What are your favorite Easter traditions? Eating the ham? Or maybe your family eats lamb and mint jelly? A lot of people go to church, get pics with the easter bunny, and go on egg hunts. (I just saw something the other day about a ‘beer hunn!’ It’s for the 21 and over crowd and I think I’m going to have to implement it this year! Watch this cute video to find out more.) Our family does a lot of those things. Another thing we do is color egs. There are so many fun tutorials and creative ways to do it. Fun ways like the one featured in this video!

This product, called Shake It!, uses rice and food coloring. The rice is divided into the three provided cups and the coloring is then poured in and shaken up until it’s all mixed together. Can you guess what happens next? That’s right. In goes the egg and more shaking. The colored eggs have a very natural look to them. Especially the blue one. It looks like a robin egg. I wonder how many you can do before the rice loses its coloring power? Do you think this would work with regular rice and food coloring? Just a thought.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Easter Cakes

Easter is next weekend and I’ve got to get ready. Dinner, desserts, and delightful Easter egg hunts all need to be planned and orchestrated. I think this dessert might make it on the menu for 2016. This cake is the most festive and most colorful dessert out there possible.

This pastel creation from Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio is super cute! It’s got peeps, Easter M&M’s, vanilla buttercream frosting, and vanilla cake batter. ( All wonderful things. Except the Peeps. Ewww! Those things are awful!) It has a colorful inside too. Yummy and festive.

Looking for another adorable Easter dessert? Look no further! This cupcake recipe from Somewhat Simple is super easy and yes, those are real green carrot sprigs on top! This is a really great site with tons of other holiday recipes, crafts, and DIY projects I know you’ll enjoy.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Easter Basket

Easter is early this year. Early as in March 27th! That is fast approaching so you better get your act together. Gather your candy, that horrid fake grass (it will turn up in your house until Christmas if you go that route), some plastic eggs, some real ones, and your favorite tutorial for coloring them. The other thing you will need is a basket. There are some cute ones for sale or you can make your own. Centre Street has a fun DIY Easter basket that you should check out. I’m excited to feature it here today!

This basket is adorable and easy to make. It uses string and a balloon to make an ‘egg.’ Then that string shaped egg is cut to make the cutest basket with the cutest handle. It’s decorated with ribbons, crinkle cellophane, Easter peeps (ewwww gross), and other adorable holiday themed treats. Love it!

See how to make this basket for yourself here…

CentreStreet: DIY Easter Baskets (tutorial)

Sock Bunny

I have so many lonely socks. Lonely as in their partners have gone missing. Is it the dryer? Is it my hamper? It is my husband? It is one of life’s greatest unsolved mysteries that may never be solved. There are a few times when it’s good to have an unmatched sock. You can use it to make the cutest sock bunny. Check out this DIY from Handimania. Easy and awesome.

What do you need? Only things you already have around the house. That’s what makes this such a fun and fabulous DIY. Gather up a sock, some rice, twine, ribbon, marker, and some tape (optional). Those are such simple supplies.

This is the perfect craft for spring and Easter. There is a similar one, using the same materials, that you can find here that is perfect for the snowy season. It’s a snowman. Love!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Irish Craft

Check out this fun St. Paddy’s day craft. The 36th Avenue has put together a festive lil’ pot o’ gold that I’m excited to feature here today. It’s adorable and super easy. It’s also perfect for the whole family! Those are the best DIYs. (I think this would be awesome if you were a teacher and looking for something to do with your whole class on a budget.) What you need: a mini terracotta pot, black acrylic paint, sponge brush, mod podge, gold glitter, shamrock sticker or vinyl cut out, and Rolo candies (or other gold wrapped candy.)

Easy peasy right? If you don’t want Rolos as your treasure, might I suggest one of these alternatives? The foiled caramel filled chocolate candy balls seem like a winner to me. Or the standby god coins. Here are some other fun and easy themed crafts that I know you will love! Martha Stewart always knows what’s up.

Here’s the link to the full tutorial…

The36thAvenue: St. Patrick’s Day Pot Of Gold Tutorial


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Ahhhh! Can it be true? I have no idea what to get my husband. I know that we’ll be staying in and having a romantic dinner but that is mostly because I dropped the ball on making reservations at our favorite restaurant. I have a few ideas for gifts but I really need to get my act together!

One thing that there is still time for is planning our delicious dinner. And dessert. Never forget dessert! Cookies Cupcakes And Cardio has a perfect themed cake; it’s heart shaped and looks quite tasty! One of the best things about this DIY? You don’t even need any special pans or tools for this one!

You need an 8” square cake, an 8” round cake, lots of white buttercream frosting, and 2 pounds of strawberries. Can you say delicious?! Need some more inspirations? Here are some other Valentine treats that are to die for.

Here’s the tasty video… Enjoy!

valentines day crafts

Decorating for Valentine’s Day (also known as Saint Valentine’s Day) is so fun and easy to do, and the love filled day is just around the corner. Many people love Valentine’s Day because for many, it is a day you can share your feelings and heart with your special someone. The best way to get into the loving spirit is through decorating! Bring some red and pink hearts into your decor and you’ll capture the day in style.

Many of these Valentine decorations and crafts we’ve found on the web are so easy to do, and not expensive at all. You can really whip out some elegant decorations on a low budget. Check out the beautiful tablescapes in our list below, especially if you are hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner. There are also decorations here that would be fun to do with children and get them involved.

