If you love candles then you know how expensive they can be, and how addictive collecting candles can be! It’s actually pretty straightforward to create your own candles though, and you can have a lot of fun while doing so! At least when you are creating your own candles you have full control and knowledge of what’s going in them.

We found a great list of candle crafts to help you get started. A beautiful do-it-yourself candle in the link below is a layered scent candle. Not only do these look stunning (think red, green and white for the holidays), but you get to experience three different scents from one candle. Homemade candles can make great gifts for friends and family around the holidays!

Here’s the link to all 12 DIY candle ideas…


There are so many holiday DIYs out there. Just Google and prepare to be overwhelmed. Especially if you type in Halloween. DIY Halloween decorations, treats, or costumes. So many. The best thing about DIYs is that there are bound to be some fails, hopefully not yours, but there will be some. This roundup from Diply has 17 Halloween fails that are going to make your day!

I love this roundup! Hilarious! I feel better about myself. some of my DIYs fail but not quite so spectacularly. The tissue paper pumpkin is the best. Or maybe the pancakes. Nope. It has to be number one. What do you think? Have a favorite fail?

Here are some of those Halloween DIYs that I was talking about. Decorations. Costumes. Treats. Wishing you lots of luck and no fails! But if you do fail…please let me know and post a picture! Lol.

Find all 17 brilliant fails here…

Diply: 17 Hilarious Halloween Pinterest Fails


It’s almost Halloween, meaning the stores are soon to be starting up with the Christmas carols and displays. Yes the season is upon us and it is never too soon to get going on your Christmas shopping. Grant Thompson, The King Of Random, has some hacks to get your holidays off on the right foot.

Some of them are for emergency situations, such as using a chip bag to wrap a gift. It is a brilliant idea that ends up looking great. Be sure to rinse it out first. Lol. Another fun idea is for storing wrapping paper. It is important to store it properly to prevent damage for the next time it is needed. You can use a toilet paper roll slit down the middle to help keep the paper from unraveling. Wrap it with aluminum foil to improve the look.

I love the pancake idea! You can make pancakes in unique shapes by using the cookie cutters you just got out of storage. Here are 25 other fun cookie cutter craft that I think you are going to love.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Check this out! One house in Riverside, California puts all others to shame with it’s decorations. It has the most fabulous light show. Set to ‘This is Halloween’ from The Nightmare Before Christmas, it is four minutes and 12 seconds of awesomeness. I don’t think I would like to live next to this house, awesome as it is. A little bright with thousands of lights. All lights, faces, and props are homemade. The lights are all LEDs so the power bill isn’t as high as it could be. Still more than my bill but not the worst.

Most big cities have a ‘Candy Cane Lane.’ A place where all the houses are decorated to the nines and lit up like the fourth of July. Many of them have light shows timed to music and as soon as Halloween is over we will start to see them popping up. Here is a compilation of some of the best ones… prepare to be inspired and amazed.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Yum! I love candy corn. It is one of the best things about Halloween. Hooray for seasonal candy. I’d have cavities if it was available all the year long. (I have enough trouble with sugary goodness as it is.) I was also love fudge. That’s available all year long but I tend to think of it as a holiday treat too. (Christmas is coming!) This video from shows how to make delicous candy corm fudge using just 4 ingredients and a microwave. And in just minutes!

To make this extremely delicious (and rich) treat you will need 1 can of white frosting, 2 cups of white chocolate chips, yellow and orange food coloring, and ½ cup of candy corn. Again, yum! Sugar, sugar, sugar!

Here are some other fudge recipes you should hang onto come holiday season. Thanks Buzzfeed for the delicious roundup. Two thumbs way way up for the almond joy fudge. The salted caramel looks tasty too.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Here is your daily dose of cuteness. Prepare to fall in love with these 15 kid costumes featured at Diply. Just in time for Halloween! How creative are these parents?! Wish I had their mad skills! It’s ok. I’m just going to steal some of these ideas. Lol. I think I might steal some for myself too. Maybe I’ll be a Ghostbuster!

