We have all heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” Nowhere does that apply better than when cleaning. Especially spring cleaning. Do you love cleaning out all the cobwebs and cupboards? Not many of us do. But if you are one of the few, here is the help you’ve been waiting for! Darling Magazine has created a ‘no-stress’ schedule for spring cleaning that should really allow us to work smarter this year. Sound like a plan?

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be an insurmountable task anymore. This schedule spaces your cleaning out over four weeks with each week focusing on a different room of the house; kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. There is also a checklist of what needs to be cleaned in each room. Amazing!

Need more cleaning ideas? Here are some great ones. Love ‘em! And here is a printable checklist too.

Find the full schedule here…

Darling: A No-Stress Schedule For Spring Cleaning

Lint Filter

I always thought cleaning the lint out of the lint trap of my dryer after every load was all the regular maintenance my dryer needed. It turns out I wasn’t doing enough. According to Whitney Crooks’ Son-in-law, Cameron, doing so isn’t enough. There is wax and other invisible things that build up in the lint trap when you use fabric softener. There are two ways to fix this. Stop using fabric softener. You can stop with the fabric softener by using tennis balls or specific dryer balls in your dryer. Personally, I love the smell, feel and reduced static of Bounce dryer sheets. I’m not giving those puppies up. So for me, well, watch the below video and you will see how I am going to take an extra step in cleaning out my lint trap.

While you are learning about dryer lint you should learn just how flammable it is. This video shows how to make a firestarter out of lint. As you can imagine if it is a good firestarter you probably don’t want lint to build up around your house. Your dryer’s lint trap does not catch as much lint as you think it does. Here is how you clean out the dryer exhaust pipe in your home.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Son in law Cameron Beckwith,just showed me something I didn't know..good information

Posted by Whitney Crooks on Saturday, January 3, 2015


Cleaning the bathroom. Ug. There are lots of tips and trick out there for how to make this most hated of household chores easier but that’s not what this post is about. What?! This video from Melissa Maker (Clean My Space YouTube Channel), will show us how to clean the five most disgusting things in our bathroom. I’m excited to feature it here but I’m afraid to find out what those items are. So afraid! But knowledge is power and I want to have a clean bathroom and everything in it…

According to Melissa, the germiest items in our bathrooms…your toothbrush, your loofah, your razor, your toilet bowl brush, and your plunger. What are the secrets? A couple use vinegar (of course!), a few others use rubbing alcohol, and the secrets to keeping others clean is all in the storage. You’ll have to watch the video to see more.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


What is the most expensive piece of furniture you own? No, the TV does not count. Even though that is what most of the furniture points toward. Lol. (That’s a Friends reference.) It is hands down our bed. Well, mattress. Basically ⅓ of your life is spent in bed so it pays to invest in a good one! Especially if you find one with a lifetime warranty. #Bonus!

Just because you bought a great mattress doesn’t mean it will stay a great mattress. You need to clean it. It can’t go in the wash but it can stay germ and bug free with these cleaning hack from Clean My Space. What do you need? A vacuum, some baking soda, and you favorite essential oils. I think lavender is the most soothing for sleep. This video has a lot of other awesome tips too. Light stain removal, why you should invest in a mattress cover, the 411 on steam cleaning, etc.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


I hate cleaning. It’s exhausting and never ending. As soon as you finish you have to start all over again. Booo. Cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite thing in the world. Only slightly less favorite is cleaning the kitchen. Sooo messy. Neat freak or lazy cleaner, dirt and grime build up. Especially on the stove. This trick from Little Things will help you clean your stove burners in no time at all! I’m really excited to feature it and even more excited to try it.

This trick is going to be great come spring cleaning. You need plastic bags, ammonia, and a night to let the magic work, No scrubbing or elbow grease required. Common Sense Homesteading has an alternative to the above method. It is all natural and uses no harsh chemicals. Everyone has different preferences so be sure and check it out here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

shoe free home

What is your shoe rule? Off at the door always? Only when it’s muddy? Off before hitting carpet? That’s ours. They are always off by the time we make it to carpet. Wood and tile are just easier to clean up so we’ve gotten lax in those areas. This video from The Alternative Daily has four reasons why your shoes should stay by the door no matter what.

