The King of Random comes to us again with another great idea. This recipe for edible stackable Legos is amazingly simple and can be completed with just corn syrup, gelatin and a box of Jello. You will need a mold, which can be just about anything, various fun ice cube trays work best. You should watch the accompanying video to get great instructions.

I’m thinking Lego themed birthday party for the little ones. Of course, as much as I love Legos, this theme may just be my own selfish desire to have a Lego themed party. I’ll admit, I was once Zack the Lego Maniac for Halloween. He even had a way to make the Lego blocks stackable. So, go build yourself the gummy Lego castle of your dreams. Uh, the gummy Lego castle in the dreams of your 5 year old child that is.

Here is everything else you need to throw the perfect Lego party. Fun!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Thank God it’s finally hot enough to justify my laziness! 96 today. I’m feelin some front porch sittin and lemonade sippin. Feel free to join me and beat the heat this year with a nice cool treat. I can get on board with that idea! I can also get on board with this tasty roundup from Diply! My, oh my! It is to die for. Well, not literally, but it will have you licking your lips and not dreading the sweltering weather so much.

I am honestly smitten with these sweet and simple summer treats. The popsicles have to be my favorites. They remind me of summers as a kid. The ice cube tray treats look really fun! They all look so yummy! Huffington Post has a roundup of 30 different must-try popsicle recipes. Wow! Brown butter? Oreo Nutettla? Chocolate and salted caramel? Where do I even begin? I need to get more molds…I only have one! Find the full roundup here.

Here’s the link to all 20 yummy recipes…

Diply: Lemon Slices Into A Muffin Tray And 20 More Amazing Treats

zebra cake

We’ve all heard it said, ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover.’ An equally true but less common saying is ‘don’t judge a cake by it’s frosting.’ You never know what’s hiding inside the dusty pages of a mystery novel or under layers of buttercream frosting.

I’ve alway been intimidated by fancy baking dishes but Elise with My Cupcake addiction has a video that breaks it down for us fraidy-cats. Lol. If you make this cake your guest will never be able to stop raving about it. It’s just that spectacular. Making a colorful cake is nowhere near as hard as you think! If you have food coloring and cake pans you are already half way there.

A black and white/rainbow surprise zebra cake like this is truly terrific and worth the work. It’s a little time consuming (like the video) because you have to layer the colored batter but the end results are lovely. Fun looking cakes just taste better (it’s a mental thing) so get to baking! This cake is so fabulous that I would plan the party around it. Here are some zebra party ideas that are sure to be a smash!

See the surprise inside the cake and get the wonderful tutorial here…

Little Things: This Black And White Zebra Cake Has The Coolest Surprise Inside!

frozen grapes

It was 103 this last Sunday. That’s a little warm for my blood. Today it’s 81 which is just about perfect. It’s hot enough to be summer with popsicles, flip flops, and barbeques but it’s cool enough that I won’t get heat stroke or melt like one of those delicious popsicles that I love so much. Another summer treat that I am looking forward to trying this year is drunken grapes. They’re perfect for warm weather!

Drunken grapes are grapes that have had a long wine and sugar bath and a nice nap in the freezer. Don’t they sound refreshing? Gather up 2 cups of white wine, ½ cup sugar, and 2 ½ cups green grapes. These will be a hit at your next party! Cross my heart! Speaking of drunken fruit, you need to try this vodka infused watermelon. It’s super easy to make! Be sure to drink/eat responsible this summer!

Here’s the link to all the mouthwatering instructions…

LittleThings: Easy-To-Make Frozen Drunken Grapes (recipe)

Lemon Cake

Here is the summer desert I have been waiting for. Yes, popsicles are my favorite treat when the temperatures start to rise but you can’t really take them to barbecues and potlucks. Can you say, ‘melty sticky mess?’ This zesty lemon cake is the answer. It’s simple to make and sure to please!

This looks so good! Are you a fan of lemony treats? I think this will be enough to turn you. It looks so light and fluffy! Grab a slice before it’s gone, pour yourself a nice tall glass of pink lemonade, and head out to the porch for some relaxing. #relaxation. Another summer dish that I plan on making a lot of this year is strawberry shortcake. It’s just so refreshing and there are so many variety. Southern Living has a roundup that should keep me busy baking all summer long! Yum. Find all the different ways to make this tasty treat here.

