I have been working on my laundry room for what feels like forever. Painting, decorating, organizing, everything. I have the color all picked out. A lovely sea foam green. I’m going to paint the cabinets white but I don’t have that perfect shade yet. I have this great wall shelf and decals all ready to go up. There is so much to do. This roundup from Diply has 16 ideas that will make remodels for tiny laundry spaces possible and fun.

I need number 6. A shelf above the door is a brilliant idea and would give me so much more room. I use number 7 already. It’s perfect for storing cleaning supplies and saves valuable cabinet space. (I screwed mine to the wall though because the over the door hooks were causing scuffs.) All those tips on ironing boards? Haha, yeah right?! Who uses one of those anymore. I think mine is in the garage somewhere, if I even still have it. Here is another laundry roundup, this one from Buzzfeed, that has 31 ideas for making doing laundry easier. Anything to help!

Here’s the link to all 16 ideas…

Diply: 16 Tiny Laundry Rooms That Prove You Can Make It Big On A Budget

Pink House

Pretty In Pink is one of John Hughes’s legendary movies. It sums up adolescent life so well. You must watch it someday. Pink is all the rage in some circles. One house, designed and built by Tiny Living Inc., is called Poco Pink and it is the cutest little thing. It is precious, inside and out.

These homes are built on an 18 foot trailer and are 160 square feet. That might seem small but the insides were designed to feel quite spacious. I love all of the natural light, high ceilings, and pine walls and floors. The outside color makes me think that is Barbie’s dream house on a larger scale. Here is the trailer for Pretty In Pink. In case you missed it in 1986 like I did. It was before my time but I caught it the second time around, once it was already a classic. Legend-airy.

Here’s the link to tour inside this tiny home…

Little Things: This Pretty Pink Tiny House Is Just As Gorgeous Inside As It Is Outside


We in America have an amazing car culture. Ever since the invention of the car, and since Henry Ford made vehicles available to the masses, we have been obsessed. Not just with the cars themselves but with the freedom they represent. It allowed people to move out of town. They could now commute to the city for work. More importantly to me and my family, it brought seemingly far away places closer together. Can you imagine walking or riding a horse to the other side of town for groceries? Riding a buckboard wagon with the family from Oregon to Southern California for a weekend at Disneyland? We can now travel in style and we can bring our houses with us.

One couple decided they too wanted to hit the open road. They decided to do so with house in tow. Literally! And they decided to build this 170 square foot tiny home all by themselves. It took 8 months of working in their spare time to create it. The geometry of the house serves to maximize the interior space and keep it reasonably aerodynamic for towing. And to think…none of this would have been possible without the invention of the car. Lol. Here are some other fun self-sufficient and portable homes. It’s something to consider.

Take the full tour inside here…

Little Things: This 170-Sq-Ft Tiny House Is A Geometric Masterpiece


What hasn’t been repurposed into an amazing home? I’ve seen old jails, school buses, and boats turned into a creative and beautiful living spaces. I’ve even seen an airplane home! But this is my first time seeing a church and it’s really beautiful!

Saint Nicolas Church was built in in the 1790s and looks more like a castle than a place of worship. A few things give it away, the graveyard in the backyard is one. The beautiful stained glass depictions of saints is another. I think my favorite thing about this home is the vaulted ceilings. The whole design of the building is amazing. They did a great job with the restoration!

I’m not sure where Kyloe, Northumberland is but I would love to visit it and maybe these nice folks would let me take a peek inside. At the very least, I’d be happy with just seeing the outside and having a jaunt through the tomb stones. Remember that repurposed airplane I mentioned? Check out Aviation Humor and see it for yourself. Here it is!

Here’s the link to take the full tour…

LittleThings: Tour The “After” Here (Abandoned Church)

garage tiny home

What condition is your garage in? Perfect, spotless, impeccable? Good for you! Mine is quite the opposite! Shelves brimming and boxes stacked miles high. Gag. It’s on my ‘to-do’ list to clean and organize it this summer. I wish I could scrap the whole thing; start from scratch and turn my garage into a lovely little cottage like the one created by the folks over at Art Design Build.

They turned a dark and dingy space into 340 square feet of brightly light living area. This tiny home has an open living area that is used as a bedroom (Murphy bed) and office. There is a bright and beautiful kitchen, bathroom, and upstairs sleeping loft too. What a cozy garden hideaway. Since most of us can’t turn our garage into lovely homes, we might as well keep them tidy. This Old House has some helpful tips on how to do that. Find them all here.

