Fairy Garden

Do you believe in fairies? I hope so! Everyone needs some magic and fantasy in their life. I fall more in love with each whimsical fairy garden that I see. They are so precious. They make me feel like a little kid and take me back to when anything was possible. Wimp has gathered up a fabulous roundup of beautiful little gardens. If you are thinking about making a garden for the yard fairies…you really should! Pick one of these!

I really like number 8! The birdhouses and adorable birds are just that…adorable. Number 9 has a cute birdhouse too. Number 18 does too. I guess I’m just on a birdhouse kick these days. Which is your favorite? All of them?

In love with birdhouses like me? Here are some DIYs that you are going to love! The birdhouse/planters? Yes please! I mean, come on cuteness!

Check out all 18 magical gardens here…

Wimp: 18 Awe-Inspiring ‘Fairy Gardens’ (photos)


People pay thousands of dollars to have luxurious private swimming pools put in. Under or above ground, they aren’t cheap. They aren’t cheap but they are fabulous and wonderful for easing the tension that life brings, or so I’ve heard. I’m always impressed by people who can make something fantastic (and functional) all while saving money. That’s what this above ground pool with a wooden deck is! It takes a boring blue pool and turns it into something every homeowner would want. Love. It.

A deck like this would really help protect the pool. The plastic ones tend to get damaged so easily or at least the ones I was around as a kid did. (I’m guessing the ones we had were pretty cheap). A dark wood stain would look so nice! Pool, check. Deck for sunning, check. Now all you need is an umbrella, some lounge chairs, and a cooler. Look out summer! DIYers are on their way!

To ask questions and see more photos, go here…

JoseFranco: Pool With DIY Wooden Deck (photos)


Kids stay inside too much these days. TV, video games, sleeping. (I can’t blame them on the sleeping thing though. It’s my favorite thing to do!) Maybe some fun games like the ones featured in this roundup from Top Dreamer. I’m really excited about summer and these games! They aren’t just for the littles.

I think the chess board patio is a great decorating piece as well as a game. I’ve played giant Jenga before and it’s so fun! I can’t say that yard Yahtzee or Twister have ever been tried at my house but I think they should be. Maybe at summer’s first BBQ?

Outdoor schools, or Forest Kindergartens, are something that needs to be implemented here in the States. It’s a style of teaching that is popular in Denmark and other parts of Europe. There are a few of these schools popping up here but not enough. Read about them here.

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TopDreamer: 20 Fun DIY Outdoor Games

Fun Interiors

Don’t get me wrong, I love my home. I have patiently and painstakingly worked on it since we moved in and it’s turned out quite homey and perfect for me and mine. Sadly, it doesn’t have a lot of ‘WOW’ factor and there are big projects I wish I could do. That’s why this has to be just about one of the very best roundups I have ever seen! Jumble Joy has 19 ideas on how to take the interior of your house to the next level. Now of course many of these are simply beyond the budgets of most people and are just fun to daydream about… but some ideas could be put in place pretty easily.

I love so many of these ideas! The library in the ceiling is beyond brilliant! But who has a house that tall? I wish I did. Number 4, 14, and 19 would make any child extremely happy. Playhouses and pirate ships indoors? Love! Number 17, the galaxy floor, is by far my favorite. (It would go perfectly with this ceiling!)

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JumbleJoy: 19 Unbelievably Awesome Interior Home Ideas

home learning ideas for kids

Kids love to play games, and parents love for their children to learn. So what’s better than games that help children learn? Many children catch on to spelling and math concepts a lot easier if they think they are NOT learning (when in fact you know they are)! There are several ways to make learning more fun too – not just boring paper and pencils. Learning can be interactive, fun and imaginative and does not always have to have that “classroom” atmosphere.

We’ve looked high and low to bring you some terrific DIY learning games suitable for a variety of ages. Scroll through the images below and you’ll be sure to find something your children will love! We really like #12 for those kiddies working on their spelling (go Scrabble!)… and check out #17 to help your young ones know what time it is.

