Creative House

Tiny homes, tiny homes everywhere. They are absolutely everywhere. Tiny homes are amazing but after awhile you might think, ‘Seen one, seen ‘em all.’ Not a chance. They are amazing, customizable, and genius. This house with sliding walls proves that!

Sliding walls?! If there wasn’t a video I probably wouldn’t have believed it myself. I’m going to try and find this house if I’m ever in Suffolk, England. It’s so creative. Talk about a room with a view; this is a whole house with a view! The house has ‘walls’ that move. In actuality, the house doesn’t move but there is a sleeve or roof that moves over the house. It takes all of 6 minutes to transform this glass house into a quaint barn with a covered patio.

This is the perfect way to experience the seasons and maximize everything Mother Nature is giving. From rainbows to rainstorms. I think it would be very expensive but ohh boy is it creative! Here is another glass home that I could see myself enjoying the elements in. Check out what Candlewood has to offer here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Jail Remodel

You Live In What?, is a television show featured on HGTV that goes around the country finding the most amazing homes. It focuses around amazing men and women who transform run down buildings of all sorts into unique living spaces. So creative! None are more creative than this rustic jailhouse turned home in Benjamin, Texas.

Benjamin is a little town of 258 people and the home of Wyman and Sylinda Meinzer. It’s also home to a historic jailhouse. This jail was built in 1887 and used until 1938. The Meinzer family scooped in and bought it to keep this piece of history intact and also because the wanted to live there. Lol.

I love the history seen here and how it has been preserved while being made current and comfy. It literally is something out of another era. You even see where the prisoners tried to escape and the original steel doors. Love it! I think old buildings full of history are fascinating! Dornob has another fun one you need to see.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Bright Tiny House

Tiny houses are each unique; no two exactly the same. One of the things that sets them apart is their creative names. This awesome home, featured by Tiny House Giant Journey, is called Ravenlore. Modeled after the Victorian style and painted the brightest colors imaginable, it truly is one of a kind. It reminds me of my Doll’s playhouse. As cute as it is, I might have to go for more traditional colors.

Jim Wilkins of Tiny Green Cabins designed this little beauty. He is so talented! It is overflowing with natural light, has a huge closet, three smugglers hatches (ahoy!), and I am loving the solar panels. Custom homes are amazing. You can pick everything from the type of toilet to the type of staircase. That can get pricey so I’m going to have to watch for a sale!

My only concern with Ravenlore would be the lack of oven. Is there one and I just missed it? Maybe something like a combination stove top/oven/dishwasher would do the trick. Yes they do make them! Not convinced? See it here and believe.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Home Decorating

This roundup of diagrams is a great guide if you are looking for some interior decorating help. Not all of us can hire a professional when it comes to decorating our houses and I bet not many of us actually are professional decorators/designers. Anyone? Stop by my house please if you are!

I found this very helpful because it’s hard for me to picture the finished project. These diagrams help give a nice idea of what the end result will look like without going through all the work. Perfect! That way I don’t have to do the project and then decide at the end that I don’t like it after all.

I like having all the info in one place too. If I were to search ‘tile designs’ a bunch of different sites would pop up and I would have to go to all of them before I found the right one. If I went to a home improvement store my tile selections wouldn’t be lined up this closely for me to compare. I like this much better.

The standard furniture dimensions and the dimensions for space planning would be super helpful when shopping if I forgot to measure. For pillow style, I’m rockin’ #8. My headboard is a cross between York and Hanover. I have the empire shades. That’s just cool info to know.

If this all is a little much for you I understand. It is a lot! But #23 and #24 are for everyone. Wall art and picture hanging is always helpful info to have. And HGTV has 25 other ways to dress up your blank walls if hanging pictures and wall art just isn’t for you. Super cute! Check them out here.

See all 37 diagrams here…

BuzzFeed: These 37 Diagrams Are Everything You Need To Decorate Your Home

Lydia's House

I’m a proud homeowner. I have a lovely red house with a white door. There are some baby oak trees out front that will someday be big and beautiful making this the perfect place to live. But if you get down to the brass tacks, I won’t be a homeowner for 15 more years (unless we refinance). Can you say mortgage? Yes, we own our home but we are still paying for it. Many of you are probably in the same boat. Know who isn’t in the boat with us? Lydia! Who? Let me tell you…

Lydia is only 22 and already mortgage free. She spent $30,000 and 8 months of DIYing building her perfect home. I wish I’d had it that together at her age! Mad props Lydia!

Feeling incredibly jealous? Stressed about your mortgage? Check out these tips from Dave Ramsey. My husband and I are on his plan for getting out of debt and I am so impressed! First the credit cards and then the house. Lol. Find his tips here.

