33 Soothing DIY Water Features

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Water features are beautiful as well as calming and peaceful. Here are 33 easy DIY tutorials to help you build your own! Whether indoors or outdoors – water features are an easy way to bring tranquility and relaxation to any home.

I think my favorite from the list below is #13… the “Large Pot Fountain”. I think when the water falls naturally onto the pebbles and then recirculates back through the ground and out again creates a really nice affect.

What’s YOUR favorite idea? Comment or simply “PIN” the idea you’d like to build. Thanks!

#1   Underground Solar Fountain

underground solar fountain

#2   Three Tiered Garden Fountain

3 tiered fountain

#3   Bamboo Fountain


#4   Outdoor Garden Fountain

barrel fountain

#5   Bird Bath Fountain

bird bath fountain

#6   Planter Fountain

blue and black fountain

#7   Miniature Grass Fountain

blue fountain

#8   Three Tiered Potted Fountain

blue planter fountain

#9   Bubbling Fountain

bubbling fountain

#10   Disappearing Fountain

Disappearing fountain

#11 Three Tiered Flower Pot Fountain

flower pot fountain

#12   Indoor Waterfall

indoor waterfall

#13   Large Pot Fountain

large brown planter fountain

#14   Large Planter Fountain

maroon glossy fountain

 #15   Ceramic Fountain

Planter water feature

#16   Mosaic Sink Fountain

mosaic sink fountain

#17   Chain Water Fountain

rain chain fountain

#18   Recirculating Water Fountain

recirculating fountain

#19   Ceramic Pot Fountain

red in the ground fountain

#20   Sculptured Fountain

sculptured fountain

#21   Indoor Fountain

sea shell fountain

#22   Corner Shelf Fountain

shelf fountain

#23   Silver Planter Fountain

silver planter fountain

#24   Small Vase Fountain

Small vase fountain

#25   Terracota Solar Fountain

solar panel

#26   Stone Planter Fountain

Stone fountain

#27   Terracota Planter Fountain

terracota fountain

#28   Two Tiered Terracota Fountain

two terracota fountains

#29   Two Tiered Planter 

two tiered fountain

#30   Unique Two Tiered Fountain

two tiered planter fountain

#31   Waterfall and Stream

waterfall and stream

#32   Waterfall Bird Bath Fountain

waterfall bird bath fountain

#33   Watering Can Fountain

watering can fountain


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