How To Build A Smoker Out Of Clay Pots

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Terracotta pots are pretty stinkin versatile. Did you know that they can be used for much more than growing flowers? It’s true! You can make a space heater, water fountain, mini lighthouse, bird bath, and so much more. One thing that I didn’t know you could make was a smoker. How cool would that be?!

Considering how awesome this is, you won’t be spending a lot to make it. It will take a bit of work but how delicious would some DIY pulled pork or chicken be? You need some basic skills to make this; disassembling, drilling, cutting, threading, and assembling. You got this people! Yum!

Here is a more comprehensive list of things to make with flower pots. List Inspired has done a great job with this roundup! There are so many! The pots decorated like animals are my favorite. How adorable! I really like the rain chain too.

Here’s the link to the full tutorial…

Instructables: Flower Pot Smoker (Improved Lid)