Building and designing a home is a dream among many. It takes real skill, talent and creativity to create unique and unforgettable homes though. That is exactly what Morton Buildings does time and time again! Morton Buildings create custom homes that often appear simple and even plain on the outside. But once you step foot inside it’s a whole other story.

The photos you are about to see may look plain at first, but pay close attention to the details and the lavish interior decorating. These buildings are actually beautiful mansions and cabins, but you might never guess that from the exterior!

This home belongs to Ann from Illinois:

Morton Buildings

From the outside it doesn’t seem very different than many other homes:

Morton Buildings

The double bay garage is many a man’s dream!

Morton Buildings

Gorgeous breakfast nook on the porch:

Morton Buildings

The decor and furniture are very comforting:

Morton Buildings

Spacious kitchen with so much lighting:

Morton Buildings

Who wouldn’t love a kitchen island like this:

Morton Buildings

The formal dining area is tastefully decorated:

Morton Buildings

A spacious yet cozy living room area:

Morton Buildings

Dual office area with wall-to-wall closets:

Morton Buildings

Clean and functional laundry area:

Morton Buildings

Charming master bedroom:

Morton Buildings

So much space in that double garage:

Morton Buildings

This is a hobby garage built for Rex & Kelly from Iowa:

Morton Buildings

It features Morton’s Hi-Rib steel and brick wainscot:

Morton Buildings

We love this old petro truck:

Morton Buildings

Great display area for the many products:

Morton Buildings

Paul from Texas is the proud home owner of this Morton cabin:

Morton Buildings

From the outside it doesn’t look like much of a traditional home:

Morton Buildings

But once you enter your eyes will feast upon rich, handsome decor:

Morton Buildings

Gorgeous flooring, wooden staircases and railings:

Morton Buildings

It even features a dumb waiter!

Morton Buildings

The wide open space is perfect for hosting parties:

Morton Buildings

Take a look at those unique chandeliers:

Morton Buildings

The deep red and rich wood in this master bedroom is very appealing:

Morton Buildings

A wonderful view from upstairs of the entertainment area:

Morton Buildings

Look how long the home is – 110 feet!

Morton Buildings

travel trailer tiny home

Are you a tiny house enthusiast? Tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular in today’s busy and hectic society.

People are finding they need to declutter and downsize because of both financial reasons and the need to create peace out of chaos. We can get so consumed with technology and material items that sometimes we just need to shut down that world and get back to nature.

Tiny homes are not only cost-effective, but they help you reduce clutter and material items you don’t necessarily need. Take a look at this travel trailer that was transformed into a gorgeous tiny home.

It’s called the Kirkwood Tiny House and features appliances, insulation, french doors, furniture and more. Plus the interior is so charming and tastefully designed!

The entire exterior and interior have been totally renovated so that this travel trailer resembles a real home. Take a look at the images below to learn more!

This is the amazing Kirkwood Tiny House on wheels:


Built from a mere travel trailer:


This 2004 Fleetwood Prowler has undergone several renovations:


It even makes use of the trailer slide-outs:


An upper level and small patio make this really unique:


Look at this gorgeous french door and the planter boxes:


The interior is beautifully designed with ample space and plenty of light:


Here’s another view of one of the french doors:


The kitchen nook makes great use of space:


Look how bright and airy the interior is:


There’s even a ladder to an upstairs loft:


A glass floor to peek out of:


This could be used for extra storage or a play area for young ones:


It’s all the small touches that truly make a home:


Shelves everywhere make great use of wall space:


This freezer box is even concealed beneath a lift-up counter:


A touch of green to bring it all together:


This entrance area displays a built-in window in the slide-out:


And transforms into the bedroom at night:


A Murphy bed makes the most sense in small spaces:


Comfortable and spacious living room area:


Kitchen organization at it’s best:


Check out how spacious and functional this is:


Hanging pots and pans and spices on the wall save even more space:


The bathroom vanity offers plenty of shelving and drawers:


Equipped with a full shower and bath:


Smart use of every single nook and cranny:


Imagine living in this tiny home that used to be a travel trailer:


The tiny home movement is growing strong, and why not? Today people are tired of being overloaded with technology, material things, work etc.

