These Cakes Are Too Amazing To Eat

How can people be so creative?! I am green with envy at the talent these people possess. I might have this skill level someday but not yet. I tip my hat to you if you are one of these fabulous master bakers. I would pay good money for someone to make one of these cakes for me (probably the library one). Maybe my guests won’t know I didn’t make it!

The planet Earth or Saturn cakes would be perfect for a kiddos geography or science class. If my kids and I worked together I think we could pull it off. But the snake cake is a no go for me! So scary and real looking. It is absolutely terrifying and I wouldn’t be able to eat it, let alone make it. Check out these other cakes from webneel. They will blow your mind!

Here’s the link to Awesome Inventions’ full roundup…

Awesome Inventions: These Cakes Are Too Amazing To Eat

Pinata Cake With M&Ms

I’ve always wondered how to make a cake like this. Guess what? It’s pretty simple! Don’t believe me? i should be mopping the floor has a great tutorial proving that even the ‘bakingly challenged’ can whip this one out. It is sure to blow ‘em away! Not only does it look amazing, but it’s two fabulous desserts in one. How fun is that?! (And delicious.)

Learn how to make it here…

IShouldBeMoppingTheFloor – Pinata Cake With M&Ms Tutorial

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watermelon cakes

For shame! My Betty Crocker cookbook is missing this recipe! I am so glad to have run across the online version and feature it here today. This is a beauty of a cake! Yum. It screams potluck to me. It would be fun to sub out flavors too; watermelon, cherry, strawberry – the berry patch is full of flavors and each would be fun to try with this great cake!

Get the recipe here…

BettyCrocker – Watermelon Cake

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Easy Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

I love this easy and delicious cake from Think Arete and I am happy to feature it here today! This is the speedy version of grandma’s pineapple cake; it is just as delicious but won’t suck up hours of your life. You have to check out the great tutorial. It even has ways to modify the recipe to fit different diets and add more flavor. I think this is going to be a favorite!

Get the recipe here…

Think Arete – Easy Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

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Spherical Concentric Layer Cake Tutorial

Dang! This is awesome! I watched every minute of this video tutorial from Cakecrumbs and was fascinated by this cake. I may have even watched it twice. You know when you see something new and just want to figure out if you can make it? That was this for me. I have decided that I need to hone my skills before trying this, but I can’t wait till I am there!

See it for yourself here…

CakeCrumbs – Spherical Concentric Layer Cake Tutorial

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Rainbow Tie Dye Cake

Making a colorful cake is nowhere near as hard as you think! If you have food coloring and cake pans you are already half way there. I have always been afraid to try this. After watching this tutorial I know I can make this like a pro. I think fun looking cakes taste a little better. I know that is just in my mind, but they are just so fun to eat!

Delicious. Get all the yummy instructions here…

Youtube – Make A Cake Tie Dye Or Rainbow Effect Cake

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Ice Cream Barrel Cake

I am a big fan of desserts. They are so fun to make and the possibilities are limitless! I have never made an ice cream cake before and I am excited to try. Barrel cakes are awesome and an ice cream barrel cake is even better! Be sure to give yourself enough time to make this delicious treat, you can’t rush perfection.

Here’s the link to the full instructions…

FamilySpice – Candy Shop Ice Cream Cake

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