hanger ornament wreath

No front door is complete without a wreath! It gives people a preview of what the decorations inside might look like. Rustic decor, traditional, victorian, whimsical, crafts from the kids’ school… It’s fun. Historically they have been made of evergreens, to symbolize strength, but these days they can be made of anything and still symbolize the Christmas spirit!

For this wreath you will need Christmas ball ornaments (the plastic or non-breakable kind), a wire coat hanger, and a ribbon. To get that awesome, multi-dimensional feeling, you will need bulbs of different sizes. It will take between 50-80. That is a lot but it doesn’t have to be expensive! Here’s a tip…always check the Dollar Store first when crafting. It would be a tragedy of greek proportions to pay $10 for something you could have gotten for $1. DIY & Crafts has some other amazing Dollar Store crafts. Find them here

Get the video tutorial here…Enjoy!

Jingle Beards: The New Christmas Fashion Trend

Um…Jingle what? Beards? So funny and so clever! Last year it was trendy for the ladies to have feathers woven into their hair and this year it is the guys who are paving the way forward in fashion. That might be exaggerating and taking it a little too far but this ‘Christmas trend’ really is fun!

You must check out this yuletide hair accessory that is being sold by the London advertising agency, Grey London. These little hair ornaments, being sold for $7.80 (US Dollars), are so popular. The Brits, Americans, Australians, New Zealanders, Germans, and the French are all buying them. All the proceeds from these baubles go to Beardseason (an initiative to raise awareness for the fight against Melanoma). Encourage the people you love to embrace ‘No-Shave November’ and grow out their beards for Christmas! Samsung mobile even adopted this idea in a holiday promotion. Everyone is getting on board! Looking to buys some? Find them here

See some of these ‘glitzy’ beads in action here…Enjoy!

29 Creative And Unusual DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Ladies and gents…it’s time to break out the Christmas tree and ornaments! So exciting! I’m sad to say that not everyone gets to have a traditional tree. Lame. It might be because of space or maybe that pesky landlord might is a naysayer. Whatever the reason, thanks to this article featured at Diply, everyone can have a tree. (And a super creative one too!)

I think the broccoli tree is the most creative. Sad that it won’t last the whole holiday but it will make a delicious centerpiece for your next dinner party. The wine cork one is right up my alley too. I have lots of corks left over from fabulous wines shared with friends. Christmas isn’t all about the tree, but theses ones make a pretty convincing argument and are oh so cool. Check out these other DIY trees from Architecture Art Design

Here’s the link to Diply’s full article with all the ideas…

Diply: 27 Creative And Unusual DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Spiderman Candy Apples

I love that these are ‘candy apples’ and not caramel apples. Not everyone is on the caramel bandwagon and these are a great substitute. Maybe they will be a little gentler on my fillings? This video has such a detailed tutorial with measured out ingredients making it so easy to understand and duplicate! I think I would need a separate how-to for the webbing. Free hand? Now that is scary! They turned out a gorgeous red color but any color could be substituted to change the hero. Those marshmallows could be trimmed in different shapes too. Some black and yellow with a bat. Or maybe some red, blue, and yellow with an ‘S.’ So many possibilities!

Instead of Spiderman, I think I would make a poison apple like the one from Snow White (with the creepy laughing skull face). That just screams Halloween to me. Every child I know seemed to dress up as a Ninja Turtle or a character from Frozen this year and I’d like to see some of those apples. (Like the ones here.) I know they would be just as amazing!

Here’s the link to the YouTube video tutorial: Rosanna Pasino-YouTube: Spiderman Candy Apples

Easy Snowman Craft Ideas

‘Frosty the snowman, was a jolly happy soul…” and just like the song this craft will make your heart soul happy. I’m so excited to feature it here today! It is a really fun (and easy) Christmas craft. This tutorial shows how to make the pom-poms needed for the DIY and the cute snowman. Thanks guys for all the great info!

I can’t wait to have a cute little army of pom-pom snowmen decorating my mantel; right up there by the manger scene. I think one of these little guys will be a good friend for my elf on the shelf too. I bet they will have some crazy fun adventures while inspiring the kids to stay out of mischief. BHG has a great roundup of snowman crafts too. Check out all of them here

Here’s the link to Homemade Gifts Made Easy’s full article…

Homemade Gifts Made Easy: Easy Snowman Craft Ideas

christmas life hacks

Life hacks for hiding eyes sores in the house, for cooking in the microwave, for girls only, for guys only, for small kitchens, for gardening, for fashion makeovers and cleaning…there is a ‘hack’ for everything under the sun but here is the one you really need.

