Tiny Home

How cute is this tiny home? I love what Timbercraft Tiny Homes designer Doug Schroeder has come up with. It is one of the more sophisticated minny living spaces that you will ever see. It’s comfortable, sustainable, and the envy of all the other tiny homes.

These mobile homes, built in Alabama, come in two sizes. 8’x16’ to 8’x24. Both have fold out porches, giving them a little extra room. This house is easy to travel with and can be hooked up to a sewer system at a camp site easily.

Do you like what you see? I love the white cabinets with black fixtures. I’ve got to get me some of those! It’s so open and airy! Here is a roundup of 25 other tiny homes that will make you wish you were ‘living small.’ Casa do Penedo is crazy! The tree house and floating house are brilliant too.

Here’s the link to see the amazing interior…

LittleThings: Tiny Home With A Magazine-Worthy Interior (photos)

San Juan Home

I am in love with Jessica and Carson Lynch’s tiny home. It is definitely one of a kind. I know that every tiny home is unique but this one is more so. What makes it so special? It has room for you and a guest. This home is so spacious when it comes to sleeping that you will need to see it to believe it.

Located on Guemes Island, part of the San Juan island chain in Washington, this home is for rent for just $699 a week. That seems like a steal to me! Considering it is the perfect place to hide from the world and rejuvenate for a while. I love the white paint and exposed pine. It make it feel so open and bright! I wish my home was painted like that. Thinking about visiting Guemes Island? Or the San Juans in general? Here’s some more info.

Here’s the link to take the tour inside…

HouseBeautiful: This Amazing Tiny Home Has Room For You AND A Guest (photos)


The Mile High City is home to four sports teams, the cursed ‘Blucifer’ statue, the first Chipotle, and so much more. It’s also where you will find the coolest shipping container home. This house, made of recycled materials, was designed to leave a small carbon footprint (hooray!). It’s large, bright, and spacious. You’d never know it was made from shipping containers by looking at the inside!

I love the ‘great room’ concept. That the rooms are open and flow into each other to create more space and light. The rooftop deck is great! Um, but I don’t see the hot tub. No view like that can be fully appreciated without a hot tub.

Denver is a cool place, that’s probably why the owners decided to build their container home there. Duh. Obviously! Check out these 50 facts about Denver that you never learned in school. (Especially the ones about their demon horse.)

Here’s the link to take the full tour inside…

Little Things: Stunning Home Made Of Recycled Shipping Containers (photos)


This is a good thing that came out of the Occupy Wall Street movement a few years ago. When this group saw the people who were living in the tent cities of Occupy Wall Street, they realized just how many homeless people were showing up and living with the occupy movement. They decided to do something about it.

This is the first of hopefully many small communal living areas for people who are currently homeless or just hoping to simplify their lives. It will be made up of several tiny homes under 100 square feet centered around a communal area. It is all being built by local volunteers using donated supplies and construction materials.

I love seeing people come together to support their fellow man. This is the hands of caring people reaching out to help those who are less fortunate than they are. It is an example of practical things we can all do in our own communities. Great work Occupy Madison Inc.

Here’s the full story and all the photos…

Diply: Village Of 98 Sq. Ft. Tiny Homes Getting Built. The Reason Is Inspiring

Ocean House

I wish I lived in Whitsand Bay. Where? A picturesque bay, loved by surfers, located in the UK. Why would I want to live there? So I could live in this tiny house that offers stunning ocean views and is a quiet hideaway from the world. Technically, it’s only 320 square feet but really it’s huge! Wait till you see it, your heart will melt.

Could you give up some space to live in a tiny home with gorgeous french doors, nautical decor, bright natural light, and crisp and clean white walls? It would be the perfect summer home! There is no way that I would want to live on a cold stormy cost in England during the winter! Lol. Now move this house to California and it would be a whole different story…

I desperately want to have a summer beach house one day. Maybe a tiny home, maybe a big one. As long as it’s on some ocean front property in a warm climate I’ll be happy. Maybe I should start planning it out by narrowing down the location. Where would you want to live? Check out oceanfrontproperties.com

Here’s the link to take the full home tour…

Diply: Step Inside This Tiny Cottage On A Cliff (photos)


Kelley Lewis is quite the mom. She took on a feat that most single moms would shy away from. She, and her three kids, started a new life for themselves in a 192 square foot tiny home. That’s something I don’t think I would want to do if I was living on my own, much less with three littles in tow!

