Here’s What You Should Do Instead Of Making New Year’s Resolutions

Here’s a fun way to start the New Year. Instead of resolutions…try rememberlutions. What, you might ask yourself, is a remerlution? Well, it’s the opposite of a resolution. A resolution is something that we want to change in the upcoming year. “I’m going to lose 20 pounds.” “I’ll drink less alcohol this year.” “I’ll run 3 times a week for a whole year.” It’s good to be ambitious and have goals but the problem with resolutions is that we often don’t keep them. We diet for January and February and then fall off the wagon. Guilt Guilt Guilt with a capital G. Rememberlutions are another and guilt free way of looking at the new year.

First you need to grab a jar and a plethora of craft supplies (I’m always looking for ways to use that word). Once your jar is decorated, you’re ready to start! Over the year fill it up with all of the positive things that happened. Good memories and personal accomplishments, big or small. Some of mine for 2014 might have been that I camped for 4 day without taking a shower. That was a major accomplishment for me! Another would have been that I finished the wedding photo album that I started years ago.

Look at all the memories at the end of the year and and celebrate instead of beating yourself up for being a quitter. You could read them during the year too if you needed a boost or extra encouragement. I would save the jars and have years worth of memories that I could go back and look at down the road.

You can still make resolutions too and has a list of the most popular ones for 2015. I know some of mine are on that list! Find them here

Find the full article from BuzzFeed here…

BuzzFeed: Here’s What You Should Do Instead Of Making New Year’s Resolutions

nutella star bread

What did I get for christmas? I got…FAT. I also got some bad A** slippers and towels from JCP but mostly I gained some weight. It’s because of all the tasty and creative recipes. Guess what? I’m going to share the calories and this delicious treat with you. You’re welcome! This is Nutella at it’s finest and just in time for the holiday!

What a wonderful pull apart bread. You can use store bought pizza dough/mix to speed things up or you can make your own. A brioche would be delicious! Roll out your dough like a pie crust. Spread with Nutella x4! After that, cut it into 16ths (math is handy after all) and twist. 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Yum!

I think I would start by making it on the cookie tray with parchment paper. I don’t trust myself to not mess it up in the transfer. A savory version would be delicious too. Maybe with spinach and parmesan or feta! It’s simple to make, impressive to serve, and delicious to eat. So is this Swedish Tea Ring from King Arthur Flour….

Here’s the video…Enjoy!

DIY Peppermint Shot Glasses

If there is one candy that screams Christmas it would have to be the peppermint. No tree would be complete without candy canes! And now no party will be complete without these delicious mint shot glasses. Yum! Peppermint shot glasses! They are so holiday and festive.

Not only are these delicious but they are easy! Believe it or not, melted peppermint candy is really easy to work with. Easy but hot! Watch your fingers! To make these you need 20 minutes, an oven (set to 350), some parchment paper, shot glasses (for molds), 7 peppermints of any color (each), and a delicious shot recipe. Be sure that the liquid is the same temp as the shot glass or it will crack it and no one wants to get Baileys or Schnapps on their holiday shoes.

Theses are so super creative and will compliment any party. Just like these ice shot glasses from instructbables

Here’s the video tutorial…Enjoy!

Fastest Roast Turkey

Baking emergencies. We have all had them. I’m confident in saying that even Martha Stewart, before she was the Martha Stewart, had them. We run out of ingredients, mess up recipes, and run out of time. Nowhere is that more common than the dreaded Thanksgiving turkey. Timing is everything with this ‘foul’ bird. (Get it? Because a bird is a fowl? Lol!)

I have found the solution for last minute emergencies. Do you believe that it is possible to cook a turkey in an hour? It is but it’s not by cooking it at 700 degrees. Hotter for shorter doesn’t equal the best results. How do you reduce cooking time? By increasing surface area. I hope you aren’t squeamish because increasing the area takes some butchering. You will be removing the backbone, chopping legs, flattening, and all sorts of other things in the name of a delicious dinner.

I’d opt for buying a pre-cut turkey but this might come in handy in a pinch. Once your turkey is out of the oven, golden brown and delicious, don’t forget to let it rest! It helps firm and moisten the meat back up. If you’re looking for a delicious turkey recipe, The Pioneer Woman has an awesome brine…

Here’s the video…Enjoy!

Pinecone Fairy Ornament Tutorial

Fairies…I love fairies! I’m sad to say that there aren’t any decorating my tree. We have quite a few paper angels but no other winged ornaments flitting about. How have I neglected to make any other whimsical flying ornaments? Well this tutorial will fix that! You bet your bottom dollar it will.

I can’t get over how cute these are! The little acorn cap hats are so precious. (I especially love the berets.) These will go nicely in my fairy garden after the holiday! They can be made free standing by flattening the bottom and gluing a small slice of tree or quarter to it.

