Sponge House

Can you say best science project ever? Now you can. This DIY is simple, fun, educational, and the best thing ever. I found this little gem of a house, covered in grass, and made of sponges over at WonderfulDIY.com and I am in love! I’m beyond excited to feature it here today. This craft will help start kids learning about biology and nature. It might even help get their green thumbs sprouting. The earlier the better!

Sponges are porous and make the perfect growing surface. They soak up water and have all the little nooks and crannies needed for seeds to take root. With this experiment kids will be able to see the whole growing process. You will need four brightly colored kitchen sponges, ruler, marker, scissors, tupperware, spray bottle, and most importantly, grass seeds. Fast growing seeds will make you little ones the happiest. It’s like a Chia Pet! Only not because it’s a house.

Here’s a similar experiment from Measured In Moments. Bean sprouts! Find it here.

Find the full tutorial and expirement here…

WonderfulDIY.com: Little Grass House


I don’t have the patience for dominoes. Never have. Never will. I barely have the patience to play games that use them much less build amazing creations with them. I made a sick spiral or two back in my day. Woo Hoo. Probably using 20 cubes. This domino trick was created using 20-25,000 cubes. That is impressive!

This took Hevesh5 and MillionenDollarBoy three months to create! They must have the patience of saints and minds of engineers. I don’t know how they can see the end result and where each tiny domino has be to get it. How many times do you think they had to reset? I bet they had a lot of rules. Walk softly, don’t slam any doors, no yelling, and above all, no children. Lol. Kids can be like bulls in china shops sometimes.

The green and white spiral is awesome. I love it when words are spelled out. How is that even possible? My favorite has to be when the dominoes look like buildings being demolished. Check out time stamp 1.13, 2.21, and 3.0 to see what I mean.

The only problem with domino art? All that hard work is over in just a few minutes! It was so beautiful and creative to watch though. Here is another pretty one I thought you might like. FlippyCat shows Da Vinci what’s up. See the video here.

Here’s the video…Enjoy! (Seriously, Enjoy!)

Purple House

Have you heard the song “Purple Rain” by Prince? Yup. We all have. Now, let me ask you this…Have you heard of the purple house in Hillingdog, Middlesex, England? My guess is no. If you’re like me, you probably don’t even know where Hillingdog is. This house is so crazy, it’s seriously worth checking out!

Listen up home buyers! This four bedroom all purple house could be yours. On the outside it looks normal but the inside is quite colorful. It is literally decorated with 50 shades of purple with white accents. I like purple but I don’t like it this much! This house has me wondering about my neighbors. Normal on the outside but what about the inside? Maybe this is why the Jones haven’t had us over!

Forbes has a roundup of 12 strange houses also on the market. They are awesome. Some are a dream come true and some look as strange on the outside as they do on the inside. Find all 12 here.

See all the amazing interior photos here…

Diply: Looks Like A Regular House On The Outside… (See Inside)

death star fire pit

Aren’t grandparents the best?! My grandmother is amazing and oh so crafty! What does she create? Dollhouses! Mine won 5 ribbons at the county and state fair before she turned it over to me. (Judges choice baby!) The sad thing about my 3 story, Victorian era, fully electric dollhouse is that I didn’t get it until I was 17! It would have been too pretty to play with anyways. It has a player piano, a conservatory with black and white tile, and pictures of my family miniaturized in the hall. Swoon. But enough about my Grandma…Ready to meet the world’s most amazing Grandpa?

I’m not the only one with amazing relatives. This 84 year-old grandpa made a Death Star shaped fire pit for his grandchildren. I can’t even imagine how long it took! This retired welder took the ends of propane welding tanks and went crazy with ‘em. I am blown away by how cool this looks lit up. Where can I get one?! This will definitely last even longer than my dollhouse!

Besides this Death Star, Serenity Health And Home Decor, has some of the most creative firepits. They feature amazing artists’ and the fabulous creations they come up with. The ‘3rd Rock From The Sun’ and ‘Dragon’ are my favorites. Fine them all here

Find the full article from Awesome Inventions here…

Awesome Inventions: Death Star Firepit

watermelon rubber bands

I think my love for magic started when I was 5 and I watched Cinderella for the first time. Every little kid wants the impossible to be real. I wish I had a fairy godmother that could work some magic in my life these days. Oh how I with the house would magically clean itself! Since that’s not going to happen, I might as well do some entertaining with these fun ‘magic’ tricks. They might not fool the adults but at least you will leave the kids in shock and awe at their next party.