I adore the garden Gnome! How adorable is he? It makes me think of the Travelocity gnome. I need to go on a vacation! (We are going to Mexico in November and it can’t get here soon enough!) Number 8 is pretty stinkin’ cute too. I love coffee! Mr. Clean and Albert Einstein are awesome too! Halloween is going to be great this year!

Looking for something more trendy? Check out these awesome costumes. And these ones. Again, people are so creative. I can’t tell you how many times I went dressed up like a princess or a ghost. I wish my parents had been more creative when I was little.

Here’s the link to all 15 ideas…

Diply: 15 Kids’ Halloween Costumes That Are Just Too Adorable


I am afraid of the Thanksgiving turkey. It is the main dish and if you ruin it, you ruin the whole meal. I did that once many, many, many years ago and have been terrified ever since. I’ve even had horrid nightmares. Last year the turkey was perfect. I was so proud of myself. I brined it to perfection. This year I might try something else.

The secret to the perfect turkey? It must be fully thawed. (And that can take a while. More than a day sometimes.) The other secret? Watch this video from Chowhound to learn how to cook and season it to perfection. Yum! (Guess what? This recipe calls for a lot of butter!) Martha Stewart has a fabulous brining recipe. I can’t find the one that I used last year but this one looks just as good. And very similar.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


I am a failure! Driving down my street is magical. Decorations and falling leaves everywhere. Until…until you get to my house. The front porch is a bare as Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboards. No decorations displayed at our house yet. But soon, I promise! Maybe some spider webs, a cauldron, and twinkle lights. And definitely a few of these jack-o’-lanterns featured at Just DIY.

These are good! some people are so talented. I might be able to pull off a few of the simpler ones. I love number 5. Vampire teeth and googly eyes. Win! So many of these are perfect reminders of my childhood. Pikachu, ninja turtles, Calvin and Hobbes, Transformers, etc. Number 23 is beyond crazy artistic. Move over VanGough! Ok. Number 34 is officially my favorite! Which is yours?! Need some help with your pumpkin carving? Martha Stewart has you covered. Isn’t she amazing?!

Here’s the link to all 34 ideas…

JustDIY: 34 Insanely Awesome Jack-O’-Lantern Ideas


Have you started planning out your Halloween decorations? Some cobwebs, glowing eyes, tomato cage ghosts, and a bubbling cauldron? Those are pretty standard. What about pumpkins? Everyone needs pumpkins decorating their porch! My pumpkin carvings are pretty standard; smiling, snaggle toothed, scowling, etc. These pumpkins, featured at Diply, are anything but normal. The carvings are so detailed and fabulous! I doubt you will find any on your block but if you do please take a picture for me!

Prepare to have your mind blown by these awesome pumpkin carvings! Mine is! I love the Gremlin/Furby. Adorbs! Number 6 is creepy but awesome; very Walking Dead. The Chucky pumpkin would give all the neighbor kids nightmares. That movie game me nightmares! The artist behind these creations, Ray with Villafane studios, is so talented! I mean, check out that football player! See some more pumpkin art from Villafane Studios here.

Here’s the link to all 22 amazing carvings…

Diply: 22 Of The Most Unbelievable Pumpkin Carvings You Will Ever See


Ok. Here is a creepy makeup tutorial just in time for Halloween. This video from Promise Phan shows how you can make a ‘stitched mouth’ part of your costume this year. It looks so realistic. Don’t watch the video if you are easily creeped out. Lol.

You need some black thread, spirit gum and remover, brown and red face paint, scissors, and a needle. This tutorial looks surprisingly easy! Even for a dummy like me. The only downside of this look is that you won’t be able to speak freely throughout the night. And I love chatting and laughing with my friends. And eating and drinking themed treats. I wonder if the string is longer… would it be easier to gab? What do you think?

Check out these other makeup ideas. These 16 scary looks are truly terrifying. This roundup from Mashable is going to give you a heart attack. Lol.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!