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35 Party Ideas For Your Kiddos

35 Party Ideas For Your Kiddos

I love my birthday! It is such a blast and we go all out when celebrating. This year isn’t a big “mile marker” year, so we aren’t having a huge … Read More

Your Own Personal Ball Pit

DIY Ball Pit For Your Kiddos

I used to live for trips to McDonald’s. The toy in the “Happy Meal” was amazing and the play place was the best! The ball pit is a favorite of … Read More

Strawberry Shot Glasses

Strawberry Shot Glasses Recipe

I think the most popular foods of spring have to do with strawberries. I have a party coming up and this will be perfect! Find the biggest strawberries you can, … Read More

32 Backyard Games At Their Best

32 Fun DIY Backyard Games

This summer I am determined to get outdoors and play. Off with the television and into the sunshine for my family. The Listotic Blog has gathered together 32 amazing DIY … Read More

Smartphone Movie Theater

Smartphone Movie Theater

My family hogs the TV. I am lucky if I can steal the remote long enough to watch Dancing With The Stars one night a week. I have a tablet … Read More

15 Mind Blowing Bunk Beds

15 Mind Blowing Bunk Beds

I had bunk beds growing up. They were pretty run of the mill and boring. Not these bunk beds! I have never seen more creative places to sleep. I am … Read More

diy lego bin

DIY Lego Bin Tutorials

Yeah! My kids will totally love this project. The only issue I anticipate is how to eliminate an entire bin of red vines without all of us getting sick LOL. … Read More

diy hanging trampoline bed

DIY Hanging Trampoline Bed

There is very little info on how to convert a trampoline into a floating bed out there on the web. There is a company that specializes in building the circular … Read More