I’d seen a few of these before but some were brand new and I loved them! The CD bubbles? That was amazing! And I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like things exploding ( unless it’s inside a newly cleaned house). If you liked these, The Kidzone has some card tricks and simple magic that are sure to impress! You’ll love it! Be sure and check it out here

Here’s the video…Enjoy!

How To Make A Matchbox Rocket Launching Kit

If you are going to go crazy with fire, experiments, rockets, and all things dangerous but incredible fun then this is for you! The King Of Random has really detailed instructions, written and video, to walk you through making your own matchbox rockets. This will be an exciting project for kids and adults alike! I’m so on board!

These matchbox rockets shoot up to 40 feet and are powered by just one match! They leave a cool trail of smoke that is quite impressive. I love that he is organized and conscientious of storage space too! This whole project, supplies and all, fit inside a match box. It’s perfect for travel.

Where were the experiments like this when I was a kid? We were more into blowing things up. I played with mentos and coke bottles and there was one incident involving gasoline and a soda can that got me grounded for months, but I was never any good at designing rockers. This would have been helpful and a whole lot safer! These get hot and travel far, so use common sense and don’t point them at people! Instructables has other fun DIY rockets you can make. Find it here

Find the amazing video here…Enjoy!

Super Cool Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

Eggcellent! These science experiments are timeless classics that your kids are going to love. I take that back, YOU and your kids are going to love them. It’s important to make learning fun and hopefully these can help with that. Catching things on fire, blowing things up, chemical reactions, and changing properties were the only reason I passed physics and chemistry. They helped me pay attention!

This video shows 6 fun and simple experiments. I have tried most of them and they do work. You might need to do a little more research though because the video goes fast. Here are my two cents…It doesn’t mention it, but be sure to only use Ivory soap for your soap cloud. That will guarantee the best results. I don’t know why but it just does. And after making a bouncy ball out of the borax, make some silly putty or gak. My favorite out of all these experiments is the ‘oobleck. (Not to be confused with an oubliette or dungeon.) It makes sound visible. It’s called the Dr Seuss Experiment because of the book ‘Bartholomew and the Oobleck.’ Read it and see if you can figure out why! Science Kids has some other fun things to do with your kiddos too…

See the full video here…Enjoy!

dog holiday dinner

I think these dogs are adorable and so well behaved. I can’t help compare every animal video to my pets. The costumes are precious, mine wouldn’t tolerate them. They are all getting along and being calm, mine don’t know the meaning of the word calm. They look like a real family.

This puppy dinner reminds of the Griswold’s (Christmas Vacation circa 1989). The pitbull has a flask, there is a kid texting, and there is a crazy aunt stealing the silver. There is a couple under the mistletoe and there is the cute-sy couple with matching Christmas sweaters (german shepherds).

The food they are eating is from Freshpets, an all natural dog and cat food company that is dedicated to your pet’s health, protecting the environments, and supporting the local community. Each serving is preservative free and has 18 essential vitamins and minerals. I wish I ate that well! WikiHow as some other tips for keeping your pups healthy. See them here

See the adorable puppy feast video here…Enjoy!

secret safe

Time Capsules are such an amazing thing. They are a snapshot into our past and memories preserved for future generations. My whole school, K-12, put one together about 15 years ago and I have no idea what I put in it. I am afraid I put something stupid in it, like an Ace Of Base cassette tape. (I’m sorry future generations!) I honestly forgot about it until seeing this amazing discovery.

While doing a remodel on his Grandparents farmhouse a Reddit user, Evilenglish, made an amazing discovery. He found a capsule/safe in the basement. What?! It took 9 days to get it opened but it was sure worth it. There were coins and silver galore! This little safe looks so tiny but it fits so much. Pay dirt. His grandparents were savers and it did really pay off. For him anyways. I love fun stories like this! About Home has some great ideas on how to build a time capsules. They are such a great way to preserve memories!

Get the whole story here at Messynessy Chic…

Messynessy Chic: Unlocked!
Secret Time Capsule Safe Found In A Tennessee Farmhouse

Dog In Snow Maze

Too cute. Ginzey the pup is adorable and looks like he is having loads of fun in a dog sized maze built just for him. This seems like a pretty good use of snow to me! I was never this creative when shoveling snow as a kid.

I wish the snow was a little deeper. The deeper the snow, the longer the fun lasts. Ginzey was so excited that he broke all the maze ‘rules’ and jumped over the boundaries. Who could blame him? He just loves his owner so much!

I know that my dogs would absolutely destroy something like this and have a fabulous time doing it.

Pets are so fun! Don’t believe me? Here are some more examples. Any animal dressed up in a costume can make me laugh for hours. I’m going to dress my dog like Batman for Halloween.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!