I have been struggling with eating healthy lunches. I am always forgetting to put something together the night before and end up grabbing a packet of instant oatmeal or a tupperware of mystery leftovers. Sometimes I will make a peanut butter sandwich but those get boring after a while. I have this bad habit of eating out a lot too. The Domestic Geek has the answer to my lunch time crisis…pre-made salads in a jar. These four recipes are just the thing to make work lunches wonderful again!

These 4 salads are fantastic! And when made right will last in the fridge for 3-4 days. That means if you make them on Sunday you will be set for lunches until Thursday. (Then go out to eat with your friends on Friday.) There is a protein packed chopped salad, a spicy Greek salad, an Asian inspired salad, and a fresh and fruity salad. The fruit one is my favorite because of the candied pecans, fruit, and because I like lettuce on my salads more than vegetables. This is one of the best and tastiest ways that mason jars can be repurposed! Oh yeah…be sure you put the dressing in first or your salads definitely won’t last the week.

I love mason jar recipes! They are portable, adorable, and delicious. Greatist has a wonderful roundup of 27 other ones you should try. Especially the pot pies!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Ever thought of growing your own food but didn’t think it was possible? It’s more that possible! It might even be the way of the future. If the Dervaes family can do it while living in Los Angeles, I think you can to.

The Dervaes family live on 1/10th of an acre 15 minutes from downtown L.A.. In itself that’s not strange. What’s crazy is that they manage to maintain a sustainable and independent urban farm. Complete with animals!

In a year they produce around 4,300 pounds of veggies, 900 chicken eggs, 1000 duck eggs, 25 lbs honey, and pounds of seasonal fruit. There are over 400 species of plants. What?! They have everything they need to ‘live off the land.’ From beets to bees. Chickens to chickpeas.

What the family doesn’t eat they sell from their porch, making around $20,000 a year. Local organic food is so popular that they don’t have any problems finding customs. Even chefs from restaurants seek them out.

I tried to figure out how big 1/10th (0.1) of an acre is in perspective to other things . I used this website,, and put markers around my ‘house.’ I got a rough estimate that mine is 0.062, but my math seems wrong since my place looks way smaller. It’s interesting to know all the same. Check it out here… if you’re curious to learn what size yours is.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

homemade fruit roll ups

This quick and easy fruity ‘dessert’ is the perfect treat or delicious lunchtime snack. Let’s spice up the kids’ school lunches! Anything is better than cafeteria food and these fruit roll ups are infinitely better. They are made from two ingredients and no sugar. You will need honey and fruit and that’s all! I am so excited about these!

Our after school snack is graham crackers and milk. Always a classic but it would be nice to branch out and try these. They for sure have less sugar! The only downside to these it that they take 2-3 hours to make from start to finish. Be sure to plan ahead or they will be more like a dinner dessert instead of an afternoon snack. I wouldn’t tell the kiddos I’m making them either. Lol. That would be the longest three hours of pestering in my life! ‘Are they done yet?!’ Lol!

Put these roll ups in with these fun kid-approved lunches. The Food Network has a delicious (and healthy) roundup the kids are sure to love. Find them here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Regrow Scraps

Not everyone can have a vegetable garden. Space, weather, lack of yard, etc. Lame! Everyone should have the chance to try their hand at growing something. I’m a miserable failure at it but at least I’ve got to try once or twice. Worry not my friends! Here are some vegetables you can grow inside and it’s amazingly easy because you will be growing them from the scraps of other veggies! Sounds fun and I can’t wait to try it out.

I’ve done this with shoots off of house plants, so why not veggies? I love free food! And if you buy something organic the first time the regrown food will be organic too. Bonus! I think these would make a terrific science experiment for the kids too. Not that the foam ball solar system isn’t great but something new would be nice… I can’t wait to try the carrots and garlic! Yum!

If you are short on space, here are some fun garden ideas. You don’t have to miss out on anything thanks to these ideas from HGTV.

See all 8 veggies here…

TryThis – 8 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again And Again

28 Day Nutritional Challenge

I shudder to even admit this, putting the words on a page is even more damning, but I had red velvet cake for breakfast. It is not nutritious or on any healthy diet plan that I know of. If only! I’m still looking for the cookie-cake-no workout diet. David Kirsch has a 28 day nutritional plan that will help jump start weight loss and instill healthy habits.

A plan like this wont work if you starve yourself. It’s important to keep your metabolism up by eating healthy snacks and meals every few hours. Working out is going to drastically increase results too. I know! We are going to have to work but it will be worth it.

Check out the “tone-every-zone’ grocery list and breakdown of what foods are healthy. Everything is here to help us succeed. What a healthy way to start off the year! With a total mind and body makeover. I’m up for the challenge are you? These other healthy tips are going to help…

See the full video and list of approved foods from David Kirsch here…

David Kirsch Wellness: Nutrition Plan

 Lunch Made Easy: Healthy Work Lunches For Mom (Or Dad)

Monthly income – (the cost of lunch x 7 days a week)(4 weeks)) = not a good way to spend your hard earned paycheck. (Aren’t my math skills the best?! I’m pretty proud of my algebraic equation too.) Lunches can be tough for the worker bee and I agree with Keeley McGuire that it’s all in the planning. I’ve hardly seen a blog with so many delicious recipes in one place. What a terrific roundup and full of such wonderful ideas!

Check it out here…

Keeley McGuire – Lunch Made Easy: Healthy Work Lunches For Mom (Or Dad)

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Fruit Turned Animal Art: 30 Creative Creations

I’m not sure I could eat any of these! Fruit is delicious but these creations are works of art. I can see some huge fails in my future if I were to attempt any of them. The watermelon dragon took some serious skill and banana Poseidon just blows my mind! I’m green with envy that some people are so talented.

See all the delicious creatures here…

HongKiat – Fruit Turned Animal Art (30 Creative Creations)

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21 Fantastic Reasons Olive Oil Should Be In Every Home

I have a big ol’ Costco container of olive oil and it goes in almost everything I make. I just love to cook with it, even though I’m not Italian. It is healthier than a lot of the other alternatives out there. Another great thing about olive oil is how many other uses it has. There are a whole bunch of them and Trends & Ideas has a great roundup showing us just a few. They are amazing!

See all 21 here-

Trends & Ideas – 21 Fantastic Reasons Olive Oil Should Be In Every Home

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12 Supposedly Healthy Cereals With More Sugar Than A Doughnut

Ack-Decepticons! These cereals have been passing themselves off as healthy for far too long. Sugar is ok in moderation, but we probably shouldn’t go crazy with it at breakfast. I can’t afford to have an energy crash before 10:30 am. Sugar is hiding everywhere so be sure to check out the labels the next time you are in the breakfast aisle. Some of these cereals have more sugar than 2 doughnuts. Crazy! If that’s the case, I think I’ll just eat those 2 pastries.

See all 12 Sugar Filled cereals here…

BuzzFeed – 12 Supposedly Healthy Cereals With More Sugar Than A Doughnut

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