If you love candles then you know how expensive they can be, and how addictive collecting candles can be! It’s actually pretty straightforward to create your own candles though, and you can have a lot of fun while doing so! At least when you are creating your own candles you have full control and knowledge of what’s going in them.

We found a great list of candle crafts to help you get started. A beautiful do-it-yourself candle in the link below is a layered scent candle. Not only do these look stunning (think red, green and white for the holidays), but you get to experience three different scents from one candle. Homemade candles can make great gifts for friends and family around the holidays!

Here’s the link to all 12 DIY candle ideas…


I always get in trouble for leaving the lights on. Watt smart I am not. You can always tell where I’ve been in the house by follow the trail of blazing light and discarded and haphazardly placed coffee tea cups. I just love things to be bright! I love lamps and light of all shapes and sizes and that includes this DIY doily lantern featured in a video by Socraftastic

This lamp will help give any room in your home an elegant look. How perfect would it be in a little girl’s room? You will need a balloon, some vaseline, white glue, doilies, mixing bowl and spoons, paint brush, water, flour, spoon, straight pin, and a light kit. A 60 watt or less bulb or LED lights are recommended.

Here are some other DIYs that use doilies. Cute. Move over grandma! There is a new crafter in town. These 30 crafts are out of this world fabulous.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


So excited to share this fun and simple DIY tutorial from Fiber Flux. It’s all about finger knitting. Do you remember that from when you were a kid? So simple and so fun. Well, it’s back and here is a way to put those long lost skills to use! I think is going to be awesome!

With some simple supplies and your own two hands you make socks, scarfs, sweaters and whatever else you can dream up! Get your favorite colored yarn and scissors and get going. This is a great instructional video and I’m so glad to have stumbled across it.

I’m thinking some of these would make nice stocking stuffers. And just in case Christmas panic hasn’t set it, it’s only 7 weeks away. Eeek! How did that happen?! Get your DIY Christmas on early this year and start planning for your Elf On The Shelf antics.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Cat O Lanterns

Now that September is ending, I will actually acknowledge that the scariest of holidays is on it’s way. Halloween is so much fun for the kids and I. We love to dress up in fun (not scary) costumes, carve some jack-o-lanterns, and go get some candy. Sometimes, though, it feels like the old staid and true traditions become the old staid and stale. This year I have decided to change it up a little. I went searching for some new ideas and found this one from one of my favorite magazines, Sunset.

This cat-o-lantern is a great idea for a little twist on the traditional jack-o-lantern, It takes a lot less gutting and carving, meaning it is safer and cleaner to make. It does take some selective oddball pumpkin and gourd choices, paint and skewers. But, with a little creativity and time these cats can slide together for a unique look on your porch this October 31st. Happy Halloween! Here are some other fun black cat related Halloween crafts. Love ‘em.

Find the cat-o-lantern tutorial here…

Sunset: Make Black Cat O’Lanterns (tutorial)


Do you have a glue gun? Most likely. Most of us do. And crayons? Yes, anyone with children has those and many people without have them too. I have boxes and boxes! This craft, featured at Little Things, uses those two things and a blank canvas to make something pretty nifty.

This is an easy DIY. Grab your favorite crayon color and insert it into the glue gun. Make drops all over the canvas and there you have it. Gorgeous art. A little modern but nice. (p.s. You’re going to need a new glue gun after this. Good thing they are affordable.) Hands On As We Grow has a list of 35 crafts you can do with crayons. Hooray! I like the picture frame! Adorable. I also like the stained glass leaves. Beautiful and I’m sure the kids will love it.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose. That’s all you hear about these days. There are so many fun projects that you can make out of other things. It’s great to give things a new and second chance at life. What’s your favorite thing to make (re-make)? Birdbaths, chandeliers, bookshelves, ottomans, headboards, jewelry? Today it’s jewelry! This video from Innova Crafts shows how to make bracelets out of recycled bottles. Amazing! And so easy.

