silk eggs hack

Krafts With Kendra has done it again! She has put together a brilliant video tutorial on dyeing Easter eggs. There are so many tutorials out there but this one is different from the rest because it uses silk and produces vintage looking eggs. Love.

I’ll have to try this dying style next. I did marbled eggs last year, much to the dismay of my kitchen table. This method is perfect for beginners and non-Picassos.

You will need; eggs (of course), silk scarves (they can be used 2-3 times), white fabric, twist ties, white vinegar (to help the color set, and oil (to shine them up after). The eggs end up patterned and have a faded vintage look.

From everything I’ve seen you can’t eat these eggs. Fabric dye and food dye aren’t the same thing. So before you do this, remember you won’t be able to make a huge bowl of egg salad for Easter dinner after all the eggs have been found. If you decide to use food dye so you can make that salad, make this recipe. Yum.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Old t-shirts clutter up my closet. Where do they all come from? I’m not a hoarder and I constantly take things to Goodwill but they keep showing up! The mystery may never be solved. One good thing about the cotton tee surplus is all the amazing repurposing crafts out there. These shirts are so versatile. You can use them to make everything from a cat tent to fashionable scarf. You can do it all! Making a fun DIY purse is another great way they can put to good use!

This is a cute and simple place to start your repurposing journey. You need an old shirt and some scissors. What could be easier? This isn’t a trick I swear! Snip snip. Knot knot. Done done. A bag like this would be perfect for shopping or a day at the beach. I have this faint recollection of doing something like this in Home Ec but I’m not sure. Sorry Mrs. Thompson. (I do remember that wretched pillow thought!)

This video got me thinking about purses. I heart purses. #LouisVuitton #Chanel #Prada #Gucci. Sadly, those wardrobe changing (life changing?) bags aren’t in my budget! Lucky for me there are some cute DIY alternatives out there. They’re no Dior but they are pretty splendid. By Wilma has a fabulous roundup of the top 10 DIY bags and I know you will love ‘em! Find them here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Plastic Bottles

Any soda drinkers in the house? Soda addicts? My hand is raised high! I love coke (I don’t care that it might not be that healthy for me). I have a lot of soda bottles laying around I need to do something about it! I need to recycle them into amazing crafts. That will be a win for everyone, especially the planet.

I’m so excited to feature this roundup from DIY And Crafts. There are so many great ideas here! Has anyone ever tried the ‘floral paintbrush’ bottle? I’ve always been curious about how well that works. #4 is my favorite! Cha-cha-cha-chia! The piggy bank is my second favorite. How Cute!

Not all recycled and repurposed crafts are created equal. The concept may be amazing but the end result stinks like…well, they just stink. Some end up looking like epic fails. One DIY that I am desperate to try, and there is no way that it will fails, is a plastic bottle flower bouquet. It is so lovely! Find the full tutorial from Creative Jewish Mom here.

See all 20 ideas here…

DIY And Crafts: 20 Fun And Creative Crafts With Plastic Soda Bottles

plastic spoon ladybug

‘Ladybug! Ladybug! Fly away home…’ Who doesn’t love these dainty little beatles? (Yup beatles not bugs.) This adorable plastic spoon lady bug is easy and the kids will love it! I can’t wait to try it.

This craft uses red and black plastic spoons, black beads, black paint, pliers (or scissors), paint brush, and a hot glue gun. I don’t think I’ve seen red and black spoons before so I’m going to use white ones and acrylic paint. I think that will work just as well. Don’ you? The hardest part about this bug is going to be cutting the spoons; I’ve found that they tend to crack. I’ve heard that heating them up a little can help with that.

I Myself Mk.Ru has a similar tutotial for making adorable plastic spoon lady bugs. It’s always better to have to much info than not enough! Find it here

Here’s the fun video tutorial… Enjoy!


I played with all sorts of slimy stuff as a kid. Sticky, stretchy, moddable, gelatinous blobs have always been popular. (Think Silly Putty, Play Doh, Gak, and Floam.) I don’t have a clue why that is. It’s fun to play with but now there is another use…cleaning!

Cleaning slime is an interesting idea. Stores sell it, so why not make your own? It’s cheaper, incredibly easy, and so fun! The kids will love this DIY. You need water, liquid starch, and glue. Glitter and food coloring are optional. This slime helps to get all those crumbs that fall in impossible to reach places. I could really use it around my center console and my keyboard!

I would use this as a ‘stress ball.’ It would be just the thing to squish and stretch my worries away. I love the idea of putting glitter or googly eyes in the slime too. Purple with glitter is my favorite! I’m curious to try making slime with liquid starch. I’ve always gone the Borax route in the past. Wonder How To has that old standby recipe here.

