Tin Foil Ball Ornament

Today there are so many brilliant DIY ornaments…so many more than I was a kid! We had popcorn and kix strings, gingerbread cookies, paper snowflakes, salt clay creations, pipe cleaner reindeer, and paper clip angels. My mother saved all those amazing crafts and her tree is a walk down memory lane. I have many of those same ornaments, made by my children, on my tree too. (I have a salt clay Santa that just melts my heart!) Now Because of Pinterest and the internet, there are a lot of other ideas and craft available to us too.

There is no reason you can’t make fun decoration with your kids and then some nice ones for yourself. The best thing is that all of this can happen on a budget. These tin foil ball ornaments prove that. I know that we all have tin foil! If you don’t, maybe you used it up at Thanksgiving, you can buy it really cheap at any store! Here are some other ornaments from Beautiful Messy Life that are perfect for making with your kiddos…

Here is the video…Enjoy!

diy winter votives

I love decorating my home for the holidays. It doesn’t matter which holiday, I just love decorating and having my home look cute and cozy to fit the season. Christmas is at the top of my list (followed by Thanksgiving/fall). The colder it is outside, the warmer and more festive I want it to be inside!

Votives are a fun and easy DIY. There are a lot of different styles to choose from but these wintery frosted ones fit in perfectly with my Christmas decorations. Ice votives would also work but these ‘winter’ ones are quicker and not as cold or melty.

I just a candle called “Champagne Toast” and it smells heavenly. I need something to show it off it. It would smell wonderful on the mantle and it would look gorgeous in one of these votives! I think I like the Epsom salt version better than the fake snow. Only because it seems like it might make less of a mess and stay on better.

For an unscented or battery operated candle it would be interesting to add essential oils to the salts. That is what you do to bath salts, so why not votive salt. Add some glitter while you’re at it.

Go get your glass vases and containers at the Dollar Tree. They should have most of the supplies you and get crafting. Think about making this Christmas votive from Life Your Way while you’re at it…

Here is the video…Enjoy!

hanger ornament wreath

No front door is complete without a wreath! It gives people a preview of what the decorations inside might look like. Rustic decor, traditional, victorian, whimsical, crafts from the kids’ school… It’s fun. Historically they have been made of evergreens, to symbolize strength, but these days they can be made of anything and still symbolize the Christmas spirit!

For this wreath you will need Christmas ball ornaments (the plastic or non-breakable kind), a wire coat hanger, and a ribbon. To get that awesome, multi-dimensional feeling, you will need bulbs of different sizes. It will take between 50-80. That is a lot but it doesn’t have to be expensive! Here’s a tip…always check the Dollar Store first when crafting. It would be a tragedy of greek proportions to pay $10 for something you could have gotten for $1. DIY & Crafts has some other amazing Dollar Store crafts. Find them here

Get the video tutorial here…Enjoy!

Easy Snowman Craft Ideas

‘Frosty the snowman, was a jolly happy soul…” and just like the song this craft will make your heart soul happy. I’m so excited to feature it here today! It is a really fun (and easy) Christmas craft. This tutorial shows how to make the pom-poms needed for the DIY and the cute snowman. Thanks guys for all the great info!

I can’t wait to have a cute little army of pom-pom snowmen decorating my mantel; right up there by the manger scene. I think one of these little guys will be a good friend for my elf on the shelf too. I bet they will have some crazy fun adventures while inspiring the kids to stay out of mischief. BHG has a great roundup of snowman crafts too. Check out all of them here

Here’s the link to Homemade Gifts Made Easy’s full article…

Homemade Gifts Made Easy: Easy Snowman Craft Ideas

3 Ways To DIY Dough Ornaments

DIY and Christmas. Are there any two things that go better together? Well, maybe apple cider and sugar cookies but making homemade ornaments like these must be a close second. I used to make dough crafts when I was little and they are so easy and fun! They are the perfect holiday craft. (Especially for the little ones in your life.) Materials are dirt cheap and the dough is non-toxic kid-friendly.

I have found 3 different dough recipes and they all sound wonderful! You should try them this holiday season. I grew up making salt dough but I’m willing to try one of these others. I’ve heard of the cornstarch and baking soda recipe but have never tried it. I really like that it calls for cinnamon and different smelling spices. The cinnamon and applesauce recipe sounds really interesting. I’m curious to see which of these 3 works best.

If you’re looking for more ‘dough’ crafts, you need to see what First Palette has come up with! Find them here

Here’s the link to the full article from Make…

Make: 3 Ways To DIY Dough Ornaments

easy christmas crafts

Everyone seems to be rushing around during the holidays. I don’t know about you, but there isn’t a lot of ‘peace on earth’ over in my neck of the woods. It’s more like chaos personified! Shopping, wrapping, baking, cutting down the tree, decorating the tree…Things calm down towards the end of the month but with all that craziness it is hard to find time for DIYs. That’s why I’m always looking for quick projects that still look amazing! This roundup from Architecture Art Designs has everything I could ever want for quick and affordable decorations.

The baby candy cane wreath would look adorable in my family room. Too bad the canes are covered in glue or it would be fun to eat after the holiday. I’ve always wanted to do a burlap garland; this might be the year. It has such a rustic look! And sometimes simple really is best. All of these DIYs are simple and that’s one of the reason that I love them!

Decorating doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming, or expensive. You just have to be creative and do your homework. I’m excited about turning my home into a ‘winter wonderland’ and I hope these ideas have excited you too! Martha Stewart has some more easy Christmas Crafts to check out if you need more inspiration.

