button owl tutorial

‘Button, button, who’s got the button?’ Or ‘Hide the button’ was a fun game I used to play when I was a kid and my children enjoyed it when they were little too. The great thing about this game is that there was no prep time and it only took one button. That means that I had tons of buttons left over to craft with! It’s not really a secret that there are more fun things to do with buttons than play kids games. Fun things like this button owl. Cute!

Gather together the perfect owl picture/template (courtesy of the internet), some buttons, a canvas, your hot glue gun, and paint. This is so easy! Don’t think you have to wait to make this adorable woodland creature until you collect all the right buttons, although that would be a fun challenge. Craft stores have buttons is every shape and size! This owl would look adorable in a nursery or little ones bedroom. Swoon.

Tip Junkie has the cutest roundup of button crafts. Check it out after you make the adorable owl. I need to start saving more buttons (maybe plucking some off old shirts)! Here are all 24 of her fun ideas here.

Find the full owl tutorial here…

Repeat Crafter Me: Button Owl Art


I don’t have the patience for dominoes. Never have. Never will. I barely have the patience to play games that use them much less build amazing creations with them. I made a sick spiral or two back in my day. Woo Hoo. Probably using 20 cubes. This domino trick was created using 20-25,000 cubes. That is impressive!

This took Hevesh5 and MillionenDollarBoy three months to create! They must have the patience of saints and minds of engineers. I don’t know how they can see the end result and where each tiny domino has be to get it. How many times do you think they had to reset? I bet they had a lot of rules. Walk softly, don’t slam any doors, no yelling, and above all, no children. Lol. Kids can be like bulls in china shops sometimes.

The green and white spiral is awesome. I love it when words are spelled out. How is that even possible? My favorite has to be when the dominoes look like buildings being demolished. Check out time stamp 1.13, 2.21, and 3.0 to see what I mean.

The only problem with domino art? All that hard work is over in just a few minutes! It was so beautiful and creative to watch though. Here is another pretty one I thought you might like. FlippyCat shows Da Vinci what’s up. See the video here.

Here’s the video…Enjoy! (Seriously, Enjoy!)

Glass Sculpture

Jack Storm is a member on an elite club. He is an incredibly talented glass artist. One of the things that sets Jack apart from the masses is that he uses a cold process when forming his pieces. 99.9% of the artists who use glass as their medium use heat.

Jack has always loved art, even as a child. He turned his childhood pastime into a college degree, and that art degree has developed into a thriving career. His passion has paid off! What beautiful art and what a talented artist. His pieces made from lead crystal dichroic glass are one of a kind. Each takes between 8-18 weeks to complete. Yikes. He strives for nothing less than perfection. There are no shortcuts with this artform.

They are so bright and shiny! Where can I get one?! These 10 artists, featured at Design, are each masters in their own field of optical illusion too. Check them out here.

Find the mesmerizing video here… Enjoy!

3D Fish

Some people are so talented and can create the most amazing works of art. Sadly, I’m not one of them. My crafts aren’t bad but they will never be blue ribbon material, much less museum quality. The same can’t be said for Riusuke Fukahori. His paintings come alive!

He makes beautiful 3D fish paintings. I can guarantee that these are paintings and not real fish forever trapped in resin. You may have to watch the video a few times before you are convinced of that but it’s true! He paints then resins, paints then resins, over and over again. He does this until the piece is a stunning 3D masterpiece. These are my kind of fish! No feeding and no flushing, Lol!

Fukahori recently had a piece, entitled ‘Goldfish Salvation,’ displayed at the INC Gallery in London. Like I said, talented! It must be so difficult to learn how much to paint on each layer to get the desired end result. Creative Bloq has 25 fun examples of 3D art if you are looking for more! How could you not be?! Find all the brilliant creations here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Paper Art

Paper doesn’t seem like a good thing to recycle. I use both sides in the printer sometimes but… what else can you do with it? Apparently a lot! Prepare to have your mind blown by this collection of crafts and ways to repurpose/upcycle paper from Home Esthetics. Yikes! These are gorgeous! Heart. Heart. Heart.

The paper garland would be so fun for a party! You could make it in any color. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and #5 is a perfect decoration for the day we celebrate love and romance. You might have to take up quilling or origami for some of these but how cool are they? The paper stars are my favorite. I think I would frame some of the more delicate ones. Dust is my nemesis. Or maybe Shellac them? The paper crafts outside terrify me! Ack. Please don’t rain.

Origami goes way beyond jumping frogs and paper cranes. These artists are truly gifted in folding paper. Check out their work here.

See all 30 ideas and tutorials here…

HomeEsthetics: 30 Insanely Beautiful Examples Of DIY Paper Art

diy Stump Chair

Artists that create sculptures always amaze me. Being able to look at a chunk of stone or wood and see something inside that needs to be brought to life is a great talent. I have trouble seeing the potential in an empty room! There are two things I am taking away from the video of this chair being carved. One, double check to see something beautiful can be made or repurposed before you toss stuff in the trash. Two, find and buy one of these chairs at all costs! Lol.

This freeform log chair is made from a white cedar stump (Thuja). Making one of these takes some talent and patience. How horrible would it be to mess up right at the end?! I think the armrest is my favorite feature of the chair. It is practical and beautiful. This really is ‘sittable’ art!

Web Urbanist has some other fun carved chair and bench designs. Check them out here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Crazy Sculptures

Here is yet another amazing thing that can be done with 3D printing. It has the potential to change everything, even the art world. Just like 3D printing, I don’t have the slightest idea how this works. I’m completely amazed by how the sculpture changes from one thing to another. I want to see one in person!

