Panda Cupcake

How cute are black and white panda bears? You have a heart of stone if they don’t make you smile even just a little. Seriously! This edible panda cupcake…adorable and delectable! He will steal the show at any party. What could be better than a scrumptious panda chocolate cupcake?!

Not only is this cuddly bear a yummy chocolate cupcake but he is filled with a rich vanilla cream. But wait, it gets better! He is topped with a brigadeiro. The head is made from a brazilian chocolate bonbon. I’d be happy just munching on that! You need to check out the complete tutorial and delicious recipes in the video below! I get the feeling these would take a long time to make, even for the experienced patissier (pastry chef) but Mr Panda would be worth it!

Looking for more animal themed food? Check out these delicious creatures from

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Ballerina Cupcake Tutorial

Adorable! I wanted to be a ballerina when I was little and this would be perfect for any little princess’s birthday. Who are we kidding, they would be perfect for my birthday and I’m a grownup! A bunch of these would take a while to make for a big party but it would be worth it. They would be a smash hit.

Glitter, sprinkles, rhinestones…perfect! I love how she even decorates the tutu. Fondant is delicious and easy to work with. The color can be changed to fit any occasion. Make the pink white and its now a brilliant bridal shower dessert! Bright pastels can make fairy dresses and there is a hue for every Disney princess. I love these cupcakes more than words and more than bacon. And that is my favorite food.

Diva Entertainers has more ballerina party ideas that I love! I need to throw someone a party!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Mini Pies In A Cupcake Tin

Aren’t these adorable? They are as cute as they are delicious! Maybe mini pies are the new cupcakes and I would be ok with that. I have always meant to make these for myself and after seeing this recipe from TableSpoon, I’m going to try! Apple for a picnic, pumpkin for Thanksgiving, cherry for Sunday brunch…I am beyond excited! And that criss-cross top? Wow! Perfect!

Check them out here…

TableSpoon – Mini Pies In A Cupcake Tin

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Edible Teacups Recipe

How cute would these be at your next party or shower? Adorable! And delicious too! Corcoran Street Kitchen created these amazing ‘teacups’ and I am soooo excited to feature them here today! I don’t think I would be able to make these… I love all the ingredients they are made with and I wouldn’t be able to stop eating them! (Seriously, cannoli filling? Yum!)

Find out how to make them here…

CorcoranStreetKitchen – Edible Teacups For Fun

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20 Super Cool Cupcake Decorating Ideas

There are so many creative possibilities when working with cupcakes! Good things come in small packages and this roundup from Bored Panda proves it. There is no limit when decorating your cupcakes. Decorate for the holidays, special events, make animals, or create plants – If you can dream it, there is a cupcake for it. Lol, the Super Mario ones are so adorable! I made number 18 and it was such a hit. These are dangerous; I want to make them all!

See them all here…

BoredPanda – 20 Awesome Cupcake Decorating Ideas

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How To Make Shoe cupcakes

Decorating these cupcakes is a “shoe-in!” I like being creative with my baking and it doesn’t get more creative than turning cupcakes into an adorable high heeled shoe. For how lovely they are, they are surprisingly simple and painless. When there are cookies, cupcakes, and frosting involved – what’s not to like?!

Get all the tips and instructions here…

Little Delights-Shoe Cupcakes

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Fluff Bunny Tail Cupcakes

If you love baking, then you need to see the cupcakes Allie Shellaway made for Easter. These delicious treats have a fluffy little bunny trying to burrow back under the hill. All that you can see of the Easter Bunny is a little bum made with molding chocolate or fondant. So cute and so on my list of Easter desserts to make!

Here’s the link to the recipe…

AllieShellaway – Bunny Bum Cupcakes

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