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We are in the middle of cold and flu season…again! I heard some crazy statistic like only 20% of the flu shots given this year worked and got the right strain of the nasty virus. Sad! That means that a lot of other people were spending a lot of money buying cold medicine by the gallons. There is nothing worse than being sick. Being able to save some make and make your own remedies might help alleviate the pain some.

Have you seen that commercial where a guy and gal are asking for a sick day? It turns out that they are a mom and dad, talking to their itty bitties. It’s funny because we all know life doesn’t stop just because we are sick. I am always on the lookout for DIY remedies or natural cures to speed along my recovery and these cough sweets look like just the thing. They are wonderful for soothing a sore throat or fighting off a cold. Looks like they taste better than those artificial cherry ones. I like the idea of adding them to water and having an instant tea too.

I wonder if you could use molasses instead of sugar. It would give an extra nice ‘throat coat.’ I didn’t know that ginger and cloves were so good for you! Ginger helps with nausea, boosts the immune system, and is an antiinflammatory. Cloves reduce flem, have antiseptic properties, and have antioxidants. Good to know! Be sure to have some on hand before you are sick. From personal experience, the brain doesn’t work well when sick. No more missing work and school because of a cold or flu this year!

Everyday roots has a roundup of cough remedies that you should also check out. You can never be too prepared for cold season. Find them here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

The Magic Salt Sock: Natural Relief For Ear Infections

Moms and Dads-pay attention! Really everyone should pay attentions.You are going to glad of this information at some point in your life. Winter is the time of snotty noses, colds, flu, and ear aches. If not for your kiddos then for you. I’m a fan of natural remedies. I’m not anti-doctor by any means but I do like to try and fix minor problems myself. My Grandmother had so many home remedies that seemed like miracle cures and I think I remember one like this.

This sock isn’t really “magic” but sea salt has quite a few healing properties. That and the heat combo can help relieve pain. And anything that does that and help speed up recovery is ok by me. Always check with your doctor if you have concerns or a serious medical issue but check out this sock too! These other natural remedies from Mother Nature Network are worth looking into as well…

Find Abundant Health’s full article here…

The Magic Salt Sock: Natural Relief For Ear Infections

14 Extraordinary Uses For Tea Trea Oil

Tea tree oil is all natural and has a whole heap of medical uses that aren’t widely know about; I had no clue! This oil doesn’t have a single synthetic chemical and we really should learn how to use it better. Best Plants has rounded up 14 amazing way we can do just that. I know I was surprised. Are there any other ways you can think of?

Find all 14 here…

BestPlants – 14 Extraordinary Uses For Tea Tree Oil

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get rid of sun burn

Ohh my, this one is for me! I got burned to a crisp this weekend at the lake. I put sunscreen on but forgot to reapply after a few hours. Dumb! When will I learn?! I searched the world far and wide for cures and I found this little gem from Instructables. It will save my skin and I hope it helps yours too. Instant relief? Be still my heart!

Here’s all the steps…

Instructables – The Single Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of A Sunburn

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cayenne salve recipe

Cayenne has many health benefits, not to mention, it is delicious for flavoring dishes. It can boost your immune system, help your heart, relieve migraines, and with this salve, relieve pain. I’m excited to feature Herb Mentor and this tutorial on how to make an all natural pain relieving salve. **warning** this stuff is hot hot hot! Be sure and wash you hands after using it. Brilliant!

Find the ‘how-to’ here…

HerbMentor – Easing Pain With A Cayenne Salve

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The Many Purposes and Benefits Of Aloe Vera Gel

I use aloe vera for my sunburns and that is about it. Who knew there were so many other uses?! According to The Examiner there are a whole slew of health benefits. Be sure to check with your doctor before trying them, but if he gives you the ok… this is pretty cool. It can oxygenate the blood, help with your heart health, reduce high blood pressure and so much more. Check out all the health benefits for yourself.

Here is the link…

HowStuffWorks – 40 Uses For Aloe Vera

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rosemary memory facts

Ok, when I first saw this stat that the herb rosemary can improve memory, I figured “what a joke”… but as it turns out there has been quite a few studies on the memory benefits of this wonder herb and they actually do conclude that it can improve memory. Head over to the Herbs-Info site for all the details and list of references.

Here’s the link…

HerbsInfo – Sniffing Rosemary Can Increase Memory

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22 must know natural home health remedies

Who doesn’t love a good natural remedy? I always prefer to go the natural route (for non-serious health issues) than to go buy the leading brand that’s filled with chemicals! Here are 22 really great natural remedies, comprised of ingredients you probably have on hand right now somewhere in your home already!

The one remedy I will definitely be trying is the Dandruff cure for sure. I hate to admit it but my scalp can use all the soothing it can get.

PLEASE VOTE: Which home remedy are you most likely to try? Simply “PIN” any of the below images so I know which ones are the most popular. Then I can make sure to do more posts on that topic in the future… Thanks!

#1 – Dry Skin Remedy

dry skin remedy

#2 – Urinary Tract Infection Remedy

Urinary tract infection remedy



#3 – Blackheads Home Remedy

blackheads home remedy


#4 – Mosquito Bites Remedy

Mosquito bites remedy


#5 – Dandruff Remedy

Dandruff remedy


#6 – Oily Hair Remedy

Oily hair remedy


#7 – The Common Cold Home Remedy

The common cold home remedy


#8 – Dry, cracked lips remedy

chapped lips home remedy


#9 – PMS home remedy

PMS home remedy


#10 – Morning Sickness Home Remedy

Morning Sickness home remedy


#11 – Sunburn Remedy

Sunburn remedy


#12 – Home Remedies for Teething Babies

home remedies for teething babies


#13 – Head Lice Remedy

head lice home remedy



#14 – Sinus Infection Home Remedy

sinus infection



#15 – Home Remedies For Pimples

home remedies for pimples



#16 – Irritated Eyes Remedy

irritated eyes



#17 – Home Remedies For Insomnia

home remedies for insomnia



#18 – Nausea Home Remedies

nausea home remedies



#19 – Natural Anxiety Cures

natural anxiety cures remedies



#20 – Home Diaper Rash Remedies

diaper rash home remedies



#21 – Dark Circles Home Remedy

dark circles home remedy


#22 – Dark Spots Home Remedies

dark spots home remedy