Balloon and String Easter Egg Craft

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Today’s crafty feature is this awesome Easter basket made using string and a balloon that I discovered over at the HMH Designs blog! We featured a similar project for valentine’s day that used string around a pair of balloons to form a heart shape… check it out here in case you missed it. Love what you can do with string and glue. head on over to the MHM Design blog to get all the details on this project.

Here’s the link…

HMH Designs – Make An Egg Shaped Easter Basket From String

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  1. Looks great! I made one kind of like this many years ago. Instead of soaking the string, then wrapping the balloon, I wrapped the balloon with sting then “painted on” the stiffener. I used sugar water.

    Instead of a weight, I cut about 1/2 inch round off the cardboard that the string was wrapped around. Then covered it in fabric. Made a nice place for the balloon to sit.

  2. I would love more instruction I am kinda new to this type of arts and crafts and would love to do this with grand daughter. She would have so much fun. So would I. Need more instructions step by step please.

  3. Can I use PVA Glue for this as I would like to make a special one for our Church don’t know where I would get liquid starch

  4. Hi, I bought the proper fabric stiffener that you recommend, and made 3 of these last night. BUT it didnt work. The balloons went down the next day and so did the stiff cotton. Please tell me what I could of done wrong?


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  6. I made two of these and one balloon popped and the other one went down. Neither one held it’s shape. I used tacky glue and watered it down a little bit. Any ideas on what I did wrong? HELP PLEASE

  7. Can I get step by step instructions??? Would love to try this with the girl but really new to this kind of stuff also need a detailed list of items needed… thanks

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