Cement Hands

You need to try working with cement; it’s really fun. Concrete is also pretty affordable so complete failures won’t break the bank. But don’t worry, there won’t be any fails with this DIY. The tutorial, pics included, has what to do and what not to do so we are sure to get amazing results every time.

You will need casting cement (be sure it is casting and rapid dry), gloves, water, trowel, and a mask (safety first). I think the most difficult part part of working with cement is letting it dry and that’s why rapid dry is the best! Be sure the consistency on your concrete is smooth when mixed and not rocky.

The zombie hands remind me of ‘The Walking Dead.’ Very realist, lol. Nice for Halloween too and would keep anyone from running off with them too easily as they are bit heavier and harder to hide than the plastic ones. I wonder if I could some how make them into a bigger bowl to hold water for a birdbath. I think they would look nice stained or painted too. homedit has 34 other awesome DIY projects to check out and here they are.

Find the full tutorial from Do It Yourself Fun Ideas here…

Do It Yourself Fun Ideas: DIY Concrete Hand Planters And Bowls

Repurposed Tires

It’s still too early to start planting things outside but that doesn’t mean that I can’t start planning out my garden. I am excited for this year! I am have been pinning, Googling, and researching like crazy. One idea that I really like is turning old tires into garden pots/planters.

They drain really well and are easy to make. Painting them will dress them up and make it look like someone didn’t just dump a tire in your yard. Tires are also free! This is a great way to recycle and repurpose.

Cutting them by hand is going to take some muscle no matter what method you use, thus the gloves. This one is by far the easiest; use that leverage! And be sure your knife is sharp sharp sharp.

I’ve heard that you shouldn’t grow food in them because of toxins in the tires that they were exposed to during their driving days but I don’t know if that’s true. This planter would be perfect for beautiful flowers! woohome has a terrific roundup for other DIY Garden pots. Find them here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Building A Straw Bale Cold Frame

A cold frame is like a mini greenhouse. They are close to the ground, maximize sunlight exposure, and keep out the cold. They are used to extend growing seasons. You can start earlier in the spring and continue later into the fall. That’s a gardening win in my book! A lot of my friends use them for starting seedlings that they later transplant into the ground. They don’t have to be expensive to make and this one made from straw bales is the perfect example of that.

It’s important to note that straw is different than hay. Straw is mostly used for bedding and mulch and has no nutritional value. Hay is used for animal food. You are going to want to use straw for this project because even the highest quality hay can have weed seeds in it. Know one wants weeds popping up in their garden come spring! This Old House has another really impressive cold frame you should see… Good luck gardening!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Planting Store Bought Ginger Root

Ginger has so many healing properties. It can help with nausea, clear sinuses, curb appetites, help with upset tummies, and cure many other ailments. Not to mention, it tastes delicious! Sushi is my favorite food and having my own ginger garden would come in handy. They have beautiful flowers too.

Did you know that you can grow your own ginger garden from just a root? A store bought root of ginger can yield some amazing things. You only need to get it to sprout and then plant it. The root will sprout if left in a sunny place or if submersed in water for 24 hours. Ginger likes sandy and nutritious soil that drains well. It also won’t thrive in temperatures below 55 fahrenheit.

The best part of this whole ginger garden thing is that you just plant it and let go. Then come spring…harvest away. Did I mention it will go perfectly with my sushi addiction?! Here are some more ginger remedies from How Stuff Works

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Veggie Gardening Tips: Planting Store Bought Ginger Root

See this video too…Enjoy!

Ton Matton’s Chicken Cabinet Produces Fresh Eggs Right In Your Backyard

This chicken cabinet, designed by Ton Matton, is just one example of his amazing ‘free range furniture.’ How clever! DIY chicken coops are a dime-a-dozen but this one stands out from the masses. The cabinet design makes it easy to collect eggs, clean up after the birds, and feed and water them. It’s not an eyesore either!

The space in this cabinet/coop is tiny and the chickens will need a safe place to roam when not in their little house. This would be fun for the city chicken farmer. Yup, that’s a really popular thing right now. It’s just the right size if you want your own eggs but don’t have a lot of space. No one said coops have to be big and ugly. Plus I’ve heard these birds make nice pets.

I love to repurpose and this is a brilliant way to repurpose a china or hoosier cabinet. I am in love with these other furniture repurposing ideas from House Beautiful as well.

See the full article and plans at Inhabitat here…

Inhabitat: Ton Matton’s Chicken Cabinet Produces Fresh Eggs Right In Your Backyard

The Coolest Water Pool In The World

I would give my left arm for a pool like this! Ok, not really but maybe my favorite pair of shoes. This pool is way cooler and more practical than my Jimmy Choos (p.s. I saved 3 years for those!).

I can’t believe this pool is under a stable and beautiful patio. I love that it is safer than a regular backyard pool too. It can be hidden away when the kids are playing in the backyard unsupervised. Having multiple depths is such a clever idea!

