I love driftwood and weather pieces of old trees. There is a piece from the Oregon coast decorating the garden right now. I’ve always thought it was beautiful and have loved seeing it as a decorative piece. I’ve never thought about turning old wood into beautiful creations like Jason Waldron does. Some people are just so talented and come up with the most creative artistic designs and he is one of them.

Jason is an artist from Central Oregon that uses old bits of wood, bark, and metal to make fabulous creations that are straight out of nature. Many are left in their natural state and take on the shape of magnificent animals. I think all of the different eagles are my favorites. They have a very majestic quality to them.

See more of Jason’s artwork at his website here. Be sure and check out the process videos. They are truly amazing and they give a better idea on the actual size of some of the sculptures. The horse one is much larger than I thought!

See all the scrap sculptures here…

LittleThings: 13 Stunning Scrap Wood Sculptures

diy wood projects

Do you love do-it-yourself projects that you can do around the home and yard? We’ve found some beautiful wood and log projects that we’re sure you are going to love! You can use wood logs in so many ways, some practical and some artistic. Many people fall in love with the rustic and natural look of wood, and why not? It’s one of nature’s most wonderful gifts.

We have several projects here ranging from cute artistic candle holders to practical table and chairs. There are so many ideas! You could use wood logs to create coat hangers, planters, coasters and much more. Take some time to browse through the ideas below, we’re sure you will find something to pique your interest!

1. Gorgeous wood pathway:


2. Log framed mirror:


3. Unique wine rack:


4. Log flower planter:


5. Decorative log coffee table:


6. Backyard table and chairs:


7. Artistic coat rack:


8. Log bench:


9. Beautiful log fountain:


10. Stylish doormat from wood slices:


11. Christmas garland:


12. Glow in the dark wood stumps:


13. Log candle centerpiece:


14. Heart carved tree trunk:


15. Rustic napkin rings:


16. Adorable mini table on wheels:


17. Cute wooden pendants for the kids:


18. Wood slice serving board:


19. Wood slice side tables:


20. Gorgeous wood art:


21. Mini chalkboard from a wood slice:


22. Adorable wood slice magnets:


23. Wood slice ornaments:



24. Wood slice table runner:


25. Thumbtacks using wood slices:


26. Beautiful branch bannister:


27. Elegant branch coat rack:


28. Log candle holders:


29. Tiered wood shelf:


30. Hang your clothes in style:


31. Cute baby mobile:


32. Log side table:


33. Hanging branch lights:


34. Mini wood vase:


35. Unique spice racks:


36. Tree hat rack:


37. Wood cake tray:


38. Elegant wood slice clock:


39. Wood pencil holder:


40. Wood slice coat rack:



Have you heard of Calvin Nicholls? He is the most talented Canadian artist! His medium? Paper. He makes the most creative 3D paper sculptures, many of which focus on animals and nature. They look so life like! I never knew so much could be done with just paper. Sure, I can fold a dollar to look like a T-shirt but that is the extent of my skill with paper.

Look at the detail that has gone into his winter wonderland. That landscape is gorgeous and so lifelike. And I am in love with the majestic soaring eagle and sleeping grizzly bear. The skill that goes into these sculptures is beyond my comprehension! You can see more of Calvin’s work, purchase your favorite pieces, see where his art will be displayed next, and so much more at his website. I love it!

Check out the video of Calvin’s amazing work here…Enjoy!


The art that is produced from this crazy science experiment is incredibly beautiful. We found this popular Youtuber, the Backyard Scientist, and knew we just had to share him with you! This young gentleman simply goes by the name “Backyard Scientist” and even has a Facebook page (he’s pretty popular!).

In the video below, you’ll see him fill a fish tank full of water polymer beads. What he does next with molten aluminum will likely raise a few eyebrows! Make sure to watch the entire video so you can see the various pieces of art he produces. Keep in mind that it is not recommended to try this at home without the proper equipment and skills – it can be very dangerous.

Molten metal can be very messy. It may look like fun but it certainly takes proper preparation, knowledge and the right equipment to handle it safely. After watching the video below you might see how these creations of art would look great in your own backyard.

Here’s the full video tutorial… Enjoy!

short nails

Do you often look others with long nails and wish your short nails could look just as beautiful? Well we’ve gathered advice from all over the web to prove to you that short nails really can look just as glamorous as long nails. You can bling them up or add pretty designs and have them look totally delectable. Who doesn’t love painting nails?

Look below and you’ll see over twenty awesome nail design ideas you can do with your own nails. One of our favorites is #7 – the colors and glitter work so well together!

