Have you ever created your own shampoos or soaps? Nowadays folks are becoming increasingly aware of the chemicals and cancer links with store bought cosmetics, shampoos and soaps. So it is not surprising that many people are turning to organic and do-it-yourself solutions. Many people aren’t even aware that you CAN create your own shampoos, and they are effective as well!

When you create your own shampoo at home, you get to choose exactly what goes into the product and what certain ingredients you may need for your specific hair type.

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Women have a lot to live up to in this day and age. When it comes to saving time, any woman would appreciate these tips! Not only do you want to look beautiful and put your best face forward, but you also have a billion other responsibilities and tasks to take care of every day. Who has the time? You can, if you take a few minutes and review these tips. Just commit a few to memory that will specifically help you out and you’ll notice that shaving off five minutes here and there can really add up.

Love being organized but lack the time or skills to be effective at it? A genius organizing tip is to use shower rings to store scarves. Follow the link below to discover more beauty and organizing hacks. Did you know you could use petroleum jelly to remove scuffs on your favorite patent leather shoes?

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$50 bucks! That’s how much I just spend restocking my makeup bag! And I didn’t even get all that much. Just four or five things that I’d run out of. Yikes! We may rant and rave about it but makeup is something we all use to varying degrees. My sister only wears bronzer and mascara, I wear a little bit of everything, and one of my best friends is a makeup artist and her face is a lovely painted canvas. Whether you like makeup, tolerate it, or can’t bare to be in the same room as a vial of rouge, you have to agree that it has transformative powers. Diply has the pictures to prove it! The before and after pic features here show you what makeup really can do!

You don’t need makeup to look beautiful, you are already beautiful! But makeup helps accent features, hide flaws that you find annoying, and can give you a ‘different’ look. If a picture is worth a thousand words – then this is one wordy roundup on beauty. 51 pictures would be 51,000 words! Love all these looks but not sure which one/ones are right for you? Here’s some help.

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Diply: 51 Photos That Prove How Much Makeup Can Completely Transform People


Who knew that there was so much useful stuff laying around the house?! I got a grease stain on a new shirt (the worn once kind of new) and after a bit of searching realized I had the power to get said stain out. WD-40, Dawn soap, and baking soda were the three main ingredients. There is always a solution of a DIY version of something. The same can be said for your beauty routine. There are tips and tricks using regular things from around the house to help ‘freshen’ things up a bit and help you out in a pinch. DIYers rejoice because this roundup, featured at Diply, has 15 fabulous tips you are going to want to remember.

Number 4 sounds much healthier than bleach! I’m going to have to recommend that one to some people. (Think it works?) I love any hacks using vinegar, I have so much! I’ll have to remember that it makes a good toner (number 7). I’ve always wanted to try number 10 but the thought of putting an oil that I cook with in my hair kind of weirds me out. Which of these is your fave? Healthy Living How To has a roundup of 75+ beauty recipes that you should add to the above collection. I want to try the citrus lavender perfume.

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Diply: 15 Incredible Beauty Tips And Tricks Using Regular Household Items


I love manicure roundups and this one from Diply is no exception. Love it. When I go to the nail salon I focus on my feet. Home pedicures can’t compare to the professionals. My sister does a pretty great job but it’s not the same. Manicures are another story. They can be done at home and look just like the pros pampered you. These 16 tips are going to help you tremendously on your road to manicure perfection!

I am a big fan of number 4. I use cuticle oil all the time. Number 5 is vital to the perfect manicure. The same for number 9. Top and base coat. I am not sure about the fast drying spray. I’ve heard it doesn’t work but I know that the ice water method works well (number 11). I love number 16. Accent nails are the best! Here are some easy nail art ideas you should try. Once you get the basics are mastered you can take it up a notch.

Here’s the link to all 16 fabulous tips…

Diply: 16 Tips For The Best At-Home Manicure Ever


What does your hair color say about you? Eyes? Fashion choices? What about your nail shape? Apparently you can get a lot of insight about yourself from the shape you file your nails into. Who knew? Not I!

So what can you learn from your nail shape? This roundup from Diply will tell you all about it. Are you bold and edgy? Or low maintenance and care free? Maybe you are somewhere in the middle. Let’s find out. I am a ‘squoval’ girl. That means that I have my eyes on the latest trends and I never miss a beat when it come to fashion. Um. Nope. Not true. Lol. According to this I should have short rounded nails. That fits my personality. I’m somewhat low maintenance and like easy going!

The internet is so fun! I love all the quizzes and roundups that I was talking about that give insight into our souls. What does your hair say about you? Eye color? Lol.

Check your nail “personality” here…

Diply: Edgy Or Classic? Here’s What Your Nail Shape Says About You


Keeping up with the latest beauty trends is fun but can also be a lot of hard work (and time consuming)! This collection of beauty tips from Diply is just the opposite of that, it’s quick and simple. I’m excited to feature them here today but I’m even more excited to try them!

I love these hacks with my whole heart! I am going to save them to my beauty arsenal and I know that they are going to come in handy someday. I like the tip on how to thicken lashes. Numbers 12 and 13 will come in handy for my next night out. Win!

These hacks are wonderful to have on hand in a pinch. Another thing that’s good to know is how to make your own beauty products (perfect for when you run out of it you are just looking to go all natural). Wellness Mama can help with that. There is everything from sunscreen to mascara. Check it out here.

Here’s the link to all 20 hacks…

Diply: 20 Beauty Hacks You Wish You knew This Morning


I love when my nails are beautiful. There are so many different ways to paint them. There are the traditional solid colors, all sorts of intricate designs, the different colored ring finger. Where do these trends come from? I like painting my fingers to match up with individual holidays. This month you will find them decorated with pumpkins, ghosts and spider webs.

We all love the look of it, but painting your nails can be so messy. It turns out there are a bunch of hacks from other people who got tired of the downsides of painting them to save us heartache. Check out the brilliant ideas they all came up with to make painting nails easier.

Removing acrylic nails can be such a literal pain. Use a flat staple remover (number 6). Who knew? I love hack number 1 the best! A hole punch through a piece of tape can become the perfect stencil for various shapes. I’m going to try using this life hack to paint pumpkins on my nails.

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Diply: 12 Nail Art Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of


Need to freshen up your beauty routine? Or maybe you just not very good at the whole beauty thing and need help in general? Then this roundup from Diply is for you. It’s for me too. I’m going to use some of these for sure!!!!

These are fabulous tips! And a lot of them are new to me. I had no idea that a spoon could be so useful in your beauty routine (numbers 13 and 1). I need all the the bronzer and blush tips! I want to try number 6. I love that glowing skin look. Which is your favorite? Do you use any of these already? Any keepers?

I really like the marble nails (number 17). Have you ever tried to paint your nails like this? It’s a little messy if you don’t know what you’re doing, which I didn’t when I tried it. Snapguide has some tips on how you can pull it off flawlessly.

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Diply: 17 Beauty Tricks You Need In Your Routine

Toenail polish

I have been needing a pedicure for so long and I finally got one on Saturday. It was heavenly. Unfortunately I can’t get one every time I need to change the color on my toes. Sometimes when I do it myself I mess up the polish on my nails. The secret to keeping your nails safe? A tampon. What? Yup. Watch this video from Little Things to learn the best kept secret out there.

I like the idea of a nail polish remover pen! I also like the idea of not messing up my nails. I am not a pro so it takes me forever to paint them. Thanks for the life hack guys! I think it will come in handy in the future. Nail hacks are a dime a dozen. I’m sure you have quite a collection of them by now. This roundup from Minq has 15 other ones to add to your repertoire.

Here’s the video from Little Things… Enjoy!