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cordwood masonry

DIY Cordwood Masonry Homes

———- Sponsored Links ———- —————————— Here’s a really unique idea for those of you dreaming of building an off the grid home. Or maybe you just want to build a … Read More

15 Amazing Tiny Homes

Don’t miss out! Follow on Facebook and bring more love and life into your home. Tiny homes are all the rage, there is something about the little compactness of each … Read More

DIY Wood Pallet Shed

Full Size Shed Made From Pallets

The most difficult thing about building a pallet shed, as with any large project, is finding enough recycled pallets in good condition. If you have a good source you are … Read More

The Ynez Portable Cabin

The Ynez Towable Cabin

I think that the “Tiny Home” movement is so interesting. Architects and designers have had to pull all the stops with these babies! The number of people wanting a simpler … Read More

Three DIY Natural Weed Killers

Three DIY Natural Weed Killers

The weather is teasing us. Somedays it feels like it is getting warmer. Then there are days like today when it starts snowing again. I am beside myself with cabin … Read More