Purple House

Have you heard the song “Purple Rain” by Prince? Yup. We all have. Now, let me ask you this…Have you heard of the purple house in Hillingdog, Middlesex, England? My guess is no. If you’re like me, you probably don’t even know where Hillingdog is. This house is so crazy, it’s seriously worth checking out!

Listen up home buyers! This four bedroom all purple house could be yours. On the outside it looks normal but the inside is quite colorful. It is literally decorated with 50 shades of purple with white accents. I like purple but I don’t like it this much! This house has me wondering about my neighbors. Normal on the outside but what about the inside? Maybe this is why the Jones haven’t had us over!

Forbes has a roundup of 12 strange houses also on the market. They are awesome. Some are a dream come true and some look as strange on the outside as they do on the inside. Find all 12 here.

See all the amazing interior photos here…

Diply: Looks Like A Regular House On The Outside… (See Inside)

Tiny Lego House

Christian Schallert lives in a 258 square foot apartment in Barcelona, Spain. it has a spectacular view of the city if you can brave all 100 steps to get to the 5th floor. I think the space itself is even more impressive that the view.

As in most tiny homes, the furniture has to either tuck away or have more than one purpose. He calls his home ‘active’ because he is constantly moving things and building what he wants. Move the bed to make the couch. Move the wall to make the kitchen or table. I love that Christian didn’t sacrifice anything he wanted just because the space is small. The kitchen is fully functional and practical. It even has a dishwasher and microwave. This apartment has tons of storage space, a huge shower, and a large TV.

He says that he was inspired by furniture found on boats that needs to be stored away because of rough waters. Wherever the ideas came from, they are brilliant. It’s the perfect space for home bodies or travelers. He said they once had 40 people there! Using the roof and balcony too. I love this place! P.S. This apartment is for sale!

They call it a ‘Lego’ house because they have to build what they need. Legos are the best! So are these Lego activities, projects, crafts, and decorations from Tip Junkie. Find all 55 here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Tiny House Cottage

“It’s alright to be little bitty, a little hometown or a big old city…” Alan Jackson had it right! An itsy bitsey house can be just as great as a big one and this little cottage shows that. This house offers stunning ocean views and has the most picturesque location! What’s that realtors are always saying? Location location location! This one is in in the UK but I think the US is ready for some.

This cottage feels huge. It must be the combination of french doors, nautical themed decor, and white paint. It has me rethinking some of my color/decorating themes. It’s just so bright! I would willingly sacrifice some space to live in a place like this but I don’t think the weather is as nice as the pictures all year long. It might be blustery in the winter so bring blankets!

This house is located in Whitsand Bay, a popular place for local surfers. If would be the perfect summer home for someone constantly on the water. Check out this other house, built by Molecule Tiny Homes, specifically for a surfer who wanted to live on the coast and take full advantage of what nature had to offer. It’s great! Find it here.

Find the full article and all the photos here… Little Things: She Built A Tiny 320 Square Foot Cottage That Actually Feels Huge…Genius!!

cornwall cottage

5 Extraordinary DIY Eco Homes

Eco friendly and sustainable living is all the rage these days. Reducing our carbon footprint and preserving the earth for the generations coming after us is a very important. We only have one planet! These houses have taken “eco” to whole new heights. Amazing heights! Don’t get confused, these aren’t hovels; far from it. Being off the grid doesn’t mean roughing it and going without modern amenities. It used to but not any more.

These houses are so clever. The hobbit houses (You know, Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit) are built into hills and blend into their surroundings. The Cob Buildings are similar. The other houses featured here are Earthships, Earthbag, and Cordwood. I’ve never heard of these! I grew up off the grid with solar power and gravity fed springs. My house didn’t look anything like these. Jealous! Check out these other ways from SFGATE to cut your carbon footprint here.

Find all 5 houses from The Spirit Science here…

The Spirit Science: 5 Extraordinary DIY Eco Homes

Amazing Small House

2014 was the year of cutting back. I have a couple of friends that challenged themselves to not buy anything material, and I mean that they didn’t buy anything; no slippers, no curtains, no cars! They wanted to be aware of how they spent their money and try and break some bad spending habits. I can’t quite do that or my remodel will never get finished but I am challenged to live in moderation and not spend frivolously in 2015. One other way some people have cut back is on their houses. They get tiny ones! They can’t get more stuff if there isn’t room for it!

The Timber Cab 550 has an open floor plan with lots of windows and vaulted ceilings. It doesn’t feel small because those added features help make it seem huge! You are paying for that feeling though! This cabin isn’t cheap by any means, but it is nice and just think of how you will be impacting the environment in a positive way. Cutting out some of the high end furnishing and appliances might cut some costs.This cabin is nicer than a lot of peoples fixer-uper starter homes!

Living in a tiny space is really doable! I know I say that a lot, but here is a practical example. If a family with two small kids (under the age of 5) can do it, then you can too! Find the story of the Booker family here. Also check how to make a DIY yurt from Instructables here.

