37 Darling Little Girls Hairstyles

How precious! Thanks Buzzfeed for gathering all of these adorable kiddo hairstyles into just one place for us! (A couple of these adults could get away with too!) Any little girl will feel like a princess with one of these up-do’s. Whether it is for picture day or everyday, learning how to style this entire collection is a must!

Learn how to style them all here…

Buzzfeed – 37 Creative Hairstyles For Little Girls

Image Credit: buzzfeed.com

Upside Down French Braid Bun

My hair is finally long enough to do fun things with. It’s so exciting! I can rock the cheerleader pony and I have a couple french twists that are my go-to’s but I am ready to try new things. If you have medium length hair, can french braid, and can handle the blood rushing to your head, then you can do this. I’ve got the first two pre-reqs but I’ll have to work on number three! Have fun!

Find the tutorial here…

LuxyHair – Upside Down French Braid Bun (VIDEO)

Image Credit: pinterest.com

heart shaped braid tutorial

This was just too cute not to share with you guys! It was part of our recent Valentine’s day roundup you can see here: (41 Exciting DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas) I know how much you guys love braids so I wanted to make sure you saw this in case you missed it. Head over to The Beauty Department for the full photo tutorial and written instructions.

Here’s the link…

TheBeautyDepartment – The Heart Braid Tutorial

Image Credit: photos/design/by Kristin Ess

holiday hairstyles rudolph bun

Isn’t this totally cute?! This is the perfect idea for a Christmas party. You can even wear this to an ugly Christmas Sweater party and know you have done everything you can to take the win. There’s tons of other super fun ideas at the Little Piggies blog as well. Take a look!

Here’s the link to the full tutorial and more photos…

PrincessPiggies – Rudolph Bun Tutotial

Image Credit: princesspiggies.blogspot.com

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diy beauty hacks elmers glue nails

There’s so many great DIY beauty tips floating around the web that I wanted to make sure you knew about some of the best of the best. First, the above photo is from the Hand Make My Day blog and is a fantastic tip on how to keep your fingers clean of polish while doing your nails… just peel off the glue when you are done and no mess… Brilliant!

Secondly, I was able to find a great list of 25 DIY beauty hacks at the Broke Girls Guide blog. Make sure you check out both of these sites. Great tips!

Image Credit: handmakemyday.com

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half up half down celtic knot hair style

Here’s another really fun hair style I think you guys will enjoy. This would be so fun to do for my little nieces. With 2 boys in our house and no plans for any more kids I’ll have to settle with having my styling fun with other people’s kids.

Have you ever tried this knot? Was it hard? I found a tutorial video that should help you learn how to make this.

Here’s the link…

VIDEO – Celtic Heart Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

Image Credit: Creative Ideas

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amazing hairstyles for girls

These hairstyles pictured above are just so cool. I could never pull any of them off but they sure are fun to look at.

I was able to dig up a few resources to help you guys do these yourself if you want. Take some time to browse the links below. If you find any better tutorials, please send them to me so I can add to the list or just leave a link in the comments below. Thanks!

Instabraid.com – blog with lots of tutorials.

Basket Weave Hairstyle – blog post and video

Ladder Braid Ponytail – youtube

Top Knot Prom Updo – youtube

Dutch Waterfall Braid – youtube

Laced S Braid – youtube

Image Credit: weheartit.com

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diy hair repair olive oil

I found a great DIY method for repairing and moisturizing your damaged hair. It involves olive oil!

If your hair suffers from lots of dead ends and you constantly feel like you need a trim just to keep up… then this guide is for you. This is also perfect for those of you who bleach/ombre your hair.

Here’s the link to the full instructions… Enjoy!

Care2.com – Rescue Your Hair With Olive Oil