This Abandoned French Chateau From The 1700’s is Full of Secrets

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This stunning abandoned French Chateau from the 1700’s still stands in France today and looks like something out of a fairy tale. This beautiful estate has absolutely stunning views and the Chateau itself has 94 rooms. That is quite a massive building!

In the 1990’s, an investment company purchased the property with plans to convert it into luxury apartments. However, they could not get approved for the proper permits so the project was abandoned and the abandoned French Chateau was put up for sale yet again.

Just recently, the property was purchased by an Australian couple with what seemed like an impossible task: restore the property to its true beauty. This is a lot of work for one couple to handle, but they took on the challenge. They started a blog documenting their progress and posting all of the stuff they find during renovation.

This home is massive and it is full of mysteries. Luckily for us, they are posting all of their finds for the world to enjoy.

Take a look at this beautiful property and its majestic secrets. Do not see it as a building that is falling apart. Instead, see it as a trip to the past!

The beauty starts right here at this gate.

abandoned French Chateau gate

Without even going inside, you can see that this home is definitely something special.

abandoned French Chateau outside 1

abandoned French Chateau outside 2

When you step inside, it is sad to see the place in rough shape. But you can still find the beauty. Like in that marvelous staircase.

abandoned French Chateau step inside

Some of the original wallpaper still stands today.

abandoned French Chateau wallpaper

abandoned French Chateau wallpaper 2

This estate is massive and has over 94 rooms.

abandoned French Chateau estate

abandoned French Chateau estate 2

It is currently under renovation, and new secrets are being found all the time.

abandoned French Chateau secrets 1

Like this meter wide hole discovered under the floor boards.

abandoned French Chateau hole

Which led to beautiful discoveries like these!

abandoned French Chateau discovery 1

abandoned French Chateau discovery 2

Other amazing artwork has been discovered throughout this massive estate.

abandoned French Chateau artwork

abandoned French Chateau artwork 2

Luckily, it is not being left to rot. It is currently being renovated. Here are some pictures of the renovation process.

abandoned French Chateau renovate

abandoned French Chateau renovate 1

Here is what it looked like back in the day

abandoned French Chateau back in the day

And here are the current and former owners side by side!

abandoned French Chateau owners

One last look at the grounds of this beautiful Chateau

abandoned French Chateau last look

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Have you ever dreamed of living in a castle or tackling a major renovation like this abandoned French Chateau? Let us know in the comments below!

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