While not officially tiny, this small vacation home is perfect for a mountain getaway. At 507 square feet this home can sleep 6, seven if you count the couch. That’s really nice! It has all you need, except maybe a little space away from the rest of the family. That is ok, I can go for a walk in the woods for that rejuvenating sense of tranquility when they start to drive me crazy. The vaulted ceilings are beautiful and add a sense of light and space to the living room. The porch, which isn’t added into the total square footage, makes for an airy spacious feel as the living room opens up into it.

The square footage means it is not a true tiny home. A small home is 400-1000 square feet and a true tiny home is anything less than 400. There are also width and height requirements (picky picky.) But who cares? It’s awesome no matter what category it falls in! This isn’t mobile like so many of our other tiny home posts but, it’s in such a great location why would you want to move it anyway? Learn more about tiny houses here, or here, or here.

Here’s the link to all the stunning interior photos…

LittleThings: 507 Sq Ft Chattahoochee Cabin (interior photos)

hoarders house makeover

Los Feliz, California is a hillside neighborhood in the central Los Angeles Region. It is known for its affluent and picturesque houses. There was this one house that, until recently, didn’t fit that bill. It was a hot mess to say the least! Yuck! This Spanish Revival home was bought in the 60’s for $16,000 because it was in such poor condition and over the years it just got worse. (Those poor neighbors! Talk about property value.)

It would have made perfect sense to take a garbage filled home and torn it down. Instead the owners opted for a remodel and I’m so glad they did! It’s stunning. I can’t believe it’s the same house! The kitchen is my favorite room. I love the teal cabinets. The mosaic/tile bathtub is pretty great and I am in love with the rooftop cubierta. This house made me want to visit España. Maybe I can sneak it onto our travel list someday. Here are some fun and not widely known facts about the ‘land of rabbits.’ You have to study up before visiting a place!

See the crazy before and after pictures of this house here…

LT: Home Filled To The Brim With Garbage – Stunning Transformation!

container home stilts

Could this be the world’s largest Lego set? Some assembly required. You will need an Erector set (crane) to put it all in place. Once this shipping container is where you want it, go wild with the design. These houses could be a refuge plunked down on a small plot of land just about anywhere. You can feel good about your small carbon footprint. You can brag to your friends about the largest upscaling project anyone has ever seen. Go big. Go small. Do anything you can dream up with this gigantic steel Lego set. At just about $2,000 a piece you can afford to use multiple containers to expand your home anytime you want. Need to add a bedroom? Do it. Living room feeling a little cramped? Find yourself a crane operator and a welder to double the size.

With some modifications these tiny, and some not so tiny, homes look as though they could make a comfortable abode. My favorites are the ones that don’t look like shipping containers at all. So put some siding on it. Plaster the walls. Add a few windows. You will have the dream home of any Lego fanatic.

Speaking of Lego fanatics…You’re not alone. There are competitions out there and everything! The Lego website has a goldmine of info. Check out these Lego creations, it’s my fav! Plus, Legoland is the coolest place ever!

Here’s the link to take the full tour…

Little Things: He Spent $2,000 On This Blue Box For A New Home. (see inside)

airstream tour

I don’t love everything 70’s. I mean, I’m all about big hair (Farrah Fawcett, what a hottie!) and I like the television from that era (Happy Days and The Brady Bunch), but I’m an eighties child at heart and I don’t get too excited about bell bottoms or Hamburger Helper (introduced to the country in 1971). One thing 70’s that is do love is Airstream trailers! These vintage trailers are popping up on roads and in backyards everywhere. This one, parked in NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) is the ultimate homage to vintage 70’s.

Jay and Jami, the owners of the cozy trailer, are big on creativity and collecting. The interior of their home is like nothing you’ve ever seen before; it’s like a color explosion. It’s bright and intense and might look a little crazy to the outsider but it’s special to them. Everything they have scooped up has meaning and a fun story behind it. They gather trinkets from second hand shops, estate sales, and antique stores, as well as collecting their own keepsakes along the way. What a way to decorate! Could you see yourself living in such a brightly colored place?

I don’t think I could live in their airstream. I’d love to visit but I have more simple tastes. I could live in one of these ones though! Check out numbers 3 and 5!

Here’s the link for the full inside tour…

Little Things: Amazing 1976 Airstream Trailer (picture tour)


‘May the force be with you.’ ‘Live long and prosper.’ ‘Goonies never say die.’ You have chosen…wisely.’ We are all fans of something; movies, video games, people. But some people take their fandom to whole new and amazing levels. Like serious new levels. This roundup, featured at Diply, has 21 of the most fantastic rooms you will ever see. These creative people have taken some of our favorite books, movies, and comic book characters and made them into realities. Love!

The Harry Potter nursery is precious. The Pac Man and Mario rooms took me back to my arcade days. The shire? Wow! And I want my own Tardis! These are so fun and any kid (or a kid-at-heart) who had one of these would be so lucky!

