35 Brilliant Storage Hacks To Eliminate Clutter Once And For All

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Sometimes, it feels like there is not enough storage space in our homes. When we feel this way, we almost always resort to either donating and throwing out a bunch of items, or accepting the clutter and living in it. Sometimes we may even go out and rent an expensive storage unit! There is a better solution to all of this.

We have made a list of 35 awesome storage hacks for you to try out in your own home. Each one will decrease clutter and make you feel more organized. Now you can store much more in the space you already have, instead of throwing things out or getting a storage locker. These storage hacks will save you time and money!

There could be many reasons you need more storage space. But whatever those reasons are, I am sure these and other hacks can help you achieve your storage goals. So if you are planning to organize your home, use this list as a reference and see how much storage space you can create!

1. Use a wine rack in your bathroom to hold towels

Such an awesome idea!

storage hacks wine rack bath towels

via: apartmentgeeks


2. Organize hats using a hanger and shower curtain rings

storage hacks hats

via: cornflowerbluestudio


3. Organize sports equipment using a bungee cord

storage hacks sports equipment

via: designedtodwell


4. Hang your boots on garment hangers in your closet

storage hacks boot hangers

via: diyncrafts


5. Make a helpful Lego key holder.

This is one of my favorite storage hacks! You can also make one to hold your charging cables

storage hacks lego key holder

via: dorkly


6. A kitchen lid rack does a great job at organizing clutch purses

storage hacks lid rack

via: fabulousfashions4sensiblestyle


7. If you have open space in your kitchen, install shelves to display your glasses

storage hacks open area kitchen

via: houzz


8. Install a shoe organizer for cleaning supplies under the sink

storage hacks shoe organizer sink

via: imperfecthomemaking


9. Add Velcro strips to dish towels so they stop falling on the floor

This is a brilliant idea!

storage hacks velcro dish towels

via: marthastewart


10. Install a peg board with hanging baskets in your kitchen

These baskets can hold utensils and veggies.

storage hacks pegboard kitchen

via: marthastewart


11. Use a disinfectant wipe container for plastic bags

storage hacks wipe container

via: naechic


12. Store rings and earrings in an ice cube tray

storage hacks jewelry ice cube tray

via: nickandcaeli


13. Store canned food in a magazine holder

storage hacks magazine holder canned food

via: pbjstories


14. Keep all of your families’ shoes and sandals organized with shoe pegs

storage hacks shoe pegs

via: sawdustgirl


15. Spice racks are a great way to organize nail polish

storage hacks spice rack nail polish

via: soyouguys


16. Never loose a bobby pin again by getting a magnetic strip

storage hacks bobby pin

via: sprwmn


17. Store all of your wrapping paper in a garment bag

storage hacks wrapping paper

via: thechicsite


18. If your basement ceiling is unfinished, turn it into storage space

This is a great way to take advantage of the space.

storage hacks basement ceiling

via: familyhandyman


19. Store a baby’s bibs on the back of the high chair

storage hacks bib chair

via: tumblr


20. Put spices along the refrigerator by putting them in baby food jars with magnetic lids

storage hacks spices fridge

via: davisongoons


21. Store your kids’ wet bath toys in a fruit basket hanging above the bathtub

storage hacks wet toys

via: 8footsix


22. Store glass ornaments in an egg carton

This is a great way to keep them safe until next Christmas!

storage hacks glass ornaments

via: askannamoseley


23. Empty glass bottles make awesome bracelet holders

You can also fill them with sand or pebbles to decorate them and keep them sturdy

storage hacks bracelet holders

via: decoratrix


24. Attach crown molding to your wall and use it for your shoes

storage hacks shoes crown molding

via: diyncrafts


25. A cheap tackle box can keep all of your batteries organized

storage hacks tackle box

via: bhg


26. Kitchen canisters can be re-purposed to hold nails and screws

storage hacks kitchen canister nails

via: bhg


27. Use a magazine holder to store your aluminum foil and plastic wrap

storage hacks magazine rack foil

via: thewandmakersmother


28. Put your washer and dryer on a shelf and put laundry baskets underneath

That will save a lot of space!

storage hacks laundry shelf

via: sweetpickinsfurniture


29. Install double hooks to hang your dust pans and dusters

storage hacks double hooks

via: sewmanyways


30. Hang cups on hooks to increase cabinet space

storage hacks cups on hooks

via: penelopesoasis


31. Make a DIY shelf by hanging baskets on some hooks

storage hacks diy shelf

via: organizingmadefun


32. Hang bath products on your shower bar to save storage space

storage hacks shower bar

via: muji


33. Build a DIY his and hers closet organizer to share the space

storage hacks closet organizer

via: lookiewhatidid


34. Reuse baby wipe containers for stickers, crayons, and anything you can think of

storage hacks baby wipe containers

via: listotic


35. Organize your makeup drawer using non slip drawer liners and plastic trays

storage hacks makeup drawer

via: fancyhouseroad


Which storage hacks are your favorite? Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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