21 Tips For Sharpie Marker Cups

I absolutely love these mugs! They make the best personalized gifts. I think everyone is on board with them. Even Starbucks has kits for making your own (but for $$$$$). Craftaholics Anonymous has the best roundup and I am excited to feature them here today! If you tried to make a mug I bet attempt #1 wasn’t perfect but the rest can be thanks to all these tips. Learn from other DIYers successes and failures and make yours perfect! Trial and error is the best teacher right?

Here’s all the tips…

CraftaholicsAnonymous – 21 Tips For DIY Sharpie Marker Mugs

Image Credit: craftaholicsanonymous.net

Homemade Eco-Friendly Soaps

Making Soap is surprisingly easy. It isn’t right that stores sell it for such ridiculous prices! Boooo. It’s affordable to make, fun, and the end product makes great gifts. I love that it can be personalized too. Use your favorite essential oils to get some delicious smelling suds. Fab You Bliss has a great tutorial to get your soap-making-journey underway.

Check it out here-

Fab You Bliss – How To Make Pretty Eco-Friendly Soaps For Favors, Shower Gifts, Or Just Because

Image Credit: fabyoubliss.com

gift in a jar

When looking for a gift that everyone will like, gifts-in-a-jar are great and the variations are limitless. You can find one for everyone on your list! I once got the recipe for chocolate cookies and a while back I got a jar housewarming gift. Tip Junkie has gathered up 96 gift jar and recipe ideas and they truly are terrific and can be tailor made to fit any person or situation.

See them all here…

TipJunkie – 96 Gift In A Jar Recipes

Image Credit: tipjunkie.com

42 Fun And Useful Wedding Favors

No one needs to have wedding or party favors but they are so much fun. They are the chance to show off your personality and individuality. I wish I had thought of some of these for my wedding! Sadly, I opted for no favors. I really like the little plants (completely useful and cute) and the temporary tats (fun and affordable). Check out these great ideas!

See them here…

Buzzfeed – 42 Wedding Favors Your Guest Will Actually Want

Image Credit: buzzfeed.com

10 Baby Gifts You Can Sew

I am right in the middle of planning a baby shower for my bestie. It is a lot of hard work but I am having so much fun! There are so many great “baby” things and crafts out there. I stumbled onto this roundup with 10 baby gifts to sew and it is great. You will blow everyone away with the best gift at the party if you make any one of these.

I love it! Here is the link…

BlissfullyDomestic – 10 Baby Gifts You Can Sew

Image credit: blissfullydomestic.com

strawberry booties

How cute are these strawberry booties by Mia Piccina?! I just came across her Etsy store and had to share it with you guys. She has some of the cutest items I have seen for little baby feet. I also love the snowflake pattern booties as well. Head over to her store to check them all out.

Here’s a link to several similar patterns on Ravelry. Check em out here…

Ravelry – Strawberry Booties (Patterns)

Image Credit: etsy.com / Mia Piccina