Body Butter

This is one of simplest recipes you will ever see for homemade body butter (and lip balm). And since body butter typically costs about $14 per little tub I am happy to have found this idea! Check out what Brooke from What’s Up Moms has come up with for keeping skin silky smooth.

You need to gather up some shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, and optional essential oils. Also grab a cute container to put your finished products in. I love that the same exact recipe is used to make both a body butter and a lip balm. The only difference is what you do with it once it’s hardened. Awesome!

I love that this DIY uses coconut oil. It truly is great. It can be used for so many things. Not just butter and balm. You need it in your life! Natural Living Ideas thinks so too.

Here’s the video tutorial… Enjoy!

Pony Tail

What is your go-to hairstyle? The fabulous waterfall braid? The fancy french twist? Or maybe the classy chignon? More power to you if you rock one of those ‘do’s’ to work and around the house Monday-Friday. Not me. I am pretty fond on the messy bun. Another tried and true style that I rock quite often is the cheerleader ponytail. In my opinion, that is by far the best!

What? The boring ponytail? Nope! The absolutely awesome and perfect ponytail! pay attention to this video from Kayley Melissa ladies! It shows how, in just five minutes, you can have one of the greatest and easiest hairstyles out there. Perfect for every lazy girl. What do you need? A brush, tiny claw clips, hair ties, and bobby pins. Easy peasy! My hair is straight as a board and super thin but I think this method would still work for me. It probably would take more than five minutes though. I would also need to use lots of product and do some serious teasing.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

short nails

Do you often look others with long nails and wish your short nails could look just as beautiful? Well we’ve gathered advice from all over the web to prove to you that short nails really can look just as glamorous as long nails. You can bling them up or add pretty designs and have them look totally delectable. Who doesn’t love painting nails?

Look below and you’ll see over twenty awesome nail design ideas you can do with your own nails. One of our favorites is #7 – the colors and glitter work so well together!

1. Try a bright and bold color:


2. Cute cat design:


3. Go for a colorful and whimsical selection:


4. Be bold with confetti polish:


5. Evil Eye design:


6. Subtle flower accents:


7. Beautiful mermaid nails:


8. Elegant navy nails with a gold stripe:


9. Fun graffiti art:


10. Super bling with jewels:


11. Simple but stylish metallic look:


12. Details with gems:


13. Sharp negative space pattern:


14. Delicate pink ombre:


15. Fun pink and purple gradients:


16. Adorable polka dots:


17. Professional purple tipped:


18. Sliding color scale:


19. Fun sparkles and stripes:


20. Funky splatter art:


21. Pretty star dust and bow designs:


22. Gorgeous waterfall design:


23. Fun watermelon print:


24. Classic white with a gold swirl:



I fit the definition of a lazy girl. Where is that alarm clock? I desperately grope for it every morning so that I can hurl it at the wall with hurricane force. Good morning is a contradiction of terms! I push the limit when it comes to waking up. That’s why I need simple and easy hacks for getting ready in the morning. Simple hacks like these one from Buzzfeed. These six hairstyles for lazy girls are life savers!

I’ve rocked the pinless bun quite a few times. I think I’ll try the half done braid next. The only problem I see with these is that I have bangs and they are always crazy in the morning. Hope I can still make these work! Or maybe I should just ditch the bangs? Here are some other fabulously easy hairstyles that you should bookmark for a rainy day. It never hurts to be prepared.

Here’s the video with all 6 hairstyles… Enjoy!


If you love painting your nails, you are going to love this video by Janelle Estep. Janelle has compiled the best nail hacks you’ll find anywhere and put them all together for us in this five minute video.

She covers several tips ranging from homemade nail polish remover, glitter, cleaning your nails, creating fancy designs and more. It’s really convenient to watch the tips in this video rather than having to read through several sites to find some great tips on your own.

Here’s the video with all 20 hacks…

Have you seen these nails before? They are new to me and oh so pretty. (But it’s no surprise that I haven’t seen them. I don’t get out enough!) I love fun nail tutorials and this one from CreativeNailArt is about as fun as they come. The finished result looks like shattered glass. Love love love. You are going to adore this DIY nail art.

The secret to these nails? Iridescent tissue paper. Yes, that’s right! How fun and simple is that? You need a white base coat, a sponge, different colored polish (pink, blue, purple, blue), a top coat, and tissue paper. Liquid latex will come in handy too. It makes clean up super easy. This one looks a little time consuming but super cool.

Buzzfeed has an awesome roundup with more fun pics on this hot new trend. I like the cute little shattered glass big toe.

Hair Dye

This video shows a fun way to change your hair color that you will just love! It’s a cheap and easy way to add some temporary color to your life. To get this look you need 3 Kool-Aid packets (pick something bright and fun!), hair conditioner, 2 mixing bowls, Aluminum foil, and hot water. Kool-Aid costs less than a dollar and there is cheap conditioner out there too. This makeover literally only costs dollars.

This would be perfect for Halloween and it washes out after just a few days. I’m sure this works on all hair types but lighter would probably be easier. DIY Natural has some DIY hair dyes that you can make at home that will give you a more ‘natural color.’ There is something here for every hair color from blonde to black. Blue and pink aren’t really my color anymore. Not since junior high. Lol.


Have you ever created your own shampoos or soaps? Nowadays folks are becoming increasingly aware of the chemicals and cancer links with store bought cosmetics, shampoos and soaps. So it is not surprising that many people are turning to organic and do-it-yourself solutions. Many people aren’t even aware that you CAN create your own shampoos, and they are effective as well!

When you create your own shampoo at home, you get to choose exactly what goes into the product and what certain ingredients you may need for your specific hair type.

Here’s the link to all 10 wonderful recipes…


Women have a lot to live up to in this day and age. When it comes to saving time, any woman would appreciate these tips! Not only do you want to look beautiful and put your best face forward, but you also have a billion other responsibilities and tasks to take care of every day. Who has the time? You can, if you take a few minutes and review these tips. Just commit a few to memory that will specifically help you out and you’ll notice that shaving off five minutes here and there can really add up.

Love being organized but lack the time or skills to be effective at it? A genius organizing tip is to use shower rings to store scarves. Follow the link below to discover more beauty and organizing hacks. Did you know you could use petroleum jelly to remove scuffs on your favorite patent leather shoes?

Here’s the link to all 20 hacks…


$50 bucks! That’s how much I just spend restocking my makeup bag! And I didn’t even get all that much. Just four or five things that I’d run out of. Yikes! We may rant and rave about it but makeup is something we all use to varying degrees. My sister only wears bronzer and mascara, I wear a little bit of everything, and one of my best friends is a makeup artist and her face is a lovely painted canvas. Whether you like makeup, tolerate it, or can’t bare to be in the same room as a vial of rouge, you have to agree that it has transformative powers. Diply has the pictures to prove it! The before and after pic features here show you what makeup really can do!

You don’t need makeup to look beautiful, you are already beautiful! But makeup helps accent features, hide flaws that you find annoying, and can give you a ‘different’ look. If a picture is worth a thousand words – then this is one wordy roundup on beauty. 51 pictures would be 51,000 words! Love all these looks but not sure which one/ones are right for you? Here’s some help.

See all 51 transformation photos here…

Diply: 51 Photos That Prove How Much Makeup Can Completely Transform People