This Beautiful Time Capsule Of A Home Hasn’t Changed in 72 Years

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This time capsule house in Toronto, Canada was recently put up for sale by the 96-year-old owner and her family. She purchased this home 72 years ago and has lived in it ever since. When she purchased the home, she did not change a single thing. This house was very well taken care of and after all this time, it has become a time capsule.

When you step inside this home, you wouldn’t even be able to tell someone has lived in this home for the past 72 years. It looks like it was purchased and left the way it was back in the 50’s and 60’s. This is what makes this home so special. The realtor listing this house called it a “a pearl that’s been hiding in a shell.” It is amazing that everything is still original.

Luckily for us, someone found the listing and uploaded all of the pictures online so everyone can enjoy this marvelous home! You don’t have to move in to enjoy this home, although I am sure you want to!

Would you like to live in this time capsule house?

On the outside, this home just looks like any ordinary home in Toronto.

time capsule house outside

But when you step inside, you begin to see that it is anything but ordinary!

time capsule house enter

The living room has a beautiful light green fireplace and light green walls.

time capsule house living room

The walls and pink furniture are a perfect color combination.

time capsule house living room 2

And look at that wonderful wallpaper in the dining room!

time capsule house dining room

time capsule house dining room 2

The kitchen is pinked out and has a breakfast nook.

time capsule house kitchen

time capsule house kitchen 2

And the bathroom is also pink. Love it!

time capsule house bathroom

This home also features a landing area at the top of the stairs.

time capsule house upstairs landing

With a wonderful master bedroom right around the corner. Look at that carpet!

time capsule house master 1

time capsule house master 2

The home also features two additional bedrooms. Nether one disappoints!

time capsule house bedroom 2

time capsule house bedroom 3

And now we move on to the basement. Just look at how great this room is!

time capsule house basement 1

time capsule house basement 2

There is also a large laundry area in the basement.

time capsule house laundry

The home even has a wonderful garden area out back. There is something for everyone here!

time capsule house garden

Images via: hgtv

This is a pretty amazing time capsule house, huh? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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