Complete Pallet Garden Set

1001 Pallets has more pallet projects than anyone else and I love to feature their DIYs. I especially love this garden set. What is not to love about a matching table, couch, chair, and tree house? I love complete sets and that’s exactly what this is! Find some comfy decorative pillows and you are ready to entertain! What do you think?

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1001Pallets – Complete Pallet Garden Set

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Irish Spring Soap Garden Pest Control

There are store bought pest ‘deterrents’ for Thumper and Bambi but they can add up to mucho dinero ($$$). With rain and dew they wash off and don’t last that long. Many use a smell that our furry friends find unappealing. It doesn’t smell that great to us humans either. But Irish Spring Soap smells refreshing, is affordable, and lasts about a month in rainy conditions.

Here’s all the details on how to use it properly…

Curbly – Use Irish Spring To Keep Out Garden Pests

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17+ DIY Recycled Garden Art Ideas

I know that there is more room in your garden! You have to make room for some of these lovely DIY projects. Mixer 2 Mower always has such great roundups! I am so glad to have found this one and am happy to share the love. I can’t believe how great the bike planter is! My garden isn’t big enough for all of them, how could I possibly choose?!

See all the projects here…

Mixer2Mower: 17+ Eye Catching Recycled Garden Art Projects

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Rooting Roses

Here is a way to fill your garden up with beautiful roses on the cheap. Hartwood Roses has a fabulous tutorial on how to grow them from cuttings. it is more complicated than just planting and walking away. Learn all about the right containers, soil, cuttings, and watering. They have broken it down so that even the amateur (like me) can master it. (I think this one looks a little bit like the rose from beauty and the beast.)

Find the full step-by-step tutorial here…

HartwoodRoses – Rooting Roses Guide

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14 Awesome DIY Fire Pit Ideas

Do-It-Yourself. Three of my favorite words. Two of my other favorite words? Fire Pits! That must be why I love this roundup from Curbly. There are 14 creative DIY fire pit ideas that will get your heart ‘a racin’. Woot! They are gorgeous and perfect for marshmallow toasting. I can’t think of a better place to be on a summer evening with friends and family.

See all 14 here…

Curbly – 14 Fire Pits You Can Make Yourself

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