50+ Dollar Store Craft Ideas

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50+ Dollar Store Crafts

The nice thing about the dollar store is that everything is so cheap. The bad thing about the dollar store is that the quality is typically just as cheap.

We used to let our boys pick out a toy or two from the dollar store but they always broke the very same day and so we never go any more. But now I have a great reason. Just found this excellent roundup of dollar store craft ideas and DIY projects – over 50!

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The dollar store has loads of very interesting things that you can buy. These dollar store craft ideas can be used to keep your children entertained during the holidays.

Dollar Store Craft Ideas:

– Organizing Crayons and Pens
– Making a Cheap BBQ
– Using Dinosaur Butts as a Phone Stand
– Pool Noodles to stop Doors Slamming
– Using binder clips to store cables

Organizing Crayons and Pens

The dollar store normally sell large Popsicle trays. These are normally used to freeze water and juice for kids to eat. However, they are perfect pen and crayon organizers. The openings are normally big enough to store quite a few pens at a time.

Making a Cheap BBQ

For a few dollars you can get yourself a cheap barbecue. You will need to buy lasagne pans, a cooling rack and some charcoal. Simply use the cooling racks as the surface to grill sausages, steaks and burgers.

Using Dinosaur Butts as a Phone Stand

This is a great fun hack that you can do at home. Buy a toy plastic dinosaur from the dollar store and chop it in half. Fill the rear end of the toy with caulking and then press in a suction cup. Also put a dab of caulking on the feet and tail for extra grip. When dry, the dinosaur stand can be stuck onto any phone to keep it standing up right.

Pool Noodles to Stop Doors Slamming

Doors can be slammed by kids which is very annoying. You can prevent this happening by using pool noodles. Simply cut a section of pool noodle to a short length, and then cut a slit into it. This can be slipped over the edge of the door which will stop it slamming and also stop your kids from getting their fingers trapped in the door when it shuts.

Using Binder Clips to Store Cables

When you have many cables on your desk it’s easy to let them drop to the floor which can make finding the right lead impossible. Store all of the leads by passing them through binder clips. This will trap the plug so that you always know where it is.

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