Fun Flower Pot Cookies

I love sugar and spring! Tonia from The Gunny Sack came up with a brilliant cookie idea that combines both my loves and I had to share it! Flower pot cookies are such a cute idea. Add together sugar cookies, chocolate, cream, oreos, and cute little paper flowers to get the cutest cookie out there!

Get the recipe here…

TheGunnySack – Flower Pot Cookies

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Spring Cookie Creations

Easter is just around the corner and there and are so many delicious treats to look forward to. Today I want to show off the designs of Amber Spiegel and tons of other bakers. This round up of cookies has so many wonderful ideas. The designs are full of beautiful purples, yellows, greens, and blues. So beautiful to see and even better to eat I am sure!

Follow the link to see all 42 ideas. Here ya go…

FamilyHoliday – 42 Easter Holiday Candy Cookie Ideas

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bunny cookies

One of our fans shared this really cute idea on our Facebook page. You’ll learn how to easily shape cookie dough into sweet little bunnies! I was able to dig up the original recipe too. Make sure to open up the description of this facebook post to get the full recipe. Once you have a dough recipe you are happy with… you just have to shape them. There’s also a video tutorial on youtube for you to learn from.

You can also use this same technique to shape dinner rolls (recipe) instead of cookies!

Here’s the link…

VIDEO – Bunny Shaping Tutorial

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cookie bowl

This is simply a genius idea! I would have never thought of this on my own but it’s just such a basic switch in thinking and the result is amazing. Simply turn your muffin tin upside down when you are ready to bake your cookie dough and voila. You now have wonderfully yummy bowls you can put ice cream or fresh fruit in.

Additional important tips: Lifehacker

Here’s the link to the recipe and instructions…

Wilton – Sugar Cookie Bowls

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yummy mellted chocolate

Here’s a great way to melt a whole bunch of different varieties of chocolate for your next party! You can then drizzle over popcorn or dip pretzel sticks. I always just melted chocolate in a saucepan but this will make things so much easier… especially during a party! Head over to The Yummy life for the full tutorial and tons of recipes you can apply your chocolate too. Enjoy!

Here’s the link…

TheYummyLife – Slow Cooker Melted Chocolate

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sugar cookie recipe

Here’s a wonderful recipe for sugar cookies that is sure to not disappoint! If you always end up buying a bag of mix or a frozen stick to bake cookies from. Stop! You don’t know what you are missing… homemade is always the best way. Make sure to check out all the other wonderful recipes at Katrina’s blog… so many yummy ideas!

Here’s the link to the recipe…

InKatrinasKitchen – Best Sugar Cookie Recipe Ever

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