You need a plastic bottle, tape, scissors, iron, and nail polish or acrylic paint. Watch the video to learn how to make your own! The finished product doesn’t look anything like a plastic bottle. I love it when that happens. I would want to use paint and not polish to decorate my bangles. I would hate to waste it! Honestly WTF has a bunch of other fun DIY bracelet tutorials. There is the fishtail loom, braided cuff, rhinestone sliding knot, and 5 other pages worth of amazing wrist jewelry that you MUST try.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Do you eat canned chicken or tuna? Well today’s your lucky day! Here is a fun craft repurposing those tins. You can make cute little tin votives out of them. This is very simple but looks incredibly awesome. It would be the perfect mood lighting; I’m thinking holiday.

Gather together tin cans, patterned paper, scissors, clothespins, glue, hanger, string, and candles. I have all of those supplies already and I bet you do as well. Crafting win! Battery LED tea lights would be a good idea too. No fire risk either but more expensive to buy in the long run.

Did you know that many firehouses have those battery operated candles available for rent? That’s probably how your cousin had 5,000 at her wedding. (Lucky lady!) Buying that many would have cost as much as the plane tickets to Fiji alone. Here is one such program. I bet there are lots of them.

Here’s the link to the full tutorial…

JumbleJoy: Lovely DIY Mood Lighting Tins Tutorial

Glitter Bowl

She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten. That’s why this DIY glitter bowl from Jumble Joy is just awesome. It easy and so festive. You will need 2 cups of glitter, 1 cup of mod podge, a balloon, a bowl, a paintbrush, a stir stick of some kind, and something to set your blown up balloon on.

Thickly brush on the glitter over the bottom half of the inflated balloon (that will end up being your ‘bowl’). Let it sit and dry for 24 hours and then pop the balloon and carefully peel it out. That’s it. You now have a bowl made completely out of glitter. Personally, I’d cut the sides down to make it symmetrical. Just in case you weren’t sure, it’s only decorative. No cereal! I’m thinking it would be the perfect place to display Christmas candy. Don’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter my DIYers! When in doubt just add glitter.

There are so many bowls and crafts that can be made using balloons and the process for each is very similar. You can make chocolate bowls, button bowls, yarn bowls/balls, and more. Check out this sparkly roundup from Buzzfeed while you’re at it. It has 43 sparkly DIYs that will make your day. Have fun.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Fall! It is my favorite! The beautiful colors, yummy butternut squash, creamy pumpkin spice lattes (pumpkin everything really), sweet candy corn and caramel apples, cool crisp air, falling leaves, confusing corn mazes, and crackling fireplaces. Everything is magical. Even the decor. This roundup from Diply proves that! Get your house is shape with these 12 fall decorating ideas!

I’m so excited to have stumbled across these clever ideas. I actually did number 3 last year. Popcorn kernels in a votive with and candles looks so cute. The pumpkin flower pots are really cute (number 5)! I’ll have to buy some extra ones this year for that! Number 6 would have to be my favorite though! So adorable and it’s a great idea for every season!

Powered By Tofu has a list of 81 things to love about fall. You’re crazy if you don’t love the fabulous autumn season! It’s a lovely word and a lovely time of year. See them all here.

See all fun decorating ideas here…

Diply: 12 DIY Decor Ideas To Prepare Your Home For Autumn

wine cork hacks

‘Novinophobia.’ The fear of running out of wine. Get it? No vino. Lol. I’m not sure if that is an official phobia but it is a funny one. It’s not a problem we suffer from our house. When we run out of wine, we simply repurpose the bottles and have fun with the corks until our next trip to the store. This video from Household Hacker has 8 amazing ways that corks can be put to good use that you are going to love!

I like the air plants idea. That would look so cool! Sad that my fridge is stainless steel and magnets aren’t an option for me! The candle is my favorite. These are all really fun ideas! Who knew wine could be so delicious and useful! Wonderful!

There are so many phobias out there. Like I said, I don’t know if novinophobia is an official one but there are other ones relating to vino. Oenophobia is the actual fear of wine. Check that out and all the others here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!