1. Candy filled apothecary jars:


2. Cute and easy to do bunting:


3. Candy hearts centerpiece:


4. Clothespin love arrows:


5. Valentine’s Day countdown:


6. Cupid’s arrow wreath:


7. Cute fabric scraps heart wreath:


8. Family love tree:


9. Adorable felt hearts:


10. Felt heart trees:


11. Fireplace mantle banner:


12. Floating candles with pink flower petals:


13. Fun floating heart backdrop:


14. Paper fortune cookies:


15. Colorful headboard banner:


16. Adorable canvas made with red buttons:


17. Heart print candles:


18. Dramatic framed heart:


19. Fun heart paper chain:


20. Simple heart wreath:


21. Glitter heart jars:


22. Whimsical lipstick heart:


23. Beautiful love centerpiece:


24. Colorful Love frame:


25. Love note pillows:


26. Easy to do Valentine’s printout:


27. Love yarn letters:


28. Valentine card mail pouch:


29. Cute mason jar craft:


30. Mason jars with paper doilies centerpiece:


31. Music paper love letters:


32. Ombre glitter candle:


33. Pallet Valentine’s Day art:


34. Funky hanging paper hearts:


35. Love pillow cases:


36. Cute pom-pom centerpiece:


37. Queen of hearts tablescape:


38. Quilted heart pillow:


39. Roses and candles:


40. Roses and love cards:


41. Sweetheart birch centerpiece:


42. Pink Be Mine topiary:


43. Valentine garland:


44. Valentine’s love tree:


45. Vintage Valentine’s Day table setting:


46. Glitter XO letters:


47. Valentine’s Day yard decor:


48. Bright and fun yarn hearts:


49. Fun and whimsical yarn wreath:


50. Decorated wine bottles:


diy gifts

Sometimes the best gift is one you create yourself! We’ve found several creative and fun gift ideas that you can do at home. There’s no need to have any special crafting skills or tools – these DIY gift ideas are easy to do. Do you ever have a hard time finding a gift for that special someone? Check out the ideas below because we found some great gifts for those hard-to-shop for folks in your life.

One of our favorites is #15 as it’s a great way to share some favorite recipes with friends! Another fun idea is #34 especially if you are looking to incorporate photos in a gift. So don’t wait, get going and check out these ideas now so you can get started on your very own DIY gift idea!

1. Fun candy bar bouquet:


2. Something similar but with suckers:


3. Photo collaged monogram:


4. Use money as wrapping paper!


5. Unique ornament idea to fill with dip mixes:


6. Make your own bath bombs:


7. You can also make your own body butter:


8. Homemade slime that cleans:


9. DIY coffee bean soap that smells heavenly:


10. DIY glitter drink cup:


11. Crafty coasters made from Scrabble tiles:


12. Homemade coconut sugar scrub:


13. Easy to create elastic bookmarks:


14. Make this magic fairy tale bottle:


15. Creative recipe ring idea:


16. Charming framed Scrabble tiles:


17. Homemade bubble bath with Victoria style label:


18. Homemade orange extract:


19. Fun and playful photo bookmarks:


20. Cute knitted soap socks:


21. Check out this liquor bouqet!


22. Fun DIY mason jar candles:


23. Mini personalized memory bottle:


24. Personalized Mommy Surival kit:


25. Personalized DIY casserole dish:


26. Monogrammed journal idea:


27. Or how about this monogrammed soap bottle:


28. These fancy Oreos can make a cute gift:


29. Turn a cutting board into a personalized gift:


30. Gorgeous photo pendants or magnets that are easy to make:


31. Make these aged photo tile coasters:


32. Fun but easy stocking stuffer:


33. Monogrammed mug with just a Sharpie:


34. Adorable pull-out photo album:


35. Top secret book compartment!


36. Create this easy to personalize gift in a cup:


37. How about S’mores in a mug:



38. DIY garden stepping stones:


39. Cute mittens made from old sweaters:


40. Succulents in a personalized tea cup:


41. Perfect for the literary fan in your life:


42. Cute reindeer wrapping idea:


43. A creative way to send someone a hug!



I finally was able to shake off the ‘Ba Humbugs.’ Only a week till Christmas but they are finally gone and the house is actually looking festive. The tree and nativity are up, there is a wreath over the front door, and I have a festive table cloth and poinsettia in the dining room. (No lights this year. There is too much snow on the roof already.) Even with my meager decorating making the holiday bright, there is room for more. Maybe a few DIYs? Why not!

The string Christmas trees would make a lovely centerpiece. Especially, if there were a few different sized ones. I like the doily bowls too. They would be nice for candy dishes. Know which decoration I won’t be making? The glitter pine cones. No glitter! And just in case you needed more decorating inspiration, Real Simple has 12 easy and elegant ideas that will really help to class up your decorating game this year.


Know what my honey and I are doing on Thursday night? Going to the new Star Wars premier! That’s right… we got an overnight sitter for the kiddos and are going to stay up late and party the night away with R2D2 and the gang. So excited! Star Wars is taking the world by storm, again. I wasn’t around the first time (May 25th, 1977) but it’s fun to be apart of all the hype now. You need to get on board! There are plenty of fun things to do relating to ‘The Force,’ that don’t require setting foot in a movie theater.

Check out these paper snowflakes. This craft from Handimania is super cool and they are so much better than anything I ever made as a child. You need razor sharp scissors, an exacto knife, and these fabulous printable templates. Get the templates here. I’m gonna do a stormtrooper first. Enjoy…