Sanitary Wipes

I don’t know about you but germ season stresses me out! When one person in the family gets a cold then everyone in the family gets a cold. If it weren’t for Bleach, Lysol, and Clorox wipes I would go insane. They help keep the spread of nasty cold and flu bugs to a minimum. I use them in cleaning up hardcore messes too. Sadly, they also break the bank. It’s worth it to stay healthy and keep the house clean but how much better would a DIY version be? So much better! And here it is!

This only takes 3 easy ingredients to make. They can be found at any store and most likely your pantry or laundry room. Grab some Pine Sol, heavy duty paper towels, and a Tupperware that you don’t mind cutting up. Easy! I’ve heard of some people using cider vinegar, dish soap, and water because of allergies. It’s also more ‘green.’ Both sound good to me. I’ve read Pine Sol isn’t the best for pets so be careful there. I’d also take care with food prep surfaces. Otherwise, go crazy! p.s. You should also make these DIY household cleaners from Good Housekeeping.

Here’s the amazing ‘germ free’ video… Enjoy!

The Right Way To Clean

I have discovered the secret to a clean house: Never let your children or husband inside it. Haha. We all know that that isn’t going to happen! We have to find other ways to clean it without breaking our backs or being beat down by those horrid dust bunnies! They are scary, at least at my house.

There might be an easier way of doing something than what you’re trying right now. Your methods aren’t wrong but why not give these ones a try?! I just used this method to clean my coffee pot and it worked like a charm. My house didn’t smell that great afterwards so I suggest that you light a candle before you try it unless vinegar is your favorite smell. I have one cookie sheet I should really use #2 on but I kinda like that is has a weather and well loved look.

House work can’t kill you, but why take chance? Do things the easy way! Martha Stewart has some tips on other things you’ve been clean cleaning wrong . These are all so helpful!

Check out Diply’s full article here…

Diply: 15 Things You’ve Been Cleaning Wrong Your Entire Life

Protect Your Cast Iron

What’s the big deal with cast iron? They can be scary pans until you figure them out. What kind of pan can’t be cleaned with soap? And some people don’t even clean then with water! Once you figure them out you will love them and never go back! I love mine because it gets hot so quickly (perfect for searing), distributes heat evenly, can and go from stovetop to oven. Cast iron pans also have a natural nonstick surface as long as cared for properly. No BPA, PFOA, or other harmful carcinogens are present!

These pans are wonderful, but sadly they don’t always stay wonderful. Don’t worry if you mess yours up! You can recondition it or re-season it. It takes some canola oil and a hot oven. A few hours at 250 degrees and it will be as good as new.

If you’re worried about protecting your other pots and pans, The Kitchn is always a good source of information!

Here’s the video…Enjoy!

52 Weeks Of Organization

“Don’t bite off more that you can chew.” I think we have all heard that. I think we have all done that! I know I have and especially when it comes to resolutions and large projects. Every December 31st I decide that I am going to clean and organize my house from top to bottom (I also make this same declaration when spring cleaning starts). How often do you think I have accomplished my resolution? Oh thats right…I haven’t. Nein. Ne. Nil. A grand total of zero times. My resolve fails fast! I normally get to the cleaning supplies, under the sink, laundry room, family calendar, and the things I need regularly to keep life from becoming a disaster!

Cupcakes N Kisses has a 52 week plan that breaks organizing your home into manageable bite-sized pieces. I am so excited to feature it here today and I’m even more excited to try it! Will this be the year or organization success?! Wish me luck! Also see these helpful tips from HGTV.

Find all the organization tips here…

Cupcakes Kisses N Crumbs: 52 Weeks Of Organization

Ring In The New Year: Cleaning And Organization Challenge

Challenge you say? I’m so competitive! I will even compete with the arrival time on my GPS. Even I know that’s weird. (4:30? Ha! I’ll get there by 4:20.) And if you’re gentle and soft spoken you don’t want to play Catch Phrase with me. That must be why another cleaning/organizing challenge appeals to me. I want to be the most organized and have the cleanest house! This a great schedule to start on January one. New Year’s resolutions are the hardest to keep. Good intentions can only carry us so far but practical tips and schedules, like this one, are a sure fire way to succeed.

The Friday chores on this list are my least favorite! That’s why my Microwave and air vents are gross! This cleaning calendar is so detailed, it doesn’t miss anything. I skip a bunch of these every week when I clean but now there are no more excuses. I’m going to have to work a lot harder now! I don’t want to do chores on Sunday though. That is our family day and we are often out and about. Maybe I could rotate some to Friday or Saturday. Get more cleaning tips from Living Well Spending Less here.

Find the full article and printable cleaning schedule from Missy Inspired here…

Missy Inspired: Ring In The New Year: Cleaning And Organization Challenge

16 Must Read Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

We have all heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” Nowhere does that apply better than when cleaning. Getting the grime out of the tub is horrible no matter how you spin it. Cleaning your stove tops is another hated chore! I am always searching for tips and hacks to ease the pain of cleaning and this roundup from World Inside Pictures looks like a winner! I’m excited to feature these 16 tips for making your house cleaner and your back less broken from all that scrubbing.

I never clean the over. Ever. I hate having to leave the house because of the noxious fumes and I hate all that scrubbing. The burners do get cleaned during spring cleaning (maybe). The glass? Ha! I might check these tips out. After the holidays my oven could use some tender loving care. My pillows could use some freshening too. We had a lot of company this year! This tips from Listotic are pretty amazing too. Find them here

Get the full article from World Inside Pictures here…

World Inside Pictures: 16 Must Read Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Easy Cast Iron Skillet Reconditioning

Cast iron is amazing. I got a cast iron dutch oven for my birthday last year and I love cooking with it! These pans distribute heat evenly and, if taken care of, can last forever! My mom always told me that the tempered, well loved ones were the best. Well loved is just another way of saying well used. But even the most ‘loved’ pans need help and reconditioning every once in a while. They can rust easily and using soap and metal utensils has a negative effect on these wonderful pans.

One of the many myths about cast iron is that once it is damaged it’s time to throw it out. Black Iron Blog has an amazing step by step tutorial on how to recondition it, making it just like new! I’m so excited to try this! If he can take a nasty antique skillet and make it beautiful then I can fix my slightly damaged one! Here are some other restoration projects I know you will find helpful…

Here’s the link to Black Iron Blog’s full article…

Black Iron Blog: Easy Cast Iron Skillet Reconditioning

DIY Wood Floor Cleaner (Safe, Non-Toxic, Easy and Cheap!)

My floors are so messy! I’m always looking for new ways to add some some polish and hide dirt. That’s why I’m excited to try this all-natural wood floor cleaner from Gathered In The Kitchen. I’m so glad to have run across this DIY. It only has three ingredients and it works great on laminate and solid hardwood floors!

FInd out all about it here…

Gathered In The Kitchen – DIY Wood Floor Cleaner (Safe, Non-Toxic, Easy and Cheap!)

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mold mildew

Ewwww. Mold and mildew. There is some hiding in even the cleanest of houses. I didn’t know this until now, but September is ‘Mold Awareness’ month. That stuff if bad for you! Mold makes your bathroom look nasty and can cause some serious health issues. Here are 5 all-natural-ways from Plant Care Today to get rid of it.

See them here-

Plant Care Today – 5 Natural Ways To Treat Household Mold And Mildew

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