See inside this fabulous home here…

TinyHouseTalk: Garage Converted Into 340 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cottage (photo tour)

Monarch Home

You can get a brand new car for $22,000. You can get ones a year old for thousands less than that. We bought our car, new from the lot, for $20k. I know you’re not supposed to do that because they depreciate by about a billion percent the second you drive off but we loved it and we will have it payed off next month. (Thank you Dave Ramsey!) The problem with spending thousands on a car is that they don’t last. We will have to buy a new one as our family grows. One thing that doesn’t depreciate with time is real estate. Monarch Tiny Homes believes in making tiny homes for tiny prices that will last for a long time. That sounds like a good thing to me!

Minimalist living never looked so good! Could you live in a 20-foot x 8 1/2-foot x 13-foot home? Maybe if you got to customize it to fit your one of a kind personality! There are upgrades available too. $20k is a starter price. There are bigger models that are closer to $50,000. Yikes! One of my favorite features about this company is that they will deliver your home too. Talk about the best day ever! Looking to get out of debt and pay off everything like we did? Check out Dave Ramsey. Pretty great stuff.

Take the tour inside here… See Inside This $22,000 Tiny Home (interior photos)


How creative are the Szymczak family? I’ll answer that for you…so creative! They repurposed a school bus into the most amazing thing…a house that fits six! And it fits six comfortably. That is quite the feat of engineering. The conversion process was cheaper than renting their house in Washington state! #Winnnnn

Their four kids are little but the inside is pretty spacious by all tiny home standards. Their littles are home schooled so they are free to spend more time together, explore the world around them, and appreciate the simple life. What a wonderful concept! Don’t you think this is awesome? Sorry, but there is something wrong with you if you don’t! Lol.

I love it when things are given second chances! Things like school buses. Some busses are just lucky I guess. See all of these repurposed buses over at Mental Floss…they are fantastic! Maybe for sale? Lol.

See inside their beautiful home on wheels here…

LittleThings: Family Converts An Old School Bus Into A Comfortable Tiny Home (photos)

Tiny Home

How cute is this tiny home? I love what Timbercraft Tiny Homes designer Doug Schroeder has come up with. It is one of the more sophisticated minny living spaces that you will ever see. It’s comfortable, sustainable, and the envy of all the other tiny homes.

These mobile homes, built in Alabama, come in two sizes. 8’x16’ to 8’x24. Both have fold out porches, giving them a little extra room. This house is easy to travel with and can be hooked up to a sewer system at a camp site easily.

Do you like what you see? I love the white cabinets with black fixtures. I’ve got to get me some of those! It’s so open and airy! Here is a roundup of 25 other tiny homes that will make you wish you were ‘living small.’ Casa do Penedo is crazy! The tree house and floating house are brilliant too.

Here’s the link to see the amazing interior…

LittleThings: Tiny Home With A Magazine-Worthy Interior (photos)

San Juan Home

I am in love with Jessica and Carson Lynch’s tiny home. It is definitely one of a kind. I know that every tiny home is unique but this one is more so. What makes it so special? It has room for you and a guest. This home is so spacious when it comes to sleeping that you will need to see it to believe it.

Located on Guemes Island, part of the San Juan island chain in Washington, this home is for rent for just $699 a week. That seems like a steal to me! Considering it is the perfect place to hide from the world and rejuvenate for a while. I love the white paint and exposed pine. It make it feel so open and bright! I wish my home was painted like that. Thinking about visiting Guemes Island? Or the San Juans in general? Here’s some more info.

Here’s the link to take the tour inside…

HouseBeautiful: This Amazing Tiny Home Has Room For You AND A Guest (photos)


The Mile High City is home to four sports teams, the cursed ‘Blucifer’ statue, the first Chipotle, and so much more. It’s also where you will find the coolest shipping container home. This house, made of recycled materials, was designed to leave a small carbon footprint (hooray!). It’s large, bright, and spacious. You’d never know it was made from shipping containers by looking at the inside!

I love the ‘great room’ concept. That the rooms are open and flow into each other to create more space and light. The rooftop deck is great! Um, but I don’t see the hot tub. No view like that can be fully appreciated without a hot tub.

Denver is a cool place, that’s probably why the owners decided to build their container home there. Duh. Obviously! Check out these 50 facts about Denver that you never learned in school. (Especially the ones about their demon horse.)

Here’s the link to take the full tour inside…

Little Things: Stunning Home Made Of Recycled Shipping Containers (photos)