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Sometimes the best gift is one you create yourself! We’ve found several creative and fun gift ideas that you can do at home. There’s no need to have any special crafting skills or tools – these DIY gift ideas are easy to do. Do you ever have a hard time finding a gift for that special someone? Check out the ideas below because we found some great gifts for those hard-to-shop for folks in your life.

One of our favorites is #15 as it’s a great way to share some favorite recipes with friends! Another fun idea is #34 especially if you are looking to incorporate photos in a gift. So don’t wait, get going and check out these ideas now so you can get started on your very own DIY gift idea!

1. Fun candy bar bouquet:


2. Something similar but with suckers:


3. Photo collaged monogram:


4. Use money as wrapping paper!


5. Unique ornament idea to fill with dip mixes:


6. Make your own bath bombs:


7. You can also make your own body butter:


8. Homemade slime that cleans:


9. DIY coffee bean soap that smells heavenly:


10. DIY glitter drink cup:


11. Crafty coasters made from Scrabble tiles:


12. Homemade coconut sugar scrub:


13. Easy to create elastic bookmarks:


14. Make this magic fairy tale bottle:


15. Creative recipe ring idea:


16. Charming framed Scrabble tiles:


17. Homemade bubble bath with Victoria style label:


18. Homemade orange extract:


19. Fun and playful photo bookmarks:


20. Cute knitted soap socks:


21. Check out this liquor bouqet!


22. Fun DIY mason jar candles:


23. Mini personalized memory bottle:


24. Personalized Mommy Surival kit:


25. Personalized DIY casserole dish:


26. Monogrammed journal idea:


27. Or how about this monogrammed soap bottle:


28. These fancy Oreos can make a cute gift:


29. Turn a cutting board into a personalized gift:


30. Gorgeous photo pendants or magnets that are easy to make:


31. Make these aged photo tile coasters:


32. Fun but easy stocking stuffer:


33. Monogrammed mug with just a Sharpie:


34. Adorable pull-out photo album:


35. Top secret book compartment!


36. Create this easy to personalize gift in a cup:


37. How about S’mores in a mug:



38. DIY garden stepping stones:


39. Cute mittens made from old sweaters:


40. Succulents in a personalized tea cup:


41. Perfect for the literary fan in your life:


42. Cute reindeer wrapping idea:


43. A creative way to send someone a hug!



Do you enjoy baking? We found this crazy fun video that shows you how to make a rainbow drip cake using candy canes. Below you can see Jen from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio walk you through how to make this fabulous cake step by step. Do you have a special someone you’d like to make a special cake for? This is the perfect idea for that hard to shop for kid on your list!

This is one colorful cake, using over 10 different colored icings! You also need a variety of colorful candy canes – the more color the better the results. Jen makes two round cake pans with colorful batter and then ices it in buttercream icing. Then she uses a variety of royal icing colors to decorate the top, along with crystals around the edges. You’ll wow your friends with this lavish cake.

Here’s the video recipe…


If you have a daughter, these DIYs are a must watch! The ladies from What’s Up Moms have put together a video that will help you throw the perfect princess party; it will be something right out of the Disney movies and fairy tale stories. (p.s. – no special material or magical powers required! Only crafting supplies!)

Every little girl goes through a princess phase. One of my adorable neighbors is always pretending to be a ‘unicorn princess.’ She is covered in pink tulle and and will never be seen without her unicorn bike helmet. Lol. I went through a pink royalty phase too. It would have been helpful if my mom had known a few of these DIYs at the time. Lol.

The princess hair headband is so clever! The Rapunzel braid couldn’t be easier to make and it will make the little girls happy. It would be fun to make a braid or two in red (Ariel) or white (Elsa). The crowns have to be my favorite! They look so fancy and professional! Now that you have your costumes. Here are some princess themed treats! Have fun planning your next party.

32 Ingenious Things To Do WIth Balloons

Such fun ideas! Balloons are cheap. Like really cheap. And now, thanks to the latest from Buzzfeed, there are so many things to do with them. I am excited to feature this roundup! It is chock full of excellent balloon decorations and crafts that you will love! These clever ideas make me want to have a party! Now I just need to decide what kind…

Find all 32 balloon activities here…

Buzzfeed – 32 Unexpected Things To Do With Balloons

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owl cake recipe

So excited to share this cute cake I discovered over at Better Homes and Gardens! Head over to their website to grab the complete recipe and instructions on how to make this adorable owl cake pictured above. My son turns 5 in July… I wonder if I can get away with making one of these instead of a Lego cake? Probably not LOL. So, I’ll just have to come up with another good excuse.

