Avocado Egg Rolls with Creamy Cilantro Ranch Dip

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Avocado Egg Rolls with Creamy Cilantro Ranch Dip

We recently went out for sushi and it was just so good. The bits of avocado, fish and rice just got me thinking that I need to find a recipe when we get home to make some of this yumminess for myself.

Some quick searching brought me to this blog called I Wash You Dry! Shawn has an incredible recipe for egg rolls that sound even better than homemade sushi to me so I am gonna go with it. I think it’s the dip that won me over. Cilantro ranch dip… I think I’ll try adding some wasabi for extra kick!

Here’s the recipe…

I Wash You Dry: Avocado Egg Rolls With Dip

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