There can be so much variety with these little ornaments too. Different leaves, different colored wool hair, and pine cone size…unlimited options! I live in an acorn-free neck of the woods but they are available at craft stores galore. FInd some other pine cone decorations from Country Living here

See Willodel Blog’s full article here…

Willodel Blog: Pinecone Fairy Ornament Tutorial

Lacy Paper Snowflake Decorations

Come on Mom, We should have stepped-up our paper snowflake game! Nothing we made when I was little looked like this. Sure, my coffee filter flakes were a work of art but I think I could have gone more creative. At least it’s not too late for my kids! I’m ready to take things to the next level.

To make lacy paper snowflakes you will need: 10 square pieces of paper (there is no wrong size), scissors, a glue stick, and a ruler. You are also going to need to watch the amazing video tutorial below. What seems strange about these supplies? The glue stick. I had never thought about gluing different snowflakes together but I wish I had because the results are amazing.

Just like she said in the video, this ornament would make a nice window decoration, a gift, or with smaller paper-a tree ornament. Using Christmas or pretty paper is another idea. What a cute idea! Be sure to look at these other DIY Christmas decorations from HGTV…they are pretty great!

Here’s the video for making this gorgeous craft…Enjoy!

Tin Foil Ball Ornament

Today there are so many brilliant DIY ornaments…so many more than I was a kid! We had popcorn and kix strings, gingerbread cookies, paper snowflakes, salt clay creations, pipe cleaner reindeer, and paper clip angels. My mother saved all those amazing crafts and her tree is a walk down memory lane. I have many of those same ornaments, made by my children, on my tree too. (I have a salt clay Santa that just melts my heart!) Now Because of Pinterest and the internet, there are a lot of other ideas and craft available to us too.

There is no reason you can’t make fun decoration with your kids and then some nice ones for yourself. The best thing is that all of this can happen on a budget. These tin foil ball ornaments prove that. I know that we all have tin foil! If you don’t, maybe you used it up at Thanksgiving, you can buy it really cheap at any store! Here are some other ornaments from Beautiful Messy Life that are perfect for making with your kiddos…

Here is the video…Enjoy!

hanger ornament wreath

No front door is complete without a wreath! It gives people a preview of what the decorations inside might look like. Rustic decor, traditional, victorian, whimsical, crafts from the kids’ school… It’s fun. Historically they have been made of evergreens, to symbolize strength, but these days they can be made of anything and still symbolize the Christmas spirit!

For this wreath you will need Christmas ball ornaments (the plastic or non-breakable kind), a wire coat hanger, and a ribbon. To get that awesome, multi-dimensional feeling, you will need bulbs of different sizes. It will take between 50-80. That is a lot but it doesn’t have to be expensive! Here’s a tip…always check the Dollar Store first when crafting. It would be a tragedy of greek proportions to pay $10 for something you could have gotten for $1. DIY & Crafts has some other amazing Dollar Store crafts. Find them here

Get the video tutorial here…Enjoy!

Jingle Beards: The New Christmas Fashion Trend

Um…Jingle what? Beards? So funny and so clever! Last year it was trendy for the ladies to have feathers woven into their hair and this year it is the guys who are paving the way forward in fashion. That might be exaggerating and taking it a little too far but this ‘Christmas trend’ really is fun!

You must check out this yuletide hair accessory that is being sold by the London advertising agency, Grey London. These little hair ornaments, being sold for $7.80 (US Dollars), are so popular. The Brits, Americans, Australians, New Zealanders, Germans, and the French are all buying them. All the proceeds from these baubles go to Beardseason (an initiative to raise awareness for the fight against Melanoma). Encourage the people you love to embrace ‘No-Shave November’ and grow out their beards for Christmas! Samsung mobile even adopted this idea in a holiday promotion. Everyone is getting on board! Looking to buys some? Find them here

See some of these ‘glitzy’ beads in action here…Enjoy!

29 Creative And Unusual DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Ladies and gents…it’s time to break out the Christmas tree and ornaments! So exciting! I’m sad to say that not everyone gets to have a traditional tree. Lame. It might be because of space or maybe that pesky landlord might is a naysayer. Whatever the reason, thanks to this article featured at Diply, everyone can have a tree. (And a super creative one too!)

I think the broccoli tree is the most creative. Sad that it won’t last the whole holiday but it will make a delicious centerpiece for your next dinner party. The wine cork one is right up my alley too. I have lots of corks left over from fabulous wines shared with friends. Christmas isn’t all about the tree, but theses ones make a pretty convincing argument and are oh so cool. Check out these other DIY trees from Architecture Art Design

Here’s the link to Diply’s full article with all the ideas…

Diply: 27 Creative And Unusual DIY Christmas Tree Ideas