21 Secret Rooms, Doors and Drawers Ideas

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coolest secret room ideas under stairs

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Who doesn’t want a secret room in their house? I know I would absolutely love to have a hidden nook or whole room to hide away in just for fun. I know there’s a whole industry behind secret “safe” rooms for those afraid of home intrusions etc. But the reality is that a scenario like that is extremely unlikely.

Instead, creating a fun place for kids to play or hide from parents is actually a really great idea. I can remember going on home tours with my parents and looking at different brand new “mansions” being showed off by home builders and the very best and biggest ones always had some sort of secret play room.

Here’s a couple of my favorite posts with good photos to browse…

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TwistedSifter: Secret Passage Ways By Creative Engineering

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  1. I’m really wonting to build a bathroom for the master bedroom, I need to no how to lay rock on wall’s and how to lay tile in showers, thank you.

  2. Links number 2 and number 3 don’t work. Please update it. I would love to see that secret room and passage! Thanks.

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