The Christmas version! This is the time of year to be creative and these 10 clever ideas might really help you out of a tight spot when you’re ‘up a creek.’ They are also just time saving and fun! I am definitely going to be storing these away.

I love the holiday brecky pancakes! Decorating cookies with condiment bottles is a great too, and I’m pretty sure I have some left over from a summer picnic.#win! I can personally swear by #3. My lights have never been more organized. Christmas Lights Etc has more help with lights that you will love…

See all 10 hacks here…Enjoy!

gift wrapping japan

I saw this video, and others like it, floating around the internet this last week and they made me curious about this wrapping method. Tis’ the season of gift giving and if you are giving one you have to know how to wrap one. I did some practical research and tried this method and it’s a keeper. My experiment didn’t turn out as nice as the one in the video but I’m sure with practice I could master the quick wrap. I think it would save me some paper and tape too!

I am a fan of sticky tape and I like to make sure my Christmas packages are safely taped tight. It’s crazy to me that only 3 pieces of tape are used by the gentleman wrapping! In the holiday movie Arthur Christmas, the elves prided themselves on wrapping any gift with only 3 pieces of tape. Until seeing this I didn’t think it was possible! Now I am a believer. Looking for more creative wrapping ideas? Find them at Country Living

Here’s the video…Enjoy!

3 Ways To DIY Dough Ornaments

DIY and Christmas. Are there any two things that go better together? Well, maybe apple cider and sugar cookies but making homemade ornaments like these must be a close second. I used to make dough crafts when I was little and they are so easy and fun! They are the perfect holiday craft. (Especially for the little ones in your life.) Materials are dirt cheap and the dough is non-toxic kid-friendly.

I have found 3 different dough recipes and they all sound wonderful! You should try them this holiday season. I grew up making salt dough but I’m willing to try one of these others. I’ve heard of the cornstarch and baking soda recipe but have never tried it. I really like that it calls for cinnamon and different smelling spices. The cinnamon and applesauce recipe sounds really interesting. I’m curious to see which of these 3 works best.

If you’re looking for more ‘dough’ crafts, you need to see what First Palette has come up with! Find them here

Here’s the link to the full article from Make…

Make: 3 Ways To DIY Dough Ornaments

easy christmas crafts

Everyone seems to be rushing around during the holidays. I don’t know about you, but there isn’t a lot of ‘peace on earth’ over in my neck of the woods. It’s more like chaos personified! Shopping, wrapping, baking, cutting down the tree, decorating the tree…Things calm down towards the end of the month but with all that craziness it is hard to find time for DIYs. That’s why I’m always looking for quick projects that still look amazing! This roundup from Architecture Art Designs has everything I could ever want for quick and affordable decorations.

The baby candy cane wreath would look adorable in my family room. Too bad the canes are covered in glue or it would be fun to eat after the holiday. I’ve always wanted to do a burlap garland; this might be the year. It has such a rustic look! And sometimes simple really is best. All of these DIYs are simple and that’s one of the reason that I love them!

Decorating doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming, or expensive. You just have to be creative and do your homework. I’m excited about turning my home into a ‘winter wonderland’ and I hope these ideas have excited you too! Martha Stewart has some more easy Christmas Crafts to check out if you need more inspiration.

Here’s the link to Architecture Art Designs’ full article…

Architecture Art Designs:
21 Fascinating DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

23 Festive Door Displays To Greet Holiday Houseguests

My neighborhood is ablaze with lights and Christmas lawn decorations. There is no way that Santa will miss us this year; our block is lit up like the fourth of July for the month of December! Hello power bill. The one area that is lacking holiday cheer, especially at our house is the front door. All the doors really. They are pretty boring and that needs to change! Here are 23 ways to do just that.

Having a gift wrapped door is my favorite for the porch. I would use purple and white ribbon. I only wish that my front door was painted red! A pine wrapped present will still be nice though. Decorating the inside doors would be the perfect craft for a cold stormy day (which is most of December where I live). The kids would love this! Olaf and Frosty are pretty popular at my house right now so I can see them decorating some doors with them a Santa thrown in for good measure. Mario Cappelano has great decorating ideas that you should take a peek at too.

Here’s the link to Daily Savings’ wonderful roundup…

Daily Saving: 23 Festive Door Displays To Greet Holiday Houseguests