There are so many cute variations of trellises and vertical gardens out there and these ones featured at Diply are no exception. How cute! This roundup shows vertical gardening at it’s best! Sometimes the only thing that stands between a great garden and no garden at all is a vertical planter. So true!

Upright planters let those short on space still experience the joys of gardening and botany. I’m so glad that there are options out there! You can never go wrong with a pallet planter (be sure your pallet is heat treated to avoid contact with harmful chemicals). I would love it if I could have a green wall someday or have moss grow inside the house in fun designs. Sadly, there is hardly any stone around here and it wouldn’t be good for the wood. Moss Graffiti is another thing I would love to have. Why isn’t there any stone or bring around here? Maybe someday I will live in a place where this DIY is a possibility. Find the tutorial here.

Here’s the link to all 19 ideas…

Diply: 19 Vertical Gardens To Lift Your Spirits


Did you ever watch The Secret Garden as a kid? I loved that movie! I loved the mystery, the towering brick walls, and the wild English gardens. Anything could happen in a place like that. I don’t think many of us can reproduce a garden like the one in the movie but It really doesn’t take a whole lot to add some magic to an ordinary garden. Diply has a collection of 19 DIYs that will get you well on your way.

These DIYs use rocks, stones, and pebbles to add a fairy tale like quality to your garden and they are so clever. I love the rock strawberries. The stone labels and stone wall are both wonderful. I especially love the tic tac toe board!

Even though it’s not made of stone, I’d throw a fairy house in there for good measure. There’s nothing more whimsical than having your own precious yard fairy. Finding a place in your garden for fairies is a must. Anything really is possible with Sprites flitting about.

Here’s the link to all 19 ideas…

Diply: 19 Ways To Turn Your Garden Into A Fairy Tale With Rocks And Stones


What does your backyard need? Any one of these ideas would take your yard to a whole other level. They are pretty great! The summer solstice, aka the first day of summer, is June 21st. Officially you still have some time (about 6 days) to get all of your ‘pre-summer’ projects done but unofficially summer is here and your renovations might have to wait till it isn’t so hot out.

Backyards are the place to be in the summer. There, the beach, the park, and the lake. But mostly the backyard because it’s close (obviously) and takes no time to get too. I would never want to leave my yard if it looked like the ones featured at Diply. Can you say ‘mind blown?’ Who doesn’t want a backyard golf course or water slide? This roundup should provide all the help and inspiration you’re looking for when it comes to your yard. Viralnova has a list of some products that will also help ‘snazz’ up your yard and get you relaxation ready. The mega hammock and outdoor scrabble games look terrific! Find those and 23 other brilliant buys here.

Here’s the link to all 19 ideas…

Diply: 19 Backyard Inspirations That’ll Upgrade Your Summer

summer backyard diy

Whether you have a large or small backyard, there are a lot of projects you can pursue to liven things up. You may be ready for grilling and friends but is your backyard ready? It may be nice but is it ‘all that it can be?’ Lol. Mine isn’t! This roundup from DIY And Crafts has me so excited and inspired that I had to share it with you! These 70 backyard projects are the best!

What does your backyard need? Any of these DIYs going to work for you? Let me know what you try! I know I shouldn’t play favorites, but the living tee pee is my fav with the window mirrors in a close second. Some of these DIYs are the simple no-stress no-mess kind. While others are larger and more time consuming. No matter what you choose all are wonderful. They are all easy, epic, and affordable. I love everything backyard, budget, and brilliant and this roundup fits the bill.

I am so in love with the backyard and can’t wait to host some fabulous parties this summer. Maybe some themed parties? HGTV has some very clever ones. I might try the beach themed one.

Here’s the link to all 70 ideas…

DIY And Crafts: 70 Summery Backyard DIY Projects

Fire Pit

Charles Bowden said that, ‘Summertime is always the best of what might be.’ How true! This DIY bench from Little Things fits that sentiment perfectly. It’s the best of what a summertime backyard could hope for.

This curved fire pit bench is what every backyard is missing; I know that mine doesn’t have one but it wants one! Joshua Rhodes decided he wanted to make his backyard oasis just a little more comfortable and stylish by adding some seating. He got an idea, drove to Home Depot, spent $125, built for two days, and got outstanding results that he decided to share with us! I’m so glad that he did! Painting it fun with cute decorative pillows is a must! I love the white look Josh went with and the watermelon pillows. I’m such a fan of simple and straight lines.

p.s. – check out the yard overall. This bench was just the finishing touch on a lot of DIYs. He and his wife’s yard looks amazing! Looking for tips on how to get the perfect yard? Here are some helpful ones.

