26 Insanely Fun DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

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It is now officially fall, and that means Halloween is right around the corner. Halloween is so much fun. All of the pumpkins, scary decorations, and the costumes. It truly does not feel like fall until I see pumpkins and Halloween décor!

Halloween décor is expensive, however. For something that you only have out for a few weeks a year, it seems like paying $30 for a skeleton is not worth it. We can do better than that.

So we put together this list of super easy, DIY Halloween decor ideas. Most of these decorations can be made with stuff you have in your home right now! Skip the expensive trips to the party store and spend some time making your own decorations. Best of all, these decorations are much better than the ones you can buy in the store.

So when preparing for Halloween this year, try out some of these decorations. Just make sure to have plenty of candy on hand! These decorations are sure to attract more trick-or-treaters than usual!

1. PVC pipes and some old clothes can make a mummy like this one!

DIY Halloween decor pvc mummy

via: garageofevilnetwork


2. Watermelon cut like a brain can make a great Halloween snack.

DIY Halloween decor watermelon brain

via: raininghotcoupons


3. Jack-O-Lantern cups are a fun and cheap decoration.

Make sure to use LED lights, and not real candles!

DIY Halloween decor jack o lantern cups

via: thriftymommaramblings


4. Decorating your front door like a mummy is easy!

DIY Halloween decor mummy door

via: honeyandfitz


5. Or try out one of these door decorations.

Which one is your favorite?

DIY Halloween decor door

via: goodtoknow


6. Create glowing eyes out of paper towel rolls and a glow stick.

DIY Halloween decor glowing eyes

via: hercampus


7. Foil tubes from a hardware store can be used to make pumpkins like these!

DIY Halloween decor pumpkin

via: fabdiy


8. This one is easy. Sharpie some ghost eyes on some dollar store candles!

DIY Halloween decor ghost eyes

via: handyhometips


9. Scare your friends and family by creating a head in a jar with your own head!

This one is made by taking a panoramic photo of your head.

DIY Halloween decor head in a jar

via: weknowmemes


10. You can also make one with a dolls head.

Super creepy!

DIY Halloween decor doll head jar

via: easyday


11. Styrofoam is cheap and you can use it to make your own tombstone.

DIY Halloween decor styrofoam tombstone

via: diynetwork


12. This one is scary. Using plastic eyeballs or ping pong balls, you can make eyeball flowers.

DIY Halloween decor eyeball flowers

via: diyready


13. Create a blood dripped candle by dripping wax from a red candle on to a white candle.

DIY Halloween decor blood candles

via: lilyshop


14. Have one of those touch lights? Turn it into the character from ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’.

DIY Halloween decor light

via: nifymag


15. Make your own cheap spiderwebs with trash bags.

DIY Halloween decor trash bag DIY Halloween decor spiderweb

via: fastforwardfun


16. Decorate your porch with these simple paper bag lights.

DIY Halloween decor paper bag lights

via: kidskubby


17. Reuse old wine bottles by painting them like candy corn! These make great table decorations.

DIY Halloween decor wine bottles

via: brit


18. This one is scary. Use a chicken wire fence to create your own ghost!

The chicken wire makes it see through. Much more scary than a sheet or a cloth!

DIY Halloween decor fence ghost

via: wackyarchives


19. Save all of those milk jugs and turn them into ghosts. All you need is a sharpie and an LED light!

DIY Halloween decor spirit jugs

via: eighteen25


20. Create a ‘Monster House’ by decorating your garage with teeth.

DIY Halloween decor monster house

via: instructables


21. Use black poster board to create silhouettes in your windows.

DIY Halloween decor silhouettes

via: makezine


22. Apples dipped in paint can make ‘poison’ apples!

DIY Halloween decor poison apples

via: letsgetthrifty


23. Imagine this eyeball wreath on your door for Halloween! It can be made with ping pong balls.

DIY Halloween decor eyeball wreath

via: aprettylifeinthesuburbs


24. Carve your pumpkins with a drill to save time!

DIY Halloween decor carve pumpkin

via: craftynest


25. Tonic water under a black light creates this creepy looking drink.

DIY Halloween decor glow in the dark water

via: curbestbites


26. Print and frame some scary paranormal portraits like these.

DIY Halloween decor scary portraits

via: countryliving


Which is your favorite DIY Halloween decor idea? Would love to see your thoughts in the comments below!

And now that your home is decorated, it’s time to explore our Halloween costume ideas!

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