What are your thoughts on fudge? Yeah or neah? I like it but don’t love it. Maybe that’s because I haven’t found the right recipe. Maybe this one, featured at Rumble, will be the one! I like cherry and I like chocolate so I’m going to have to try it. And you should too!

There are four straightforward reason you should make this. Really basic ingredients. Really easy steps to follow. Really delicious white chocolate. Really really tasty dark chocolate. And if those reasons didn’t convince you, try it for no other reason than the two-toned color looks gorgeous and is sure to impress your guests!

Want more chocolate and cherries? Be sure and get some Queen Anne Cordial Cherries. Yum! They end up in my stocking every year for Christmas. Santa knows what’s up. This roundup from Delish has 13 other recipes mixing the two that look pretty good.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Has the organic bug bitten you? There is this crazy and intense epidemic that is sweeping the nation. Fresh is best! Pesticide free is perfection. Organic is ‘oh-my-goodness’ expensive. People love organic fruits and vegetable (present company included). Eating healthy and fresh doesn’t have to break the bank…if you grow your veggies yourself!

Easier said than done. Not everyone has a green thumb and can grow a fabulous vegetable garden. Kudos to you if you are one of those people who can. I wouldn’t say that my thumb is black (I’ve kept an orchid alive for almost two years now!) but it isn’t ‘Green Giant’ green. This video from GrowVeg has 10 simple tips for how to have a successful vegetable garden. Love ‘em!

Think you’re going to give this a go? Here are some other tips to check out that will help get you well on your way.

Find the helpful video here… Enjoy!

Lace Cookies

I saw this video a few days back and just had to share it with you! People with insane talent need to be celebrated and showed off. And that’s exactly what the pastry pros at the cake-decorating shop called Mézesmanna are. Especially Judit Czinkné Poór! Her cookie creations are lovely. I want to see them for myself but I don’t think I could ever eat them. They are just so lovely!

Judit’s cookies range from traditional Hungarian patterns to more modern things. I love the pictures of the real lace next to the cookies…they look almost identical! The red on black and white on black are great. These are all done freehand! Check out the cat. It looks real. How could you ever eat that?!

Here are some tips on how to decorate cookies for those of us without insane talent.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Easter Cakes

Easter is next weekend and I’ve got to get ready. Dinner, desserts, and delightful Easter egg hunts all need to be planned and orchestrated. I think this dessert might make it on the menu for 2016. This cake is the most festive and most colorful dessert out there possible.

This pastel creation from Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio is super cute! It’s got peeps, Easter M&M’s, vanilla buttercream frosting, and vanilla cake batter. ( All wonderful things. Except the Peeps. Ewww! Those things are awful!) It has a colorful inside too. Yummy and festive.

Looking for another adorable Easter dessert? Look no further! This cupcake recipe from Somewhat Simple is super easy and yes, those are real green carrot sprigs on top! This is a really great site with tons of other holiday recipes, crafts, and DIY projects I know you’ll enjoy.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Bright Cake

Ohhh! How pretty! Who wouldn’t like a fun cake like this at a party? Or any other event for that matter. I would! It is a cake with an adorable heart shaped cake inside it. Too difficult for you? I thought that too but it really isn’t. After watching this tutorial I believe that I can pull off a fun hidden surprise cake! Boxed cake mixes, frosting, cookie cutter (any shape), fondant, cake pan…You got this!

This tutorial shows how to put a tie dye heart inside a yummy cake but it could really be any shape, flavor, and color! This is so great! Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Christmas. So versatile! Love it.

This surprise, hidden inside a cherry pie, is going to make your day! Maybe even week. Where Can I get one? Get ready to have your heart melt. Ready? Here you go. Heat, melt away.

Here’s the delicious video tutorial… Enjoy!


This video from Jumble Joy has my taste buds tingling. St. Patrick’s day is the next holiday on the calendar and this year I’m going to be prepared. I’m as Irish as they come. Red hair, freckles, and the temper to match. These green cupcakes are so creative and will be the perfect treat to complement whatever is on the menu for that night. I know it won’t be corned beef and cabbage. Blech!

