Everyone has a dream work space and de Jong Dream House wants to help you create yours. This DIY will take all your future DIYs to the next level. Nothing is worse than having to organize and clean before a project. It totally defeats the point of crafting if you have to spend the whole time you have just looking for the items you need! You need an awesome table like the one featured here.

So what’s so special about this table? It’s made of three Ikea bookshelves and a door. Do you have any Ikea furniture? If you do, you know that it can be dressed up and turned into just about anything or be left as is and look just as great. Jen decided to dress hers up a bit and the results are fabulous!

Dreaming of more than a craft table? I can’t blame you! It would be wonderful to have a great big bright room full of supplies. This roundup from HGTV will show you people who got that and more.

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DreamHouse: How To Build A DIY Craft Table (tutorial)


The cheapest thing out there… paper. I think it costs about $0.02 cents a page. As far as a crafting material, it’s the way to go! What is the most creative thing you’ve even made with it? A paper airplane? An adorable little star? There sure is some amazing artwork out there that people have created just using paper. Color me impressed! I’ve made some top-of-the-line snowflakes but I haven’t made any paper roses like the ones featured in this video from Willia Carp.

Watch the Paper Wizard whip out a tissue paper rose in just a minute. He uses three long pieces of paper, pink for the petals and green for the stem and leaves. He does some rolling, folding, cutting, something with a paper tower, and somehow an incredible flower is created. Check it out for yourself.

Looking for some roses you can make yourself? How about some made out of money? (Yes please!) Or made from bacon? I think my honey would like those for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Easter Basket

Easter is early this year. Early as in March 27th! That is fast approaching so you better get your act together. Gather your candy, that horrid fake grass (it will turn up in your house until Christmas if you go that route), some plastic eggs, some real ones, and your favorite tutorial for coloring them. The other thing you will need is a basket. There are some cute ones for sale or you can make your own. Centre Street has a fun DIY Easter basket that you should check out. I’m excited to feature it here today!

This basket is adorable and easy to make. It uses string and a balloon to make an ‘egg.’ Then that string shaped egg is cut to make the cutest basket with the cutest handle. It’s decorated with ribbons, crinkle cellophane, Easter peeps (ewwww gross), and other adorable holiday themed treats. Love it!

See how to make this basket for yourself here…

CentreStreet: DIY Easter Baskets (tutorial)

Sock Bunny

I have so many lonely socks. Lonely as in their partners have gone missing. Is it the dryer? Is it my hamper? It is my husband? It is one of life’s greatest unsolved mysteries that may never be solved. There are a few times when it’s good to have an unmatched sock. You can use it to make the cutest sock bunny. Check out this DIY from Handimania. Easy and awesome.

What do you need? Only things you already have around the house. That’s what makes this such a fun and fabulous DIY. Gather up a sock, some rice, twine, ribbon, marker, and some tape (optional). Those are such simple supplies.

This is the perfect craft for spring and Easter. There is a similar one, using the same materials, that you can find here that is perfect for the snowy season. It’s a snowman. Love!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Spring has sprung! Well, not really but it is so close! It was bright sunny and warm three days ago and then today it snowed. There are daffodils blooming in the planter box and frost on the ground at the same time. If that doesn’t scream spring is almost here, then I don’t know what does. Lol. Spring means a lot of things; spring break, spring cleaning, and spring decorating. Decorating!

How you present yourself, is how people first view you. The same can be said for your front door. It is the first impression your house gives. Is your pad fun and festive or dull and drab? Why not decorate your door with one of these fun DIY wreaths and give it some flair? Perfect for the upcoming season! The tulip wreath is my favorite! I love the gardening hose one too. So creative!

Lushhome has 30 creative ways you can decorate your interior doors with once you’ve tackled the outside ones.

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CountryLiving: 18 DIY Wreaths To Dress Up Your Door This Spring

Plates Repurposed

You are going to love this roundup from Little Things. I know that I do and that is why I’m so excited to feature it here today. It’s repurposing at it’s very best. Very best. There are roundup on the web for repurposing everything from ladders to milk jugs but I haven’t seen many showing fun uses for License plates until now. Here are 13 ways that your old plates can be put to new use.

