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Hard Water Stain Remover

New Hard Water Stain Removal Tips

There is always that one difficult thing to clean and no matter how hard you try it stays dirty. DIY Confessions was having that same problem with hard water stains … Read More

DIY Pillow Cleaning Tutorial

DIY Pillow Cleaning Tutorial

Spring cleaning isn’t a bad thing. It is a great time to tackle all those little cleaning projects that get swept under the rug all year long. One thing that … Read More

Clean A Mattress The Easy Way

Clean A Mattress The Easy Way

“Don’t let the bedbugs bite,” is more than just a cute saying used to tuck kids in at night. There really are bed bugs out there and they are gross. … Read More

How to make Disinfecting Wipes

How To Make Disinfecting Wipes

Clorox wipes are my best friend. I don’t even use kitchen rags anymore. They carry so many germs and they smell bad! The problem with disinfecting wipes is that they … Read More


DIY Garbage Disposal Tablets

I’m very grateful to the inventor of the Garbage Disposal. They make life in the kitchen so much easier. Did you know that you need to clean your disposal? It … Read More