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All women want to look beautiful! This collection of beauty tips are meant for all women. With the help of these beauty tips anybody can look and feel beautiful. It can be exciting keeping up with the latest tips and trends in the beauty industry but it can also be really time consuming.

There’s a lot to stay up to date with. In today’s society women do not have a lot of time to devote to beauty and skin care, so we need quick tips that are efficient and work well. Do you wonder what some of the most useful and easiest beauty hacks are? Look no further because we’ve found a superb article that lists several hacks we are sure every girl will love. Take a look at the link below… we are sure you’ll find some beauty hacks that will resonate with you and work with your routine.

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DIY Shaving Cream

This DIY is good to know! It’s pretty nifty and thrifty. My favorite. It will give you the softest legs and from ingredients already in the cabinet. Lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and coconut oil (optional). I already use conditioner when I run out of shaving cream but this seems more hydrating and less wasteful. I’m gonna have to try this and compare it to straight conditioner!

One thing that I would change is the mason jar. It’s super chic and adorable but I’m such a klutz and don’t like the idea of glass in the shower. Even if it is super thick. I think a cute plastic soap dispenser would work just as well and then I could skip all of them screwing, plying, and pump mangling. Lol.

Looking for a hassle free and quick way to shave every morning? I highly recommend the Intuition razor from Schick. Because I’m biased, I found some online reviews. Let me know whay you think. Here they are.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

newspaper nail art

Right now my nails are painted a pretty shade of coral called ‘Camera.’ Not sure how they came up with the name but it’s bright and fun. I can’t do much besides paint my nails; they aren’t long enough. I put fun tape lines on them but that is my world until they get longer. I really want to try these DIY newspaper nails. I don’t think this would look good with only a word or two so that’s why I need to grow mine out! As soon as the are long I’m all over this.

Grab some basic polish (base/top coat and grey), rubbing alcohol (vodka can be subbed in a pinch), and newspaper. The black and white looks classy but Sunday comics would be fun and colorful. Your friends will think you had these done by a pro and you kinda did. You will be a pro after this tutorial!

If you’re worried about backwards letters, I guess you could use a laser jet printer to write some thing to be readable on your manicure.The main thing, as with most nail art, is to be sure your nails are completely dry before moving from one step to the next. Trust me and save yourself a lot of heartache.

Lately there is a lot of bad news in the newspaper. It will be fun get something nice out of for a change. Here are some other fun things you can do with your old papers. Crafting A Green World has a fabulous roundup. Find it here.

Here’s the ‘newsworthy’ video… Enjoy!

No shampoo

How often do you wash your hair? Could you give it up? Could you give up shampoo for 30 days? I never in a million years could! Margaret and Katherine, from Tree Huggers, did an experiment to see what it would be like to go without and what alternatives they could use instead of ‘poo.’ The results will surprise you!

I know it’s not for me, but I really enjoyed learning about their experiences. I have a handful of friends that have sworn off shampoo altogether. They love the ‘no shampoo’ method! What about you? Each hair type is different and the results will be different for everyone.

At this point in my life I have gone from washing my hair every day to every other day. I’m all about the dry shampoo and non-chemical hair products but I think that’s the best I can do for now. If I had time to hide from the world for three weeks I might be able to try the transition. My hair, like Maggie’s, is fine and looks like a stringy mess if I don’t wash it. also has some helpful tips on how to get shiny healthy hair that might be a little easier that 30 days without shampoo. Find them here.

Get all the details on Tree Hugger’s ‘no poo’ experiment here…

Tree Hugger: The “No Shampoo” Experiment

Tips On Grooming

I get lazier as I get older. I used to get up at the crack of dawn to get ready but now I push the limit with my snooze button. Sleeping in, even just 30 minutes more, is glorious. I have to race around the bathroom like a crazy person to get ready when I sleep late. Anyone else been there? I know I’m not alone! These hacks are game changers. Not all of them are quick or will get you out the door faster, but each and every one is amazing and will keep you looking bright and beautiful.

I have crazy eyebrows so #15 is perfect for me! My skin is looking a little under the weather right now. It might be from the season change but I want to try washing my face with baby oil right away. I’ll pass on the shaving and beard care tips to my honey! I know he could use some bathroom hacks too! We can all use some more help! Here are a couple more bathroom tips that I found really helpful. Thanks Cosmopolitan.

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Diply: 17 Amazing Grooming Hacks To Keep You Looking Beautiful

melted crayon lipstick

Pucker up buttercup! Your new favorite DIY is going to be crayon lipstick. It’s now one of mine! Crayons are made of non-toxic paraffin wax and they come in a range of brilliant colors. There are colors like Atomic Tangerine, Purple Mountain’s Majesty, Burnt Sienna, Copper Penny, Leather Jacket, and Jelly Bean. There are so many color options for making your own lipstick…move over Estee Lauder! The Crayola box is here to stay and it’s pretty cheap too.

Each shade will take 1/2 tablespoon coconut oil and one whole crayon. That combo gives a nice consistency that is not to hard and not too creamy. Have fun! Blend. Mix. Match. Be creative. Some of these colors are a little too crazy for me to wear but they are all fun! No matter what color, the lipstick will leave your lips nice and soft. That’s because of the coconut oil. I bet peppermint oil could be subbed for coconut to add some ‘zing’ and a nice taste. Wellness Mama has a natural lip balm recipe that is awesome! Find it here..

Find the video here..Enjoy

Never Buy Makeup Remover Wipes Ever Again With This Secret DIY

I love ‘em! These makeup remover wipes featured over at Diply are an all-around brilliant idea! They are such a simple DIY; I can’t believe that I didn’t come up with them myself. I’ll save myself a pretty penny by making them at home. I bet you have most of the ingredients already and the ones you don’t are super affordable and easy to find. Never go to bed with a grimy face again!

Get the secret formula HERE

Never Buy Makeup Remover Wipes Ever Again With This Secret DIY

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17+ Beautiful Newspaper DIY Ideas For Old Newspapers

Mixer 2 Mower has a brilliant roundup on how to upcycle old newspapers and it is seriously the best thing! We get the paper every day. Every-Single-Day. The stack is huge and recycling only comes every other week. I am going to try some of these fun DIYs instead of letting the papers pile up higher and higher.The gift bags and manicure look really amazing. I can’t wait to get started.

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17+ Beautiful Newspaper DIY Ideas For Old Newspapers

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