What interesting designs! I love the effortless way that it changes from one thing to the next. Though if I’m completely honest, it made me a little nauseous to watch. It was spinning so fast! The sculpture is based on the work of Leonardo Fibonacci. The ‘Golden Ratio,’ mathematical sequences of numbers, and all sorts of things I don’t understand. Even without getting that part if it’s design, it is still awesome!

Here is another type of sculpture that changes and evolves. But this one uses the wind. Find it at Gizmag.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

DIY Paintings

Looking for some decorating inspiration? You might find it here. I know that I did! I need to try some of these right away, my home has more blank walls than I would like to admit. I keep meaning to do something with them and I think these simple and beautiful DIYs might be the solution.

I heart these. They are easy and kid friendly. What kid doesn’t love getting covered in paint? You can use all sorts of strange things to make art. Corn on the cob, leaves, lemons, scotch tape, and other random things from around the house. DIY art gives you the chance to make you home as unique as you are.

The family hand print is adorable! It would make a wonderful gift for Grandma and Grandpa. #12 is one of my favorites. I also like the projects that have painted initials or quotes. #27 is horrible! I would never drown a teddy bear in paint like that! It’s stuffed animal cruelty! She Knows has some better animal crafts than that. Lol, find them here.

Find the full article from Home Esthetics here…

HomeEsthetics: 31 Amazing DIY Paintings For Your Blank Walls

How It’s Made, Decorative Candles

Have you ever seen food to pretty eat? Well here is a candle too pretty to burn. Creating hand carved decorative candles is an old German craft but it’s new to me. Apparently they were pretty popular in America in the 70’s and 80’s. I don’t remember them but I’m told that you could find these candles in mall kiosks and at county fairs everywhere.

I’m embarrassed to even think about my layered crayon candles! They take about 5 minutes and a child could do them. But these decorative ones are only for the professionals. It takes a year of training to get ready! The temperature has to be just right when creating and carving the candle. The carver only has 15 minutes to finish their design before the wax become too hard to work with. Talk about pressure!

I love that this one was covered in tulips, they’re my favorite flower! It’s so pretty I wouldn’t want to burn it for long. Just long enough to be able to fit a LED candle inside it. The way the light shines through the designs is lovely! TopDreamer has some other creative candle ideas. Find them here

Here’s the video…Enjoy!

This Kitchen And Backyard Took Five Years To Create. Wait Until To You See Why.

There are some seed beads in my craft drawer. Why are they called seed beads? Because they are so so tiny, the size of seeds and they are impossible to work with. Liza Lou, featured at Viralnova has an amazing gift when it come to details and seed beads. She created a whole kitchen and yard out of those miniscule things! There are 250,000 blades of grass in her ‘backyard.” I can’t even imagine how many beads are on each blade, tiny seed beads. That is dedication!

I think the bag of potato chips are the best! And the sink full of dirty dishes really is a work of art. The whole thing has me amazed and I know you will Loooove it too!

Here’s the link to Liza’s work and Viralnova’s full article: Viralnova: This Kitchen And Backyard Took Five Years To Create

If you’ve never heard of seed bead art before, then you might want to research an artist called Liza Lou. She created almost a whole house from millions of tiny beads the size of seeds. It’s impressive to look at, and it’s even more impressive when you consider the amount of patience that was required to build this and not go crazy in the process.

Very Realistic

The house took five years for Liza to make and is extremely detailed. It’s made up of millions of miniature beads which makes the home look very realistic. Even the 250,000 blades of grass which make up the back yard are all made from individually positioned beads. The artist only used her patience and a pair of tweezers to create this beautiful piece of art.

The attention to detail is outstanding. Even everyday objects and well known brands have been painstakingly recreated with seed beads.

Creating your Own Seed Bead Art

If you want to try making pieces of art from seed beads yourself then there’s nothing stopping you. The materials and equipment needed are actually quite minimal. The overall process is fairly simple, but you will need a lot of patience. You might want to try a project that doesn’t take five years to complete though.

Seed beads can be purchased from any craft store or online. There are lots of different stores online selling the beads in a variety of different shades and colors. To use these beads for art rather than for making jewellery with, you will need plenty of different colors.

For your own Seed Art project you will need:

– Seed Beads
– Tweezers
– Cardboard (optional)
– Glue

Depending on whether you are designing a flat picture made from seed beads, or a more sophisticated 3d model resembling the actual thing, you will require different materials. The easiest thing to do is make a flat painting like picture using seed beads. To do this you can simply draw out a design on a piece of paper or card, and then stick seed beads in the right place to create the picture. Experiment with using different shades and colors to create the right contrast and build up the picture.

If you want to do something more advanced, similar to what Liza created then you will need even more patience. You will need to first start by building small models from cardboard. For example when you want to make a cereal packet you will need to make a tiny cardboard box. Alternatively you could use the foam used for flower modelling and carve out the right shapes of objects.

Then it’s just a matter of covering the three dimensional model in the tiny seed beads. Use small amounts of glue to secure the beads onto the surface of the model. Be very careful not to use too much glue as this will affect the look of the model. You really need to take your time using the tweezers to make sure the beads are placed in the correct position.

Seed bead art can be a lot of fun, but it can also be quite frustrating. With practice you should find it much easier to complete even more complex projects. In a couple of years perhaps you will be just as good as Liza Lou.

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