I don’t know if my yard it big enough but I’d be willing to get rid of some flower gardens. I wonder if the boys would miss their swing set…

Watch the full video here…

A swimming pool is what many people dream of having in their back yard. However, while swimming pools might be great fun during the summer, they are a lot of hard work. It also uses a lot of space in your garden. However, by using an amazing hidden water pool you can get all of the benefits of having a swimming pool with extra benefits.

Benefits of the Hidden Water Pool:

– Saves space in your garden
– Safe for Kids
– Variable Depth
– Keeps it clean

Space saving

A swimming pool will take up a lot of space in your garden. This will mean that you can’t normally use the space for anything else. However, by using a hidden water pool you can still enjoy every inch of your garden for whatever you want. You can place a table on top of the pool and dine there normally. The only time you need to reveal the pool is when you are ready to take a splash.

Safe for Kids

Another major concern people have when deciding to install a swimming pool is the safety of their children. A hidden water pool is completely safe for kids because there is no uncovered water. This also means that you don’t need to fit fences and gates to prevent young children from entering the water. The pool is completely safe, and the water will only be accessible when you open the pool to use it.

Variable Depth

Some pools may have sloping bottoms for different depths. However, a hidden water pool is variable. This allows the user to open the pool to any depth. Whether you have kids who want a paddling pool, or bigger kids who want a pool they can dive into, this hidden water pool is ideal.

Keeps it Clean

Another advantage of having a hidden water pool is that it will keep the water much cleaner. It should prevent leaves and debris from falling into the pool because it is closed up whenever you don’t want to use it.

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Best. Idea. Ever. Seriously, I love these creative pumpkins from Garden Therapy! I’m so excited to feature them here today. Good thing Halloween is just around the corner because I don’t think I could wait a whole year to make them. These are so creative and so much better than the plain old ones. I especially like ‘Jack’s’ teeth. What a smiley happy pumpkin!

Here’s the link to Garden Therapy’s full article: Garden Therapy: Jack-O-Planterns

A Jack-o-lantern might be one of the most traditional ways to celebrate Halloween, but that’s not the only thing that you can do with a pumpkin. While most people will carve a face into their pumpkins and then put a candle inside, some very creative people have come up with the idea of using it as a planter. These look amazing and will be a welcome addition to anyone’s Halloween celebrations.

Tools Required

It’s very easy to make a jack-o-lantern planter yourself. This fun pumpkin idea only needs a few tools, including:

- Pen
– Knife
– Plants
– Compost
– Pumpkin


When it comes to plants you can choose pretty much anything. The types of plants that work the best for me include grasses in various colors, kale and ornamental cabbage. I’ve also experimented with a few other plants and you can get different looks by trying out different types of plants.

Step 1 – Hollowing the Pumpkin Out

The very fist step is to cut the top of the pumpkin and start scooping out all of the seeds and innards. This can either be discarded or kept. The seeds can be roasted and taste really nice, and the flesh can also be used to make soup if you wish.

Step 2 – Designing your Pumpkin

Next, you will need to decide what you want your pumpkin to look like. Normally this will be a smiley face with a toothy grin, although you can also design lots of other patterns. I find it easiest if you draw the design directly onto the pumpkin so that you have something to cut out.

Step 3 – Cutting the Design out

Once you have copied the design onto the pumpkin, it’s then a matter of using your sharp knife to cut it out. This is exactly the same as a regular jack-o-lantern so far. Be careful at this stage as you don’t want to hurt yourself, and you also need to be very careful to avoid breaking the pumpkin.

Step 4 – Filling with Compost

Once that’s all cut out you can then fill the pumpkin with soil or compost. Be gentle and don’t compress the soil too much as this could cause the design on the front to break.

Step 5 – Planting

Now you’re ready to plant. Before you actually plant anything in the pumpkin, it’s a good idea to try them in various locations. When you are happy with your design you can then plant it properly. Plants can be put in the top, around the mouth and even in the eyes.

Step 6 – Caring for your Jack-o-lantern planter

Your jack-o-lantern planter is very easy to care for. It needs the occasional water and it should last throughout Halloween. Once you have finished celebrating, simply remove the plants and compost the pumpkin. The plants can either be planted into other planters around the garden, or put into the garden.

Hopefully this fun pumpkin idea will get you in the mood for Halloween. It’s so easy to make, that it’s the perfect activity to help keep the kids occupied. It’s also something that’s slightly different and will become a real talking point.

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Gardening Hacks That Will Make Your Garden The Talk Of The Town

These 15 tips from Viralnova are going to help take your gardening to the next level. The shower caddy hanging gardens are so clever. The shoe rack ones too. I can always take more gardening tips and fun ideas. Using eggs and lemons to start seedlings indoors are something I want to try also.

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No Garden? Here Are 66 Things You Can Grow at Home In Containers

Everyone can have a garden, no matter how big or small their space. Dr Akilah El has a comprehensive list of thing that can be grown indoors in containers. I want to have some fruit growing in my living room. I’m thinking blackberries. How wonderful would that be???

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