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Time Capsules are such an amazing thing. They are a snapshot into our past and memories preserved for future generations. My whole school, K-12, put one together about 15 years ago and I have no idea what I put in it. I am afraid I put something stupid in it, like an Ace Of Base cassette tape. (I’m sorry future generations!) I honestly forgot about it until seeing this amazing discovery.

While doing a remodel on his Grandparents farmhouse a Reddit user, Evilenglish, made an amazing discovery. He found a capsule/safe in the basement. What?! It took 9 days to get it opened but it was sure worth it. There were coins and silver galore! This little safe looks so tiny but it fits so much. Pay dirt. His grandparents were savers and it did really pay off. For him anyways. I love fun stories like this! About Home has some great ideas on how to build a time capsules. They are such a great way to preserve memories!

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Messynessy Chic: Unlocked!
Secret Time Capsule Safe Found In A Tennessee Farmhouse

Dog In Snow Maze

Too cute. Ginzey the pup is adorable and looks like he is having loads of fun in a dog sized maze built just for him. This seems like a pretty good use of snow to me! I was never this creative when shoveling snow as a kid.

I wish the snow was a little deeper. The deeper the snow, the longer the fun lasts. Ginzey was so excited that he broke all the maze ‘rules’ and jumped over the boundaries. Who could blame him? He just loves his owner so much!

I know that my dogs would absolutely destroy something like this and have a fabulous time doing it.

Pets are so fun! Don’t believe me? Here are some more examples. Any animal dressed up in a costume can make me laugh for hours. I’m going to dress my dog like Batman for Halloween.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

1. First step to building the ultimate man cave… you need an empty or unused room.


What is a man cave? A sacred sanctuary full of manly ‘stuff’ that a woman does not want around the house. Usually these rooms are constructed with modern high tech toys and dons a big screen television. Of course, that would cost a lot of money.

One guy found a way to use discarded materials to keep his cost down. He built a very charming rustic cabin room. I prefer to have a portable DVD player in my solitary space.

Let’s go through the steps on how he constructed his cabin of solitude for only $107!

2. For that rustic look you will need to use a rustic hand draw knife.


3. Keep cost down by finding free wood thrown out by a local company.


4. Careful to cut the wood the right size for the floor and wall panels.


5. Find free stones off the side of the road to construct a fake fireplace for ambiance.


6. Next step is to get the walls up.


7. Then the floors.


8. Finally, time to add a door.


9. For that Wild Wild West decor you need rifles – Duh!


10. Can’t call it rustic without a mounted deer head.


11. Black kettle on the fire just like in Little House on the Prairie.


12. Time to furnish the man cave. First a dining table and chairs.


13. Add a few antique tools and a flannel jacket.


14. Place a few old photos on the wall along with skulls and horns.


15. Finishing touch, your personal chair. Now that’s a manly man cave!



attic secrets

Where do you go to look for treasure? Some go out to sea to discover a sunken ship filled with Spanish bullion. Other treasure hunters use metal detectors to find rare coins in desolate areas. Now we have storage auction buyers who look for that tub full of rare collectibles.

Maybe treasure is closer to home than you believe. When was the last time you were in your attic? I have been in mine and all I found was dust and uh, creepy, crawly creatures. However, a few people found a bit of history in their attics that had long been forgotten.

Enjoy these amazing discoveries found by ordinary people in their attics…

Long-Lost Masterpiece

1.  Norwegian man found Vincent Van Gogh’s 1888 ‘The Sunset At Montmajour’ painting in his attic. It’s the first full-sized canvas uncovered by the artist since 1928. Though unsigned, it was authenticated as a real masterpiece by the Dutch artist 100 years after he killed himself.

Do you put flowers inside a $70 Million Dollar Vase?

2. A brother and sister cleaned a dusty attic after their parents died. They stumbled across an 18th-century Chinese vase. Looking into its value they discovered it was from the Qing Dynasty. Vase fetched the highest price ever paid at auction for a Chinese antiquity.

