ice cream sandwich

The best Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches I have ever had were at Disneyland. They were so good because the cookies were hot from the oven and they were still able to get the ice cream on there in those perfect circles. Maybe, it had to do with standing in Sleeping Beauty’s castle at the time, or the 95 degree day.

I have tried to duplicate those cookie sandwiches in the past. My cookies are amazing but I can never get the ice cream just perfect. Now I can. This is a great hack to get those perfect ice cream cookie sandwiches. I would never have thought of this myself. I’m excited!

This is the perfect snacks for a perfect summer day. You don’t need to limit yourself to vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookies either. Try some other combinations too, like sugar cookies and sherbet. I don’t think I can wait for a hot day to make these, I want one right now!

What are some combinations of cookie and ice cream you are going to try? Tell me in the comments so I can try them too. My new favorite flavor of ice cream is ‘The Tonight Dough.’ So good!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

zebra cake recipe

Healthy eating…boo! The only way I’m eating healthy is if I write “healthy” on top of a cake with frosting. That’s true for my life today. I am in need of cake/sugar/donut/candy. Those days hit me every once in a while and when that happens I’m glad that cakes like this pink zebra one exist. It make me happy just looking at it.

If you make this cake your guest will never be able to stop raving about it. It’s just that spectacular. I love baking! Sure, making chicken cacciatore is great but everyone can do it. A cake like this is truly terrific. It’s a little time consuming because you have to layer the colored batter but the end results are lovely. This technique reminds me or marbled nails.

Love the zebra? You will adore the cheetah! It’s the fastest mammal on earth and I think it’s fitting that this cake will be the fasted to be devoured. It would be at my house anyway. Lol.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

baked potato recipes

Potatoes have been on my brain lately. They are the perfect comfort food and pretty nutritious as far as comfort foods go. I’ll eat a bacon and cheese covered potato over a bag of chips any day. You’ll think that too after seeing this scrumptious recipe roundup from OMG Facts!

I want the spinach and artichoke one right now! After that I’ll make the bacon and egg potato and after that the bourbon hazelnut. These are gourmet baked potatoes! I am so excited to have stumbled across this treasure trove of recipes and will definitely be heading to the store for ingredients!

Potatoes are quite good for you, packed with nutrients. One medium potato only has 163 calories. Yes, they are a carbohydrate but despite what Atkins says, our bodies need carbs. Everything in moderation. The same goes for all these delicious baked potato recipes….don’t eat them all at once. Pace yourself, lol. I know that the Bloomin Baked Potato has few more calories than a plain potato. Check out some of the health benefits of this yummy veggie here.

Here’s the link to all the delicious recipes. Including the one for that bloomin baked potato…

OMG Facts: 20 Awesome Baked Potato Recipes

jello glass cake

J-E-L-L-O is a kids best snack time friend and now it can be yours. Who wouldn’t want to impress with a bright and colorful cake? My mom told me that she used to make this as a girl and it was called a “broken glass” cake. I can see why! The different colored Jello squares look like glass. This looks beautiful and yummy but also a lot of work! Will you try it? Do you think it would be worth it? I do! Yum. I would gobble this whole thing up. Too bad I’m going to the dentist today. Too many good sugary recipes featured here. I try way more that I should! My teeth and waistline suffer for it!

I love Jello too but for *adult* snacks. I’ve been put in charge of making the Jello shots for my best friend’s birthday party. Real mature, I know. But how fun?! Just because we are adults doesn’t mean we have to be grownups! Lol. I’m still trying to decide on flavors/recipes. Any suggestions? I’m leaning toward rainbow cherry jigglers. Jelly Shot Test Kitchen has a ridiculously amazing collection of recipes! Check them out here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Apple Rose

Wow! Just the thought of this rose shaped apple dessert has me drooling. Seriously, this is the most beautiful dessert. Beautiful and tasty. I’m so trying this! It looks fast and simple. My only concern is that mine wouldn’t come out as beautiful as this one! (Remember the apple swan? The one I made looked a little different than the pics and tutorial. Lol.)

As far as decadent desserts go, this one is pretty good for you. Fruit? That’s very important in the food pyramid, right? To make this you only need a few ingredients. A puff pastry, apples, lemon juice, apricot/some flavored preserve to add sweetness, and flour (for the work space). Cinnamon and powdered sugar are optional. I think the key to this rose is slicing the apples very thin.

