This Kitchen And Backyard Took Five Years To Create. Wait Until To You See Why.

There are some seed beads in my craft drawer. Why are they called seed beads? Because they are so so tiny, the size of seeds and they are impossible to work with. Liza Lou, featured at Viralnova has an amazing gift when it come to details and seed beads. She created a whole kitchen and yard out of those miniscule things! There are 250,000 blades of grass in her ‘backyard.” I can’t even imagine how many beads are on each blade, tiny seed beads. That is dedication!

I think the bag of potato chips are the best! And the sink full of dirty dishes really is a work of art. The whole thing has me amazed and I know you will Loooove it too!

Here’s the link to Liza’s work and Viralnova’s full article: Viralnova: This Kitchen And Backyard Took Five Years To Create

If you’ve never heard of seed bead art before, then you might want to research an artist called Liza Lou. She created almost a whole house from millions of tiny beads the size of seeds. It’s impressive to look at, and it’s even more impressive when you consider the amount of patience that was required to build this and not go crazy in the process.

Very Realistic

The house took five years for Liza to make and is extremely detailed. It’s made up of millions of miniature beads which makes the home look very realistic. Even the 250,000 blades of grass which make up the back yard are all made from individually positioned beads. The artist only used her patience and a pair of tweezers to create this beautiful piece of art.

The attention to detail is outstanding. Even everyday objects and well known brands have been painstakingly recreated with seed beads.

Creating your Own Seed Bead Art

If you want to try making pieces of art from seed beads yourself then there’s nothing stopping you. The materials and equipment needed are actually quite minimal. The overall process is fairly simple, but you will need a lot of patience. You might want to try a project that doesn’t take five years to complete though.

Seed beads can be purchased from any craft store or online. There are lots of different stores online selling the beads in a variety of different shades and colors. To use these beads for art rather than for making jewellery with, you will need plenty of different colors.

For your own Seed Art project you will need:

– Seed Beads
– Tweezers
– Cardboard (optional)
– Glue

Depending on whether you are designing a flat picture made from seed beads, or a more sophisticated 3d model resembling the actual thing, you will require different materials. The easiest thing to do is make a flat painting like picture using seed beads. To do this you can simply draw out a design on a piece of paper or card, and then stick seed beads in the right place to create the picture. Experiment with using different shades and colors to create the right contrast and build up the picture.

If you want to do something more advanced, similar to what Liza created then you will need even more patience. You will need to first start by building small models from cardboard. For example when you want to make a cereal packet you will need to make a tiny cardboard box. Alternatively you could use the foam used for flower modelling and carve out the right shapes of objects.

Then it’s just a matter of covering the three dimensional model in the tiny seed beads. Use small amounts of glue to secure the beads onto the surface of the model. Be very careful not to use too much glue as this will affect the look of the model. You really need to take your time using the tweezers to make sure the beads are placed in the correct position.

Seed bead art can be a lot of fun, but it can also be quite frustrating. With practice you should find it much easier to complete even more complex projects. In a couple of years perhaps you will be just as good as Liza Lou.

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