Learn how to make your own slime here…

LittleThings: Homemade Cleaning Slime (Recipe)

peanut butter wine bottle

Wine bottles are the new thing. They are the perfect craft supply; wonderful for repurposing and DIYs. An added bonus is that you get to drink the wine first! The only downside is those pesky labels. Sometimes they just won’t come off. This tip from the Little Things should help with that.

The next time you have a bottle to clean try using peanut butter. Interesting. This isn’t a magic trick; It will still take some work. You can’t just drink the wine, dab with Jiff, and then miraculously your bottle is all clean. Scrape and peel as much as you can, soak in warm soapy water for 40 minutes, scrape some more, and then comes the peanut butter.

I don’t’ know if I could do this. I like eating peanut butter too much. I’m not sure I could waste even a tablespoon! Lol. I might have to try some. WD40, Goo Gone, or Windex. I’ve heard that hand sanitizer works well too.

I’m feeling educational today. Everyday you are supposed to learn something new so today let’s learn about peanut butter and it’s history. It all starts back in 1890. Peanut Butter Lovers will walk you through the timeline.

See the full tutorial here…

LittleThings: Peanut Butter On Wine Bottle Tutorial (photos)


Ana White is amazing and I am so excited to feature her and her craft table design here today. Word to the wise, this isn’t a repurposing or furniture restoration project. It’s better. This is a 100% do-it-from-scratch DIY with an intermediate skill level required. It is soooo cool and I’m willing to have my husband make it for me. Lol.

This might sound a bit tricky but with such detailed instructions we should be ok. There is a shopping list, cutting list, tools needed list, and a tutorial. All fabulous and detailed. There is everything we need to succeed. Are you going to try it? Let me know how it goes! Post some pics.

You know who loves crafts? Martha Stewart! And that is why when she has a roundup on craft rooms we need to sit up and pay attention. These rooms and spaces are creative and bright and I know you will just adore them!

Check out the full tutorial and plans from Ana white here…

Ana White: Modern Craft Table (plans)

Colorful Roses

Roses are considered the flower of romance. Especially the red ones. That’s probably why 110 million roses were given this past February 14th. That is a crazy amount of flowers! Yes, we all know roses are romantic but do you ever think about them being fun and something to DIY with? Well you should! Kathy with the Crafty Chica has a really fun tutorial on how to tie dye roses in all the colors of the rainbow.

You will need some white roses for this project, although other flowers work nicely too. Daisies and daffodils seem to absorb colors quite well. You will need colored dyes (food coloring works too), a cup for each individual color, and a knife. You will also need about 24 hours until the dye is completely absorbed. I’ve tie-dyed tees and towels before but never flowers; this will be a blast!

Nature does a great job growing and coloring roses but this is just fun. I would love to try this if I needed a specific color for a themed party or event. It’s ok if you don’t think tie dye and flowers go together. There are so many other things you can dye! DIY And Crafts has 40 projects that will brighten up your life and color to everything you can imagine. Find their full roundup here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Easter is almost here and my holiday Pinterest board is filling up with crafts and recipes that I really want to try this year. Last year I ran out of time because we were so busy with family. I maybe got two things done. This year I’m aiming high…three things. Lol. I want these string Easter eggs to be one of them.

String easter eggs is such a fun and simple craft. You need some string/yarn/thread, a small balloon, a small prize to put inside your ‘egg,’ and equal parts water and sugar. I have all those things already! You are also going to need something to mix the sugar/water in and something to pop your balloon with.

Here are 37 other Easter themed crafts you should think about trying this year. Country Living knows what’s up! I really like the ombre eggs. See all the other brilliant craft ideas here.

Hop to it! Here’s the full tutorial from Instructables…

Instructables: String Easter Eggs

Soda Tabs Repurposed

Hmmmm. What are your thoughts on the mysterious pop tab? Probably that it’s not really all that mysterious. We use them to open our sodas and that’s really all. The cans we repurpose but the tops? A DIY here and there but not that often. This is a fun project because it’s easy and it’s a twofer. Two for the price of one. Crocheting and repurposing/upcycling.

Would you wear a dress made of these. Maybe. I’m on the fence. You might have to watch the video a few times, I know I did! She goes so fast! The project will be so cool when complete!

Want to see something crazy made from pop tabs? How about an evening dress? Recycle Art has one. For those of us a little less ambitious maybe a nice necklace and earrings? Check out this one from Andairadas (you’ll need to let Google translate the website.)

Here’s the video… Enjoy!