These rooms are so fun. I love that their creators were so dedicated. For those of us who can swing a full remodel, how about a movie prop? Next best thing. Check ‘em out here.

Here’s the link to all 21 ideas…

Diply: 21 Home Decor Ideas To Geek Out Over

wagon tiny home

Can you believe this trailer? I can. It’s totally believable and totally amazing! Rachel Ross is the owner of this charming and amazing tiny trailer home in the Canadian cedar forest. It is everything a tiny home should be; cozy, bright, and whimsical.

I think this would be a great place to stay in the summer. I imagine it would be a little cold in the dead of winter. Canada isn’t known for it’s warm winters. I much prefer this over tent camping. I love the round window! How cool that it’s made from an old 70’s picnic table! The skylights are fun too. I love how much light there is.

Planning a trip? Why not go to the Cedar Forest? You can’t stay in Rachel’s cabin but you could camp here. What a lovely campground! It has everything; fresh air, clean water, and beautiful trees. Love it! Next time I’m in Canada.

Here’s the link to take the full tour…

Little Things – A Wagon In The Woods (pictures)

Harry Potter

I love the magical world of Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling created a wonderful fantasy place inside the pages of her books. The story follows Harry, a young wizard, and his friends as they seek to destroy Voldemort, who is trying to become immortal and conquer the world. That’s basically it but you need to read all seven books and watch all eight movies to experience the magic. The books and movies are great but why stop there? Why not have Potter themed decor? These 20 people do and I’m so happy to have stumbled across these brilliant ideas.

I love the desk and book covers. How fun! The train station platform is my favorite. I saw that on a bathroom door once and I couldn’t stop laughing! Some people are so creative. Which one of these rooms is your fav?

Ever wonder what house you would be in? Do you love family, people, teamwork, comfort, and living things? It’s Hufflepuff for you. Maybe you are daring and desire fame. Look before you leap? Never! Gryffindor. It’s Slytherin if you love mystery and intrigue, are battle ready, and love to excel. Ravenclaw (my personal fav) is for the curious, those who love to learn, like elegant things, can be a little snobby, love history, and hate conflict. Take this quiz here and see where you fit!

Here’s the link to all 20 magical room ideas…

Diply: 20 Harry Potter Bedroom Ideas All Muggles Can Enjoy


Now is the time to sell/buy. Or so I’m told. I know nothing of these things.The real estate game is complicated! We bought our home almost three years ago at fabulous rates. Interest rates have since gotten even lower and equity has gotten even higher and a lot of my neighbors are moving on to bigger and better things. I’m going to miss them! But what do you do if you can’t sell your house? What if no one wants it? That would never happen to me, lol. Our house is fabulous but a little kid-lived in. But that is what has happened to David and Gillian Walsh. No one wanted their house. Let’s find out why…

Located in Crosby, England, it’s big and spacious and in a nice neighborhood. The inside is what throws most people for a loop. They don’t like the interior decor. It’s a colorful and crowded and a lot to take in. I don’t understand what the big deal is. People are buying a six bedroom house, not all it’s furnishings. It is a little hard for some people to see ‘the forest through the trees.’

See inside this one of a kind house here…

Little Things: Realtors Have Tried Everything, But It Won’t Sell (photos)

tiny stone house

Another tiny home for your viewing pleasure. (You’re welcome!) This one has a Hobbit theme and I love it! The home itself may not be what a hobbit would live in, since it is above ground and all. But, it makes for beautiful views of the nearby ski resort and the rest of the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains.

Look at all the little details like the script written on the stairs. The stone work and the weathered shingles on the outside of the house help to blend it into the surround area. I think it looks like something out of Little Red Riding Hood.

You can even sit out in the hot tub and watch the wildlife walk by, while waiting for the timer to go off on the oven in your fully equipped kitchen. This looks like a great retreat to get away from it all. I’m think we need to plan a ski weekend with the whole family! Snow Magazine has a roundup of the top 10 ski resorts in the world. Wish I could go to them all!

Here’s the link to get the full tour of this magical home…

Little Things: Magical 850 Sq Ft Home (inside pictures)


Tiny houses come in all shapes and sizes. Some blend into their surrounds and some are built to enhance it. This home in the Uk definitely doesn’t blend; it stands out because of it’s fun fairy tale qualities. It is in the most picturesque location too. The ‘Jack Sparrow’ cabin can be found it the Cornish countryside, nestled between Foulmoth Bay, the Tregaminion orchards and Porthallow Beach. It’s lovely! And if you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods you can rent it for the week.

Leaf shaped windows, a tear drop door, quaint four-pained windows, and a sloping roof, this house is one of a kind. The owner/ builder searched long and hard before he decided on a design. He took ideas from many tiny homes until he had created the perfect one. Jack Sparrow was built in nine months and will all reclaimed materials. I love it!

What do you think? Want to live in a fairytale cottage? How about one of these ones here? I like the ‘Adorable Carmel Cottage’…

See more of this whimsical home here…

Little Things: An A-Line Tiny Home Straight From A Fairy Tale (inside pictures)