If you love candles then you know how expensive they can be, and how addictive collecting candles can be! It’s actually pretty straightforward to create your own candles though, and you can have a lot of fun while doing so! At least when you are creating your own candles you have full control and knowledge of what’s going in them.

We found a great list of candle crafts to help you get started. A beautiful do-it-yourself candle in the link below is a layered scent candle. Not only do these look stunning (think red, green and white for the holidays), but you get to experience three different scents from one candle. Homemade candles can make great gifts for friends and family around the holidays!

Here’s the link to all 12 DIY candle ideas…


66 days until Christmas. That doesn’t seem right. There should be more. There should be much much more time. Where has this year gone? Oh well. Since the holidays are fast approaching I might as well start getting my gifts in order. This year I’m going to buy some and DIY some other. This video from Audra Kurtz is going to get me started. I think this mug will be perfect for my sister!

Coffee or tea drinkers in your family? Yes? Then think about making this! Get a ceramic mug, some nail polish, warm water, tooth pick, and a dish that you don’t mind getting messy (plastic is best). This reminds me of marbled nails. Cute! And so easy.

Here are 50 other homemade Christmas gifts, featured at Country Living, that you should consider making for your friends and family this year. Thanks for the great roundup guys!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


This video shows an amazing and simple way to wrap gifts. It only takes a few seconds and uses just a few pieces of tape! Only two! These gifts are so lovely. If I could learn this method it would make my life easier. I am curious about weird shaped packages though; I bet it wouldn’t work for those.

I’m an expert wrapper, or so I thought. After seeing this video I’m eating some humble pie. I didn’t think it was possible to wrap a gift with only 3 pieces of tape! (Except for in movies like Arthur Christmas.) This method would sure save me some paper, not to mention tape! I wonder if I can learn it?

DIY gift bags are another way to get your gifts wrapped and A Beautiful Mess has a wonderful tutorial for how you make your own, store-bough grade bags. Sweet! I’m excited for all the wrapping to be done this Christmas!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

products for cat lovers

Cats have a mind of their own and love to sleep wherever they want and rule the roost. A lot of us are cat lovers or at least know somebody who is a cat lover. There are some wonderful products that you might not know about (such as the kitty treat shooter or the hanging walkway!)…

Your cats will show their appreciation and love when you treat them with kindness and respect and affection. How about providing your kitty a comfortable and private place to snuggle? You’ll find some great ideas in this list! Take a look through – there is a wide variety of cat lover products!

1. Adorable cat cocoon:

cat cocoon

2. Side cat bed:

cat side bed

3. Cat litter hidden nicely in a cabinet:

cabinet kitty litter

4. Cat massage toy:

cat massage toy

5. Cat veranda so your kitty can get some fresh air:

cat veranda

6. Cat coffee table:

cat coffee table

7. The cat cave:

cat cave

8. Toilet paper saver:

toilet paper saver

9. Custom cat portrait:

custom cat portrait

10. Cat whack-a-mole game:

cat whack a mole

11. Cat litter box hidden beneath a plant:

plant kitty litter

12. Self-grooming cat comb:

cat comb

13. Cat cushion trapeze:


14. Long handled kitty litter scooper:

long handled scooper

15. Solar powered kitty toy:

solar powered cat toy

16. Decoy keyboard:

decoy keyboard

17. Stylish cat gym:

stylish cat wheel gym

18. Clear window bird feeder:

cat window bird feeder

19. Couch cat scratcher saver:

cat couch scratch saver

20. Cat window bed:

cat window bed

21. Kitty treat shooter:

kitty treat shooter

22. Fuzzy cat bun bed:

cat bun bed

23. Cat hanging walkway:

cat hanging walkways

24. Indiana Jones cat bridge:

indiana jones cat bridge

25. Soft Paws for your kitty’s claws:

soft paws claws

26. Cat pipeline:

cat pipeline

27. Door vent:

cat door vent

28. Kitt-in-Box cat desk box:

cat desk box

29. Stylish cat pod:

cat pod

30. Cat hammock:

cat beneath chair

31. Outside cat ladder:

outside cat ladder

32. Cat punching bag:

cat punching bag

33. Human and cat rocking chair:

human cat rocking chair

34. Cat radiator bed:

cat radiator bed

35. Cat walkway system:

cat walkway system

36. Cat scratching console:

cat scratching console

Scarf And Necklace From A Tee

Do you have an old Tee lying around? dumb question. Of course, we all do! I have quite the collection from fundraisers, vacations, and bad holiday gifts. Here is a great way to upcycle them. I’ve cut mine up and made some cute clothes before but never anything like this scarf/necklace! So fun and easy. It has fast moved to the top of my ‘ways to repurpose T-Shirts’ list! I bet it will yours too.

It’s perfect that you don’t have to sew to make this. This scarf would an amazing starter DIY if you’re just beginning or for a smaller kiddo. I like the idea of braiding all different colors together and not just two. My mom would be all about turquoise but disown me if I gave her anything pink. Mothers do have a style all their own. If this isn’t for your’s, this Mom’s Day gift guide will help get you on the right track this year. The Huffington Post has the best roundup ever! Check it out here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Diaper Baby Craft

Babies! There are about one million, literally one million, brilliant DIYs relating to these cuddly bundles of joy. This year alone I’ve made a quilt, some hats, and a pair of adorable booties. None of them turned out quite like the pictures since I’m not a pro but I think the moms were still happy. These are fool proof to make; not even I could screw up a diaper baby!

I’ve seen diaper cupcakes, cakes, trikes, prams, and a whole lot more but these babies are the first of their kind for me. They’re so adorable that I am hoping there is a baby shower in my future so that I can make ‘em! For each ‘baby’ you would be giving a diaper, washcloth, and a pair of socks. You can never have too many socks or diapers! Alpha Mom has a diaper cake tutorial that’s great. Love. It. Find it here.

Find pharMa’s full article here…

pharMa: Diaper Babies Tutorial

37 Wonderful Homemade Gifts For less Than $10

I’m really excited to feature Tips Bulletin’s homemade gift roundup today! The ideas are fabulous and you’ll be sure to find the right DIY gift for everyone on your list. I’ve already decided who to give a themed gift box to and there are a lot of people I know who will love the teacup lights. I will be a busy DIY bee this Holiday season! What gifts will you make first?

See all 37 here…

Tips Bulletin – 37 Wonderful Homemade Gifts For less Than $10

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7 Easy DIY Mason Jar Gift Ideas

I won’t tell you how many days till Christmas…I’m sure you’ve already counted and figured out that it’s not that far. How did that happen?! It was New Years like yesterday. In case you’re starting to think about gifts already, what to buy or make, The Daily South has come up with some adorable mason jar ideas that everyone on your list is sure to love! I would love to get any one of them, especially #3.

See all 7 here…

The Daily South – 7 Easy DIY Mason Jar Gift Ideas

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