Rare gift from Russian Czar

3. George Davis’ descendants found a wooden box in the attic of his estate. Inside the box was a rare Faberge figurine. Only 50 were made. Gift was commissioned by Russian Czar, Nicholas II for his wife Empress Alexandr.

Handwritten Manuscript


4. Barbara Gluck Testa rummaged through her grandfather’s attic. Inside a trunk she found the missing 665 manuscript pages of Huckleberry Finn. Mark Twain had delivered the first half of the manuscript to the Buffalo library in 1887.

Lost Martin Luther King’s Audio Interview

5. Stephen Tull sifted through junk in his 80-year-old father’s attic. What he found was a part of undocumented history. A pristine reel-to-reel recording marked “Dr King interview, Dec 21, 1960.” Interview made three years before King’s “I have a dream” speech.

Adolf Hitler was a fan of forbidden music of the Third Reich

6.  Aleksandra Besymenskaya went to the attic to look for a badminton racket. Her shin hit something. It was a stack of 100 records labeled Führerhauptquartier, as the Reich Chancellery is called in German. Her father was a former Soviet intelligence agent who took the records after the fall of Berlin in 1945. Dictator’s love for the pan-Germanic operas of Richard Wagner was well-known, but he secretly listened to banished Jewish and Russian music.

(Source ViralNova)

scuba pool

When I first glanced at the title for this video I was kind of taken back. I mean, who in their right mind would spend 2 million bucks on a swimming pool. I thought it had to be a joke. Now that I have seen the video though… I think this amazing pool was worth every penny.

The more I watched, the more impressed I became until the story totally blew my mind. Not only does it have water slides, jumping ledges and a secret grotto, but it is also designed for scuba diving!

Just watch the video. Trust me. You’ll be shocked at the awesome factor!

Watch the full video here…

creepy crawlspace

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? A man buys a house and finds a hidden crawl space in the attic that leads to a hidden room that leads to a hidden safe. My first thought was that he’s crazy to crawl past creepy little creatures nesting in his attic. Just the thought makes me want to shower twice… With a heavy duty scrub brush.

But my mind races to what’s been kept secret all of these years. Was it mob money hidden in the 1920s? Colonial heirlooms tucked away and forgotten. I say it’s worth an insect bite or two, then get a tetanus shot after. What did he find? Jewelry, money, silver, tapes, and a warning! (Reddit)

1. What’s behind door #1?

Reddit / Imbrjack

2. Secret crawl space but uh, why does it have carpet?

Reddit / Imbrjack

3. What’s behind door #2?

Reddit / Imbrjack

4. Did this briefcase belong to Al Capone?

Reddit / Imbrjack

5. Silver, international money and a mystery box. More like The Bourne Identity without the passports.

Reddit / Imbrjack

6. Two rings and two watches. Seriously?! That’s it?

Reddit / Imbrjack

7. Lookie here in the corner… A black safe. Now we’re talking treasure!

Reddit / Imbrjack

8. VHS tapes ’94, ’95? Maybe lost seasons of Baywatch.

Reddit / Imbrjack

9. No, no, no, no, no, no! It just got weird.

Reddit / Imbrjack

10. Time to call the FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security…

Reddit / Imbrjack

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watermelon carving

You gotta check out this video tutorial that shows you how to create some pretty incredible watermelon carvings. I have never even thought to carve a watermelon before but now it makes so much sense. It looks like it is even easier to work with than a pumpkin so I am excited to try.

The problem with pumpkins is that I am always afraid I will cut myself because of how tough the skin is. This should be much easier!

Watch the full video here…

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Light Up Your Party With LED Balloons

This is a splendid idea for my next party. I found it over at Brit+Co and I’m going to bookmark it for a rainy day. I’ve heard of using glow-sticks in balloons but never LEDs. I opt for the store bought LEDs over the DIYs because, let’s face it, party planning is hard work! But there is an awesome ‘how-to’ if you feel like making them yourself. Store bought or homemade, I love that these balloons give 24-48 hours of glowing fun! How great is that?!