Check out the full transformation (and gorgeous pictures) here…

Little Things: Transformed Backyard Fire Pit Now The Perfect Neighborhood Hangout


Bonfires on the beach remind me of my family’s vacations growing up. I still love the feeling of sand between my toes and a fire to sit around with my friends. It just means summer to me. But, the beach is 6 hours from our home. Here is a solution to that problem.

Take a look at this Idea of an oasis from Imgur user bsol27. He has done a great job of creating a usable space out of an empty unused lot on the backside of his house. Anytime the evening weather is warm you will find he and his family out back enjoying movies, playing on the Playstation 3, and roasting marshmallows. In fact, this has inspired me. I think my family will be making s’mores this evening.

I look forward to seeing more projects from bsol27. It looks like, from the background, he may have a few more projects in the works already. Is that a cement mixer back there? Lol. I really love the sand that they added. Summer and sand. Yup. The two just go together and Babble agrees. Check out this roundup of 25 DIY sandbox ideas. They’re great!

Here’s the link to check out the entire finished project…

Little Things: Stunning Outdoor Entertainment Oasis (photos)


The first day of summer, officially, is June 21st. That’s actually a good thing because it means I have more time to ‘get ready.’ Get ready? Yup. I need to set up the barbecue, dust off the camping gear, go swimsuit shopping, and get the house and yard prepped for company. Especially the yard. Diply has an absolutely fabulous roundup that will help ‘spruce’ up the back (and front) yard and I’m so excited to have stumbled across it.

Summer is a no-tv, be active, get sunburned kind of season and that means being outdoors. The park, the lake, the pool, the yard. My yard needs a little TLC before it’s going to be a summer haven. These ideas are going to go a long way in making it relaxation ready. Some of these ideas are super practical (#2 and #9) and others just make things look lovely (#14 and #17). What does your backyard need? Any of these DIYs going to work for you? Let me know what you try! I think the PVC towel rack (#15) is a must for me. Super practical! Even if I worked at it every day, my yard would never be as cool as these ones featured at Viralnova. OMG! They are unreal!

Here’s the link to all 20 ideas…

Diply: 20 DIY Tricks To Spruce Up Your Backyard Just In Time For Summer


My dad got a Ficus Benjamina when he was 18. Whaaa? It’s a houseplant otherwise knows as a Weeping Fig. It’s not so much a houseplant as it is a house tree! Lol. The larger ones grow up to ten feet tall and that’s how big our family one is. My dad wants to give it me because it’s outgrown his space but I am afraid I would kill this 45 year old plant. My black thumb is getting greener but that’s a lot of pressure! Think you could do it?

Diply has a roundup of 15 helpful tips that will help even the most gardening challenged have more success. I can use these! I like number 3, using eggshells as starters for tiny seedlings. I wonder how they got the eggs to crack so nice and perfect. I also like number 11. Rocks with the names of your plants and flowers won’t make your garden goods grow better but it will make them look snazzy. Have you tried any of these? Have they worked? Let me know!

I thought it would be helpful to have some tips for the inside plants too. These are great for those who don’t like to garden but still want a splash of green in their decorating scheme. House plants/trees (hehe) are all different and have specific requirements but these general tips are a good place to start. Find them here.

Here’s the link to all 15 ideas…

Diply: 15 Gardening Hacks For A Greener Thumb


Do you get the paper? Most likely you read it, clip a few coupons, and recycle it. Be sure to save a few pages before tossing it in the bin this time. There are quite a few fun DIYs that you can make with newspaper and there is also this great gardening hack. I can honestly say that I’ve never put a paper in the garden but after this I think I’ll give it a try.

Why would you put newspapers in your garden? To prevent weeds. It’s true. Cross my heart. This method is ‘chemical free’ and considerably cheaper since you’re already getting the paper to read the headlines. Paper, water, mulch, decompose, done. Weeds are gone. Will you try this?

There are some DIY weed killers out there too. They aren’t laced with harmful chemicals that can do a lot of damage. Here are just six of them.

See all the steps and how-to here… He Covers His Garden With Newspapers And Waters It. Awesome Gardening Hack!

diy raised beds

So, you want to have a summer’s worth of fresh salads to have with your dinners. Growing your own vegetables is a super healthy, inexpensive and delicious way to feed your family. Here are some great garden ideas for any size backyard. You can spend as much or as little as you would like on these raised garden beds.

Growing up, my mom had a raised flower bed made of old railroad ties. I always looked forward to the big juicy tomatoes and peas her garden produced every summer. There is just something about vegetables handpicked out of your own garden.

I would really like to try number 9 by my back fence. It is a great looking, efficient use of space. Although the dogs may have something to say about that. I’ll need to look up ways to keep them from digging up the garden beds. Any suggestions on how you keep dogs out of the garden? Cesar Millan has some helpful things to say about it!

Here’s the link to all 10 ideas…

Self Sufficient Living: 10 Inspiring DIY Raised Garden Bed Plans