This video from Jumble Joy has my taste buds tingling. St. Patrick’s day is the next holiday on the calendar and this year I’m going to be prepared. I’m as Irish as they come. Red hair, freckles, and the temper to match. These green cupcakes are so creative and will be the perfect treat to complement whatever is on the menu for that night. I know it won’t be corned beef and cabbage. Blech!

These shamrock cupcakes are actually quite simple to make. I kid you not! Do you have marbles? Do you have a cupcake pan and liners? Everything else is pretty basic. Batter, frosting, decorations, and food coloring. Watch the video to learn how to make these festive cupcakes!

Check out these other fun treats that will keep you in the holiday spirit. I love the mint and chocolate fudge oreo bars! Tasty. Also, don’t forget to wear your green come March 17th. (Little known fact…you are supposed to wear green if you are Catholic and orange if you’re Protestant. Fun trivia!)

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Hmmmm. Savory cupcakes. Thoughts? Cupcakes have always been about sugar and spice and everything nice. I guess no one told the folks at Allrecipes. They have a super creative recipe for spaghetti and meatball muffin bites, a.k.a. spaghetti cupcakes. I’m willing to give them a go at least once! It’s good to be open to new ideas right?! Let’s give these a go.

Do you have all the ingredients for making spaghetti? (I think all of us do.) Do you have a muffin tin? Then you have everything you need to make these little bites. You need an over too. I think the kids might be a fan of these. They like spaghetti and they like cupcakes. Ergo, they should love spaghetti cupcakes.

Here are 11 other savory cupcake recipes, compliments of Babble, that I am also going to try. French toast and bacon? Ohhh yea! Pepper Jack cupcakes with a pesto swirl sound pretty good too. Don’t you think?


I heart cupcakes! Heart emoticon. Heart emoticon. Heart emoticon. I love that they can be decorated in the most adorable ways and that they are the perfect portion. That is if you can only eat one. And I doubt you will only be able to eat one of these adorable flowerpot cupcakes. My Cupcake Addiction has the cutest and most delicious recipe and I am so excited to feature it here today!

These would be the perfect treat for a tea, garden party, or shower of some kind. I have a bridal shower coming up in a few weeks and I wish that this was the theme so that I could make these! They are precious!

Once you master the flowerpot cupcakes, I Heart Naptime has 20 other delicious springtime cupcake recipes that you must try! They are making me miss those April showers. Hurry up spring time!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Seeing this post, my first thought was, “Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.” What better scene is there in literature to launch into the Halloween season, than the opening scene of Macbeth? Yes, Halloween season is here in full force. Time to break out the cotton spider webs and carve up the pumpkins. Nothing too scary in our household. Meaning no vampires, zombies or werewolves. We tend to stick to the Disney, sci-fi, and superhero characters. And delicious themed treats!

These are the fun and cute snacks you will find on my serving platter this Halloween. The early arrivals to my doorstep will be getting a few of these delicious and creative cupcakes. They will be supplemented with store bought candy. After all, I can’t or won’t make hundreds of these things for people. The cute little ones who will appreciate them most are usually around before the sun goes down. Let’s be honest, I will be eating a good portion of them myself before they ever show up. Lol. I need to make certain they taste as good as they look. Here is a roundup of some other Halloween themed treats that you are going to love! Yum yum yum! It’s going to be a delicious October 31st.

Find all 15 ideas here…

Diply: 15 Scrumptiously Spooky Halloween Cupcakes


A balanced diet is having a cupcake in each hand. You can’t be sad When you’re holding delicious baked sugary goodness. I think those cupcakes taste a whole lot better when they look beautiful. There’s no scientific proof to that but something decorated at a bakery looks a lot more delicious than something decorated by a 5-year-old. Sadly, the cupcakes I make often do look like they were decorated by children. No more! Thanks to this roundup from Diply my cupcakes are going to look amazing.

These 20 decorating ideas are brilliant! I think I need to make cupcakes today so I can try one of these out! The rainbow ones would be perfect for Saint Patrick’s day. The hot chocolate cupcakes are so adorable. As are the ladybugs, watermelons, and Super Mario Brother ones. Which ones will you try first? As I was writing this, I realized that I don’t know where my cupcake pan is! Maybe I lent it out? I found a brownie tin for all corners but nothing cupcake related. Time to buy some new ones! I think I’ll go silicone this time around.

Here’s the link to all 20 decorating ideas…

Diply: 20 Ways To Take Your Cupcake Decorating Up A Notch


What do you think of when you hear lasagna cupcakes? My initial response is not good. I love cupcakes! The flav of the month is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (I’m a traditionalist). I can honestly say that I’ve never once seen a lasagna cupcake advertized but I’m curious to try one after seeing this. I do love lasagna…

This recipe isn’t what you would expect for typical lasagna but keep an open mind. The ingredients are: spaghetti, bacon, sausage, tomato sauce, butter, eggs, parmesan cheese, ricotta cheese, and mozzarella cheese. What do you think? Anything with bacon, butter, and pasta I’m willing to try at least once! This would be a great party food.

Has it got you salivating? In look of more savory cupcakes instead of sweet? The Huffington Post has got you covered. They have gathered up 13 cupcake recipes that aren’t sweet but will tantalize your other taste buds. The mac and cheese looks heavenly. As do the chili cheese fries. Check out these and all the rest here.

Here’s the delicious recipe and video… Enjoy!


Making cute marshmallow flower cupcake toppers is surprisingly easy. I had no idea! No professional baking background required. Every novice can master these yummy little flowers and that’s good news for me. These would be the perfect way to decorate an Easter treat.

They are a quick and easy way to take your decorations to the next level. Love! Grab your marshmallows and smush ‘em up nice and flat. You need cornstarch to keep them from sticking to your fingers, scissors for cutting, and food coloring spray. Using colored marshmallows would save you a step since they already come in pretty pastel colors.

What’s not to love about Marshmallows! I think every cupcake should be topped with these sticky gooey spun sugar concoctions. If not in the shape of a pretty flower, then in a delicious frosting recipe. Martha Stewart has the recipe to top all other recipes. Find it here.

Here’s the Video… Enjoy!

Panda Cupcake

How cute are black and white panda bears? You have a heart of stone if they don’t make you smile even just a little. Seriously! This edible panda cupcake…adorable and delectable! He will steal the show at any party. What could be better than a scrumptious panda chocolate cupcake?!

Not only is this cuddly bear a yummy chocolate cupcake but he is filled with a rich vanilla cream. But wait, it gets better! He is topped with a brigadeiro. The head is made from a brazilian chocolate bonbon. I’d be happy just munching on that! You need to check out the complete tutorial and delicious recipes in the video below! I get the feeling these would take a long time to make, even for the experienced patissier (pastry chef) but Mr Panda would be worth it!

Looking for more animal themed food? Check out these delicious creatures from

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Ballerina Cupcake Tutorial

Adorable! I wanted to be a ballerina when I was little and this would be perfect for any little princess’s birthday. Who are we kidding, they would be perfect for my birthday and I’m a grownup! A bunch of these would take a while to make for a big party but it would be worth it. They would be a smash hit.

Glitter, sprinkles, rhinestones…perfect! I love how she even decorates the tutu. Fondant is delicious and easy to work with. The color can be changed to fit any occasion. Make the pink white and its now a brilliant bridal shower dessert! Bright pastels can make fairy dresses and there is a hue for every Disney princess. I love these cupcakes more than words and more than bacon. And that is my favorite food.

Diva Entertainers has more ballerina party ideas that I love! I need to throw someone a party!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!