Here’s the link to Architecture Art Designs’ full article…

Architecture Art Designs:
21 Fascinating DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Paper Fairy Houses

Do you believe in fairies? I hope so because everyone needs some whimsy and fantasy in their life. I know that Tinkerbell and the Tooth Fairy captured by heart a long time ago. I also know that every little girl loves fairies. There is just something about magic and a hidden world only accessible to children that is appealing. Flying and pixie dust probably has something to do with it too.

To make these cute little house you will need some paper, glue, scissors, and an idea of what kind of house might just entice a winged friend to visit. I would want to make a fairy castle by connecting a lot of the towers together. What a wonderful and lovely DIY! It is quick too. The main thing to be sure this works is strong glue. Be sure your glue stick isn’t drying out and loosing it’s ‘stick.’

Midwest Living has some other creative fairy crafts you should check out too. Find them here.
You can also buy the fairy houses pictured above on Etsy from Felted Art To Wear: Felted Fairy Lamps

To make one yourself, here’s a link to a full video tutorial on YouTube…

YouTube-El Universo de Elisa: Paper Fairy Houses

10 Insanely Easy Christmas Light Bulb Decorations And Ornaments

I can’t believe that Christmas is almost here! I feel like I was just ringing in 2014 yesterday. Where does the time go??? Even though the year is almost gone, I love it and I am glad that it is back again!

Decorating the tree is my favorite part and I am ashamed to say that I never thought about repurposing light bulbs for decorations until right now. It does make a lot of sense and it’s a great way to recycle. What a brilliant craft.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas is one of my favorite holiday movies and it’s one of my favorite bulbs featured here! Mean and nasty has never looked so cute. I’m also a big fan of the Christmas light wreath. You can get that vintage look using a wire hanger, some old Christmas bulbs, a bow, a glue gun, and a bucket. I’ve been making pine wreaths the past few years and I’m ready to ‘branch’ out! This year my house will be epic! Find other DIY ornament ideas from PopSugar as well.

Here’s the link to all 10 ideas at DIY & Crafts’s blog…

DIY & Crafts:
10 Insanely Easy Christmas Light Ideas

This Kitchen And Backyard Took Five Years To Create. Wait Until To You See Why.

There are some seed beads in my craft drawer. Why are they called seed beads? Because they are so so tiny, the size of seeds and they are impossible to work with. Liza Lou, featured at Viralnova has an amazing gift when it come to details and seed beads. She created a whole kitchen and yard out of those miniscule things! There are 250,000 blades of grass in her ‘backyard.” I can’t even imagine how many beads are on each blade, tiny seed beads. That is dedication!

I think the bag of potato chips are the best! And the sink full of dirty dishes really is a work of art. The whole thing has me amazed and I know you will Loooove it too!

Here’s the link to Liza’s work and Viralnova’s full article: Viralnova: This Kitchen And Backyard Took Five Years To Create

If you’ve never heard of seed bead art before, then you might want to research an artist called Liza Lou. She created almost a whole house from millions of tiny beads the size of seeds. It’s impressive to look at, and it’s even more impressive when you consider the amount of patience that was required to build this and not go crazy in the process.

Very Realistic

The house took five years for Liza to make and is extremely detailed. It’s made up of millions of miniature beads which makes the home look very realistic. Even the 250,000 blades of grass which make up the back yard are all made from individually positioned beads. The artist only used her patience and a pair of tweezers to create this beautiful piece of art.

The attention to detail is outstanding. Even everyday objects and well known brands have been painstakingly recreated with seed beads.

Creating your Own Seed Bead Art

If you want to try making pieces of art from seed beads yourself then there’s nothing stopping you. The materials and equipment needed are actually quite minimal. The overall process is fairly simple, but you will need a lot of patience. You might want to try a project that doesn’t take five years to complete though.

Seed beads can be purchased from any craft store or online. There are lots of different stores online selling the beads in a variety of different shades and colors. To use these beads for art rather than for making jewellery with, you will need plenty of different colors.

For your own Seed Art project you will need:

– Seed Beads
– Tweezers
– Cardboard (optional)
– Glue

Depending on whether you are designing a flat picture made from seed beads, or a more sophisticated 3d model resembling the actual thing, you will require different materials. The easiest thing to do is make a flat painting like picture using seed beads. To do this you can simply draw out a design on a piece of paper or card, and then stick seed beads in the right place to create the picture. Experiment with using different shades and colors to create the right contrast and build up the picture.

If you want to do something more advanced, similar to what Liza created then you will need even more patience. You will need to first start by building small models from cardboard. For example when you want to make a cereal packet you will need to make a tiny cardboard box. Alternatively you could use the foam used for flower modelling and carve out the right shapes of objects.

Then it’s just a matter of covering the three dimensional model in the tiny seed beads. Use small amounts of glue to secure the beads onto the surface of the model. Be very careful not to use too much glue as this will affect the look of the model. You really need to take your time using the tweezers to make sure the beads are placed in the correct position.

Seed bead art can be a lot of fun, but it can also be quite frustrating. With practice you should find it much easier to complete even more complex projects. In a couple of years perhaps you will be just as good as Liza Lou.

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keurig k cup crafts

I heard a rumor around the office that we are getting a Keurig for Christmas. Fingers crossed! I hope that it’s true because then I’d be able to try a bunch of the idea in this roundup. I love to repurpose and reuse! I really love the ideas that use the cups as learning tools for children. Happy Hooligans…xoxoxo!

Find all 25 ideas here… Happy Hooligans – 25 Creative Ways To Re-Use Your Keurig K-Cups

Here’s my favorite 2 ideas for using these little cups:

Flower Pot

keurig flowers craft

Such a cute and simple idea! I know my kiddos would have a blast growing their own garden like this. The perfect idea for a cold wintry day.

Circle Stamp Art

keurig flower art

What kiddo doesn’t love art time? These k-cups make the perfect tool for creating circle art. To see more ideas from the official k-cups blog head here.

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