30 Must Know Parenting Hacks

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Parenting is described as the hardest, yet most rewarding job available. But ‘hardest’ is heavily stressed. Parenting is a full-time job, and it can be hard to get everything done that needs to be done — all without getting any sleep! But the internet has sure made parenting easier. Parents from all over the internet post parenting hacks they figure out that make their lives easier for them and their children!

This list contains 30 of our favorite parenting hacks that we found. All of these parenting hacks are DIY and require little, if any, extra supplies. All of them will make lives easier for you and your children, no matter how old they are! Some of them are so easy I am surprised I have never heard of them before.

It would normally take years of parenting to acquire the knowledge shared in this article. Take advantage of this information and be sure to bookmark for later!

1. Put a Capri Sun in the freezer for six hours to turn it into a fantastic slushy

parenting hacks capri-sun slushie

via: thegirlinspired


2. Put a straw through a strawberry to remove the stem

Is that why they call it a ‘straw’berry?

parenting hacks strawberry

via: letslivelovelaugh


3. Prevent popsicles from dripping everywhere by using cupcake liners

parenting hacks cupcake liner for popsicles

via: instagram


4. Keep your candy stash safe by putting it inside a healthy food bag

parenting hacks candy stash

via: instagram


5. Prevent your kid from squeezing a juice box by lifting the tabs on the sides

That way, they will hold it from the sides.

parenting hacks juice box hack

via: buzzfeed


6. Freeze yogurt to make a healthy snack kids will love

parenting hacks freeze yogurt

via: annilygreen


7. If your baby needs a nail trimming, wait for them to be asleep for 20 minutes

parenting hacks baby nail trim

via: georgeatanassov


8. Make sure to pack an extra shirt for yourself in a diaper bag

Accidents happen!

via: youtube


9. Put plastic wrap over a cup to prevent spills

Then just stick the straw right through!

parenting hacks plastic wrap over cup

via: glad


10. Did your kid make a mess with glitter? Use a lint roller

parenting hacks glitter lint roller

via: realsimple


11. Store crayons in an Altoid container in your purse

You never know when you might need them!

parenting hacks crayon hack

via: instagram


12. Keep pacifiers clean by putting them in portion cups

parenting hacks pacifiers clean

via: cynditha


13. De-tangle doll hair with a little bit of fabric softener

parenting hacks doll hair

via: itswrittenonthewalls


14. Turn an old bottle of lotion into a faucet extender so your kids can get clean

parenting hacks faucet extender

via: leticiacanazart


15. Prevent ice cream from dripping out of a cone using a marshmallow

parenting hacks ice cream cone hack

via: personalcreations


16. Cut a sticker down the middle and place it on your kids shoe

That way they will know what shoe goes where!

parenting hacks sticker shoe hack

via: onecreativehousewife


17. If your toddler is always taking his or her onesie off, put it on backwards

parenting hacks backwards onsie

via: gretacheney


18. If your kid is afraid of monsters, try monster spray

parenting hacks monster spray

via: plasticcandy


19. Cut pancakes into bite size pieces with a pizza cutter

parenting hacks pancakes

via: cookandcraftmecrazy


20. Keep a frozen sponge in your child’s lunch box

Ice blocks tend to make everything wet.

parenting hacks frozen sponge

via: instagram


21. Stop your kid from using too much toilet paper by making a “shall not pass” sign

parenting hacks toilet paper

via: amandathevirtuouswife


22. Prevent your kids toys from floating away by putting them in a laundry basket

This is the greatest idea!!! #momhacks

A post shared by Sammy (@themrsdeming) on

via: instagram


23. Hang a shoe organizer on the back of your seat so your kids can grab what they need

parenting hacks shoe organizer

via: decorganizecrafts


24. Stop your kids from wasting soap by putting a rubber band underneath

parenting hacks rubber band soap

via: tightwadmomsfrugalforum


25. Keep birthday cake from going stale using white bread and toothpicks

parenting hacks cake

via: createdby-diane


26. Make hot dogs less messy by putting condiments underneath the dog

parenting hacks hot dog hack

via: amazon


27. Put a bib hook on the back of a high chair

parenting hacks bibs

via: definitelyjennifer


28. Keep baby socks together by putting them in a laundry bag

parenting hacks baby socks

via: instagram


29. Cut a bunch of grapes at once by using a plate

via: youtube


30. Keep track of your child’s dosage by putting a chart on the side of the bottle

parenting hacks dosage

via: instagram


Have you ever tried any of these parenting hacks before? Do you see any that you are going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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