Belo is a Canadian artist who primarily creates paintings with a unique layering look. His technique makes them look almost three dimensional. Lately he has taken on a few other public art installations with themes directing the public’s attention to environmental issues. Take a look at the link to see the final project. Do it before you read ahead any further.

This particular piece of art was completed in 2013. This 3,600 square foot installation uses sustainable materials and incorporates 66,000 recycled paper cups, nearly 4,000 gallons of rainwater, 2 and a half pounds of vegetable based dye, and 100 volunteers. Belo built it to draw attention to the need for the world to practice sustainable water usage. The colors of each individual cup of water represent the levels of water pollution in parts of the world. Pollution that is killing the residents and or causing preventable disease in those regions. Find more of the story here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Some of my favorite drawings are by MC Escher. He is the guy who drew these never ending stairs. He also drew this set of hands drawing each other which helped decorate my college dorm room back in the day. As you can see, I love odd visual illusions created as art work.

That is why I am so crazy in love with the art I just discovered from Rob Gonsalvez. Take a look at these paintings of his. I have seen a few of them in the past, but I did not know who the artist was. He really does have a way of distorting reality and making you question what you see. My favorites are the ships under the bridge, the people supporting the train bridge and the airplane bed sheets. So So cool!

See all 19 amazing paintings here…

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This is amazing! Jesse Rockwell, a blogger and photographer, took a breathtaking picture of the night sky over Santa Barbara and turned into the most awe-inspiring thing. The evening was clear and the stars were out in all their splendor. His photo captured the full glory of our galaxy. He took his pic and blew it up to 72”x32”. Why? So he could frame it, put lights behind it, and have the night sky at his fingertips whenever he wanted. He poked holes in the photo (for light to shine through) and got LED lights that were on a remote. This is such an awesome idea. It looks so lovely!

Do you know your stars? Do you have a favorite constellation? Most of us are pretty bad when it comes to picking out and naming those heavenly lights. I know a few; Orion, the Big and Little Dippers, Polaris, and Cassiopeia. Not many compared with how many stars are visible on a clear night. Here is a guide to finding some of the most popular constellations. It’s good info to know.

Here’s how it was done – step by step… See Here. Then watch this video below to see the whole canvas up close. Enjoy!

Baby Pics

Awwwweee! I think my heart just melted. This roundup from Diply is the cutest thing you will see all day and I’m so excited to feature it here today. Check out this collection of newborn photos! You have to reproduce them for your own little babe or you’ll forever regret it!

I love the pictures that show how small baby really is. Like when she is being held in her daddy’s hands (#2) or how he is surrounded by over-sized props (#6). I love pictures that include the family dog too. There is something here for everyone! Whatever you do, be sure to capture this precious time in your little ones life.

Now that you have the ideas, you need the tips! No one becomes a great photographer overnight and some of us never will no matter how diligently we practice! Clickin Moms has 10 tips on snapping pics of your babe. Good advice! Here are just a few more tips from It’s Always Autumn. Thanks guys!

Here’s the link to all 12 photo ideas…

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I still have old jerseys from my days of playing sports in high school and even younger. I also have jerseys from some of my favorite professional teams that have been neglected in the back of my closet. That being said, I understand the sentiment and memories of the good ol’ days that just seeing one of your old jerseys can muster. Here is a nifty way to remove those old jerseys from the closet without tossing them away in the donation box. What if you could take those jerseys and put them in a place you can see them every single day?

This quick video will show you how to take those jerseys and make them into art for your child’s walls, your husband’s man cave, or proud mom’s trophy room. Everyone will love seeing the jerseys every single day. You will love that there is more room in the closets around the house. After all, that is valuable real estate for jackets, shirts, pants and next season’s jersey. Just in case you’re fresh out of jerseys…you can find some good deals here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Artist Bartholomaus Traubeck has the turntable of all turntables. And no, he isn’t a vinyl snob. His record player doesn’t even play the Rolling Stones, Queen, or The Beetles. His plays tree rounds. Mr Traubeck programed a machine to translates the age rings on trees into piano music.