These shamrock cupcakes are actually quite simple to make. I kid you not! Do you have marbles? Do you have a cupcake pan and liners? Everything else is pretty basic. Batter, frosting, decorations, and food coloring. Watch the video to learn how to make these festive cupcakes!

Check out these other fun treats that will keep you in the holiday spirit. I love the mint and chocolate fudge oreo bars! Tasty. Also, don’t forget to wear your green come March 17th. (Little known fact…you are supposed to wear green if you are Catholic and orange if you’re Protestant. Fun trivia!)

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


What is your favorite thing about weddings? Seeing the bride walk down the aisle? The dress? The first dance? Or the cake? I love everything wedding but especially the cakes. What was your cake like? Mine was a petite three tiered masterpiece. I don’t remember all the details. I think that tier one was chocolate with a raspberry filling. Two was something with poppy seed. Three was vanilla maybe. There was buttercream and fondant all over the place too. Yum. My cake was great but it wasn’t seven tiered, ten feet tall, and adorned with thousands and thousands of flowers like this one from Complete Deelite.

I have never seen a cake like this one before. It was a year in the making. Can it still be good to eat after that long? I don’t know. Mine was made a few days before my wedding and put together the day of with fresh flowers. I’m not sure how one would go about moving something like this. Very carefully I’m guessing! Wedding cake toppers are hilarious and one of my all time favorite parts of weddings too. They are getting so creative. This was ours.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


What is your go-to dinner dish? Fish sticks? Sandwiches? Cereal? More often than not we go for some kind of easy pasta on those long busy days. Spaghetti or mac n cheese are favorites. (I prefer cereal but I’m often out voted.) Spaghetti is one of the easiest dishes to make. It takes about 12 minutes to whip up. Mix in a store bought sauce and voila…dinner! Here is spaghetti recipe from Everyday Food that I haven’t tried before but am willing to give it a go. Yum.

This looks like more of an official dinner dish and not a quick meal that’s fixed on a Monday night but it looks so tasty that I’m sure it will end up on the menu one of these nights. Probably with store bought sauce though. Lol. Homemade? Not on a weeknight.

There are lots of fun things you can make with spaghetti. Check out some of them here.

Find the tasty recipe here… Enjoy!


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Ahhhh! Can it be true? I have no idea what to get my husband. I know that we’ll be staying in and having a romantic dinner but that is mostly because I dropped the ball on making reservations at our favorite restaurant. I have a few ideas for gifts but I really need to get my act together!

One thing that there is still time for is planning our delicious dinner. And dessert. Never forget dessert! Cookies Cupcakes And Cardio has a perfect themed cake; it’s heart shaped and looks quite tasty! One of the best things about this DIY? You don’t even need any special pans or tools for this one!

You need an 8” square cake, an 8” round cake, lots of white buttercream frosting, and 2 pounds of strawberries. Can you say delicious?! Need some more inspirations? Here are some other Valentine treats that are to die for.

Here’s the tasty video… Enjoy!


I have a problem with expiration dates. I follow them like they are a law set in stone. I know some of them are sell by dates, not expirations, but I can’t help it. I’ve been getting a little better but not much. If I do eat anything past the marked date I worry about food poisoning. Does that make me crazy? Hubbs says so. This video from J&J Acres has given me a lot to think about when it comes to eggs and their expiration/sell by dates. Be warned…this might force you to change some things in your life.

Are the eggs you are buying off the shelf as fresh as you think they are? Just because they say organic or farm fresh on the packing doesn’t mean a whole lot. Did you know that eggs can sit on the shelf for anywhere from 30-45 days? Ahhh! And this video proves it. I no idea what Julian codes were or how they were used to determine freshness until watching this video. I’m going to have to pay attention from now on or buy and support local!

I bet this is one reason that backyard chicken coops are becoming so popular. I don’t want chickens in my yard but I can’t say that I wouldn’t mind the fresh eggs. Eggs bought. Check. Still good? Be sure to use this trick at home to determine if they still are.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!