Thank God it’s finally hot enough to justify my laziness! 96 today. I’m feelin some front porch sittin and lemonade sippin. Feel free to join me and beat the heat this year with a nice cool treat. I can get on board with that idea! I can also get on board with this tasty roundup from Diply! My, oh my! It is to die for. Well, not literally, but it will have you licking your lips and not dreading the sweltering weather so much.

I am honestly smitten with these sweet and simple summer treats. The popsicles have to be my favorites. They remind me of summers as a kid. The ice cube tray treats look really fun! They all look so yummy! Huffington Post has a roundup of 30 different must-try popsicle recipes. Wow! Brown butter? Oreo Nutettla? Chocolate and salted caramel? Where do I even begin? I need to get more molds…I only have one! Find the full roundup here.

Here’s the link to all 20 yummy recipes…

Diply: Lemon Slices Into A Muffin Tray And 20 More Amazing Treats

water blob tutorial

Did you know that a plastic sheet, an iron, some duct tape, and water could provide unlimited hours of summer fun? Well, they can! Everyone needs a water blob in their backyard! I know that I need one.

I don’t have a pool but that shouldn’t stop me from relaxing in the ‘water.’ I’ve seen this blob idea on Pinterest and floating around on the internet but this is a wonderful tutorial that will help make it a reality. Sometimes I just can’t figure it out by looking at one picture. I’m so glad that the Little Things has all of these wonderful instructions and pictures!

This doesn’t look hard at all! I’m not the best at ironing but I can dust off my iron and give it a go. FYI be sure to move it around every day of your grass will die. Even if you don’t move it and it does die, grass grows back. Have a wonderful summer! Another thing that everyone needs is a slip n slide! A slide like this one is a must have. Hooray for summer!!!

Here’s the tutorial for making your very own water blob…

LittleThings: Make An Enormous ‘Water Blob’ The Whole Family Will Love (Just $10)

summer backyard diy

Whether you have a large or small backyard, there are a lot of projects you can pursue to liven things up. You may be ready for grilling and friends but is your backyard ready? It may be nice but is it ‘all that it can be?’ Lol. Mine isn’t! This roundup from DIY And Crafts has me so excited and inspired that I had to share it with you! These 70 backyard projects are the best!

What does your backyard need? Any of these DIYs going to work for you? Let me know what you try! I know I shouldn’t play favorites, but the living tee pee is my fav with the window mirrors in a close second. Some of these DIYs are the simple no-stress no-mess kind. While others are larger and more time consuming. No matter what you choose all are wonderful. They are all easy, epic, and affordable. I love everything backyard, budget, and brilliant and this roundup fits the bill.

I am so in love with the backyard and can’t wait to host some fabulous parties this summer. Maybe some themed parties? HGTV has some very clever ones. I might try the beach themed one.

Here’s the link to all 70 ideas…

DIY And Crafts: 70 Summery Backyard DIY Projects

Star Wars

Ok. I love everything about this party roundup. Are you a fan of the George Lucas franchise? I am! Even though I was too young to get on the initial Star Wars bandwagon, I am a tried and true fan. But I’m not sure I can claim Jedi Master status until I have thrown a themed party. Lol.

Some party ideas are lame but not these ones. Buzzfeed has hit the nail on the head with this roundup. This collection of party ideas is geared toward the kids and throwing them a great party but I’m going to steal all these ideas and wow all my nerdy adult friends.

Official Star Ways Day is May the 4th. Get is? ‘May the 4th be with you!’ May the 4th – May the force. But I’m not going to wait until next year! I might not make the robes but the light sabers, R2D2 decorations, and the Jello cups (turned adult with alcohol) are going to happen! Speak of adult Jello, here are some fabulous Jello shot recipes.

Here’s the most amazing roundup ever…

BuzzFeed: 23 Ways To Throw Your Kid The Best Star Wars Birthday Party Ever


Bonfires on the beach remind me of my family’s vacations growing up. I still love the feeling of sand between my toes and a fire to sit around with my friends. It just means summer to me. But, the beach is 6 hours from our home. Here is a solution to that problem.

Take a look at this Idea of an oasis from Imgur user bsol27. He has done a great job of creating a usable space out of an empty unused lot on the backside of his house. Anytime the evening weather is warm you will find he and his family out back enjoying movies, playing on the Playstation 3, and roasting marshmallows. In fact, this has inspired me. I think my family will be making s’mores this evening.

I look forward to seeing more projects from bsol27. It looks like, from the background, he may have a few more projects in the works already. Is that a cement mixer back there? Lol. I really love the sand that they added. Summer and sand. Yup. The two just go together and Babble agrees. Check out this roundup of 25 DIY sandbox ideas. They’re great!