Now for the fun tour of Lydia’s home and more of her story…

TinyHouseListings: Lydia’s Tiny Home – Mortgage Free At 22 (photos)

Vintage Home

Don’t judge a book a book by it’s cover and don’t judge a house by it’s exterior. That’s what we can learn from this house in the Bloor West Village of Toronto. The surprise waiting inside? It’s a time warp. It will take you back in time to the 50’s and 60’s. This home is 100% (down to the last detail) decorated to fit a bygone era. It’s in perfect condition and for sale.

There was a movie that came out in the late 90’s, ‘Blast From The Past,’ where a family lived in an underground shelter from 1962-1997. This house is kind of like that. Wonderfully unchanged by time. It reminds me of my grandparent’s house. Lol. They have that same carpet and tile. I’m pretty sure their bathroom is a seafoam color as well. I’ll have to show them this! Those fuzzy toilet seat covers and rug are the only things that I don’t like about it. I always think of germs.

Don’t ever be fooled by the outside! This is another one with a crazy inside… Eekkk! Check out the house featured at Sunny Skyz’s here.

See all the amazing interior photos here…

Little Things: Toronto 1950’s Home (interior photos)

Vintage Kitchen

You won’t believe this fantastic house, featured over at The little Things. It hasn’t been lived in…ever! Built in 1965 it has been waiting for the right owner and finally has found one. The best part about that is that now we can see inside.

I love it! It’s pink and perfect and patriotic. Yes that’s right. In the 50’s the color wasn’t seen as girly at all. At the end of WWII the color was seen as joyful and patriotic because of the First Lady. It was the First Lady Mamie Eisenhower’s favorite color. Bathroom and kitchen decor was inspired by her and this particular shade was even named after her. As many as 5 million houses might have had a pink kitchen like this! What? I need to ask my Grandma about it! So cool. I love learning new things.

I couldn’t even recognize some of the appliances. It took me a minute to figure out the dishwasher and what the buttons on the stove did. I loved the fridge. It’s so amazing that all the manuals are there.

Want to learn more about Mamie? I know I do! The Miller Center has a lot of really great info.

Get the full tour inside here…

Little Things: Original 1950’s Kitchen (photos)

hide eyesores at home

There are a lot of ways to make our homes more visually appealing. Sometimes we take on interior decorating and renovate a room or two. But there are other smaller tasks you can do to improve your living space and decor. We all have some pesky things around the home that would look a lot better if they were hidden, such as the router or thermostat.

We’ve found a great list of ways to hide those unsightly eyesores at home. Those are things we can’t really get rid of but they do not exactly fit in with our current decorating scheme either. So why not hide them? If you get creative you can learn a lot of neat ways to hide things!

Simple solutions such as hanging a painting over a thermostat or storing your router in a pretty box can make a huge difference in the overall design of your space. Take a few minutes to review these innovative ideas and see how you can utilize them at home!

See all 17 ideas here…

Sun Tiles

I am soooo cold! All the time. Even now as I sit here typing I feel like my fingers might freeze off. I think it’s partly due to circulation but mostly to the thermostat. ‘Someone’ in my house insists that it not be turned up high. Booo. I bet cold wouldn’t be a problem if I had a natural heating source like these sun tiles.

Let’s face it. Solar panels aren’t that pretty to look at. They are great for power but not for the aesthetic beauty of your home. These glass roof tiles aren’t unattractive at all. In fact they are just as functional as they are fashionable.

Made from ordinary glass, these tiles cut down on energy costs and provides insulation. It’s not like having a furnace on your roof but they will keep things warmer. They can generate 350 kWh (kilowatts) of heat per square meter or 10 square feet (science talk). How amazing that we can harness the power of the sun. I wonder what Apollo thinks of that. Here are some other solar panel designs that are a little more inconspicuous than the norm. Trend Hunter has gathered up some good ones for us.

Learn more about this amazing glass/solar tiles here…

Inhabitat: SolTech’s Beautiful Glass Roof Tiles

Tillamook House

Rich Daniels is a master builder. Kind of like in the Lego Movie. He envisions and creates the most amazing things based on what people need. His tiny homes come in all shapes and sizes and are tailor made to fit the needs of his clients. Oh how I wish I was one of his clients!

All I can say is bay windows. Big bay window. How did he fit them in here? I love natural light and the ‘Tillamook Triple Bay’ tiny house is overflowing with it. Ok, I have more to say than that. It looks comfortable, functional, elegant, and spacious. This is any tiny home owners dream come true.

Would you consider living in a tiny home like this? Where would you park it? It would need to be someplace where the view and surrounding area are just as beautiful as the inside. This historic tiny cottage featured at Tiny House Talk has just that. It’s located in Plymouth, NH and is gorgeous inside and out. Isn’t it quaint? Fyi…it’s on Airbnb and VRBO!

All of Daniel’s photos will blow you away! Check them out here…

Rich Daniels: Tillamook Triple Bay Tiny House (Interior Photos)