Find the full tour of this fabulous cabin at Tiny House Talk here…

Tiny House Talk: 550 Square Foot Prefab Timber Cabin

How To Build A 14x14 Solar Cabin

There are scores of amazing stories about people who have chosen to abandon society and live a more simple life off the grid. The Call Of The Wild is the only story I can think of off the top of my head…but there are loads of others!

I could never give up civilization entirely but I relish the idea of getting away from it for awhile. A cabin like this would surely do the trick.

Sustainable living can be a thing of beauty if done right. Huts with chamber pots are a thing of the past. Glory! These plans offer a wonderful guide to “off-grid” living. This eBook shows how to build the cabin, install solar and wind power, how to build cabin additions and so much more. This lovely little cabin was made $2000 using new materials! FInd some other exciting sustainable living ideas from Apartment Therapy here

Here is the full article… Simple Solar Homesteading: How To Build A 14×14 Solar Cabin

Don’t miss the video either. It shows the whole house coming together nicely…Enjoy!

300 Sq. Ft. Barn To Tiny Cabin Conversion

I can’t get enough of these tiny houses. I love the architects and designers brilliant planning. The full kitchens and bathrooms never ceases to amaze me. Even though they are small, tiny homes aren’t lacking for modern conveniences. And this cabin, found over at Tiny House Talk, is no exception. I know that you will love it as much as I do!

This 300 sq. ft. barn, turned rustic hunting lodge is a ‘tiny home work of art.’ It is so cozy and warm! And the personal touches are the best. I love the staircase and driftwood decorations. The checkered deer on the wall is pretty fun too. This house has a lot of personality! I think that is the #2 reason tiny homes are so popular right now. #1 being that they are sustainable, eco-friendly, simple, and that you won’t have a mortgage. The second would be the limitless designs and possibilities to express yourself. Find more totally unique tiny houses here

See all the interior photos and read the full article…

Tiny House Talk:
300 Sq. Ft. Barn To Tiny Cabin Conversion

secret window kitchen floor

Spiral staircases are my favorite and having one that doubles as a wine cellar is the best thing ever! The walls are lined with wine. More than I could ever drink! What a wonderful idea for wine drinkers. Cellars are designed to keep wine at the perfect temperature and this one is especially nice because it is close to where the action is; the kitchen and dining room. Even if you don’t enjoy a nice glass of pinot, this is a cool idea. It could be used for extra storage.

I think I would hide it beneath matching floorboards and not a window. Then it would really be a secret room! If you get a chance to build your dream house please consider putting in something like this. Anything can be custom designed! Flavorwire also has some amazing homes with custom secret rooms and passages that should help inspire you…

Check out more photos of this amazing cellar here… Little Things: This Man Put A Secret Window On His Kitchen Floor. The Reason? Genius!

5 Incredible Tiny Homes That Are Under 250 Square Feet…

These 5 house, featured by Little Things, are the most likely to convince you to get a tiny home. Most of the little houses on the market today can be custom designed and they are made with such love and detail! You could go for a modern, rustic, artsy, or waterfront look. That is just to name a few possibilities. There is literally something for everyone and to fit every personality and style. They are are so creative! (The one is Idaho even has a wood burning stove!)

The only thing I would change would be adding about 500 more square feet. Haha. I know that defeats the purpose but I would go stir crazy after about 6 months! I love these to pieces and I desperately want one but I just don’t know if I could live in one long term. Having a tiny home in the backyard for guests or as an expansion to the house seems perfect. I can have the best of both worlds…big house for me and little house for everyone else or when I need to get away from the chaos of it all. If you’re looking for more ways to get away from it all and ‘de-stress,’ check out Help Guide here.

Here’s the link to Little Things’ full article and all 5 amazing houses…

Little Things: 5 Incredible Tiny Homes That Are Under 250 Square Feet…

tiny paris apartment transformation

86 square feet? Yikes! A woman in Paris took an itty bitty living space and turned it into quite the creative apartment. It has everything yours and mine has but on a tiny scale. The before picture is absolutely terrifying! I’m impressed that someone could see past it and imagine something better. I’m sure the money saved doesn’t even compare to the cost of renovations. Paris is a spendy place!

Up 7 flights of stairs and down a narrow hallway you will find a cozy Parisian apartment. Everything needed for living is tucked nicely away. There is a bed, stairs (to reach the bed), table and chairs, closet, bookshelf, storage, sink, fridge, water heater, and every other modern convenience. Everything is hidden in the walls and rolls out when needed. I am most impressed by the fully equipped bathroom. The tile is lovely and she used every bit of space to make it work. The white and wheat artwork is very nice and makes it feel bigger and more open than it actually is.

This is insanely small for me. I could do a night of two but not forever. It is definitely only a one person spot. Two people would drive each other insane after a while. Tiny homes aren’t all as small as this but all of them have one thing in common…an awesome use of space! See Oregon Cottage Company for other tiny house plans.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!