I don’t any old license plates hiding in my garage but I do see them at antique stores all the time and I’m gonna have to grab a few! I wish I could do the alphabet magnets but we have a stainless steel fridge. I love the clipboards but I don’t think my office would go for them and I don’t need them at the house. So that means it’s the key holder for me. And how appropriate! Licence plates? Keys? Yes! I also like the coat hanger. It would go perfect under the keys. All things we need before running out the door.

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LittleThings: 13 Creative Uses For Your Old License Plates (photos)

Irish Craft

Check out this fun St. Paddy’s day craft. The 36th Avenue has put together a festive lil’ pot o’ gold that I’m excited to feature here today. It’s adorable and super easy. It’s also perfect for the whole family! Those are the best DIYs. (I think this would be awesome if you were a teacher and looking for something to do with your whole class on a budget.) What you need: a mini terracotta pot, black acrylic paint, sponge brush, mod podge, gold glitter, shamrock sticker or vinyl cut out, and Rolo candies (or other gold wrapped candy.)

Easy peasy right? If you don’t want Rolos as your treasure, might I suggest one of these alternatives? The foiled caramel filled chocolate candy balls seem like a winner to me. Or the standby god coins. Here are some other fun and easy themed crafts that I know you will love! Martha Stewart always knows what’s up.

Here’s the link to the full tutorial…

The36thAvenue: St. Patrick’s Day Pot Of Gold Tutorial


Kids get tired of toys and grow out of them pretty fast. That’s disheartening when you think about how much they cost! (Not that I had an $8000 portable inflatable water slide or a gold plated Monopoly game.) Your little ones don’t have to have the latest and greatest to have great play times. Rodessa Villanueva-Reyes, a mother from the Philippines, proved that with this play kitchen she made for her daughter. It’s 100% repurposed cardboard!

A kids playhouse kitchen would be a fun addition to the playroom for that little guy or gal in your life. This will put your easy bake oven to shame! Repurposing old cardboard boxes is such a grand idea. You can personalize it to fit your child and spend your money on all the fun trinkets instead of the actual structure. That sounds like a win to me. This kitchen has everything…I love the water dispenser in the fridge!

Check out these other cardboard creations featured at Buzzfeed. Brilliant! A Washer and Dryer? Yes please!

Here’s the link to see the full project details…

PopSugar: Mom Turns Leftover Cardboard Boxes Into Incredible Play Kitchen

Craft Room

I have seen basements transformed into all sorts of things. Man caves, media rooms, bedrooms that dreams are made of, and so much more. We have turned ours into a Mother-In-Law apartment or something we might eventually rent out. This video from Andrew Payne shows how he turned his whole basement into something else.

Andrew turned his whole basement into a craft room for his wife and daughter. Yes, the whole basement! Don’t you just love craft rooms? Grey paint is my absolute favorite thing. The dark wood floors are such a wonderful touch as well. I don’t feel craft room is the appropriate word. Craft mansion? complete with fridge and tv and what looks like the makings of a fabulous media room. That is quite the Valentine’s day gift. Everything Etsy has 25 other beautiful craft rooms that you will instantly fall in love with as well.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Have you ever seen someone getting a belly cast done? It’s super easy to do and creates such a loving memory of your child growing within you! It’s typically done with plaster gauze strips, layered one by one over the breasts and belly. You can also use fabric strips and Plaster of Paris, and there are many commercial kits you can purchase if you prefer. There are even services that you can hire and have them come to your home and do your entire belly cast.

Here is what you’ll need to get started:

  1. Plastic gauze strips
  2. Lubricant
  3. Drop cloth
  4. Dish of warm water
  5. Plastic wrap

Step by step instructions to get you started:

  1. Find somewhere in the house that you don’t mind making a mess – casting can get messy!
  2. Coat your belly and breasts generously with the oil
  3. Have all your strips cut to the proper lengths
  4. Decide how you want to proceed – position, amount of body to cover, etc.
  5. After you place the first strip you need to work fast because it dries quickly
  6. Cover the entire area with one layer of strips, then do a second layer going in the opposite direction
  7. When you are finished, do not remove it until it is fully hardened
  8. Once removed, let it dry for at least 24 hours