52 Week Money Saving Challenge

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52 week money saving challenge

Every year I see ideas like this and think about saving up for something really nice at the end of the year. A new laptop or maybe a vacation to Disney would be on my list for sure! Just pick something that you would normally never splurge on and seems slightly out of reach… then break it down however you like in terms of your weekly amount to save.

Grab the full instructions and printable here…

LifeAsYouLiveIt – 52 Week $ Challenge

Image Credit: lifeasyouliveit.blogspot.com

I also discovered this printable from the Fresh and Organized blog. I think it’s pretty! Check em out for more great ideas.

money saving challenge printable


  1. I think I’m going to scramble it up as well…do bigger amounts when I have it…i.e. Tax return…teaching summer check…bday $…I am thinking I will transfer $ directly from checking where I get $ direct deposited to my savings account because I don’t have discipline to have jar in my house & not touch it…no cash to deal with…& even though it’s pretty pathetic amount…there will be a little interest at end of year. Electronically & online is best chance for me.

  2. We have a money tin, that can only be opened by a tin opener, so we cannot ‘borrow’ from it. We save Ā£2 coins in it. If we get one in change we never spend them, always pop them in the tin. We really will never spend a Ā£2 coin. When it is full we will treat ourselves to a good camera.

  3. I just joined your FB page,I love all the ideas you have,first thing I’m working on is the 52 week money Jar!!!

  4. I would work the opposite direction. start with $52 and at the end o the year when money is a bit tighter, place the smaller amounts in the jar.

  5. I don’t see or can not find the saving in dollar increments biweekly templates? I was able to access the quarter one that you include. Would really like the biweekly as I get paid on the 15th and 30th of every month please help would really like to start this great idea!

  6. Sounds amazing up till the point where you don’t have 210 dollars extra for the month of Oct and then 186 for November but if you get a second job and work extra on the Side somewhere then yes this would be possible for most ppl

  7. Fun! Somewhere there should be a template for what the debt would be if you borrowed the same amount of money each week at say..12%interest… It might make the saving even more inspiring!

  8. I love this idea but think the heftier amounts heading towards the end of the year may be more difficult for me to save so from week 27 I’m going to put it into reverse and work backwards to smaller amounts again. Won’t have saved quite so much but will certainly have more than I’ve ever managed to squirrel away before!!

  9. Just put 28.50 each week away and you’ll have the approximately the same amount by Black Friday.

  10. my thoughts exactly. I saw this same thing over on Facebook šŸ™‚
    the total saved would be $1378. Divide that by 52 weeks and then put in $26.50 per week and you will have the same amount without feeling the higher amounts closer to $100 each week.

  11. I do a similar one for each of my kids. From the day they are born I put aside a quarter for each kid. On their birthday I present them with their savings. When my first one gets to be about four or five, I will take him to the bank so he can open a savings account for the first time. When they get to be about 9 or 10, we may start lessons associated with stocks (as bank accounts on their own are not that great of a long-term saving mechanism these days.)

  12. This was an issue for me one year I tried something similar. Maybe a quarter a week ad on my be better (.25 first, .50 second week, etc.)

  13. There are only 52 weeks in a year, so that is all you are putting away up to. week 1, $1, week 2, $2 and so on. It is showing you how much you will save by the end of 52 weeks. very simple to do.

  14. It’s yours to save how you would like, this is an example of how to save for that something special and not break the bank. You can change the amounts on the spreadsheet so you can keep track and allow you a record of the running totals.

  15. I did something similar but out of defiance. Was in a relattionship where told could not spend but he did on smokes and dr pepper…for every dollar he spent each days on these items I put in savings..over 3 grand at the end of the year and I had something to show šŸ™‚

  16. I like to get that chart from 1 week to 52 weeks. Plz sent to me. Thinking ill try that savings.

  17. Some of you are over thinking this, it is very simple to do. All you are doing is putting away a dollar per week in a jar (or whatever you have). You are upping it a dollar every week, for instance, you start with $1 the first week, $2 the second week, when you are at, lets say 26 weeks it will only be $26 and 52 weeks will be $52. As you are adding these very little amounts you are increasing what you already have in your jar for a total of $1378 for 52 weeks. Good luck and have fun!

  18. I also collect 2 Lats coins. We just joined eurozone so it’s gonna be 2 euro coins now. I was surprised how much you can actually save even in a small jar.

  19. That is a brilliant idea. The lower weeks are easy to do.. but I don’t always have an extra $52! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that myself but I’m glad you did!!

  20. I changed that column to a +/- column in case you can’t actually save the entire amount on a certain week. If you’re a little short, just put a minus sign in front of the amount and it should adjust your “actual total” column šŸ™‚

  21. What a neat udea! Could do one fir eavh grandchild and put in college fund at year end…

  22. Maybe start backwards at the $52 and work to the $1 if you can’t save at the end of the year. I think that is what I’m gonna do.

