How To Cook A Hot Dog

Who knew there was an art to hot dog cooking? My normal style (on the campfire) is black on the outside, somewhat warm on the inside. I’ll admit that’s not ideal but I just get so impatient! I guess I can take a cooking tip or two.

The end results of spiral-cutting the ‘dogs’ look great! Kind of funny but delicious. I like how the condiments can fit in all the little grooves. More ketchup for me! So maybe this won’t work on the campfire but for sure on the grill. Is it barbeque season yet? Not in my neck of the woods. I refuse to give up my childhood love of hot dogs and plan on eating a bunch of them this summer! Don’t think about what’s in them or how they aren’t healthy. Just enjoy! Real Simple has some creative hot dog ‘recipes’ that go way beyond ketchup and mustard. Find them here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Heart shaped Cake

I made myself sick the other day by eating a whole bag of conversation hearts. They were so delicious that I just couldn’t stop. I love Valentine’s Day and all of the cute candy and cards. I love all the yummy sweets. This heart shaped cake looks adorable and delicious! P.S. Its incredibly easy to make!

I want to make this cake and I’m so glad that I don’t need a heart shaped pan to do it. I definitely don’t have one and unless someone gives me one I’m not going to buy one. You will need a square pan and a round pan to shape your cake like a heart. Simple! Don’t worry about cutting and pieing it back together like a puzzle. It’s only going to take one cut! Brilliant. I ‘heart’ this heart shaped cake!

Another fun cake, perfect for February 14th, is a cake with a heart inside of it. Bake It In A Cake shows us how it’s done here

Find the full recipe and tutorial from Better Recipes here…

Better Recipes:
How To Make A Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Cake

Fondant Tractor Cake

I’m soooo excited to feature this cake from Rose bakes. She is a baking/cake decorating genius and I’m not just saying that. Her tractor cake is stunning, as is the tutorial. There is a detailed list of ingredients and step by step instructions, complete with pictures. Wonderful pictures! Do you have a little boy in love with tractors and mud? Or even a little girl who is a tomboy? Then this cake might be for you! It’s adorable.

This cake is covered with lots of frosting and lots of fondant! Yum-o. Love love love! There is so much detail! Just look at the tires and the fence! She makes it look so effortless but I’m skeptical that mine would look this amazing on the first try. I would do a practice cake (or ten) before using one for a party or special event. Be sure and not make this beautiful cake to early and definitely keep it at room temp. If you make it more than a day before your event it can ‘sag,’ and if you refrigerate it the fondant will sweat as it warms up. See? I did my research, I’m all about making this cake!

If you are getting excited about this cake and want to try your hand at making your own, be sure and check out Make It And Love It as well.

Find the full tractor tutorial from Rose Bakes here…

Rose Bakes: How To Make A Tractor Cake (Picture Tutorial)

muffin tin tricks

Who has a muffin tin? Not a muffin top (I have one of those too) but a muffin tin? Most have one collecting dust in a cabinet somewhere. I can’t recall the last time I used mine…I am more of a cake or bread girl. This roundup from Diply is going to send you running to find yours. I’m really excited to feature it here today. You will love all 17 hacks!

Whether you need to dye or boil eggs, transport drinks, or organize trinkets these tips are wonderful and cover just about everything! #7 will go perfect with some delicious homemade ice cream and #8 looks just as delectable. Yum! The car drink carrier is my fav! It will help keep my car nice-ish.

Muffin tins aren’t just for crafting. BHG has some delicious recipes you can make in muffin tins too! Check them out here

See all 17 hacks at Diply here…

Diply: 17 Muffin Tin Hacks You Need To Know

Grilled Cheese

I believe that grownups secretly love grilled cheese sandwiches. I think we pretend not to because it was what we asked to have for lunch every day when were five, but deep down most of us would still eat one every day if we could (and didn’t have to worry about the calories). You won’t be able to deny your inner kid anymore after seeing this sandwich. It is just too delicious! It needs to be on the menu for tonight, and tomorrow night, and the night after that. Haha. If only.

What makes this type of grilled cheese special? It has cheese on the outside and in. Thus it’s name, ‘inside-out.’ Chef John, from Food Wishes, says that you can only use cheddar cheese and white bread to make a REAL grilled cheese. Yup, his looks amazing, but I am going to branch out. I don’t do white bread and I can’t help thinking that toasted asiago on the outside would be to die for! It never hurts to add bacon to a sandwich either.

