Fruit Turned Animal Art: 30 Creative Creations

I’m not sure I could eat any of these! Fruit is delicious but these creations are works of art. I can see some huge fails in my future if I were to attempt any of them. The watermelon dragon took some serious skill and banana Poseidon just blows my mind! I’m green with envy that some people are so talented.

See all the delicious creatures here…

HongKiat – Fruit Turned Animal Art (30 Creative Creations)

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 25 Wonderful Wall Art Crafts

Today, I’m excited to feature Craft Gossip and the 25 terrific wall art ideas that they have gathered up. I love having so many options to choose from all in one place. You may fall in love with a specific craft to decorate that blank wall or you may get inspired to create an original all your own. Whatever you decide, have fun decorating!

See all 25 here…

CraftGossip – 25 Awesome Wall Art Ideas

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Heart Key Art

Here is something fun! Keep this in mind the next time you are in need of a craft project, a gift, or there is a blank space on the wall that needs art. Take old buttons, keys, jewelry, or really anything that you like the look of and use them to make a pretty design. Create any shape that fits your fancy! Set your design, paint your “knick-knacks,”and frame them. Voila! The easiest craft/art that also will help you clean out the junk drawer.

Here’s all the details on this project…

DesignSponge – Kate’s Uncommon Valentine

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Anastasia Elia’s Miniature Diorama Worlds

The medium Anastasia Elias uses for her artwork may seem strange but the finished pieces aren’t! She creates mini dioramas inside of toilet paper rolls. They are delicate and detailed, and they really do bring tiny worlds to life. Each roll has a small silhouette scene inside and they are then back lit to give that three dimensional feel. This isn’t what we made it Kindergarten folks!

See more of her amazing work here…

Enpundit – Miniature Worlds Created Inside Toilet Paper Rolls

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Beautiful Butterfly Footprint Art

Mother’s Day is May 11th this year. It’s a hard holiday for me to remember because there isn’t an easy set of rules for when it will be. Thanksgiving is always the last Thursday in November and Christmas is always December 25th. Even though it may not always be on the same date, Mother’s Day is one of the most important holidays out there! Mom’s do so much for everyone around them and they need to be celebrated. Mommy Potamus turned her kiddos footprints into butterfly art for Mother’s Day and now I want to do the same! Gather up a canvas, some acrylic paint, brushes, and a marker. The best gifts are homemade ones!

Here’s the link to the tutorial…

MommyPotamus – How To Make Butterfly Footprint Art

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Outlast Winter With 8 Easy Kids Crafts

You only have to last a little bit longer till the weather is warm enough for the kids to go outside and burn off all that winter energy. You’re almost there but not quite yet. I’ve found 8 different hand and foot print paintings that you will love to make with your children and they will make great keepsakes to look back on later.

Learn how to make a rocket, jungle animals, fireman, and many others over at Plaid Online! Here’s the link…

PlaidOnline – 8 Easy Winter Craft Projects For Kids

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Leaf Cutting Art By Lorenzo Manuel Duran

Lorenzo Manuel Duran is an incredibly talented artist inspired by the caterpillar. He cuts leaves with surgical scalpels to create deeply personal images that he sees in nature and images from his personal life. His work is intricate and beautiful and I am happy to feature it today. His blog displays his work and exhibits so you can get a chance to see them for yourself.

Here’s the link…

Lorenzo Manuel Duran Portfolio

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