  23. This is fantastic and I’m sharing with my teenagers. But I think I’m going to do the amounts in reverse, starting with $52 the first week and working down to $1 for the last week of the year. For me, it seems like September through December are the months when money is tightest, plus my motivation is always stronger at the start. Either way you end up with $1378 on Dec 31st! Thank you for sharing! (I created the reverse table if you want me to share. Let me know where to post/email.)

    Cheers! And here’s to an abundant 2014 for all

  24. I too wouldn’t be able to put that much in especially in December. We’ve got 4 kids! Would love to find another method that was a little more practical on bigger families. As far as not opening the jar to borrow the money my husband super glued some of our kid’s! So only way is breaking it!

  25. we do this, except its all our spare change, LOL……I can’t afford to put 20-50 dollars in a jar at one time, we do not touch the change jar, its sits in it little lock tight space, not form us but we do have grandchildren who like change for candy so they don’t know where it is, just Paw & Nana know : )

  26. I have a SmartyPig account. I bet I could do this with that account and do the skip around method too. It would be cool because I could earn interest on the money while I saved it.

  27. We have what I call Smartie Wife Bank. It,s a 2.5 ft. tall, 3 inch wide piggy back, to which we throw in loose change, or if I get any tips from work, (I work as a chambermaid) I throw it in, or any $$$ that I may find on the ground, etc. When it starts to get filled up, I roll the coins & deposit it into a spare bank account that I have. If we end up loosing or misplacing our ATM card from the main bank that we use, then we always have the spare account to use for a back up plan, or for when I take a weekend getaway someplace. We can usually save up a minimum of $100.00 if not more into the Smartie Bank! šŸ™‚

  28. Just put away 53 every two weeks. EX: week 1 and 52 together =53. makes it much easier. good luck.

  29. If you find a template that is not in the coins that you want, use it to make another one for yourself. I live in the UK & our money is Ā£, so am going to make my own one up using the $ template. You can use Microsoft office excel or similar, or be old fashioned & use pencil & paper.

  30. you can still do it every 2 weeks, just at the end you will have half the money. Or you can put double in instead so it still comes out the same. Instead of $1 & then $2 & so on, make it $2 & $4

  31. I made my chart today…put 125.00 (xmas money) in and marked off Jan and Feb and a couple random weeks!! Love this idea

  32. The idea behind this is simply showing that by putting a little away each week – by the end of the year you will have a good chunk of money to do with as you see fit. If the doubling the amount each week is an issue then make the math work for you. $25 a week will net you $1300 by the end of the year. Makes for a nice Christmas Shopping Spree. Thank you for the inspiration and I think I will do the same for my kids with the quarters. Making them each their own jars to pay into each week is a good lesson for them. Happy New Year!

  33. May I suggest to do this in reverse? Start with the largest amount in January, and decrease the amounts instead of increasing them. It’s psychologically easier, as the amounts go down throughout the year. And then, at the end of the year when money is tight anyway, there aren’t large deposits to make.

  34. We do $20 each a paycheck, since we have different pay periods its $20 a week. Our little girls birthday is in june so we have enough for her bday party and then 6 months later enough for santa.

  35. I have money automatically taken from my checkbook every Friday to a savings account. It is like a Christmas Club, but a savings account. You can set it up with the bank.

  36. Can you please send me the chart that has the dates I’m going to attempt this for my 20 month old son

  37. You could just open a Christmas account because then you couldn’t get into it until November ware as your Savings account you could still be tempted to get into it. Just a thought for the undisciplined.

  38. Both my husband and I are doing this..each week were matching each others money amount so we will have double the savings. .we never went on a honey moon so this is ours šŸ™‚

  39. Many are making a good point about how it can get difficult in November & December when the larger amounts are piled on (and during holiday season where spare money goes quick). They call these pyramid challenges where it increases on a set increment. Lots of people start happy with low numbers but end up giving up as the numbers get increasingly higher. We just always did $20 a week aside to give us a thousand by the end of the year. For those who are far better at consistent amounts then pyramid challenges, try $25 a week for 52 weeks/year and it will yield nearly the same results.

  40. For the people worried about the large amounts towards the end of the year… I was thinking why not print out the list but not do it in order. Wait and see how much extra you have that week which you can afford to save and then check it off. Maybe week one you can put $52 away but the next week only $12.. Probably how I’m going to do the challenge šŸ™‚

  41. How did you go about it with this smokes and dr pepper saving money id like to.try some thing similar.. Thanks

  42. Good idea but split it and make it $2 instead of $1. You will get $702 saved in 26 weeks. Start week 1 again and you will get $1404 for the year. easier on the pocket also.

  43. I agree with everyone who says it may get more difficult at the latter end of the year. Changing to starting with 52 and going backwards to 1 is a nice way to do it also. I actually wanted to be a little more creative and wrote down each dollar amount on plastic spoons I bought at the dollar store and each week I will be pulling a spoon and adding whatever the amount is on the spoon to the jar and discarding that spoon. Keeps things fresh and interesting. I’m also doing the same thing with my kids but in $.25 increments. The largest amount is $13 and at the end of the year they will have $344.50.