He uses works like crispy, caramelized, melty, cheesy. How can you not want to try this? Grab bread, butter, and cheese and get to grilling. Check out these other grilled sandwiches while you’re at it. Find them at the Food Network.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

diy sauces

I understand that not everyone is a sauce person. I think it’s strange but I respect that flavorless stance. Two of my best friends don’t even like dressing on their salads. That’s crazy to me! I’m a sauce person all the way and these 24 yummy sauces featured at Buzzfeed look mighty tasty! I’m suddenly aware of how hungry I am…

There is a recipe here for everything! Marinading, dipping, spreading. The list goes on and on! Even if sauce isn’t your thing, these will be a huge hit at your next dinner party. Especially the barbecue sauce for wings. You won’t regret bringing that to the football party! I plan on using all of these someday and am going to save this goldmine of sauces until I can. Steak sauce, sriracha, chipotle, pesto calabrese…oh sweet bliss. Check out this recipe from bon appetit. It wasn’t mentioned in this list but it should have been! Find it here.

Check out Buzzfeeds full article here… Buzzfeed: 24 Delicious DIY Sauces You’ll Want To Put On Everything

Baked Apple Recipes

Math is not my forte. Far from it (fractions make me cry!) but here it goes. If one picture is worth one thousand words and I have five pictures… I think that means I can use 5000 less words than normal to describe this amazing recipe from The Gunny Sack. I really only need one word, Scrumptious. There I said it. Job done. Enjoy! JK! I’m so excited to feature this bloomin apple here today. Just thinking about a caramel apple ice cream combo makes me happy.

I’ve made bloomin onions before and they were heavenly but I have a feeling that this will top that savory treat by far! The most difficult part of this recipe is going to be cutting the apples and that is more time consuming as opposed to difficult. Well, I take that back. The most difficult part is going to be waiting for them to be done. Sooo delish!

Love this? Wait till you try a caramel apple pie from Williams-Sonoma. Yum! Here’s the recipe.

Get the delicious recipe from The Gunny Sack here…

The Gunny Sack: Bloomin Baked Apples Recipe

cook bacon trick

‘Don’t go bacon my heart…’ haha. Bacon. I think it should be a food group unto itself and I know I’m not alone it that. Crispy or chewy? What side of the fence are you on? I’m crispy all the way! This cooking tip will help you get delicious bacon every time. Yumm!

This method of cooking has us covering the bacon with water. It keeps the initial temp low and helps the meat retain moisture and stay tender. Start by boiling the water to get rid of excess grease and then fry (the water will evaporate on it’s own). This may take a few minutes longer than other methods but it looks delish!

My absolute favorite way to eat it is crispy with brown sugar. I even like my veggies wrapped in bacon, sprinkled with brown sugar and baked until the sugar is bubbly. Real House Moms has a bacon recipe that will leave your mouth watering. It doesn’t involve brown sugar, but it’s still life changing! Find it here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

ice cream bread recipe

Ice cream bread sounds impossible. How can you cook with something that melts? Apparently it’s possible and even more surprising than that… it’s delicious. I’m ready to try this. I have some mint chocolate chip sitting in the freezer right now and it is begging to be put to good use. I can’t think of anything betting to do with it, other than covering it with chocolate fudge and sprinkles that is.

This bread looks really tasty! And the best part is that it only takes two ingredients to make! (3 if you’re running low on self rising flour.) Gather together 2 cups of ice cream and 1.5 cups of self rising flour. Regular flour can be made self rising by adding 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder. Bake your bread at 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes and enjoy! Everything I’ve read says don’t over mix your ingredients but other than that you shouldn’t have any problems with it.

If your family and friends are anything like mine, they will gobble this up so be sure and get a bite for yourself first! has a terrific collection of ice cream recipes! There are so many flavors that you can make this bread taste like anything you want! Find all the delicious flavors here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

butter and sugar

This video has left me devastated! Why? Because my microwave is broken and I can’t make this delicious caramel! Sometimes life is so unfair but I’m tucking this away so as soon as it is fixed I can make it happen. Please let that be soon! With this easy microwave recipe we should never be buying caramel again.

Butter and sugar are two of my favorite things and this recipe is chock full of those ingredients. Sugar high!
Be careful caramel is addictive and not the healthiest treat. Eat some steamed veggies every once in a while or your waistline might regret it. Lol. I am thinking this is perfect for making caramel apples.

6 ingredients and 6 minutes (plus cooling time) until bliss. I would eat the ‘batter’ straight out of the bowl. Watch out for your fillings people! This chewy goodness could do some damage. I’ve also seen some recipes for microwave peanut brittle, like this one from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. If you thought caramel was easy, wait until you see this!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!