Using tin foil and a flat iron to curl your hair is a fun new way to get bouncy springy ringlets that will last all the day long and it beats sleeping in stiff curlers too! I use a straightener or curling iron to curl my hair now but I could branch out. I’ve never tried this method but I’d like too.

I love the results! I can see the foil protecting your hair from heat too. I don’t know if I could do the back very well. Those curls might be a little lopsided, lol. I read on a ‘fail blog’ that cooking foil works best. Foil used for highlights doesn’t conduct heat well when scrunched together. Also, be sure and not use too much foil or your curls get all mashed.

Do you remember rag curls? That was the most fun thing to do at sleepovers! I don’t think I’ve done them since I was eight but I think it would be fun to try them again. Ringlets rag vs. regular rag. How could I possibly choose between them? Check them both out. They aren’t just for the kiddos!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Braid Tutorial

I could never do this on my own hair. Well, never say never. Maybe with enough practice I could manage something. I love it so much that I’m going to start practicing on all my friends and family! I will have a sign-up list for guinea pigs willing to get their hair pulled on in the name on beauty. If anyone is interested… Lol. Isn’t this waterfall braid simply the best?

Bethany Hamilton, You rock! This tutorial is simple and easy to follow. Just what I need. I love that there are so many possibilities with it too. Have two braids, go all around the crown, braid down behind the ear. It will never get old. Maybe with her help and lots of practice I can branch out from my daily ponytail.

In case you are looking for more instruction and tutorials, check out the book ‘DIY Braids.’ It’s the best. Amazon has it for just a few bucks too!

Here’s the fabulously detailed video… Enjoy!

No shampoo

How often do you wash your hair? Could you give it up? Could you give up shampoo for 30 days? I never in a million years could! Margaret and Katherine, from Tree Huggers, did an experiment to see what it would be like to go without and what alternatives they could use instead of ‘poo.’ The results will surprise you!

I know it’s not for me, but I really enjoyed learning about their experiences. I have a handful of friends that have sworn off shampoo altogether. They love the ‘no shampoo’ method! What about you? Each hair type is different and the results will be different for everyone.

At this point in my life I have gone from washing my hair every day to every other day. I’m all about the dry shampoo and non-chemical hair products but I think that’s the best I can do for now. If I had time to hide from the world for three weeks I might be able to try the transition. My hair, like Maggie’s, is fine and looks like a stringy mess if I don’t wash it. also has some helpful tips on how to get shiny healthy hair that might be a little easier that 30 days without shampoo. Find them here.

Get all the details on Tree Hugger’s ‘no poo’ experiment here…

Tree Hugger: The “No Shampoo” Experiment

Jingle Beards: The New Christmas Fashion Trend

Um…Jingle what? Beards? So funny and so clever! Last year it was trendy for the ladies to have feathers woven into their hair and this year it is the guys who are paving the way forward in fashion. That might be exaggerating and taking it a little too far but this ‘Christmas trend’ really is fun!

You must check out this yuletide hair accessory that is being sold by the London advertising agency, Grey London. These little hair ornaments, being sold for $7.80 (US Dollars), are so popular. The Brits, Americans, Australians, New Zealanders, Germans, and the French are all buying them. All the proceeds from these baubles go to Beardseason (an initiative to raise awareness for the fight against Melanoma). Encourage the people you love to embrace ‘No-Shave November’ and grow out their beards for Christmas! Samsung mobile even adopted this idea in a holiday promotion. Everyone is getting on board! Looking to buys some? Find them here

See some of these ‘glitzy’ beads in action here…Enjoy!

 23 Deceptively Easy Braid Tutorials

I get so frustrated when it comes to doing my hair! I see these wonderful styles online (ahem…thanks Pinterest) and when I try them my hair ends up in horrid tangles. This roundup from Buzzfeed isn’t like that at all and I’m so excited to feature it here today. These fancy ‘dos’ look complicated but you will be blown away by how easy they are! I can’t wait to try the relaxed french braid (#7) and I’ve got my eye on the zig zag braid too (#23)!

Find all 23 here…

BuzzFeed – 23 Creative Braid Tutorials That Are Deceptively Easy

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diy hair tutorial

I need a new look. Desperately. I’ve been rockin’ the same style for too long and the time has come for a change. My good friend Winston Churchill said that “to improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” So true! I want my hair to be perfect, so of course I need to change it! lol. Which of these should I try first? They are super cute and have great tutorials and pics to help get the perfect ‘do.’

See all the fabulous tutorials here…

Mixer2Mower: 20+ Spectacular DIY Hair Tutorials You Should Try

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37 Darling Little Girls Hairstyles

How precious! Thanks Buzzfeed for gathering all of these adorable kiddo hairstyles into just one place for us! (A couple of these adults could get away with too!) Any little girl will feel like a princess with one of these up-do’s. Whether it is for picture day or everyday, learning how to style this entire collection is a must!

Learn how to style them all here…

Buzzfeed – 37 Creative Hairstyles For Little Girls

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Upside Down French Braid Bun

My hair is finally long enough to do fun things with. It’s so exciting! I can rock the cheerleader pony and I have a couple french twists that are my go-to’s but I am ready to try new things. If you have medium length hair, can french braid, and can handle the blood rushing to your head, then you can do this. I’ve got the first two pre-reqs but I’ll have to work on number three! Have fun!

Find the tutorial here…

LuxyHair – Upside Down French Braid Bun (VIDEO)

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