Repurposed Rusty Spring Tree

I’m really excited to show off this repurposed Christmas craft! The first of many. Who knew industrial springs could be turned into the perfect holiday DIY. It is very ‘country chic’ and has a fun rustic feel. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for some springs so I can make one of these trees too!

Grab the full tutorial here… Organized Clutter – Holiday Junk: Repurposed Rusty Spring Tree

Materials Needed

assorted rusty old industrial springs
scrap boards
wood scraps
star shaped item
Heirloom White spray paint

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 Glow Stick Pumpkin Jars

Be sure to make these glowing jars this All Hallows’ Eve. Line your walk, windows, or porch with this fun DIY from Create.Craft.Love. Who doesn’t love glow-in-the-dark? (and p.s. glow sticks are soooo cheap.)

These are good for about 6 hours of fun which should just about cover all the trick-or-treaters!

Grab the full tutorial here… Create.Craft.Love – Glow Stick Pumpkin Jars

Materials Needed

Glow sticks
Cutting board
Oven mitts
Plastic cup
Little glass jars
Black adhesive vinyl
E6000 glue

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Paper Plate Black Cat

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without black cats. I don’t think they’re bad luck and I hope you don’t’ either because this craft is sooo fun Check out this cute, not scary, cat from Crafts By Amanda. I love using simple things to make something so adorable. Sometimes I think those are the best DIYs. It’s puuurfect (lol)!

Here’s the link to Crafts By Amanda’s full tutorial: Crafts By Amanda – Paper Plate Black Cat

Materials Needed

1 paper plate
Black paint
White craft glue
2 large green wiggle eyes
1 small pink pom-pom

All of these items are readily available in just about everyone’s home already. You may have to run to the craft store for wiggle eyes though. Have fun!

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Best. Idea. Ever. Seriously, I love these creative pumpkins from Garden Therapy! I’m so excited to feature them here today. Good thing Halloween is just around the corner because I don’t think I could wait a whole year to make them. These are so creative and so much better than the plain old ones. I especially like ‘Jack’s’ teeth. What a smiley happy pumpkin!

Here’s the link to Garden Therapy’s full article: Garden Therapy: Jack-O-Planterns

A Jack-o-lantern might be one of the most traditional ways to celebrate Halloween, but that’s not the only thing that you can do with a pumpkin. While most people will carve a face into their pumpkins and then put a candle inside, some very creative people have come up with the idea of using it as a planter. These look amazing and will be a welcome addition to anyone’s Halloween celebrations.

Tools Required

It’s very easy to make a jack-o-lantern planter yourself. This fun pumpkin idea only needs a few tools, including:

- Pen
– Knife
– Plants
– Compost
– Pumpkin


When it comes to plants you can choose pretty much anything. The types of plants that work the best for me include grasses in various colors, kale and ornamental cabbage. I’ve also experimented with a few other plants and you can get different looks by trying out different types of plants.

Step 1 – Hollowing the Pumpkin Out

The very fist step is to cut the top of the pumpkin and start scooping out all of the seeds and innards. This can either be discarded or kept. The seeds can be roasted and taste really nice, and the flesh can also be used to make soup if you wish.

Step 2 – Designing your Pumpkin

Next, you will need to decide what you want your pumpkin to look like. Normally this will be a smiley face with a toothy grin, although you can also design lots of other patterns. I find it easiest if you draw the design directly onto the pumpkin so that you have something to cut out.

Step 3 – Cutting the Design out

Once you have copied the design onto the pumpkin, it’s then a matter of using your sharp knife to cut it out. This is exactly the same as a regular jack-o-lantern so far. Be careful at this stage as you don’t want to hurt yourself, and you also need to be very careful to avoid breaking the pumpkin.

Step 4 – Filling with Compost

Once that’s all cut out you can then fill the pumpkin with soil or compost. Be gentle and don’t compress the soil too much as this could cause the design on the front to break.

Step 5 – Planting

Now you’re ready to plant. Before you actually plant anything in the pumpkin, it’s a good idea to try them in various locations. When you are happy with your design you can then plant it properly. Plants can be put in the top, around the mouth and even in the eyes.

Step 6 – Caring for your Jack-o-lantern planter

Your jack-o-lantern planter is very easy to care for. It needs the occasional water and it should last throughout Halloween. Once you have finished celebrating, simply remove the plants and compost the pumpkin. The plants can either be planted into other planters around the garden, or put into the garden.

Hopefully this fun pumpkin idea will get you in the mood for Halloween. It’s so easy to make, that it’s the perfect activity to help keep the kids occupied. It’s also something that’s slightly different and will become a real talking point.

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fall mantel ideas

If there is one place to spruce up and decorate for the fall season… it’s your fireplace mantel! It’s the perfect spot to showcase seasonal decor. I love all these ideas I discovered over at the Creations by Kara blog. What a wonderful roundup. My favorite has to be the seventh idea with white pumpkins and a mirror. Beautiful!

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CreationsByKara – 30 Beautiful Fall Mantel Displays

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Tomato Cage Ghosts

My favorite DIYs are adorable and easy. I guess it’s a good thing I found these fun ghosts from Crafty Home Improvements (Mis)Adventures because that’s exactly what they are. These are for the DIY and decorating-ly challenged! (That includes me.) Halloween is going to be epic this year; my house is going to be the best decorated on the block!

See how to make your own here…

Crafty Home Improvements (Mis)Adventures – Tomato Cage Ghosts

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20 DIY Halloween Bags, Baskets, And Bowls

#7 is where it’s at! Or maybe #8, 14, and 19? I like the idea of having pre-made goodie bags for the adorable princesses, superheroes, and goblins that come trick or treating. Last year we had to make a Costco run midway through the evening because our street was so busy! This year I will be more prepared. I honestly this roundup from Buzzfeed made me a little crazy. How am I going to narrow it down?

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Buzzfeed – 20 DIY Halloween Bags, Baskets, And Bowls

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7 Clever Ideas To Greatly Improve Your Halloween Pumpkins

It’s time I start planning my Halloween decorations and this year I think I’m going to start with the pumpkins. They are one of the easiest and most versatile things to work with! No More Than 7 has shared some great ideas with us and I am so grateful. Thanks guys! Happy decorating ya’ll.

Find all 7 ideas here…

7 Clever Ideas To Greatly Improve Your Halloween Pumpkins

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