amazing kid beds

I just painted a bed frame white and I was very proud of how it looked and spiced up the room until I saw these kids beds. I’m a failure! And need to get more creative. These kids beds are…wow! They are out there and extravagant but how fun?! The Cinderella beds for little princesses is the best and the super hero bed and boat bed are my fav for little boys.

I think I’m going to get one for my guest room. Haha yea right! My parents would think that I’ve lost my mind. Start with the bed if you’re going to remodel your kids room (any room). It will help you out if you are going with a theme. I tend to pick a paint color and decorate around that. To each his own.

Enough of the kids. What about the adults? Houzz has some fun beds that are more age appropriate. Well, size appropriate at least. Find them here.

Here’s the link to all 12 beds…

Moms Club: 12 Of The Best Kids Beds – Ever!

fire tornado fans

I read this quote the other day and I think it applies here, ‘I will no longer reside on the back burner, left to simmer. I’ve moved to the front, and baby I’m on fire!’ Fire is awesome and playing with fire doesn’t always mean getting burned. Lol. This fun ‘experiment shows that!

Unallocated Space is a tech community out of Severn, Maryland. They have created a place to where creativity can flow freely. There are people there hardwiring, softwiring, woodworking, media-ing, art-ing, and inventing (that’s a lot of ‘ings’) all the time. There are also people playing with fire. What happens when you take 11 fans and 1 fire pit? You get an awesome fire tornado! It’s mesmerizing!

No more boring fire pits for me! Lol. Don’t I wish. Definitely don’t try this at home; you could burn the house down. You can’t see them, but there are fire safety professionals hiding behind the scenes in case anything goes wrong.

Love this tornado? Me too! Too bad it’s not for the kids! How about making a family friendly tornado in a bottle instead? I love the simple tutorial at In Lieu Of Preschool. Find it here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


‘May the force be with you.’ ‘Live long and prosper.’ ‘Goonies never say die.’ You have chosen…wisely.’ We are all fans of something; movies, video games, people. But some people take their fandom to whole new and amazing levels. Like serious new levels. This roundup, featured at Diply, has 21 of the most fantastic rooms you will ever see. These creative people have taken some of our favorite books, movies, and comic book characters and made them into realities. Love!

The Harry Potter nursery is precious. The Pac Man and Mario rooms took me back to my arcade days. The shire? Wow! And I want my own Tardis! These are so fun and any kid (or a kid-at-heart) who had one of these would be so lucky!

These rooms are so fun. I love that their creators were so dedicated. For those of us who can swing a full remodel, how about a movie prop? Next best thing. Check ‘em out here.

Here’s the link to all 21 ideas…

Diply: 21 Home Decor Ideas To Geek Out Over

Harry Potter

I love the magical world of Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling created a wonderful fantasy place inside the pages of her books. The story follows Harry, a young wizard, and his friends as they seek to destroy Voldemort, who is trying to become immortal and conquer the world. That’s basically it but you need to read all seven books and watch all eight movies to experience the magic. The books and movies are great but why stop there? Why not have Potter themed decor? These 20 people do and I’m so happy to have stumbled across these brilliant ideas.

I love the desk and book covers. How fun! The train station platform is my favorite. I saw that on a bathroom door once and I couldn’t stop laughing! Some people are so creative. Which one of these rooms is your fav?

Ever wonder what house you would be in? Do you love family, people, teamwork, comfort, and living things? It’s Hufflepuff for you. Maybe you are daring and desire fame. Look before you leap? Never! Gryffindor. It’s Slytherin if you love mystery and intrigue, are battle ready, and love to excel. Ravenclaw (my personal fav) is for the curious, those who love to learn, like elegant things, can be a little snobby, love history, and hate conflict. Take this quiz here and see where you fit!

Here’s the link to all 20 magical room ideas…

Diply: 20 Harry Potter Bedroom Ideas All Muggles Can Enjoy

Pool Noodle

Hey!I had a bunch of these growing up! They made pool time the best! I actually still use them. Floating in the pool with noodles, it’s a poor man’s pool chair. But this guy was really ‘using his noodle’ (hehe), when he cut one into four pieces and got some string. He made a floating cooler!

How fun is this? And easy! The Dollar Store has these all the time so this DIY is a no brainer. I recommend no glass bottles near or in the pool. That’s one of mom and dad’s rules that shouldn’t be broken. This would be a good idea for storing pool toys too.