Here’s the link to Brit+Co’s full article: Brit+Co: Light Up Your Party With LED Balloons

LED Lights inside balloons are an excellent replacement for the traditional candle. They make your party much more special, and aren’t that difficult to make yourself. Read through this guide and you will find out how to make fun LED Lighted balloons.

To Make LED Lighted Balloons you will need:

– LED Lights or LED Keychain
– 5V Watch Battery (if using LED lights)
– Tape (if using LED lights)
– Balloon

Step 1- Getting an LED

The first thing that you will need to do is get yourself an LED which is suitable for putting inside a balloon. You can do this by buying plain LED’s off the Internet, or from an electrical store and powering these with a battery. Alternatively you can normally find keychain lights in dollar stores.

Whether you choose to use an LED or a keychain light is up to you. The advantage of using a keychain is that you already have all the batteries and everything you need for the project. Some of these also have electronic circuits which can make the LED lights pulse and change color. If you do decide to use a keychain light for the project make sure that it uses an LED and not a small light bulb as this will heat up.

Step 2 – Preparing the LED

If you have chosen to use LED’s for the project then take them out of the packet. They are quite a small device which are very simple. There are two metal legs, one of which will be shorter than the other. The short leg is the negative side, and the longer leg the positive side. Push the battery in between the legs of the LED so that it is held in place. It should light straight away, but if it doesn’t then the battery is probably in the wrong way. Take it out and turn it around the other way.

Once the LED is lit, it’s a good idea to put a small piece of plastic with a strip in between the leg and the battery. This will cause the light to go off and operate as a temporary switch. When this is in place wrap the legs and battery in tape to keep everything together. This is basically an LED throwie, and what many people attach magnets to and throw onto metal surfaces. However, you will probably be using it to put into a balloon.

Step 3 – Using a Keychain LED

If you wanted to use a keychain LED then this will be an easier option in most cases. If the key chain is small enough to fit inside the balloon easily then you don’t need to do anything else. However, if it’s too large then you will need to dismantle it and make it as small as possible.

Step 4 – Assembly

Just before you are ready to assemble the LED balloons pull out the tab of plastic and discard it. This will cause the light to illuminate and it will start using the battery. Once you have done this pop the LED into the balloon being careful not to dislodge anything. If you are using an LED key chain then simply turn this on and put it into the balloon.

Then it’s just a case of inflating the balloon normally. Whether you are using helium or just air is up to you. Then get ready to show them off to your friends and family at the party.

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28 Houseboats That Will Make You Want To Float Away

Houseboats are one of the most peaceful vacation retreats. You really can “leave all your troubles behind.” (The swim really discourages unwanted visitors.) You really should do this at least once in your life. You won’t regret it! We did it a few years ago and it was the best! Our boat wasn’t like any of these but it did have a waterslide. These boats are awesome! #7 even has a garage for a boat and #8 is 4 stories high! I wonder how many you could sleep comfortably in there?!

See all 28 floating mansions here-

Buzzfeed – 28 Houseboats That Will Make You Want To Float Away

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Life Is Going To Get A Lot Easier For You If You Use These 25 Clever Inventions

I don’t need a twirling fork or heating knife. Who really needs an outlet cover disguised as a mouse hole, a guitar doorbell, or wine sippy cups? I need new tires for my car but I don’t need a roof rack shower. Need? Nope. Must have? Yes!!! These are the coolest, most amazing inventions ever! So fun and I can’t wait to add them to my collection of ‘my-house-is-better-than-yours’ stuff. Lol. Seriously, whip out that credit card and let’s get shopping!

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Life Is Going To Get A Lot Easier For You
If You Use These 25 Clever Inventions

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