1. Letter matching ice cream cones:


2. Use foldables to teach 3D shapes:


3. Alphabet hunt with your child’s toys:


4. Sight words parking bingo:


5. Ping pong balls sight words game:


6. Use pipe cleaners to make letters and words:


7. Kids learn some science with this experiment:


8. Alphabet lacing cards:


9. Paint sticks for ordering events:


10. Practice spelling with Legos:


11. Cereal and glue to help spell:


12. Learning with Scrabble:


13. Practice spelling with clothes pins and index cards:


14. Teach kids about crystallization:


15. Science experiments with nature:


16. Teach kids problem solving:


17. Time matching game:


18. Connect 4 but with words!


19. Use hula hoops to group rhyming words:


20. Strengthen math skills with Legos:


21. DIY fry boxes and fries make a great counting game:


22. Practice word skills with a puzzle:


23. Practice word families with paint swatches:


24. Match and mail letters game:


25. Practice shapes at home with this DIY geoboard:


26. Legos can also help to teach comparison:


27. Use playdoh for practicing sight words:


28. Play a letter search game with some rice:


29. Shape game on cardboard:



Do you remember the movie ‘Flubber’ with Robin WIlliams? 1997 Mad scientist. It’s a remake of The Absent-Minded Professor from 1961. I loved those movies. Know what I love even more? This DIY from Live Craft Eat. It’s not animated like the stuff in the movies but it is awesome and the kids will love it. You need cold water, glue (Elmer’s), hot water, food coloring, and Borax. How simple are those ingredients?

I’m pretty sure I’ve made something like this before but a long, long, long time ago. I could use a refresh course. Three easy steps and you and your kids will have DIY flubber. Plus, you will have fun making it! Check out Flubber being ‘discovered’ in the movie here. Funnny! And if you haven’t seen the movie (either of them) please do yourself a favor and watch them. I think I’ll re-watch them while I’m at it.

Here’s the link to the recipe…

LiveCraftEat: Homemade Flubber For Kids (recipe)


As I have said before, I love our backyard. It is a great place to spend some time on a warm sunny day. I love the patio, the trees, the fountain and pond. I wouldn’t give any of it up. But, I do want a swimming pool. Ya know, for the kids. Well, not just for the kids. I would love to have a pool that I can lounge around in and soak up the sun. It sounds so relaxing to have my own private pool where I can while away the day without worrying about noisy pool mates and splashing children. This idea may be the answer to my needs/wants.

This is a great way to put a new pool into your yard without giving up your patio. I love this pool. The depth is even adjustable. Whether the kids or the adults are using it the water depth of this pool will always be like Mama Bear’s, just right. Learn more about hidden pools here. But be careful, the more you read about them the more you will want one!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Candy! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…The number one candy holiday is fast approaching. Halloween has long since blown Valentine’s Day out of the water with sweets sales. 90 million pounds of chocolate are sold during this haunting week alone. $1.9 billion is spent on Halloween candy each year! I think it’s safe to say that there are other out there that love candy as much as I do. How about some DIY candy this year? Not for the Trick or Treaters but for you and yours. Learn how to make rock candy with this fun tutorial from Jumble Joy.

Rock candy is delicious and a fun science experiments you can do with your kiddos. You need wooden skewers, water, sugar, clothespins, and mason jars. Food coloring makes it look especially tasty too. I have everything I need to make these except the clothes pins. Boo. So close! Looking for some fun statistics on Halloween? Did you know that there will be 41.1 million trick or treaters this year? Or that Halloween is the 6th most popular Hallmark holiday? Lean more about this ghoulish holiday here.

Here’s the sweet tutorial…

JumbleJoy: Make Rock Candy For The Kids At Home (Tutorial)


I love sleeping! We have the most amazing mattress! We sleep so much that our mattress, with a 10 year warrantee, actually had to be replaced at year 5! Impressive I know. This roundup from Diply will give you real insight on what your sleeping positions mean and what they say about you as a person. Interesting!

I tend to sleep on my side. Right. I think that would make me a Yearner or position number 3. I do have an open personality but I don’t think I’m suspicious or cynical. My husband is a part time Freefall-er and part time Back Snorer. Not so true about him. Lol. Number 12, the lovers’ knot, looks so uncomfortable. This whole post makes me sleepy!

I love things like this and seeing if the predictions are correct. What does your car say about you, what does your pet say about you, what does your birthday say about you? Any of the predictions correct?

Here’s the link to all 15 positions and meanings…

Diply: 15 Ways To Sleep And What They Actually Mean (photos)


I’m laughing so hard right now. Kids are brilliant. Especially the ones featured in this roundup from Diply. Soooo Funny. These kids are some brave souls. They decided to mess around with their teachers and get creative on their homework answers. (Maybe they weren’t being challenged enough. Lol.) Hopefully their teachers found their answer as funny as I did!

Number 8 was the best. ‘ Did you practice the multiplication tables?’ ‘I do not care.’ Number 13 had me in stitches. Mariah Carey can really belt it out. Hehe. Are your kids this funny? Please share your stories with us here! I love them! I’m going to have to pay better attention to my kid’s homework and the thing they are saying and try to get some funny ones captured. Lol. Kids say the darnedest things. Don’t you think? Have you ever seen those videos from the old show? Prepare to laugh sooo hard! Here are some other home videos that are just as hilarious!

Here’s the link to all the hilarious photos…

Diply: Kids Expertly Trolled Their Teachers With These Answers