I was just talking about this at work yesterday. Pumpkin carving that is. They were on sale at the store yesterday and for some reason I didn’t get any. Maybe I will get some at the pumpkin patch and corn maze this next weekend. Fun! This video from Davehax shows how to turn a pumpkin into a disco ball.

Here’s what you do… Carve out the pumpkin and grab a drill or screw driver. Poke holes all over the pumpkin and attach some string to make it hang-able. Lastly, put in a light with a strobe feature. Easy peasy and different than all the rest. This would be great to hang outside for a decoration.

Here is another video on how to carve a pumpkin with a drill. Just so you have all the info needed. And here are 40 creative pumpkin carving ideas. I am loving this roundup from Brit And Co. Some of them involve using a drill and others are just all around brilliant.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Cat O Lanterns

Now that September is ending, I will actually acknowledge that the scariest of holidays is on it’s way. Halloween is so much fun for the kids and I. We love to dress up in fun (not scary) costumes, carve some jack-o-lanterns, and go get some candy. Sometimes, though, it feels like the old staid and true traditions become the old staid and stale. This year I have decided to change it up a little. I went searching for some new ideas and found this one from one of my favorite magazines, Sunset.

This cat-o-lantern is a great idea for a little twist on the traditional jack-o-lantern, It takes a lot less gutting and carving, meaning it is safer and cleaner to make. It does take some selective oddball pumpkin and gourd choices, paint and skewers. But, with a little creativity and time these cats can slide together for a unique look on your porch this October 31st. Happy Halloween! Here are some other fun black cat related Halloween crafts. Love ‘em.

Find the cat-o-lantern tutorial here…

Sunset: Make Black Cat O’Lanterns (tutorial)


Are you a big fan of Halloween? Trick or treating, cute costumes, caramel apples, crisp fall air. It’s not my favorite holiday but I do enjoy it. Especially all of the yummy treats. I love food! This video from Jumble Joy has three DIY treats that are quite freaky to look at but delightful to eat! I hope I get the chance to make them this year.

The best thing about these snacks is that they can be eaten all year long. What kid wouldn’t want a scary apple creature after school? True, the pumpkins and spider snacks are more Halloween specific but that doesn’t mean these treats should only be made once a year. Lol. The apple animals are my favorite. Which is yours?

Here are some more fun/gross things you should think about making this year. Ewwww. Parenting has a whole roundup of foods that will make your kids jump for joy.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Have you decided on your Halloween costume yet this year? Are you going trendy with Donald Trump or old school with a sheet ghost? My husband wants us to be a Star Wars family. That would be a fun theme but I’m not decided yet. I was thinking that the Wizard Of Oz could be fun too. This video from Dope2111 has yet another idea. Go crazy with the makeup this year with this Trippy Double Vision Makeup

I seriously got a headache from this! I had to concentrate so hard at first to see where her real eyes were. There is no way that I could ever pull something like this off! Some days I have trouble with normal makeup! This is just a whole skill set above mine. Her second eyes look so realistic. The false lashes? Nice touch! She is definitely an artist. In case you’re like me and still on the fence when it comes to your October costume, this roundup from Popsugar should give you all the inspiration that you need.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Grab the kids for this one! Super fun! This glow in the dark UV (ultra violet) Foam is just in time for Halloween. Most of the holiday parties I’ve been to around this time of year have black lights. Everything (including my freckles) looks scarier under them. That’s why this foam is the perfect decoration…it lights up beautifully under UV and will give your party a creepy glowy ambience.

Who knew that shaving foam and UV reactive face paint could be sooo fun?! I have tons of shaving cream and so does the dollar store. I’ll have to search around for the paint though. Maybe online? I love glow in the dark and so does Martha Stewart! These Halloween decorations that light up the night are the best.

Check out PhotoandGrime’s YouTube channel here. There are so many fun videos on there! The UV Makeup is pretty out there.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Halloween is just around the corner. Well not just but it is getting closer. I wore boots and a scarf yesterday! Hooray for my first fall outfit. I think it’s a faux fall since it was shorts weather the next day but I’ll take it. Bring on the caramel apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes! Bring on everything fall! That means everything Halloween too. Diply has a roundup of 12 nail designs that are sure to thrill and make your spine tingle. Perfect for the upcoming holiday.