1. Try a bright and bold color:


2. Cute cat design:


3. Go for a colorful and whimsical selection:


4. Be bold with confetti polish:


5. Evil Eye design:


6. Subtle flower accents:


7. Beautiful mermaid nails:


8. Elegant navy nails with a gold stripe:


9. Fun graffiti art:


10. Super bling with jewels:


11. Simple but stylish metallic look:


12. Details with gems:


13. Sharp negative space pattern:


14. Delicate pink ombre:


15. Fun pink and purple gradients:


16. Adorable polka dots:


17. Professional purple tipped:


18. Sliding color scale:


19. Fun sparkles and stripes:


20. Funky splatter art:


21. Pretty star dust and bow designs:


22. Gorgeous waterfall design:


23. Fun watermelon print:


24. Classic white with a gold swirl:



Do you have an extra cord or two of wood left over from you winter stockpile? Here is a way one an artist uses his. Take a look at the artwork of South Korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee. He is amazing!

To create the contrasting colors, he first scorches parts of the wood then polishes it to a high sheen. The process creates spectacular and functional pieces of art. You can find his art all over South Korea from living rooms to street corners in Seoul to art galleries.

I can see why it is so popular. I would love to have his archway in my yard. It is so beautiful and flows so naturally with the outdoors. His chairs are a wonderful conversation piece for the right living room (probably not mine).

See all the beautiful woodwork “after” photos here…

Wimp: South Korean Artist Creates Something Stunning (photos)


Needed to brighten up your living space but don’t feel like grabbing some paint and a brush? I don’t blame you. That is such hard work! If you’re a renter painting might not even be an option. But don’t fret. There are decorating for you! This roundup from Feel It Cool has 20 great ones. They are affordable, very DIY, and are sure to impress.

Our walls don’t have a lot of free space. I’m a big fan of pictures. I do need new ways to display them though and this roundup has a few fun ideas on that. The rooms that are still blank canvases are my guest room and laundry room. The pain is all picked out but nothing beyond that. I might have to use some of these ideas!

I really like the birch tree painting! So original. Did you love these ideas? (How could you not?!) Here are some more. Just to keep the decorating inspiration flowing.

Here’s the link to all 20 projects…

FeelIt: 20 DIY Wall Art Ideas That Will Leave You Speechless


Belo is a Canadian artist who primarily creates paintings with a unique layering look. His technique makes them look almost three dimensional. Lately he has taken on a few other public art installations with themes directing the public’s attention to environmental issues. Take a look at the link to see the final project. Do it before you read ahead any further.

This particular piece of art was completed in 2013. This 3,600 square foot installation uses sustainable materials and incorporates 66,000 recycled paper cups, nearly 4,000 gallons of rainwater, 2 and a half pounds of vegetable based dye, and 100 volunteers. Belo built it to draw attention to the need for the world to practice sustainable water usage. The colors of each individual cup of water represent the levels of water pollution in parts of the world. Pollution that is killing the residents and or causing preventable disease in those regions. Find more of the story here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Some of my favorite drawings are by MC Escher. He is the guy who drew these never ending stairs. He also drew this set of hands drawing each other which helped decorate my college dorm room back in the day. As you can see, I love odd visual illusions created as art work.

That is why I am so crazy in love with the art I just discovered from Rob Gonsalvez. Take a look at these paintings of his. I have seen a few of them in the past, but I did not know who the artist was. He really does have a way of distorting reality and making you question what you see. My favorites are the ships under the bridge, the people supporting the train bridge and the airplane bed sheets. So So cool!

See all 19 amazing paintings here…

Diply: 19 Amazing Paintings That Will Totally Mess With Your Brain


This is amazing! Jesse Rockwell, a blogger and photographer, took a breathtaking picture of the night sky over Santa Barbara and turned into the most awe-inspiring thing. The evening was clear and the stars were out in all their splendor. His photo captured the full glory of our galaxy. He took his pic and blew it up to 72”x32”. Why? So he could frame it, put lights behind it, and have the night sky at his fingertips whenever he wanted. He poked holes in the photo (for light to shine through) and got LED lights that were on a remote. This is such an awesome idea. It looks so lovely!

Do you know your stars? Do you have a favorite constellation? Most of us are pretty bad when it comes to picking out and naming those heavenly lights. I know a few; Orion, the Big and Little Dippers, Polaris, and Cassiopeia. Not many compared with how many stars are visible on a clear night. Here is a guide to finding some of the most popular constellations. It’s good info to know.

Here’s how it was done – step by step… See Here. Then watch this video below to see the whole canvas up close. Enjoy!