25 Small Urban Garden Design Ideas

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small urban garden design ideas

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For those of you who live in smaller spaces, but still want to indulge your green thumb, below are some great ideas for urban gardening. Give them a try!

#1 Glass Terrarium 

Glass Terrarium

#2 Window Boxes

Window Boxes

#3 Potted Hanging Plants

Garden Wall

#4 Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

#5 Gated Container Garden

Gated Container Garden

#6 Balcony Container Garden

Balcony Container Garden

#7 Chalkboard Pallet Garden

Chalkboard Pallet Garden

#8 DIY Stair Micro Garden

DIY Micro Garden

#9 Small Space Berry Garden

Grow Berries in Small Spaces

#10 Modular Cylinder Planters

Modular Cylinder Planters

#11 Raised Garden

Raised Garden

#12 Garden on Wheels

Garden on Wheels

#13 Suspended String Garden

Hanging Gardens

#14 Mini Greenhouse

Mini Greenhouse

#15 Vertical Potted Plants

DIY Potted Vertical Garden

#16 Upcycled Gutter Garden

Gutter Garden

#17 Urban Garden Tips

Urban Gardening Tips

#18 Garden Wall

Green Wall

#19 Green Walls

Garden Walls

#20 Window Garden

Window Gardens

#21 Raised Pallet Garden

Raised Pallet Garden

#22 Window Shutter Garden

Window Shutter Garder

#23 Courtyard Garden

Cement Garden

#24 Garden Bags

Garden Bags

#25 Shoe Organizer Garden

Hanging garden


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  1. Great ideas, would love a herb garden in the house. I use to have a green thumb, and my last one I had died!

  2. I would love the directions on how to make the urban survival gardens.if you could send to my email. Thank you! Jeanmarie missale

  3. I love the gated container garden! Also the recycling of everyday objects like old guttering is a great way to make use of things and gives the garden a vintage look.

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