of money. This list gathered the top 11 DIY outdoor tables from around the web to give you inspiration and a vision to create something wonderful for your backyard. Some of these tables are easy, and some might require a little extra work. Either way, you can now build the backyard table you have always wanted.

1. Porch swing table

Turn a porch swing into a floating outdoor table.

DIY outdoor tables Swing table

via: ceremonyblog


2. Pallets and cinder blocks

This beautiful table is so easy to make. All you need is an old wood pallet and some cinder blocks! Fits any backyard.

DIY outdoor tables pallet table

via: improvisedlife


3. Old barrel table

Old barrels can be re-purposed into gorgeous DIY tables like these! If you want to give a unique look to your backyard, this is the table to do it.

DIY outdoor tables barrel table

via: bhg


4. Trunk table

This one does not require much work. Take an old trunk, paint it the color you want, and use it as an outdoor table.

DIY outdoor tables Trunk table

via: centsationalgirl


5. Milk can table

This table was made for $17. Not bad! This was made by painting an old milk can and adding a top painted the same color.

DIY outdoor tables milk can table

via: fussymonkeybiz


6. Pallet tables

A simple DIY table. Wood pallets are easy to find and can be re-purposed into outdoor tables like these.

pallet DIY outdoor tables

via: joyeverafter


7. Outdoor dining room table

If you are an experienced DIYer, why not give this outdoor dining room table a shot?

DIY outdoor tables dining table

via: pinterest


8. Spool table

Such an beautiful table. This one is sure to impress your guests!

DIY outdoor tables spool table

via: maisondepax


9. Outdoor bar

Building an outdoor bar is easier than it sounds. Great for any get-together!

DIY outdoor tables bar

via: pinterest


10. Bucket table

Can be made with a bucket and the top of a spool. Get this creative look in your backyard on a budget!

DIY outdoor tables bucket table

via: lizmarieblog


11. Modern coffee table

If you want to give your backyard a more modern look, you can make a modern coffee table out of wooden boards.

DIY outdoor tables modern table

via: pinterest

Have you ever tried to DIY outdoor tables? Share your tips and tricks below!

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