  44. Another great idea for saving $ is to save all the $5.00 bills you get, when you think about it you get them less often than singles but can add up pretty quick

  45. My husband gets paid every two weeks, if you look at the chart and take the first week and the last week it is $53 a payday. Going up one and down one each time. So each payday I put $53 into the jar. Works great! I just made it part of my budget. thanks for the the great idea.

  46. The links don’t work for printing the $1 version for adults or the 25 cent version for kids. Please provide both. Thank you.

  47. There is a mis-calculation on the chart. The author stated so as well. See #49 for $49. It *should* show 1225.00

  48. What if you had it set up with your bank account like they do with some Way to Save accounts? Could be an automatic withdrawal so you never even miss the amount at each pay check. Then it could be in a savings account and not just in a jar possibly accruing interest.

  49. I am going to start with the $52 per week, because as the year goes on, I has less money, especially in the month of December. I love this idea! It makes so much sense! I will also have to do the automatic withdrawal so I can’t touch it! šŸ˜€

  50. I do something like this but also add in the money I save by using coupons at the grocery store, or the savings specials they run at Safeway and NOb Hill. WHatever the “You saved ___%” is at the end of the receipt I throw into the jar. I use this money to donate to charity at the end of the year – it makes it easier to give.

  51. I am trying this method, hope i can maintain to do it….. Plan to travel at oversea by this Dec’14 with my family …..

  52. Hi šŸ™‚
    $50 just for opening a checking account with Capital One 360. Just use your debit card 5 times for any amount within the first 45 days of opening. No fees, no minimums. Plus, you get paid a small amount of interest.
    Click the link for the bonus:
    Happy New Year! šŸ™‚

  53. This is cool but for people like my husband and I we only have his income and he gets paid every two weeks so we might not be able to save up the amounts for every week even if we double it on payday. Your talking some big numbers later on in the year and that money is needed for groceries and bills. Gonna have to just save what we have extra and see what happens after 52 weeks šŸ™‚

  54. Great minds think alike this is exactly what I was thinking that way you can put the higher amounts in when you can afford it e.g when you get paid and the lower amounts when you’re running low of funds especially if your doing it in Ā£!

  55. The real challenge here is to find a way to cut your expenses every week to allow you to increase your weekly savings.

  56. Im a welder by trade. I made 4 piggy banks out of metal so nobody can cheat.
    Its a suprise at the end of the year because we put spare change and an average of $10 to $15 a week in them. Its really fun for our 5 year old

  57. I am on SS and only get small amount left after rent an lights are paid for but going to set a side 25.00 and at least it will be something better then nothing at the end of the year an something to look foreward to doing each month.

  58. I think its a great idea. I urge everyone to try it. I like the idea of starting week 1 with $52 and working your way back. I may try that.

  59. Iā€™m interested in the 52 week $ challenge… Coule you please send me the 2014 schedule ?
    Thanks !


  60. I am doing this challenge backwards. Week 1-$52. Week 2-$51. Week 3-$50. And so on. But I’m getting married in September so im doing this up until the week before my wedding. My fiance is doing the same as I.

  61. I started doing this in Feburary of 2013 and have saved around $2000. Now when I see a five it’s automatic…it goes in my container, no questions asked.

  62. Savings for kids…I get paid every two weeks. 10 dollars per child goes onto my kids savings every two weeks. Portions of b day money also goes in. They Have Minor chores Daily but have to do other items upon request. They are 9 and 10. Great way for them to experience how quickly they can save.

  63. why dont you print out a chart and as you have extra money each week, choose the amount you can save that week and then save it and cross off the corresponding week. for example if you have 52$ one week, put it in your jar and cross off week 52. if you only have 3$ put it in and cross off week 3. theres gotta be weeks you have more money than others.

  64. Take up a small floor board place a long tin in the bottom..screw it back firmly with extre screws.. ever week put in you Ā£2 and every night your loose change.
    the week of xmas after buying gifts throughout the year… unscrew the floor board and loot your plunder šŸ™‚

  65. Being that I get payed bi-weekly, it could be a little harsh trying to come up with the larger amounts on a weekly basis so I am going to alternate starting with $52 the first week then $1 the 2nd week then $51 the 3rd week then $2 the 4th week and so forth. It eases the blow to my paychecks and it’s basically like I’m saving putting back $53 every 2 weeks.

  66. Not good with saving, but I started taking all Pennies, nickles, dimes and odd numbered quarters out of my husbands Change as he only uses quarters for work. I know it’s not much but I saved $200. I’m going to try to start saving $5 now.

  67. I am in the same boat, when you have to pay rent and bills with such a small income, I guess just save what you can. I can’t hurt.

  68. I’m also on SSI and what I do is put a $10 bill in as soon as I get my money. Simple and then I don’t have to worry all month. At the endnif I have anything left over, I put that in there as well.

  69. Does anyone know the formula for this. I’d like to calculate two and three years out without being at the calculator for an hour

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