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Get ideas on how to create storage in the smallest of spaces where there isn’t any with this roundup from DIY And Crafts. It’s brilliant and I’m so excited to feature it here today! My bathroom never seems to have enough room and is cluttered beyond belief. (It’s honestly a little embarrassing.) My husband I share the space so I am always looking for new organization tips, tricks, and hacks. Here are 30 DIYs that will literally transform your bathroom and they are budget friendly. There are also detailed tutorials for each one. #win

Theses ideas are so helpful! I’m gonna have to put some of these in place this weekend! I love the DIY pocket organizer. I would go with the full sized shoe organizer over the back of the door for the win! So much space. The under sink expandable shelf is amazing. I didn’t even know that they made those but I’m going to buy one ‘post haste.’ Working around those pesky pipes always wastes so much space but not any more. The wall baskets are also great. These ideas are all great!

How about you? Are any of these calling your name? The only way you could not be ‘wowed’ by this roundup is if you are one of the few who doesn’t need any help. Tell me how you do that! Please?!

Just in case you are as smitten as I am, here is the link to the under the sink shelf. Brilliant.

Here’s the link to all 30 ideas…

DIY And Crafts: 30 Brilliant Bathroom Organization And Storage DIY Solutions

Bathroom Storage

I hate my bathroom right now. Mostly it’s because I need to clean it but it’s partly because it looks like a tornado tore through there. It’s not a shoe box but it’s not spacious either and since my husband I share it…Messy! I am always on the look out for organization tips (I know my honey appreciates that) and that’s why I’m excited to feature this awesome roundup from Daily Savings! These ideas are brilliant!

I am so going to try putting a Lazy Susan under the bathroom sink. That would save me a lot of space! The repurposed drawer and upcycled window DIYs are beautiful and I don’t care if they add storage! They add a certain je ne sais quoi that I must have. Lol!

If you liked those, then you will love these. Check out these 13 big ideas for small bathrooms from This Old House.

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DailySaving: 12 Easy Organizing DIYs That Will Transform Your Small Bathroom

small bathroom storage

Many people suffer from S.B.P. or Small-Bathroom-Problems; lack of storage sucks! I would know, I suffered through it for many years. It felt like decades but it was only for about 4 years. If you are in the same boat, struggling with places to store your stuff, here are 25 DIY projects that are creative but not spendy! (p.s.- This roundup has terrific pics and complete links to all original sources so you can get the full tutorials!)

Towel shelves are your friend. Anything built-in, especially cabinets, should be your very best friend! Both of those DIY storage ideas let you pile your stuff up and out out of the way without taking up valuable floor space. And the built-ins are nice because they won’t obstruct your view or be a hassle to get about like regular cabinets. Love!

If these 25 DIYs weren’t to your liking then maybe these other bathroom and laundry storage ideas at will be. Find them here.

Find the full article from architecture art designs here…

Architecture Art Designs:
Top 25 Best DIY Small Bathroom Storage Ideas…

30 Beautiful And Relaxing Bathroom Design Ideas

Wow! Each and everyone of these bathrooms is stunning! They are beautiful and have something unique that will make you want to take a relaxing bubble bath right away. I can’t stop daydreaming about the ones with big warm fireplaces. So cozy! Some of these are super practical and some are just a thing of dreams. I don’t think I can pick a favorite!

Find all 30 relaxing bathrooms here…

Freshome – 30 Beautiful And Relaxing Bathroom Design Ideas

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12 Sneaky Storage Tips For A Tiny Bathroom

Get ideas on how to create storage in the smallest of spaces where there isn’t any with this wonderful roundup from Good Housekeeping. I am so excited to feature it! The bathroom is one of those tricky rooms where there never seems to be any room. Mine is cluttered with hairspray, towels, shampoo, makeup, and the works. These ideas were so helpful! Love. Them.

See all 12 here…

GoodHousekeeping – 12 Sneaky Storage Tips For A Tiny Bathroom

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amazing bath tubs

Nothing beats getting away on a romantic weekend and enjoying a fabulous spa like bath at a resort or bed and breakfast getaway. These tubs are stunning and look like the kind of places I could spend hours just soaking my stress away. If there is one place to splurge in a home remodel… This is where I would do it!

These are so awesome. I definitely need a bathroom remodel to make number 20 happen. Or maybe 22? I am smitten and I love the punny ‘fandom’ references. Thanks Buzzfeed! I’m so excited to feature these tubs here today.

See all 27 tubs here… Buzzfeed – 27 Gorgeous Bathtubs

Homemade Eco-Friendly Soaps

Making Soap is surprisingly easy. It isn’t right that stores sell it for such ridiculous prices! Boooo. It’s affordable to make, fun, and the end product makes great gifts. I love that it can be personalized too. Use your favorite essential oils to get some delicious smelling suds. Fab You Bliss has a great tutorial to get your soap-making-journey underway.

Check it out here-

Fab You Bliss – How To Make Pretty Eco-Friendly Soaps For Favors, Shower Gifts, Or Just Because

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30 Crazy Creative Sinks

Maybe considering a remodel? Check out these sinks before you decide on anything! These outstanding collections are beautiful, practical, and modern. Your bathroom will be anything but boring with one of these fantastic sinks. I wish I had a bathroom in need of a re-haul. Which is your favorite?

See them all here…

HomeDesigning – 30 Extraordinary Sinks

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For The Creative Soul; 15 Cosmetic Organization Tips

A girl’s bathroom is not typically thought of as the most organized or orderly place in the house. Mine isn’t. Even with a two sink counter, the drawers and cabinets underneath, and a cabinet on the wall it gets messy. I need to take the time to organize. If you are in the same boat as me then salvation is at hand! Home Ideas has gathered up 15 creative ideas for us to get all of our makeup and cosmetics organized!

Check it out…

HomeIdeas – 15 Creative Cosmetic Organization Ideas

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