What a concept! The texture and arrangement of the different wood grains has been translated sonically into music. No two three rings are the same and each type of wood is uniquely different from another. I would like to see the sheet music for this. It’s beautiful! (You can see more of Tranbeck’s work here.)

Thinking about going vinyl? No, you won’t be able to buy a record player like the one Traubeck made but it’s a big decision none the less. It will change the way you see music for the rest of your life. Here are a few things to consider before you take that retro plunge.

Here’s the video. Turn up your speakers and hit play…

Painted Floors

Here is a trend that is just now making it to the land of the home and the brave. Take a look at the amazing floors in this post. Wow! It is a license for unlimited creativity for a unique room you can call your own. I guarantee none of your friends or neighbors have done this yet. That is, until they see your floor and want to get one for themselves.

I love these ideas. The coins seem like they would be pretty simple. It would be a really great idea for all you world travelers to put in the coins of the countries you have been to. As for all the amazing 3D paintings, I will leave that to the professionals. I don’t know what it would cost, but it can not be cheap. Not to mention the feeling of vertigo you and your guests may get from some of these. Whoever came up with the concepts for these floors… Brilliant! Here are some other ones. They are are so cool, I just can’t get enough! What do you think of the Batman one? Lol!

Here’s the link to all 21 examples…

LittleThings: 21 3D Floors That Will Mess With Your Mind


R.I.P. Robin Williams. He was such an amazing actor and comedian and an integral part of the movies I watched as a kid. Mrs. Doubtfire and Aladdin were always playing. Mr. Williams mastered his craft and artist Heather Rooney has mastered hers. She draws the most realistic looking pictures that you would have to look twice to be sure it isn’t a photograph. You might have to look three or four times. Watch as she draws the most life like pic of Robin Williams. It is…there are no words!

I can’t even draw a perfect circle! This has me amazed! The drawing is time lapsed but I wonder how long it actually took. I think his eyes are the stunning. It’s so hard to capture someone’s gaze. The skin tone looks dang near impossible too. Holy details Batman! Heather is drawing with Prismacolor Pencils. They are fabulous and have enough styles to fit every artistic need. If you want to reach this skill level you need to have the right tools. Be sure and check them out!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

elspeth mclean painted stone

Elspeth McLean is a very talented artist. She uses dots and circles to create the most fabulous works of art. Bright colors are her passion and uses them to express every thought and emotion. Her goal as an artist, aside from creating beauty that will last, is to affect people in a positive way by connecting them with their inner child. I love that concept!

Mclean uses circles because they represent unity and infinity and those concepts go well with the themes of many of her pieces. Love, friendship, growth, and life find their way into many of her designs.

I love all the bright colors! She describes herself as vibrant and original and the same thing can be said about her art. You can own a very own piece of her art. There are clothes, postcards and prints, clocks, bags, iPhone cases, and much much more.

Learn more about Elspeth and how she creates these beautiful works of art… Q & A With Rock Painter Elsbeth McLean

button owl tutorial

‘Button, button, who’s got the button?’ Or ‘Hide the button’ was a fun game I used to play when I was a kid and my children enjoyed it when they were little too. The great thing about this game is that there was no prep time and it only took one button. That means that I had tons of buttons left over to craft with! It’s not really a secret that there are more fun things to do with buttons than play kids games. Fun things like this button owl. Cute!

Gather together the perfect owl picture/template (courtesy of the internet), some buttons, a canvas, your hot glue gun, and paint. This is so easy! Don’t think you have to wait to make this adorable woodland creature until you collect all the right buttons, although that would be a fun challenge. Craft stores have buttons is every shape and size! This owl would look adorable in a nursery or little ones bedroom. Swoon.

Tip Junkie has the cutest roundup of button crafts. Check it out after you make the adorable owl. I need to start saving more buttons (maybe plucking some off old shirts)! Here are all 24 of her fun ideas here.

Find the full owl tutorial here…

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