25 Easy Hairstyles With Braids (How To)

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I found an awesome round up from the Six Sisters featuring 25 easy hairstyles with braids and each has a link to the tutorial so you can learn how to actually do it yourself!

Here’s the link to all 25 braids and Six Sisters’ full article: SixSistersStuff – 25 Hairstyles With Braids

With so many different ways to braid hair it can be difficult to know which to choose. This guide will look at some favorite braids that not only look great, but are also extremely easy for anyone to do.


– Double Y Braid
– Braided Top Knot
– Braided Bun
– Four Stranded Plait
– Boho Crown

Double Y Braid

The Double Y Braid looks amazing and looks like it took ages to do. However, it’s actually surprisingly simple and shouldn’t take you long to master. This is best for people with long hair who want to tidy it up and keep it organised.

Start by sectioning the hair into four parts, two at the back, and two either sides of the shoulders. Braid the two back bunches of hair into regular pigtails. Then start braiding the two smaller front sections of hair.

When braided the front two sections of hair can be bought around to the back of the head and wrapped around, then secured in place using pins.

The two longer back sections of hair should be folded and then secured onto the back of the head. This creates a bun which looks very tidy and elegant.

Braided Top Knot

The braided top knot is another great braided up-do which is very easy for anyone to create. Start by taking two small sections of hair at the front of your head and braiding them into a tiny braid. Then pull all of the hair back and braid it into a tight pony tail, try to make sure this is high up on your head. Form a bun by wrapping the end of the pony tail around the base and hair band which secures everything in place. Then use bobby pins to hold the bun firmly in position.

Braided Bun

Start by collecting all of your hair together and putting a hair band around it. The base of the hair band should be in the position where you want the bun. Section the pony tail into two pieces, form a bun with the one and secure in place using bobby pins.

The other piece should be braided and then wrapped around the base of the bun. This can all be secured in position by using more bobby pins.

Four Stranded Plait

The four stranded plait looks instantly different to a typical braid. It’s perfect to mid length or long hair, and it is also suitable for use with hair extensions. Start by de-tangling your hair using a brush. Then the hair needs to be sectioned into four pieces, try to make each section roughly the same size.

Then it’s just a matter of plaiting all of the sections of hair together as with a normal braid. This is more difficult since you will have four sections to deal with. However, it’s well worth it as the finished result looks amazing. Just keep alternating the pieces of hair you weave together.

Boho Crown

The boho crown looks stylish while also being quite a relaxed style. To do this take a section of hair at the front of your head, starting in your parting. Then start to braid this to the ends of your hair. Then secure this in place, keep on working around the back of your head working in extra hair as you go. With patience you will get a braid which goes right around your head as a crown. Bobby pins can then be used to secure the braids in place.

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  1. jenny
  2. Linda
  3. Lanny Susilowati
  4. Froggie
  5. M.S.
  6. Michelle
  7. elmarie
  8. Robin
  9. D. Larsen
  10. Jenny Logan
  11. Robin Hallahan
  12. Karen Jack
  13. angela
  14. Claudia
  15. Shina Musthafa
  16. Vick
  17. Lisa
  18. Lisa Law
  19. Fatima
  20. Angela Turner
  21. Einid Yong
  22. Tammy Holz
  23. Ivalo
  24. Leonie Hansford
  25. Bonnie
  26. Catherine
  27. Michelle Gregory
  28. lelanie
  29. Joanna keatiing
  30. sally
  31. Amy
  32. Dawn
  33. Cassandra
  34. Lynne
  35. Elvira
  36. Deltoramastr
  37. widaad
  38. Alison Whitaker
  39. Maureen
  41. kristy
  42. lety Castillo
  43. Patricia Schaper
  44. Doreen Kondra
  45. robin White
  46. Sue
  47. melinda farley
  48. laura tuttle
  49. Sonya Mcfarland
  50. Judy
  51. Vennie Goins
  52. Linda Smith
  53. Nicole
  54. Rebecca
  55. dawn daenens
  56. dawn daenens
  57. samantha
  58. Lynn
  59. Angela
  60. Tina
  61. Tina
  62. Jana
  63. Lorie
  64. Sara Jean
  65. Jo-Jo Paton
  66. Marlene
  67. april
  68. Cheryl
  69. Kemper
  70. Danyelle
  71. Danyelle
  72. Paige
  73. yasmin irshad
  74. Bailey Powell
  75. jess simmons
  76. ashley
  77. maria vickers
  78. Lisa Barr
  79. Tilzey01
  80. Christine
  81. Sarah Grace
  82. lo
  83. Eliana
  84. Bobbie Bynum
  85. sue
  86. shannon wabashaw

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