Here’s the link to Better Homes And Garden’s full article: BHG – Cute Owl Cake

The highlight of any child’s birthday party is the cake. These fun cake ideas can make your child’s party much more memorable. It’s even possible to customise the cakes and to choose a design that fits in with their hobbies and achievements. Read this guide to learn about some of the best ideas people have had for fun birthday cakes.


Everybody loves Lego at a certain age, so making a Lego cake is a great idea. The best way to do this is to fashion some building blocks from cake and perhaps even stack them. Each can be a different color and will look just like the real thing.

To make the Lego cake, you will need:

– Basic Rectangular cakes – homemade or store bought
– Fondant
– Food Coloring
– Frosting

Start by preparing the number of bricks you want to have in your cake, each as a separate cake. Stack these in the design that you want, and then work out how many nipples you will need on top. Remember, the bricks won’t really need to click together like real Lego bricks, so if it’s not seen, then you don’t need to include it.

Cut small round discs out of some thick fondant by using a cookie cutter. Then fix these onto the cake with a small amount of frosting.

Once you are happy with the bricks, it’s time to get frosting. Use food coloring to mix up three (or more) traditional Lego colors. Then create a batch of each in frosting. Then it’s just a matter of carefully applying the frosting to the outside of the cake.

Fish Tank Cake

Another popular favorite is a fish tank cake. This is very simple to make and anyone should be able to bake one themselves. You could even use a store bought cake if you find this easier, and then just decorate it yourself at home.

To make the fish tank cake, you will need:

– Rectangular cake
– Frosting
– Jello
– Sugar Cookies

Start by baking some sugar cookies to your favorite recipe, make sure these are shaped like fish, or other things that you would find in a fish tank. Fish shaped cookie cutters will make this task much easier.

While your cookies are cooling, set to work making the tank. A rectangular cake can be used. Black frosting can be applied around the edges of the tank to create the frame, and blue frosting can be added to the sides to create the water.

Mash up some blue jello and put this on top of the cake for a watery effect. Then all that’s left to do is decorate the fish cookies using more frosting. These can be fixed onto the cake using a small dab of frosting to secure them.

Basketball cake

Another very simple cake that looks amazing is a basketball cake. To make this cake you will need:

– Reese’s Pieces
– Round cake – either homemade or storebought
– Frosting

If you are baking your own round cake, then make sure you leave it to cool completely before decorating. If using a store bought cake, then remove all of the packaging. Spread frosting over all of the cake and while it is still wet, stick the Reese’s pieces into the frosting. Use the different colors to create a basketball design on the cake. Making this cake is easy but will take quite some time, children could help to put the pieces of candy onto the cake for you.

Additional Resources: Looking for more cute cake ideas?
Don’t miss this roundup by Buzzfeed and also these other ones at BHG.

rainbow cake

Thanks to our fans for sharing this photo with us on Facebook! I was able to find a few different recipes and narrowed them down to what i thought was the best resources for you guys. First, I found a cake mix that will do the trick. I only think it’s available online though… but the price is right. (Duff Tie Dye Cake Mix)

I also found a video recipe over at the Cooking With Karma channel for those of you who want to take a more DIY approach.

Here’s the link…

CookingWithKarma – Rainbow Tie Dye Cake Tutorial

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birthday reminder chart free printable

Our hanging birthday reminder project is one of our most popular posts of all time. So, when I saw this more sophisticated version, I jumped on it and made sure to share it here. Kim from Tales and Tips has provided us with a free printable that we can edit and fill in with our birth dates before going to the print shop. Love this simple design and also LOVE the hanger she mounts the chart on the wall with.

Here’s the link to the printable…

TalesAndTips – Free Printable Birthday Calendar

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glitter frosting cupcakes

After one of our facebook fans sent me this picture of glittery cupcakes I just had to do some digging and try to discover the recipe for the edible glitter! I cam across two really great resources… the first is a place where you can just buy it outright… (Amazon – disco dust).

Then I found several tutorials on how to make your own disco dust and I settled on this one as the best I could find and had easy to follow instructions. Feel free to share your own favorite recipes in the comments below. Thanks! Image Credit: / twopartssugar

diy christmas present bows

I love the bow in the image above. I could totally see myself making a few of these. Definitely not one for every present under the tree but for sure to place on the best presents of the year. I also found a wonderful roundup with 12 more DIY present bows you can duplicate over at the One Little Project blog.

Here’s the link to the 12 additional ideas…

OneLittleProject – 12 Gift Bow Tutorials

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