Have you heard of plunking or plopping your hair? I hadn’t but it doesn’t really apply to me because this is for those of you with cute (and sometimes crazy) curly locks. My straight and fine hair will look on jealously from the wings. So what is it? It’s a no-heat method for controlling your curls. The results are frizz free and full of fabulous volume. This method is perfect for those of you who shower at night at need a quick fix in the morning.

Donata White uses a comb, some product, and an old shirt to get fabulous curls. (This is yet another way an old tee-shirt can be repurposed! The DIYs and hacks are endless!) Do this to your hair before you go to bed and ‘Bob’s your uncle!’ Which is an expression that means ‘everything will be fine.’ Lol. Better than fine. It will be fabulous! Let me know How this worked for you lovelies! Here is another no-heat curl tutorial. This one is for those of you with straight hair.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Here is a good one. Ladies pay attention! This roundup from Diply has 15 beauty hacks that will save you time while getting ready and will help you spruce up your look a little. These are lovely ideas and I am for sure going to be putting them to good use! I think you will be too!

I love the hair tips best! I need to branch out from my three go-to styles. Ponytail, hair clip, and down. The twisted pony will be a nice ‘twist’ to my usual. I can use the frizz-busting tips too. I want to try out number two as well. My smokey eyes could use some work. I need to start using number 13. I am always smudging my mascara. Here are some more tips from Cosmopolitan. 17 other brilliant ones to add to your arsenal. You can never have too many!

Here’s the link to all 15 brilliant ideas…

Diply: 15 Time-Saving Beauty Hacks You Need In Your Life Now


Who is your favorite Disney Princess? Ariel? Jasmine? Belle? Rapunzel? Mine is Belle; she’s my cartoon doppelganger and she likes to read. I like all the princesses for who they are, the storylines, but I also loved to play dress up and copy their wonderful looks. I had a Cinderella dress in my dress-up chest that was fabulous. I’m too old to play dress up now but I can still dress up my hair like royalty. This roundup from Diply has 15 jaw-dropping hairstyles that are fit for the princess in your life!

How fancy is the braid with roses in it? I love the Princess Leia tribute style, it’s lovely! Number 12 is beyond amazing! I didn’t know that hair could do that! Number 14 as well… jaw-dropping! This is one of my favorite hairstyle blogs. The Small Things has the best and easiest tutorials out there. I did the ‘pretty and simple updo’ for a wedding I attended a few weeks ago and it turned out lovely (after a few practice runs).

Here’s the link to all 15 tutorials…

Diply: 15 Gorgeous Hairstyles Worthy Of A Disney Princess


Do you have a tattoo? One random web search said that 14% of all Americans have tattoos now. Another search said one in five (that’s higher than 20% of the population with ink). I don’t have one and don’t think I will get one. For the longest time I was on the fence but I think I’ll just let the younger generation carry the torch. Lol. This video from Nibbles Official is for those of you who do have amazing body art. Pay attention!

Tattoos are art and should be displayed, right? For the most part but every once in awhile there might be a time when you need to cover yours up and this video tells you how to do that with simple drugstore makeup. I am amazed by the end result and how natural it looks. It’s definitely important to get makeup that matches your skin tone though.

For more light reading on tattoos. Here are 75 radical facts on them. Because why not? Also, here is a site you should make a habit of visiting. Fails are bad. Tattoo fails? Is there anything worse?

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


I have just found my new favorite roundup! Diply has the best and easiest striped DIY manicures and I am so excited to feature them here today. I haven’t seen anything as amazing as these 16 designs in a long time. Eeeek! Did I mention how excited I am?!

Your friends will think you had these done by a pro and you kinda did. You will be a pro after these tutorials! I love number 4! you can never go wrong with half matte/half shiny/metallic tape. Number 12 looks so complicated but I love the two colors! Which is your favorite? As if you could pick just one. Lol! The secret to using tape on your nails is two fold. First your base color has to dry completely. Not 99%. It must be 100% dry. Second you must take the tape off immediately after applying your next color to give a clean and sharp look. Here are some more tricks.

Here’s the link to all 16 tutorials…

Diply: 16 Examples Of Striped Polish You Can Totally Do At Home


Halloween is just around the corner. Well not just but it is getting closer. I wore boots and a scarf yesterday! Hooray for my first fall outfit. I think it’s a faux fall since it was shorts weather the next day but I’ll take it. Bring on the caramel apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes! Bring on everything fall! That means everything Halloween too. Diply has a roundup of 12 nail designs that are sure to thrill and make your spine tingle. Perfect for the upcoming holiday.