This apple rose got me thinking… I want to make more tasty flower shaped treats! Not a problem, Pop Sugar has the best roundup! There is everything from pancakes, peppers, quesadillas, ham sandwiches and cookies. These foods are sure to impress the littles in your life. So fun.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Bacon Twice Baked

Do you remember that old kids song about the potatoes? ‘One potato, two potato, three potato…delicious!’ Ok, it didn’t go quite like that but you get the idea. It’s about yummy tubers. Who doesn’t love a warm, melty, cheese and sour cream oozing potato? Trust me this recipe is for you!

This is a different and tasty take on the twice baked potato. First you bake it and then you dress it up and bake it some more. What an American food! Take one healthy potato and stuff it with every amazing thing that is a little less healthy. You can put whatever you want into your ‘filling.’ I love it. My favorite part of this recipe is that it is wrapped in bacon! I think that I would add some of the cheese later so it doesn’t bake for 40 minutes.

I stumbled across the most fabulous potato roundup from the Huffington Post. They have gathered up 21 ways you can serve these tasty veggies. Broccoli and cheese, crispy skins, buffalo hasselback, apple bacon stuffed, spinach and artichoke, and so many more. Find these and more here.

Find the delicious recipe in this video… Enjoy!

Hot Chocolate

Yum! I can feel my resolve weakening. I could drink a whole gallon of this delicious homemade hot cocoa. After seeing how it’s made, you will too! Stay warm this winter with a cup of DIY hot chocolate.

I wish I’d thought to try something like this ages ago. In the past I’ve used water, milk, and cocoa powder. I think I’ll try this method soon because anything that calls for heavy cream and chocolate is going to be amazing! I bet it tastes better than watered down powdered chocolate too. It would be fun (and easy) to turn into a *grownup* drink. Lol.

There are two times when drinking hot cocoa is a must. The first is on a blustery day spent snuggled up on the couch in front of the fire. The other is camping. This is non negotiable. There are many recipes that have you making the mix in advance but that’s no fun! Making the cocoa in a saucepan and serving hot and fresh is the only way to go. Love The Outdoors has that recipe. Hooray! They have that and lots of other yummy campfire recipes you need to check out.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Mini Cherry Pies

Mason jar meals are the best. So cute! And these pies are no exception. They are portable and adorable and I can’t wait to try my hand at making them. I love the simplistic look of mason jars and how easy this recipe is to make.

Mini pies are great for entertaining! We should all have some pre-made and waiting to pop in the oven. Be the ‘hostess with the mostess!’ These will last in the freezer for months. Mason jar pies are also perfect for on-the-go lunches and portion control eating.

Check out the ‘more’ section in the video below to find the delicious recipe for homemade crust and filling. Yum! You could always swap out store bought pie filling if short on time but I don’t recommend it. This one looks soooo good! Another pie that looks heavenly is Organized Like Jen’s apple pie in a mason jar. Find it here.

Here’s the delicious video… Enjoy!


Why is fudge only considered a holiday treat? I am guilty of only making it during the winter months and around Christmas too. It’s so delicious and that shouldn’t be the case when there are such easy microwave and freezer recipes. This peanut butter freezer fudge should get us running for the baking supplies post haste!

Grab some condensed milk, butter, whipping cream, vanilla, and peanut butter (smooth for me). Mix it all together in a stock pot until it’s creamy, bubbly, and starts to thicken up. Pour it into a lined baking dish, cool to room temperature, freeze, cut, and eat. Don’t eat it all at once! This is where I want to get all my calories for the week! Gladly.

Can’t get enough fudge? Neither can Mr. Food! He has eight, count ‘em, eight decadent fudge recipes that you must try sometime soon. The fudge cheesecake bars look like heaven in chocolate form. I’m pretty keen on the turtle fudge too.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


The One Pot Chef has a true passion for food and I’m so glad that he shares his recipes with us! Recipes like this no-bake Nutella Cheesecake. Yum! Nutella is the byproduct of a marriage between chocolate and hazelnut. It makes a delicious spread that can be put on almost anything and, like this cheesecake, is to die for.

I just learned that there is a world Nutella day. We missed February 5th this year but let’s all commit to make this cake next year. I’m not going to wait untill then to make this! It’ll be a wonder if I can make it into next week. Lol. This is terrific. It would be fun to try this with peanut butter too. Think that would work?

Now I can’t stop thinking about yummy creamy cheesecake! Must-Have-Cheesecake! I’m all about the no-bake method too. All the deliciousness without the delay. Score! The Joy Of Baking has another recipe that you must try. Check it out here.

Here’s the video…Enjoy (and eat up)!