cozy nap chairs

The value of a comfortable chair or couch should not go unnoticed. In today’s busy society it is important to have a quiet and restful place to relax and even take a snooze, especially when we are overworked and stressed out so much. We’ve put together a unique and creative list of comfy and cozy chairs and sofas for every style out there.

Some of these listed here look so tempting to just fall into and catch a quick nap! Go ahead and look through the list, you will surely find something that will interest you. The last item is worth a look, it is such a treat!

1. Catch a quick nap in the office on this ergonomic beauty:

ergonomic ofice chair

2. Snuggle up in this plush velvet Papasan chair:

plush velvet papasan chair

3. Hunker down on this furry bean bag chair:

fur bean bag chair

4. Curl up in this womb-like cradle chair:

cradle chair

5. How about softly swaying in this hanging wicker chair:

hanging wicker chair

6. Great for a crowd:

red sofa

7. This couch plus blanket combo looks very inviting:

couch plus blanket

8. A chair for the scientific types:

scientific chair

9. Drift away on a floating bed:

floating bed

10. A rather contemporary chair to relax on:

lounger chair

11. Melt away your worries in this zero gravity chair:

zero gravity chair

12. Read your favorite book and take a nap:

book shelf chair

13. The perfect outdoor napping solution:

nap nest

14. Sofa or comfy bed?

sofa bed

15. Even your cat has a chair for napping:

cat beneath chair

16. Rock to sleep together:

tandem rocking chair

17. How about this trifecta lounger:

trifecta lounger

18. Comfy floor lounger:

green floor lounger

19. Treat yourself to this massage chair:

massage chair

20. Catch some zzzz’s in this power nap capsule:

power nap capsule

21. A bench worthy to nap on:

cushion bench

22. Snuggle up in this cute blanket burrito style:

blanket burrito

23. Lounge outdoors with this zero gravity chair:

zero gravity hammock chair

24. Modern day tire swing?

modern loop swing

25. Grown up bean bag:

grownup bean bag

26. A very inviting spot to nap:

full futon

27. Outdoor canopy bed:

outdoor canopy bed

28. Wooden slat double lounger:

wooden slat double lounger

29. Catch a few winks on this comfy floral circle sofa:

circle sofa

30. Modern looking chair that turns into a bed:

modern chair sofa

31. Relax on this casual bean bag chair:


32. Envelope hug couch to snuggle in:

envelope hug couch

tiny cabin

Do you ever feel like selling everything you own and downsizing to a completely smaller and simpler way of life? This guy was sick of barely making ends meat trying to keep up with the “joneses” and simply had the guts to change his way of life. I give him a whole lotta props for pulling this off and I’m just a wee bit jealous too. You gotta see the inside of his new tiny home. Amazing!

Continue HERE to see inside…

This Guy Was Tired of Steep Expenses,
but He Had The Guts To Do This.
You Have To See Inside.

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 24 WIne Bottle Centerpiece Ideas

You need to check out these brilliant centerpiece ideas. I’ve decorated with wine bottles before and loved it but after a while it gets lame. These aren’t your boring, stick a bottle with a flower on the table, too lazy to do anything else, kind of decorating ideas. Try your hand at string, hanging, chalkboard paint, candles, glitter, burlap and mini gardens. They have it all. All of them will help your next celebration a ton.

I love it! Here’s the link to all 24 ideas…

Homedit – 24 Stunning Wine Bottle Centerpieces

Image Credit:

Attic Living Ideas

Most houses have some place that is awkward to decorate. Not every room has perfectly straight walls and I am glad for that! Life would be so boring with only 90 degree angles. Angles and sloping walls aren’t something to stress about but they are something to get excited about! Design Chic has gathered up a bunch of ideas to help us decorate our attics and quaint little spaces. They are so cute! I know you will be inspired.

Here is the lovely link…

MyDesignChic – Attic Living (14 Photos)

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maximum under stair storage

I totally love the above pictured stair storage build! The only problem is that there is no railings so it’s not ideal for a family… but I can see this design fitting perfectly in a trendy loft setup. Head over to the Very Best Top 10 blog to see all the ideas. Awesome round up put together by those guys!

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Here’s the link to all 10 designs…

VeryBestTop10 – Under Stairs Designs

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pallet patio couch

I stumbled on this giant L shaped pallet sofa over at Life Hacker and immediately wanted to find the tutorial for you guys. Unfortunately, we could only dig back to a reddit post that just shared the image. After some more research I found a site that has a ton of pallet “hacks” and specifically a sofa tutorial. Yes! I am sure you can gather enough tips from their project to tackle any sized endeavor.

Here’s the link…

ScrapHacker – DIY Pallet Sofa Tutorial

Image Credit: via