This is a great idea to change up your little monkeys’ drab white walled bedroom. With a few minor carpentry skills you yourself can create their new habitat and the proper tools. This 10 minute video will show you how to turn your child’s bedroom into the swinging jungle they deserve from beginning to end.

I love the hammock hanging from the new trees. The elevated bed with the crawl space (cave?) is a great addition too. He even included lots of storage by building a dresser into the bed itself. It all looks like so much fun to have with the kiddos. I would find excuses to hang out (pun intended) in this bedroom. The down side is, the kids will be so convinced they are monkeys that you will have a hard time keeping bananas stocked in the house. Lol.

Awesome work! While you are at it check out the amazing garage he built too.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Do you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? A hot cup of coffee not enough? A warm wonderful shower not tempting you out of your warm comfortable bed? Are you having a hard time getting to work on time? Can you not get your teenager out of bed? All of the above problems can be solved with this one ridiculous contraption. (It is seriously hilarious/ridiculous!)

This bed operates with two pneumatic rams to literally get you up out of bed. Talk about the ultimate alarm clock. It has flashing lights, sirens and a mechanism that can literally throw you out of bed.

This bed was designed and built at the request of a coffee company looking for a viral video to help them with advertising. So, it’s not available commercially. But, it sure got my attention. Can anyone tell me if the coffee works as advertised? It may be just the jolt I need to wake up in the morning, before going to more drastic measures like this bed. Lol. Huffington Post has some other help suggestions for how to wake up in the morning. Check them out here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


These bunk beds are wonderfully fun for kids and the perfect space-saver for parents. I hope you get excited about building your own after seeing all of these ones. Diply has 15 bunk beds that will make you wish you were a kid again. I’m excited!

This roundup has it all; regular bunks, quads, raised with desks, corner beds, triple bunks, and it even looks like there is one that has managed to fit five in there. I can’t imagine needing five beds in one room! Those kids would be going crazy! I love the super creative themed ones. The playhouse ones are my favorite. I also like the ones that are brightly painted. Teal is my favorite color!

Another bunk bed that I really like is this pirate ship one. It is absolutely amazing. What kid wouldn’t love it!? What adult wouldn’t love it for that matter?! Sign me up.

Here’s the link to all 15 ideas…

Diply: 15 Awesome Bunk Beds (photos)

Murphy Bed

Do you have a naked room begging for a transformation? Sadly, I do not. All of my guest rooms are in the process of being ‘dressed.’ One is blue with greens, golds, and browns. I’ve painted a spectacular tree on the wall. It just needs furniture. The other has wainscoting and will be painted white with grey accents. I’ve bought the cutest chandelier and mirror for when it’s done. I love remodeling and finishing projects. The only thing that I don’t love is that when done there aren’t anymore blank canvass to work with. There aren’t any places to put fun things like this DIY murphy bed from The Stubby Thumb.

I love the idea of a Murphy bed! Think of how much room it would save! There is always company coming over and it would be so nice to not have to haul air mattresses out of the garage or shove things in closets to make room for trundle beds. A bed built directly into the wall would solve that problem. Check out the tutorial and let me know what you think! This is surprisingly not that complicated! Your Modern Family has another tutorial to help you on your journey.

Here’s the link to the full DIY tutorial…

StubbyThumb: Dr. Who Themed Murphy Bed Guide

awesome nightstands

If you are considering updating the decor in your bedroom, you may want to consider new nightstands. But we want to encourage you to think outside the box and not just lean towards the traditional. We found a great article about do-it-yourself ideas for nightstands. Once you take a look at the link below you’ll realize how easy it is to add a little personality to your bedroom.

By finding something unconventional, not only can you have a piece of furniture that will meet your needs but also one that will suit your style and choice of decor. Why stick with the traditional choices when you have so many other desirable options?

Here’s the link to see all 20 ideas…

Do you enjoy do-it-yourself projects and redecorating your home? We’ve collected several types of headboards you can make at home that range from formal, rustic and playful. Your headboard could be a strong design statement in your bedroom. If you want to carry a formal theme you can opt for a tall padded or tufted headboard. Or if you want a more whimsical theme, you can try some ideas here such as the string art headboard or painted floral headboard.

Whatever your style may be we are sure you will find some choices here that are appealing, and easy to do at home!