Blood, gore, spiders, it’s all here. Mummies and headstones too. I like number 7 the best. I want some candy corn nails! The spiders (number 2) are pretty cute as well. Are you gonna try any of these?

Here are some DIY Halloween costumes that will go perfectly with your new and terrifying manicures. What to pick?! I always like cute Halloween better than scary Halloween. Maybe the paper doll? I could totally be a travel bug or Carmen Sandiego. This roundup from Popsugar is the best! Let me know what you decide to go as!

Here’s the link to all 12 designs…

Diply: 12 Creepy Nail Designs That Will Scare Halloween Itself

Fog Maker

Halloween is just a mere month away. Where has the year gone?! Oh well, at least it’s been a great one! It’s time to start getting ready. That means candy and decorations! I’ll never win the neighborhood contest but I do like to put a few things out on the porch. Maybe this year I will add a fog machine in with my decor.

This video from Kipkay shows how you can make your own ‘mighty mini fog maker’ in just minutes and for on a budget. This is perfect for DIYers everywhere and at every skill level! You need a coffee can, hose, fan, and dry ice. There are some other supplies but those are the main ones. Easy. Have fun this Halloween and be safe! HGTV has gathered together 55 decorating ideas that are spook-tacular! They’ll go perfectly with your new fog machine. Lol. See them all here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Newborn Costumes

Check out this roundup from Popsugar. It is the cutest to say the least. It’s all about babies. Who doesn’t love babies?! Who doesn’t love babies dressed up as the cutest of things?! These 20 knitted costumes will melt your heart and make you wish it was Halloween right now. I love these!

What was your favorite thing to dress up as a kid? I had some great costumes. Once I was the Tin Man from The Wizard Of Oz. Best costume ever. Another year I was Pippie Longstockings. Last year I was a pirate. You’re never too old to dress up, or too young to start. I love the mermaid tail and Captain America is the best superhero ever. Mario and Little Red Riding Hood are awesome too.

Here are some creative baby photo ideas from Brit and Co. Brilliant! I love baby photo shoots. The baby ninja is the best.

Here’s the link to all 20 costumes…

PopSugar: 20 Crocheted Newborn Costumes For Their First Halloween


Arriba! Cinco de Mayo is next week and that means that it’s time to party! And no party is complete without a bright and colorful pinata. Think you’re too grownup for a fun party game/treat?! Booo! If paper mache isn’t your style how about flour, butter, and sugar? Make a pinata cake!

I love this cake! It looks delicious. I love cake in general but a cake that has a fun secret surprise of M&Ms inside is the best thing ever! I think this would be wonderful for a ‘gender reveal’ cake. Pink or blue?! Lol.

Brit and Co has an adorable collection of DIY pinatas. Edible is all good but there is just something satisfactory about smashing colorful paper mache creations and seeing candy scatter everywhere. I love the individual mini ones! Who has time to make those?! I hope that I do someday. Check out all of the ‘smashing’ ideas here.

Find the delicious video tutorial here… Enjoy!

silk eggs hack

Krafts With Kendra has done it again! She has put together a brilliant video tutorial on dyeing Easter eggs. There are so many tutorials out there but this one is different from the rest because it uses silk and produces vintage looking eggs. Love.

I’ll have to try this dying style next. I did marbled eggs last year, much to the dismay of my kitchen table. This method is perfect for beginners and non-Picassos.

You will need; eggs (of course), silk scarves (they can be used 2-3 times), white fabric, twist ties, white vinegar (to help the color set, and oil (to shine them up after). The eggs end up patterned and have a faded vintage look.

From everything I’ve seen you can’t eat these eggs. Fabric dye and food dye aren’t the same thing. So before you do this, remember you won’t be able to make a huge bowl of egg salad for Easter dinner after all the eggs have been found. If you decide to use food dye so you can make that salad, make this recipe. Yum.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!