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You should try using only these nine simple ingredients the next time you clean your house. They really are the only ingredients you will ever need. Rather than buying harmful (and expensive) chemicals that are not good for you or your kids, you can make your own. Life From The Land has included some ‘recipes’ to get you started on how to turn these ingredients into all natural cleaners too.

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LifeFromTheLand – Only 9 Ingredients You Need To Clean Your House

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The A-Z Guide On Cleaning

In need of some helpful cleaning tips? Well, here they are. I found this wonderful roundup from Buzzfeed and I am excited to share it here today. I have tried a bunch of these and they are real gems. Number 3 is terrific (armpit stains-ewwww)! I just used number 10 this morning to get pet hair off the carpet. You need to store #86 away for cleaning the pillows. There are so many! I really need to use all the ones for the laundry room ASAP. That is probably the biggest disgrace in my house right now. Which have you tried?

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Buzzfeed – How To Clean Absolutely Anything And Everything

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10 Practical Speed Cleaning Tips

I cleaned the whole house yesterday. Well, almost the whole house. I skipped the guest room because it looked clean and there isn’t any company on the horizon. But the rest of it got a thorough cleaning (even the bathtubs)! There wasn’t anything quick about it! These tips from Premeditated Leftovers will definitely speed up the process. I will take any help that I can get!

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PremeditatedLeftovers – 10 Speed Cleaning Tips

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160 Uses For Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is so popular; it is 100% natural, affordable, and easy to come by. It can be used for so many things and Lew Rockwell has an extensive list to prove it. It has uses in beauty products, is a god-send in cooking, and it has been know to help with serious and minor health problems. Coconut oil also can be used for a lot of random things like removing chewing gum, making soap, and polishing furniture. Random!

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LewRockwell – 160 Uses For Coconut Oil

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100 Practical Household Cleaning Tips

Cleaning. Booo. What do you mean that I have to do more than one big spring cleaning?! Misery. The good news it that I found a great roundup to help out. There are some wonderful tips to help make cleaning easier, better, and get it over with more quickly. I will do anything to get back to relaxing in the summer sun. (P.S. – If you know of any ways to make cleaning more fun, don’t hold back! Let me know!)

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SimpleWaysTo – Top 100 Household Tips

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55 Epic Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Cleaning is miserable enough without doing it the hard way. Any tricks to make it easier are fine by me. I love having a clean home but the process isn’t my favorite. I try to clean in stages so that I don’t have to spend one whole day feeling like Cinderella, up to elbows in soap and water. I’m sure she would have loved this roundup from Listotic and I know you will too!

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Listotic – 55 Must Read Cleaning Tips And Tricks

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Homemade Jewelry Cleaner

For those that wear jewelry regularly, keeping jewelry clean and looking good requires regular effort. Today I’m excited to feature WikiHow and the three methods they came up with for cleaning jewelry. There is a process for cleaning semiprecious stones, precious stones, and pearls. I found them all to be every interesting. (Don’t forget to never ever clean your jewelry with bleach, and don’t ever try to clean broken jewelry.)

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WikiHow – How To Make Jewelry Cleaner

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