DIY Grated Wax Candles

What a wonderful and easy DIY from Sadaruchka! Projects like this are my life-lines. I start so many projects and get overwhelmed when none get finished. This is a fun way to repurpose old candles too. You can use any number of colors and layers and come out with a different creation each time.

Check it out here…

Sadaruchka – How To Make Grated Candles

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Magical Decal Tutorial (Free Printables)

Waterslide decals are beautiful and great for custom decorations but they aren’t always the most durable or practical. Magic Decals add the durability that waterslide decals are lacking. Here is a terrific pricing breakdown and full tutorial on ‘magic decals’ and how they will change everything you thought you knew about decals. Everyone over at The Painted Hive, thanks for sharing! I’m so excited to feature this project here today! I especially love the fonts on the labels!

Here the link to all the deets…

ThePaintedHive – Magical Decal Tutorial With Free Printables

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DIY Silly Putty

I thought Silly Putty was the coolest thing when I was little and my friends and I used to play with it for hours! I bet you did too. It is really easy to make and cheap too. You only need 3 ingredients! (Four if you count the h20). This is such a fun project for you and your kids to do together and perfect for any lazy indoor craft day.

Get the tutorial here…

BestYummyRecipes – Homemade Silly Putty

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mason jar crafts

It’s been a while since I pulled out my mason jars. I miss them! Some of my favorite DIY crafts use mason jars; they are awesome! I am excited to feature this roundup from Hometalk today. 1001 crafts in one place is a DIYers heaven. It’s not a typo! 1001. There is something here for every season and everyone. Check it out!

Find them all here…

HomeTalk – 1001 Mason Jar Projects

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21 Tips For Sharpie Marker Cups

I absolutely love these mugs! They make the best personalized gifts. I think everyone is on board with them. Even Starbucks has kits for making your own (but for $$$$$). Craftaholics Anonymous has the best roundup and I am excited to feature them here today! If you tried to make a mug I bet attempt #1 wasn’t perfect but the rest can be thanks to all these tips. Learn from other DIYers successes and failures and make yours perfect! Trial and error is the best teacher right?

Here’s all the tips…

CraftaholicsAnonymous – 21 Tips For DIY Sharpie Marker Mugs

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10 Toddler approved Fourth Of July Crafts And Activities

Make the holiday fun for everyone this year! Toddler Approved has a roundup of fun and simple craft ideas that the littles in your life will be sure to love. So cute! I can’t wait for the fourth! Keep the kiddos busy with these crafts so the grownups can have fun too.

See them all here…

ToddlerApproved – 10 Fourth Of July Crafts And Activities For Toddlers

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How To Transfer A Photo To Canvas (Video Tutorial)

There are so many techniques for transferring images. But I love this one. It is easy and looks really awesome. Ben Franklin Crafts has a terrific video tutorial that walks you through all the steps. Showing what to do (and what not to do). This craft will take 10-20 minutes of your time to make. The hard part will be letting it dry for 24 hours before putting on the finishing touches.

Here’s the tutorial video…

BenFranklinCrafts – How To Transfer A Photo To Canvas

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4th of July Roundup

My favorite holiday will soon be here! I love the food, traditions, decorations, and what we are celebrating. My decorations are dusted off and ready to go. This year, our day will start with ‘Pancakes in the Park’ and end while watching the fireworks. For everything in between, The Happy Housewife has rounded up some fun and affordable ideas for crafts, cooking and family fun that will be a blast!

See them all here…

TheHappyHousewife – 4th Of July DIY Roundup

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