Another thing that makes Kelly and her home so impressive is that she built it herself. Yikes! That is crazy talented. She used a paper and pencil and mostly recycled materials. She had a little help but most of it was her, even the electrical work (once someone came and showed her the basics)! She is teaching her kids a valuable lesson about hard work, not living in excess, and going off the grid. Nice Job! I’m sure that there are going to be some ‘growing pains’ as the kids get older but right now it is perfect.

Here is a story from a former Tiny Home dweller that I found so interesting. Christopher Smith talks about his experience, what he would change, and what people should know before embarking on such an adventure. He was a one of the ‘tiny pioneers’ and I loved his insights and know that you will too. See what he has to say here and see the building of his home here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

marfa house

Have you heard of Marfa, Texas? Tiny home enthusiast have. There is a home there, built by Candid Rogers Studio, that is the envy of all. It has won almost every small house award out there, including the AIA San Antonio Design and AIA National Small Projects awards. It is quite clever and blends perfectly into the west Texas landscape.

The house has an upper level sleeping area that provides shade to the lower area. The kitchen, bathroom, and dining area are on the bottom level. The living room? It’s outside. Either shaded during the heat of the day or pleasantly cool in the summer evenings. This must be a summer house, right? Texas has cold winters!

From all accounts, Marfa is a fascinating place. There are the famous ‘lights’ that have yet to explained (very Roswell-ish), the lone Prada store in the middle of nowhere, and fascinating artwork that has been created to blend into the landscape. Thinking about visiting? See more of the town here.

Here’s the link to take the tour…

LittleThings: Strange Texas Tiny Home Has A Secret Out Back (photos)

Tiny Home

Are you getting tired of the tiny home trend? I’m not. I love to hear the awesome stories and see the innovative designs. I mean, my house is wonderful but the floor plan isn’t anything special. There isn’t a mini reading nook or under stairs storage. I love the creativity that these homes bring to the building game. The tiny home featured in this video is another wonder. It was built in 4 months and for only 23k (rounded up). (All the fancy appliances and cabinets added an extra 10k but the house itself was only 23.) It is so fancy and has so many fun designs.

This home is spacious and truly livable. It doesn’t feel small at all. It feels quite open, large, and modern. This video walks you through every nook and cranny of this home and at the end you will be green with envy! 221 square feet has never looked so good!

My biggest issues with these homes is personal space. I’m an introvert posing as an extrovert. Mostly that means that I need time alone to recharge. Alone alone. Not ‘you sit in your half of the house where I can see you and I’ll sit in mine.’ I need 100% time by myself to recharge or I won’t be my charming self. If it weren’t for that I won’t be able to jump onto the ‘tiny’ train with both feet. Lol. That and it would be a little cramped with kids.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

tiny house

Not all tiny homes are created equal. Some stand head and shoulders above the rest and this is one of them. ‘The Pequod’ tiny home, designed by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses is 208 square feet of amazingness. I am quite keen on this mini marvel. Great feats of architecture come in small packages too. Lol.

Most tiny homes have pull out furniture, hidden storage compartments, and clever sleeping arrangements. This one has all of those and so much more! I got more and more excited for the family living here as I was looking at the interior. The catwalk and loft with a king bed are fabulous. I love the kitchen bench/full table! The kitchen pull out pantry is a DIY that i’ve been wanting to do for a while. They’ve inspired me!

Have you ever wondered what makes a home tiny? There are rules. Lol. A tiny home is defined as anything 400 Square feet or less (on a trailer or foundation). A home of between 400 and 1000 square feet is consider a small home. Now you know.

See inside the Pequod house here…

LittleThings: The Pequod Tiny House (full tour)

Modern Tiny House

What’s this? A box? A house? Yes. It’s a shipping container turned house. I love it! Houses can be made out of anything these days; buses, grain silos, caves. Literally anything. Houses being made of shipping containers is a newer trend that is starting to pick up steam around the globe and I’m so glad!

This home, designed by the Costa Rican firm Cubica, is a marvel. It has a compact design and was built with an environmental awareness. I want to vacation here! Every bit of space has been used to the fullest. You would think that 160 square feet would make for a miserable living space but it’s quite the opposite. It’s lovely!

I love the recessed lighting, wood, and natural warm colors. It just feels so homey. This would be an awesome extension to any home. Although that would take away from the nice natural setting.

Check out these 23 other container homes from Container Home Plans. I’m so inspired right now!

Here’s the link to take the full tour…

LittleThings: Take The Tour – 160 Square Foot Dream Home