There are so many germs and bacteria! One way to reduce bringing them into our homes, simple as it sounds, is just by taking shoes off. Our shoes can track in pesticides which can hurt pets and small children. We can also pick up feces (eewwww) on the bottom of our shoes. Another very practical reason, is dirt. We all know that one. Less dirt equals less cleaning. I’m on board with that!

Now that your shoes will be off, you need some cute slippers. Check out these warm and fuzzy DIY ones.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Oh, how badly I have been waiting for this info! Oil stains are my enemy. Set in stains are my absolute laundry nemesis! How is it that people (my husband) don’t think about pre-treating stains? Don’t they know how impossible it is to get them out after they have been washed? Needless to say, people in my family wear clothing that have tiny stains. Until now that is!

What do you need? Liquid dish soap, WD-40, Baking Soda, a toothbrush (one you won’t be using anymore), Q-tips, and a piece of cardboard. Guess what? I have all of those things! I also have my favorite blue sweatshirt that has a butter stain on it. Perfect! I can try this out first hand and let you know how it works.

The Cleaning Institute has some other tips on stain removal that you need to bookmark for the next laundry day. Their stain removal chart has info for removing everything from grass to gravy stains. Lol. There is even some information on how to get typewriter correction fluid out of clothes. I’m thinking that one might not be needed that much anymore. Haha!

Here’s the link to the full tutorial…

TipHero: How To Remove Set In Oil Stains (photo tutorial)


Deep cleaning? Those two words I hate with the passion! Don’t we all! Blech. Sadly, it isn’t something reserved for the spring. We need to deep clean our home more than once a year. Good thing I budget for a housekeeper. Lol. Just for special occasions (birthdays, major holidays, spring time, etc.) This roundup from Diply might make deep cleaning more enjoyable for those times when I have to DIY it, which is most of the time. Booo. I need all the tips that I can get!

These hacks aren’t for everyday cleaning. No one needs to steam the grease out of the carpet or remove coaster rings every day but these are for those cleaning days when you decide to go all out and tackle those really annoying and difficult projects. Did you know that you can use vegetable oil to get rid of oily dust? Or that cream of tartar can make your appliances shine? Interesting! I’m going to have to try a few of these babies out! Here are just a few more cleaning hacks to add to your arsenal. You can never have too many.

Here’s the link to all 17 hacks…

Diply: 17 Deep-Cleaning Hacks For Your Home


Did you know that you can clean your bathroom with just two ingredients? It’s true! And because you’re are so smart I bet you can guess what they are. Vinegar and Water. It’s a 50/50 solution that does wonders. For harder stains use hot water. Let your mixture stand for 10-15 minutes before scrubbing away.

This video from DIY Network also has tips on how to clean your showerhead (with vinegar), Unclog your drain (using vinegar of course), and deodorize the toilet and get rid of lime and rust build up (with vinegar of course). What would DIYers do without vinegar? Probably shrivel up and die.

What is vinegar? The Vinegar Institute can explain it to you. It has info on the different types, formal standards, and so much more. Good to know! Another fun bit of info to have is how it’s made. Check it out here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Ugh! I hate cleaning my house. Beyond vacuuming dusting, and sweeping the floors. I would much rather have someone else do it. It’s amazing how much dirt a husband and two kids can drag into a house. Okay, I’m probably responsible for some of the dirt too. Hiring a cleaning service has it’s benefits, but they don’t always do the deep deep stuff. If they do you will pay through the nose for it. (Why is that a saying?)

Time to give your house a deep cleaning. Don’t delay. You know you have been putting it off for too long already. Here are some great tips to clean the most neglected areas of your home. Be forewarned, these are the areas you have no desire to clean. You might not even know you need to, or even can, clean them. Here is another list of places that could use some cleaning that are often neglected too.

Here’s the link to all 16 ideas…

Diply: 16 Ways To Deep Clean Your Bathroom (And Keep It Clean!)