Adorable Crochet Baby Sandals (25 Free Patterns)

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cute baby sandals pattern


I found these absolutely adorable baby sandals on pinterest and it got me started digging for some free patterns to share with you guys. I found a video on youtube that is excellent – watch it here.

Then I discovered a really great round up of 25 free patterns of all crochet baby sandals and shoes over at the Jenny and Teddy blog!

Here’s the link…

JennyAndTeddy – 25 Free Crochet Baby Sandals Patterns

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  1. they’re cute but very impratical, at least the one pictured. 1- they don’t fit the baby’s foot, 2- any baby just starting to walk would fall and possibly break a foot, toe or leg.

  2. @ Debbie…
    These are obviously for show because they just aren’t practical for a baby to walk in… one would put them on a baby who isn’t yet walking because of how cute they are!

  3. Impractical? Please, these sandals are obviously for an infant. Infants would look adorable in these little sandals! Geez, some people are so harsh!

  4. I love the sandal pictured and would love to make it for my grand daughter but I can’t find the pattern for this one??

  5. These are obviously for babies that can’t walk yet. Thanks for the idea! I have been looking for more baby crochet sandal patterns. 😉

  6. same as Heidi Nimm where can i get the pattern for the white toe post sandels with the 3 flowers on plz and thanks 🙂

  7. Improvise and adjust the pattern so that it does fit…………….
    I’m sure a few extra stitches in the toe area wouldn’t be too hard to figure out……..

  8. OMG these are adorable. I would put these on a baby NOT yet walking just because I think when they are starting out to walk a really good pair of sneakers is what’s needed for safety issues but that aside these are awesome and would be perfect for 0-9 months!!!!

  9. Or you could put the non slip (for pj’s with feet) material on the bottom or purchase flip-flops and just use the bottoms and crochet / knit the sandal on the top

  10. wow post something free and there’s still complaints. 1) the picture obviously is for showing the style for easy reference while crocheting, 2) they are super cute and would be for babies that are not mobile 3) perfect for baby pictures considering you can color coordinate for every outfit

  11. Very cute. I would just put them on a little baby that isn’t walking, just for the cuteness or use them on a doll. Or they would be really cute used as a topper on a baby shower gift. I just want the designer to know I appreciate their skills and for offering the free pattern.

  12. These are adorable. Just a helpful tip.. you can use Puffy Paint for clothing on the bottom of these to give them grip. And the ones pictured are obviously on a baby that can’t walk yet. Thank you for sharing these awesome ideas.

  13. to those that are saying they are impractical….having Children and grand children and knowing the bones in your foot …you should know as a mother also that a baby walking barefoot is the BEST way for a child to learn to walk…these sandals above are very light weight and perfect for a infant to learn to walk in. A shoe is more likely to be confining , twist an ankle and mold a foot wrong than the freeness of the yarn above…the above is more perfect for the foot than a shoe !!!

  14. Would love to make the white toe post sandles with flowers. Where can I get the pattern. Went on youtube but it’s in spanish. I need an english version.

  15. I scrolled through and found a pair of red and white sandals that look like the same pattern.

  16. Look for the red and whie sandal. The pattern looks closest to the one pictured. Just add flowers.

  17. I love these bootie sandles. But the beautiful white flip flop that is shown here is not in the 25 that you link to. Please give us the pattern for that one too.

  18. No different than babies walking in the footed sleepers, or the crocheted slippers for children.

  19. I don’t see a pair of red ones similar to the white flip flops above. But I sure would like to have that pattern. Does anyone know where to find it?

  20. yes these are very cute – but I have spent half the night looking for the pattern – did you ever find it – where?

  21. These are just too cute, I have had so much fun making them, they are quick and I have them everywhere, goodness knows what I will do with them, but I don’t care, very addictive. Being on a pension it is so nice to get free patterns

  22. The youtube video is the pattern, only its in Portuguese. I used Google translate to translate it to English.

  23. I am seriously hopeless with things like this but more than happy to pay if someone would whip them up for me?

  24. I want the pattern for these sandals. That white and had three flowers on the please email on where I can get this patterns

  25. My first granddaughter is coming in July….i have 4 grandsons
    These are so cute, thanks for sharing

  26. Debbie:
    There is a way to make the soles of the sandals more stable and it is very cheap too. Measure the child’s/baby’s foot or the base of the sandal. Then trace the shape on an empty plastic milk carton. Be sure to make it a bit smaller than the sole so you will have room to slip stitch the sandwiched pieces together. Depending on the firmness you want the sole to be, cut out however many ‘soles’ you want. Then instead of making one crocheted sole for the sandal, make two for each foot (4 soles total). Get some Elmers Craft Bond Acid Free Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive. Spray each plastic sole with the Craft Bond and apply the bottom sole (the part that will be on the floor) of the crocheted sole (you may have to stretch it) and let dry completely. After it has dried completely, spray again on the plastic side and ‘sandwich’ the bottom sole to the top crocheted sole that already has the toe straps crocheted on it. Don’t wait this time for it to set, instead go ahead and slip stitch the two crocheted pieces together. Set aside over night to make sure they have dried completely. One plastic sole will give a small amount of firmness to the sandal. If you want more firmness, glue two or more plastic soles together but make sure they have set over night before you glue them to the bottom half of the crocheted sole. I took something to roughen up the surface of the plastic to make sure the pieces would stick together better. Mind you, I have not washed these sandals, so I don’t know how they would stand up to being washed. One more thing. When you do make these sandals, make sure to allow for the stretch in the crocheted straps and adjust accordingly so that they don’t fall off easily. You may have to play with the pattern a bit to make it work for your child’s/grandchild’s feet. The first pair I made, stretched out so much that I had to go back and crochet another layer of strap and toe so they would be sturdy enough to not only not fall off but also because the toe piece stretched out too thin, thus making them too loose. Good Luck!!!

  27. The pattern for the sandals shown – the white ones with the flowers you can access that via the YouTube video where says watch it here the rest of the patterns are found on the Jenny&Teddy site

  28. I was going to say the same thing about making firmer ‘soles’ for the sandals. I’ve made slippers for adults using the double layer technique and put Dr Scholls type insoles in between the layers for insulation and wear. it also makes it handy to make a shoe a specific ‘size’ . A mom could trace the child or person’s foot and mail it to the aunt or grandma who might not be close enough to fit while crocheting! I’ve made mittens and slippers for my great-nephews across the country this way.

    Also, if you use Crochet cotton ( like for washcloths) it doesn’t stretch out as much and is easier between the toes than some acrylics. it’s also very washable!

  29. I don’t know where some people’s brains are or if they think before they speak because how could a baby break a leg. foot or toe wearing those adorable flip flops. I have been searching for a cute pair of crocheted babies thongs and I just love the ones in the picture and can’t wait to make them.

  30. Anyone could have soles glued to the bottom to make them stiff, walkable and prevent the tips from possible folding over and tripping. Just takes a little ingenuity people. I’m going to make some el pronto! 🙂

  31. Just so people know….these are for BABIES!! Aso in infants and babies. As in not even crawling just yet!! So, yes, they are just for show! I mean I don’t know too many people trying to teach their 3mth old to walk, but if that’s your thing, I hope it works for you. Lol. These are not made to walk in. Silly people!!

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