25 Awesome Ways To Recycle Old Tires

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awesome ways to recycle old tires into home

I found this really great round up on 25 different ways you can recycle old tires and use them as art, planters and even shoe soles. So many great ideas in this post!

I think my favorite idea from the list is when old tires are used as roofing material. I know how expensive a new roof can be! If I had a rural property, this would definitely be something I would consider.

Take a look at all the ideas here…

Momtastic – 25 Ways To Use Old Tires

Image Credit: Pinterest via – raquelgentile


  1. I was given the link to your website. I would like to know if you take user tires for your projects, or if this is just a site to reuse them? Thank you for your time Cheryl

  2. I love the painted stacked planters. I have already started collecting used tires for a project to do a wall around a patio. My question is, what kind of paint would you all suggest I use?

  3. I would use house paint. If u go 2 ur local paint store & ask 4 scratch n dent or unwanted/wrong colours, u’ll get them heaps cheaper as well.

  4. How do you get the rubbery smell out of the tires?? I have had some rubber stick on’s and had throw them away from the smell.

    Thank you

  5. Because garages have to pay to get old tires disposed of they will let you have them cheap or maybe even free. I know two people who have done this and recycled them into other things.

  6. I love the ideas! My grandmother used to whitewash old tractor tires and use them in the garden to separate plants she didn’t want cross-breeding; and then she arranged them around the property along the road to her house with flowers as a makeshift marker of yard lines. Really pretty to drive up to her place! I want to do the furniture idea; how great for in a hot climate like mine…so little destruction from sun rot!

  7. may i please have the instructions for the ottman.. my daughter is in college and i always look for neat things she can do for her apartment that does not cost her alot..

  8. oh my gosh love the old tire decor, but please tell me how to open them for a better look and plans. When i try to click on them i only get pin it and i don’t know how to even do that. Please help, thank you in advance.

  9. I’d use plastikote spray paint. It comes in all covers & will be durable & hardwearing as well x

  10. i was so happy to see this there are things i want to try but can never find the plans. I love the tires and will be just what i need. I love outdoor projects

  11. I went to my local tyre repair place and they said i can go back for as many as i like for free. Like you said, they have to pay for disposal so will be very happy to give them to you :-)

  12. According to Webster’s dictionary, ‘tire’ is the preferred spelling in North America, whereas ‘tyre” is the preferred spelling elsewhere. So, everyone is spelling it correctly. ☺

  13. can someone send me directions on how to make the quetzal, the bird on the last row, left side

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