Here’s the tasty video… Enjoy!

homemade donut holes

Baked goods are my weakness. Deep fried foods are my kryptonite. Be warned before watching this video. Here you will find a quick and easy recipe for… drum roll please… delicious, deep fried, quick, easy donut holes.

Everything tastes better deep fried. At every county and state fair in the country there are seemingly dozens of booths that do nothing but deep fry stuff. There are the usual donuts, elephant ears and funnel cakes. There are also the Twinkies, Snickers Bars and whatever else you can find in the candy aisle of 7 Eleven. Someone has deep fried it and someone has loved it. Love it! I kid you not, I have seen a deep fried cube of butter!

I’m not suggesting this as an everyday snack but it’s ok to indulge every once in a while. I’m not trying to promote Type 2 Diabetes by overloading you with sugary recipes. In fact I encourage healthy eating and lifestyles. But, every once in a while you just want that unhealthy, sits in your gut and adds inches to your waistline type of food. This is how you can know what is actually in that fried ball of deliciousness. Yum! Here are some other delish donuts that you need to try! I can’t wait!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Lego Candy

Facebook. Pinterest. YouTube. Twitter. They are all bottomless black holes that suck time. I could pin laundry room remodel ideas all day and don’t get me started on cute animal videos. The internet is full of fun stuff. But none more fun than this video from The King Of Random (aka Grant Thompson). He has a video showing how to make gummy Legos. I know…awesome!

Every kid and, if we’re being honest, adult loves Legos. These edible building blocks are made with Jello and look so tasty. We cut Jello into shapes with cookie cutters at my house but this takes things to a whole new level. Are you up for a yummy challenge?

Lego gummies…yes please. Lego cakes…h to the ell yes! Baby Savers has a fun collection of 15 DIY Lego cakes that I know you will love. They are so creative! Find the full roundup here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Why are s’mores a treat only enjoyed when camping or when cuddled up around the fire pit? Lame! They are so delicious that they should be enjoyed all year, every season, and everywhere. Don’t you agree? Gooseberry Patch has a terrific video that shows how to do just that. It shows how to make s’mores indoors! Yes please!

How wonderful would this be for sleepovers?! Safer than wild ones running around with pointy sticks and it takes only minutes to make. I’m so doing this easy peasy recipe. I can’t wait to mow down on this delicious gooey treat. Gather together some graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows, and some willing guinea pigs. You also need your oven, set to 400 degrees, and a cookie sheet. Yum! Are you going to make this?

I think my waistline is in trouble. It’s really in trouble after this roundup of s’mores dessert from Huffington Post. Yum. Find them all here.

Here’s the tasty video… Enjoy!

ice cream sandwich

The best Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches I have ever had were at Disneyland. They were so good because the cookies were hot from the oven and they were still able to get the ice cream on there in those perfect circles. Maybe, it had to do with standing in Sleeping Beauty’s castle at the time, or the 95 degree day.

I have tried to duplicate those cookie sandwiches in the past. My cookies are amazing but I can never get the ice cream just perfect. Now I can. This is a great hack to get those perfect ice cream cookie sandwiches. I would never have thought of this myself. I’m excited!

This is the perfect snacks for a perfect summer day. You don’t need to limit yourself to vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookies either. Try some other combinations too, like sugar cookies and sherbet. I don’t think I can wait for a hot day to make these, I want one right now!

What are some combinations of cookie and ice cream you are going to try? Tell me in the comments so I can try them too. My new favorite flavor of ice cream is ‘The Tonight Dough.’ So good!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

jello glass cake

J-E-L-L-O is a kids best snack time friend and now it can be yours. Who wouldn’t want to impress with a bright and colorful cake? My mom told me that she used to make this as a girl and it was called a “broken glass” cake. I can see why! The different colored Jello squares look like glass. This looks beautiful and yummy but also a lot of work! Will you try it? Do you think it would be worth it? I do! Yum. I would gobble this whole thing up. Too bad I’m going to the dentist today. Too many good sugary recipes featured here. I try way more that I should! My teeth and waistline suffer for it!

I love Jello too but for *adult* snacks. I’ve been put in charge of making the Jello shots for my best friend’s birthday party. Real mature, I know. But how fun?! Just because we are adults doesn’t mean we have to be grownups! Lol. I’m still trying to decide on flavors/recipes. Any suggestions? I’m leaning toward rainbow cherry jigglers. Jelly Shot Test Kitchen has a ridiculously amazing collection of recipes! Check them out here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!