32 DIY Horseshoe Crafts To Try Your Luck With

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Horseshoes are a classic symbol of the Wild West, games, and luck. Apart from throwing them at a pole, they also have many other uses you might have not even considered, particularly great horseshoe crafts. Their sturdy and unique design make them perfect for so many different craft ideas.

Horseshoes make great picture frames, key holders, and even benches. They also make great home decorations. There are so many ways to get creative with horseshoes. You can probably come up with a few ideas yourself!

If you want to try your luck with horseshoe crafts, check out our list! We have listed 32 amazing and even sometimes simple horseshoe projects that you can make yourself. You can actually buy horseshoes at the craft store, so they are made for crafts like these! Check out these pictures and see if you find something you want to try. Even if you do not want to try one, just enjoy the beauty of these crafts.

Which of these horseshoe crafts is your favorite?

1. Quote display

Make a special plaque with a quote out of a horseshoe. This one is mantle worthy!

horseshoe crafts plaque

via: etsy


2. Lucky sign

Horseshoes are known for their luck. This sign is a great decorative piece!

horseshoe crafts lucky sign

via: uncommondesignsonline


3. Cup holder

Set your drinks down in the yard with this nifty craft!

horseshoe crafts cup holder

via: bourbonandboots


4. Dream catcher

This dream catcher is perfect to hang up in your home.

horseshoe crafts dream catcher

via: equine


5. Necklace holder

Who knew that horseshoes make such great jewelry holders?

horseshoe crafts necklace holder

via: etsy


6. Candle display

Prominently display your candles with this DIY project!

horseshoe crafts candle display

via: hometalk


7. Horseshoe bench

This bench took some work, but it was worth it!

horseshoe crafts bench

via: etsy


8. Key holder

Keep all of your keys in one place with this horseshoe craft.

horseshoe crafts key holder

via: etsy


9. Wine and glass rack

Absolutely awesome! Holds your favorite wine and two wine glasses.

horseshoe crafts wine and glass rack

via: etsy


10. Horse shoe heart

Spread the love with this beautiful horse shoe heart!

horseshoe crafts heart

via: etsy


11. Leather horseshoe coaster

This coaster is so nice you may not want to use it.

horseshoe crafts leather coaster

via: etsy


12. Paper roll holder

Sounds simple enough! Turn a horseshoe into a TP holder.


via: tossedshoe


13. Wreath

Decorate your front door with this year round wreath.

horseshoe crafts wreath

via: ebay


14. Wine rack

A great way to display your favorite wine!

horseshoe crafts wine rack

via: etsy


15. Horseshoe boot rack

There is no better looking boot rack out there!

horseshoe crafts boot rack 1

horseshoe crafts boot rack 2

via: etsy


16. Salt and pepper holder

Horse shoes can be turned into a salt and pepper holder. This one even holds napkins in the middle!

horseshoe crafts salt and pepper holder

via: etsy


17. Rustic mirror

You can decorate your mirror with horse shoes to make it more rustic.

horseshoe crafts rustic mirror

via: etsy


18. Magazine rack

Keep all of your magazines organized with this simple DIY craft.

horseshoe crafts magazine rack

via: tossedshoe


19. Towel rack

This simple project can really add a unique look to your bathroom.

horseshoe crafts towel rack

via: babblingsandmore


20. Cupboard handles

Switching out handles for horseshoes is an easy, yet stylish renovation project.

horseshoe crafts cupboard handles

via: thefuntimesguide


21. Painted horseshoe

A fun craft for your or the kids. Also a great art piece for the house!

horseshoe crafts painted

via: hubpages


22. Horseshoe collage

This is a great way to display your favorite pictures.

horseshoe crafts collage

via: etsy


23. Frosty the snowman

Wouldn’t this be a great display for Christmas?

horseshoe crafts snowman

via: fabiofashion


24. Toothbrush holder

A great way to organize your bathroom in a fun way!

horseshoe crafts toothbrush holder

via: tossedshoe


25. Door knocker

Decorate your front door and make it rustic with a horseshoe door knocker. It also has room for a custom message.

horseshoe crafts door knocker

via: etsy


26. Shelf brackets

Such a great and fashionable way to keep your shelves organized.

horseshoe crafts shelf brackets

via: western-home-decor


27. Crate handles

Horseshoes are very sturdy and make great crate handles.

horseshoe crafts crate handles

via: etsy


28. Love sign

This decoration is great for the home. Spread the love!

horseshoe crafts love sign

via: etsy


29. Cowboy holder

Make this if you want to add a western flair to your home.

horseshoe crafts cowboy holder

via: tossedshoe


30. Picture frame

Try making a picture frame out of a horseshoe!

horseshoe crafts picture frame

via: etsy


31. Chandelier

If you have the time and the skill, try your luck with this beauty!

horseshoe crafts chandelier

via: stylemepretty


32. Horseshoe art

Decorate a horseshoe any way you want and hang it up!

horseshoe crafts bling

via: texasexpressions
Have you attempted any horseshoe crafts? Please share in the comments below!

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