13 Clever DIY Home Organization Hacks

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On a scale from one to ten, how messy is your home? If you said anything above three, which I am sure is just about all of us, you may need to work on your DIY home organization skills. I know organizing your house does not sound fun, but it is one of things we just all have to do. But home organization can be expensive and take a lot of time. If we don’t have the free time to clean, how can we have the free time to organize?

Luckily for us, there is a better way to do things. These simple DIY home organization hacks are fun, cheap, and don’t take up your time. Organizing your home does not need to be expensive. Just by using a few items you already have lying around the house, you too can have a beautifully organized home.

These DIY home organization hacks are so easy there is no excuse to not use at least one of them. Some of them will take you under five minutes to implement in your home. Here are the best 13 home hacks I know.

1. Keep cables organized with binder clips

Never lose or tangle a cable again! Using just a binder clip, you can keep all of your cords in line.

DIY home organization cables binder clips

Source: wired


2. Organize snacks with a shoe organizer

A great way to organize all of your families favorite foods. Helps you know how much of each you have left and when it may be time to go shopping!

DIY home organization snacks

Source: thestressedmom


3. Keep all of your hair ties on a carabiner

Losing hair ties is a thing of the past with this life hack. Just by using a Carabiner (metal clip) you can know where all of your hair ties are at a given moment.

DIY home organization carabiner

Source: tomatoesforapples


4. Keep hot tools in a magazine holder

Instead of leaving curling irons on the counter potentially waiting to burn you or a family member, store them in a magazine holder.

DIY home organization magazine holder

Source: cosmopolitan


5. Use a tension rod to store cleaning supplies

A great way to organize the space under your sink. Simply installing a tension rod can help you keep all of your cleaning supplies from falling over and free up space for other things.

Source: marthastewart


6. Expand freezer space by clipping bags underneath a shelf

We all know the struggle of not being able to put anything in a freezer, or not being able to find what you need without emptying it. Just by clipping opened frozen goods underneath a shelf, you can make more space!

DIY home organization freezer

Source: pinterest


7. Organize toothbrushes using a cutlery holder

Have an old fork and knife tray lying around? Use it as a creative way to organize your toothbrushes and toothpaste!

DIY home organization toothbrush cutlery

Source: littlepenelopelane


8. Use a magnetic strip to hold bobby pins

Install a magnetic strip in your bedroom or bathroom to hold bobby pins. You can also use this to hold keys or any other metallic item!

DIY home organization magnet

Source: urbanebloc


9. Store sheets inside the matching pillowcases

Never look for matching sheets and pillow cases again! Instead, just put the sheets inside the corresponding pillowcase to always know where the match is.

DIY home organization pillow cases

Source: homegoods


10. Use empty cereal containers as a car trash can!

Ok, so its not a ‘home hack,’ but we can all agree that our cars can get just as messy. This makes it easy to keep your car clean!

DIY home organization cereal trash can

Source: popsugar


11. See all eye-shadow shades at once using an ice cube tray!

Instead of stacking your eye shadow, place them in an ice cube tray so you can see all of your shades at once. Stop wasting time sorting through them!

DIY home organization eyeshadow

Source: brit


12. Use hot glue to create non slip hangers

Place some hot glue on a hanger and let it dry. Then hang your clothes! The texture prevents clothes from slipping off.

DIY home organization glue

Source: theshabbycreekcottage


13. Use toilet paper rolls to store cords

Don’t throw toilet paper rolls away when your done with them, save them as an inexpensive way to store cords!

DIY home organization Toilet Rolls

Source: theshabbycreekcottage

How do you DIY home organization? Have you had success with any suggestions on our list?

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