Blood, gore, spiders, it’s all here. Mummies and headstones too. I like number 7 the best. I want some candy corn nails! The spiders (number 2) are pretty cute as well. Are you gonna try any of these?

Here are some DIY Halloween costumes that will go perfectly with your new and terrifying manicures. What to pick?! I always like cute Halloween better than scary Halloween. Maybe the paper doll? I could totally be a travel bug or Carmen Sandiego. This roundup from Popsugar is the best! Let me know what you decide to go as!

Here’s the link to all 12 designs…

Diply: 12 Creepy Nail Designs That Will Scare Halloween Itself


Keeping up with the latest beauty trends is hard work and time consuming! This collection of beauty tips from Diply is just the opposite of that, it’s quick and fun. My two favorite things! This roundup is meant to make all women’s lives easier. Any woman can look and feel beautiful in just a fraction of the time with these awesome hacks from Diply. I’m excited to feature them here today but I’m even more excited to try them!

This roundup has it all! Cat eyes, perfect lips, how to pair foundation, how to apply perfume, tips on plumping lashes, and everything else you need to ‘beautify’ yourself. I love all the eye makeup tutorials! I’m kind of afraid to try number 5. That’s a lot of black eyeliner but I still might give it a go. It’s a shame if you don’t add a few of these into your routine! Here are a couple more hacks that Birchbox has gathered up. You can never have too many.

Here’s the link to all 23 hacks…

Diply: 23 Beauty Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

Beauty Fails

What is your biggest DIY failure? Please share so I can feel better about myself. Lol. This a judgement free zone. I’ve had some serious disasters, one of my worst ones being those Easter chick deviled eggs. I’ve had a few painting and repurposing mishaps too but so far I’ve been pretty lucky in the beauty department.

I feel so bad for these people but I just can’t help but laugh! Number 6 is why I get my eyebrows professionally dyed. One of the fails on here, rag curls, has worked for me but it was a long time ago. Numbers 1 and 14…I know that everything marbled is from the Devil! I tried that on Easter eggs once and stripped the finish off my table. (Geeze what is it with me and Easter?!) Lol. To all of you providing our entertainment, thanks for suffering so we can learn from your mistakes. I am eternally grateful. Just because fails are awesome – here are 34 more to make your day even better!

Here’s the link to all 16 fails…

Diply: 16 Pinterest Beauty Fails That Are So Bad, They’re Good

White Teeth

I’ve led a sweet life. ‘Sweet’ as in too much sugar! My teeth have had a hard life. I should eat some more veggies (according to my dentist)! All that delicious, but less than healthy food, has left my pearly whites a little less than white. They need some help! This video from Mama Natural has the next thing in whitening products.

This is the most random way to whiten teeth. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen this DIY method before! I am a big fan of whitening strips but I might be willing to give this organic method a try. So what’s the secret to a brighter and whiter smile? Activated charcoal.

Life is short, you need to smile while you still have teeth; sparkling white teeth. A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear and according to Martin Charnin, ‘You’re never fully dressed without a smile.’

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust. We all need a little magic in our lives from time to time and these nail designs are just that. Enchanting. All 16 are inspired by Disney and will take you back to place of wonder and excitement. Sign me up!

Diply has gathered all the best designs together in one place. Thanks guys! I’m so excited to feature this roundup but even more excited to try some of these designs out. I love the nails that all tell a story together. The first one is great! The picture isn’t complete unless you put your nails a certain way. The Princess one is the same. They are decapitated when not together. Lol. I’m not a fan of the ones that have things sticking off the nails or on the skin. It wouldn’t last long on me. Ariel’s tail? Good luck making that thing stay while chasing kids around an amusement park!

Do you think Walt and Mickey knew that their creation would change the world and impact generations of children (and adults)? Who knows? I’m just glad Mr. Disney was a dreamer and that we get to reap the benefits of his creativity and hard work. ‘Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever…’ Take a look at the ‘happiest place on earth’ being built. It’s amazing!

Here’s the link to all 16 magical manicures here…

Diply: 16 Disney Inspired Nail Designs That Will Get You Animated