There are lot of things you can make with these noodles that I never dreamed or imagined. They’re just cheap foam. Wrong! They are an affordable DIY building material. The Crafty Blog Stalker proves that. Check out her noodle posts. Here’s part one and here’s part two. Another thing you should make with your noodle is a chair to go with your cooler. Find that tutorial here.

Here’s the link to see the end result…

Little Things: He Cut A $2 Pool Noodle Into 4 Pieces. (See The “AFTER”)

old shed makeover

Bar Sheds’ are the new man caves and ‘She Sheds’ are the new place to go to get away from it all. Secret sanctuaries are important to have! It’s vital to have a place to relax, get away from the world, and hide from the stress and worries of the day, if only for 15 minutes. (I’d be grateful for 15 minutes some days!) I’m not the only person who thinks a little quality alone time is good for the soul. These perfect peaceful getaways are starting to pop up all over backyards everywhere.

You remember The Secret Garden, right? I loved that movie when I was little. I loved that the little girl turned something old and decaying into something fabulous. These sheds remind of that. They started out as normal boring sheds but the end results…magical! You can carve out your own little space and tailor make it to fit your personality. I love to read so mine would need to have windows and soft lights, comfy chairs, and lots of blankets. I’m getting really excited about this idea!

There are lots of sheds out there. You just need to find the right one to transform. Maybe one of these ones?

Here’s the link to see all the amazing transformations…

Little Things: 15 Stunning Shed Makeovers (photos)


Do you have things that need hiding? I think everyone has hidden a door key or a little extra cash around the house. The sock drawer you usually use? That is the first place someone with ill intentions will look. Try out these great ideas for a brand new hiding spot. I never would have thought of most of these before now! Love.

I made one of these hidden books in high school. It kept my diary away from prying eyes. (Here’s looking at you little brother.) Maybe that is what led me down the path of DIY. Thanks Jake! Make sure you read the book before hollowing it out. I wish I had, lol, I hear Winston Churchill was a good writer.

If you are looking for something from the professionals, try out The Home Security Superstore. It has a ton of other ideas to go along with their products.

Here’s the link to all 16 ideas…

Diply: 16 Secret Hiding Spots You’ll Have A Hard Time Finding Again

secret passageways

When you were a kid, did you often dream about secret rooms or secret passages? It was always so cool to see them in movies or read about them. For the most part, we never really believed they existed in “real life”, did we? Well perhaps to your surprise, there actually are a lot of folks who have designed secret areas right into their homes. There are even successful design companies who specialize in secret passageways and rooms!

Why do people feel the need to create secret passages and rooms? Who really knows! It could be simply for fun, or as a safety area built out of fear. Either way, they are so much fun to delve into and investigate! We found an article all about hidden passageways and wanted to share that with you. Tons of amazing passageways to explore!

Here’s the link to see all 15…

steel wool fire

Any fire bugs out there? Not the bad arsonist kinds, just the ones who enjoy the fire pit a little too much. Maybe the ones who melt things over the candles at dinner? For shame! But I can’t point fingers because I’m right there with you. These 10 tricks that can be done with fire are so fun and you won’t be able to stay away from the matches for long! For all you kiddos…only with adult supervision. There are actually quite a few adults out there that I am worried about. Everyone needs supervision!

I liked them all. I’d seen the crayon candle and the fire in a bottle before but all the rest were so fun and new. The fire tornado is pretty incredible, don’t you think? I loved the seesaw and rising water! Maybe I should get out more but I thought these were all fascinating! I love science and I can’t wait to try these with the kids! Steel wool is a great thing to pack for camping. Perfect for campfires…don’t forget this one! Use a battery instead of a lighter and see what happens.

About Education has some fire magic tricks that are pretty spectacular. I want to try some of them too. Maybe the ice on fire? See all the tricks here.

Here’s the fun video… Enjoy!

lost city basement

Imagine discovering an underground city through your home? That is exactly what one man discovered after he knocked down a wall in his house. He revealed an underground city that dates back thousands and thousands of years!

A man in Turkey was renovating his home back in 1963 when he revealed a city named Derinkuyu after breaking through a cave wall. It was more than 280 feet deep with more than 10 stories! There were religious centers, storerooms, wine presses, ventilation shafts and more. This secret city was believed to populate over 20,000 people at one point. Another more mysterious discovery was the 1000 pound doors. They could only be opened from within, which indicated that people would have been hiding from something.

Several theories have been formed on why this underground secret city was even created. It’s not possible to ascertain the year it was built though.

Go here to read more about the secret city of Derinkuyu and see all the amazing photos…