1. Headboard made from pallets:

pallets headboard

2. Pool noodle headboard:

pool noodle headboard

3. Classy buttoned down headboard:

buttoned down headboard

4. A door turned into a fashionable headboard:

door made into headboard

5. Vintage tufted headboard:

diamond tufted headboard

6. Night light headboard:

night light headboard

7. Tall rustic headboard:

tall rustic headboard

8. Chevron wooden headboard:

chevron wooden headboard

9. A multi-colored chevron wooden headboard:

chevron wooden headboard

10. Starry window headboard:

starry window headboard

11. Artistic antique window headboard:

antique window headboard

12. Elegant ruffled headboard:

ruffled headboard

13. Mantel headboard:

mantel headboard

14. String art headboard:

rope string art headboard

15. Bookshelf storage headboard:

bookshelf storage headboard

16. Double padded headboard:

double padded headboard

17. Floating headboard with back light:

floating back light headboard

18. Pegboard headboard:

pegboard headboard

19. Formal upholstered headboard:

upholstered headboard

20. Foam tiled headboard:

faux tiled headboard

21. Canopy headboard:

canopy headboard

22. Old shutter headboard:

old shutter headboard

23. Lattice look headboard:

lattice look headboard

24. Tufted and framed headboard:

tufted framed headboard

25. Quilted headboard:

quilted fabric headboard

26. Floral painted headboard:

painted floral headboard

27. Old barn wood headboard:

salvaged barnwood headboard

28. Tufted headboard:

tufted headboard

29. Easy rustic headboard:

easy rustic headboard

30. Shower curtain headboard:

shower curtain headboard

31. Scalloped rustic wood headboard:

rustic wooden headboard

guest room before

This is a next level trundle bed. These beds are great space savers! You tuck them away when they aren’t needed and pull them out for sleepovers or guests. Most trundles tuck under other beds but this one, featured at Imgur, is special. It is hidden under the floor! How cool!

These guys needed to get creative with space and decided to combine an office and guest room. Brilliant! One problem you find with traditional pull out beds is that the floor has to be clear to make room for them. Like that happens. Move the furniture. Clear the mess. Shove the toys and clothes in the closet. This type of bed makes it possible to have all the furniture you want without having to move it when you have company. It doesn’t help with the toys/clothes mess but I am working on organization strategy for that. Lol.

I love that this is a full sized bed! This might be moving up to the top of my DIY list. Another trundle that has stolen my heart is this one from The Yellow Cape Cod. It’s a traditional trundle bed but it’s gorgeous and I love it! Check out here.

See the full project and amazing “after” photos here…

Imgur: Combined Guest Bedroom And Home Office

fairy tale bedroom

Children see magic because they look for it. I bet it would be a lot easier for them to find if they had one of these magical rooms! They are the perfect places to play, experiment, get messy, and dream about being a grownup someday. It is so important for kids to be kids and these 20 rooms, features at Cool Ideas, help with that and will let their imaginations grow.

A ‘magical’ room doesn’t have to mean a complete remodel. Don’t panic if you can’t bash in the walls and build an indoor treehouse! I love the forest, cave, and secret garden but there are littler things to do too. The floating rose from Beauty And The Beast or the talking door knob from Alice In Wonderland are wonderful ideas. I love the butterflies, clouds, birds, canopies…all of it really! My babies, please never grow up…

DIY Network shows how to build your own treehouse. These ones are for outside but your kids will love them just as much! Find the tutorial here.

See all 20 magical ideas here…

CoolIdeas: 20 Magical Decor Ideas (Kid’s Bedrooms)


Your children likely have several interests that can change with the wind! Designing kids’ bedrooms can be difficult because of that, plus they are constantly growing out of everything and changing their minds about what they like. This just constantly ends up meaning that you spend way too much money and time providing them with a unique space to call their own.

So when you pursue this type of project you want to get it right the first time, and not have to change it every few months! Take a look at these gorgeous bedroom makeovers and the numerous themes you can build off of. You will most definitely get some great ideas and find something that is perfect for your child. In fact, sit down with your kids and get their opinions on what they like and dislike. You might find that you learn a thing or two as well!

Go here to see all of the themed bedroom ideas…

Pallet Bed

Finding pallets isn’t hard but deciding what to do with them is! There are just so many possibilities! I hate to add even more terrific DIYs for you to choose from but they were just too good too keep secret. Besides, these are pallet beds!

Just because they are all made of the same material doesn’t mean they all look the same. Each is different and unique. There are even fabulous dog beds! There are day beds, hanging beds, adjustable beds. You name it! I’m so excited!

**The tip for finding pallets is ‘K.I.S.S.’ Keep it small sweety. The smaller the business the less likely they are to have recurring contracts for pallet pick-ups and deliveries. Plus, it will be easier to determine what chemicals or materials have been used near or spilled on them. Always ask nicely and build relationships. Those three things have always worked for me!**

1001 Pallets has some more fun ways to use pallets in the bedroom. Check them out here

See all 30 pallet beds here…

HomeEsthetics: Creative Recycling – 30 DIY Pallet Beds