Here’s the link to check out the entire finished project…

Little Things: Stunning Outdoor Entertainment Oasis (photos)

Lego Candy

Facebook. Pinterest. YouTube. Twitter. They are all bottomless black holes that suck time. I could pin laundry room remodel ideas all day and don’t get me started on cute animal videos. The internet is full of fun stuff. But none more fun than this video from The King Of Random (aka Grant Thompson). He has a video showing how to make gummy Legos. I know…awesome!

Every kid and, if we’re being honest, adult loves Legos. These edible building blocks are made with Jello and look so tasty. We cut Jello into shapes with cookie cutters at my house but this takes things to a whole new level. Are you up for a yummy challenge?

Lego gummies…yes please. Lego cakes…h to the ell yes! Baby Savers has a fun collection of 15 DIY Lego cakes that I know you will love. They are so creative! Find the full roundup here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Mojito, pina colada, mint julep, pims, daiquiri, anything with lemonade, and margaritas. Those all are summer drinks to me. Sweet sweet summer. It’s supposed to be 84 today and it’s not even June. I guess that means it’s going to be a hot one. That also means it will be full of summer fun, barbeques with friends, hot summer nights, and cool refreshing drinks. Do you have a favorite? My first would be mojitos and my second would be margaritas and not just any old margaritas. All kinds! I’m glad I found this delicious roundup at Diply. I’m so excited to feature them here today. Even more than that, I’m excited to try them!

The pink lemonade margarita is calling my name! The blackberry lime looks like another winner. They all look good. Except for the pomegranate…sadly, I’m allergic. I’m a big fan of the coronita, otherwise known as redneck margarita. Yum! Have fun this summer! Now that you have your beverages taken care of you need to get your chips and dip in order. Guacamole anyone? Greatist has a bunch of yummy recipes you need to check out!

Here’s the link to all 20 recipes…

Diply: 20 Margarita Recipes To Keep You Cool All Summer

amazing kid beds

I just painted a bed frame white and I was very proud of how it looked and spiced up the room until I saw these kids beds. I’m a failure! And need to get more creative. These kids beds are…wow! They are out there and extravagant but how fun?! The Cinderella beds for little princesses is the best and the super hero bed and boat bed are my fav for little boys.

I think I’m going to get one for my guest room. Haha yea right! My parents would think that I’ve lost my mind. Start with the bed if you’re going to remodel your kids room (any room). It will help you out if you are going with a theme. I tend to pick a paint color and decorate around that. To each his own.

Enough of the kids. What about the adults? Houzz has some fun beds that are more age appropriate. Well, size appropriate at least. Find them here.

Here’s the link to all 12 beds…

Moms Club: 12 Of The Best Kids Beds – Ever!

fire tornado fans

I read this quote the other day and I think it applies here, ‘I will no longer reside on the back burner, left to simmer. I’ve moved to the front, and baby I’m on fire!’ Fire is awesome and playing with fire doesn’t always mean getting burned. Lol. This fun ‘experiment shows that!

Unallocated Space is a tech community out of Severn, Maryland. They have created a place to where creativity can flow freely. There are people there hardwiring, softwiring, woodworking, media-ing, art-ing, and inventing (that’s a lot of ‘ings’) all the time. There are also people playing with fire. What happens when you take 11 fans and 1 fire pit? You get an awesome fire tornado! It’s mesmerizing!

No more boring fire pits for me! Lol. Don’t I wish. Definitely don’t try this at home; you could burn the house down. You can’t see them, but there are fire safety professionals hiding behind the scenes in case anything goes wrong.

Love this tornado? Me too! Too bad it’s not for the kids! How about making a family friendly tornado in a bottle instead? I love the simple tutorial at In Lieu Of Preschool. Find it here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


‘May the force be with you.’ ‘Live long and prosper.’ ‘Goonies never say die.’ You have chosen…wisely.’ We are all fans of something; movies, video games, people. But some people take their fandom to whole new and amazing levels. Like serious new levels. This roundup, featured at Diply, has 21 of the most fantastic rooms you will ever see. These creative people have taken some of our favorite books, movies, and comic book characters and made them into realities. Love!

The Harry Potter nursery is precious. The Pac Man and Mario rooms took me back to my arcade days. The shire? Wow! And I want my own Tardis! These are so fun and any kid (or a kid-at-heart) who had one of these would be so lucky!

These rooms are so fun. I love that their creators were so dedicated. For those of us who can swing a full remodel, how about a movie prop? Next best thing. Check ‘em out here.

Here’s the link to all 21 ideas…

Diply: 21 Home Decor Ideas To Geek Out Over