25 Small Urban Garden Design Ideas

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small urban garden design ideas

For those of you who live in smaller spaces, but still want to indulge your green thumb, below are some great ideas for urban gardening. Give them a try!

#1 Glass Terrarium 

Glass Terrarium

#2 Window Boxes

Window Boxes

#3 Potted Hanging Plants

Garden Wall

#4 Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

#5 Gated Container Garden

Gated Container Garden

#6 Balcony Container Garden

Balcony Container Garden

#7 Chalkboard Pallet Garden

Chalkboard Pallet Garden

#8 DIY Stair Micro Garden

DIY Micro Garden

#9 Small Space Berry Garden

Grow Berries in Small Spaces

#10 Modular Cylinder Planters

Modular Cylinder Planters

#11 Raised Garden

Raised Garden

#12 Garden on Wheels

Garden on Wheels

#13 Suspended String Garden

Hanging Gardens

#14 Mini Greenhouse

Mini Greenhouse

#15 Vertical Potted Plants

DIY Potted Vertical Garden

#16 Upcycled Gutter Garden

Gutter Garden

#17 Urban Garden Tips

Urban Gardening Tips

#18 Garden Wall

Green Wall

#19 Green Walls

Garden Walls

#20 Window Garden

Window Gardens

#21 Raised Pallet Garden

Raised Pallet Garden

#22 Window Shutter Garden

Window Shutter Garder

#23 Courtyard Garden

Cement Garden

#24 Garden Bags

Garden Bags

#25 Shoe Organizer Garden

Hanging garden



  1. Great ideas, would love a herb garden in the house. I use to have a green thumb, and my last one I had died!

  2. I would love the directions on how to make the urban survival gardens.if you could send to my email. Thank you! Jeanmarie missale

  3. I love the gated container garden! Also the recycling of everyday objects like old guttering is a great way to make use of things and gives the garden a vintage look.

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