What can be more appealing than Mother Nature? Imagine zero distractions and a world of peace and quiet. Imagine a home you can feel comfortable in but also easily afford.

The amount of stress one could melt away is unbelievable. Not only are many tiny homes extremely affordable, many of them are even mobile! Think about how easy it would be to go on a road trip – you wouldn’t have to pack anything!

This tiny home on wheels by Wohnwagon is amazing and not to be overlooked. It is even made from all recycled materials! Check out the images below to learn more…

Beautiful tiny home made from all natural and recycled materials:

zum Wohnwagon

Impeccably decorated with soft colors and fabrics:

zum Wohnwagon

This home even sports a green eco roof and solar panels:

zum Wohnwagon

The roof panels generate energy and it is stored in batteries – and natural light washes throughout the interior from glazed windows:

zum Wohnwagon

Large comfortable bed with pullout table and several storage areas:

zum Wohnwagon

Pullouts to accompany more seating and sleeping areas:

zum Wohnwagon

The mosaic design in the bathroom is breath-taking:

zum Wohnwagon

Tasteful lighting and windows to make the most of natural light:

zum Wohnwagon

Clay plaster and sheep wool locally sourced make up the insulation to this profound home:

zum Wohnwagon

Even the smallest of details can make a big impact:

zum Wohnwagon

Wohnwagon designs and creates customized homes:

zum Wohnwagon


Do you believe the world is going to be thrust into chaos soon? Do you watch too much Walking Dead and think the zombie apocalypse is on it’s way? Is the biblical rapture coming? Perhaps you believe global warming will set off a catastrophic set of events leading to disaster on a global scale. Maybe you are worried about the recent nuclear treaty with Iran. With those warm and cheery thoughts, we bring you this post. No matter what happens, you will be safe in this bunker!

If you think any of the above are real possibilities, or if you just want to be ultra prepared here is a company that wants to build your fallout shelter/panic room (really really cool man cave). Atlas Survival Shelters is a company out of California that wants to make your post apocalypse days luxurious. All the shelters come with a generator room and lots of storage for water and nonperishable goods. They are a series of modular interconnected tubes that can be custom configured to your purposes. Pretty cool! See more of what Atlas has to offer here.

See inside the bunker here…

Diply: A Millionaire’s Survival Shelter (photo tour)

Sometimes you just want to create a little extra living space in your home. In most homes there is a space that never gets used. It is dark and dank and filled with insulation. You guessed it, it’s the attic. The attic is no longer just a place to store your old never used and off season clothing or the place where mice burrow into your down jacket and eat your photo albums. It can also become your craft room or, like in this case, your husband’s man cave.

This man cave looks great and has a lot of functionality in it’s small square footage. The problem with building anything in the attic is, how you get to it. The little hole in the ceiling of your bedroom closet isn’t a good way to do it. The pull down ladder in the ceiling isn’t real great either. This guy came up with a great solution. He decided to use what looks like a ship’s ladder and put it inside the space between the walls. The whole thing looks like a ship’s cabin and it turned out great! Take a look at it. Check out these attic remodels. Super impressive! Makes me wish that I had an attic to redo.

Here’s the link to see all the amazing “after” photos…

Diply: What This Man Did To His Attic Is Unbelievable (photo tour)

Old house

This post will show you the beauty sometimes is found when you just leave things alone to age gracefully. The circumstances of this house being abandoned are a little convoluted and strange, but it has been untouched for 30 years now. What an amazing opportunity to have an entire household serve as a time capsule to an earlier time. Granted, we all remember what it was like 30 years ago, but it is fun to look back and reminisce about the good ol’ days. Judging by the furniture and the product labels, this place does look much older than the stated 30 years. I had fun looking through these pictures and remembering some of the things we had around the house when I was little. Take a look around for yourself with this photographer and see how many things you remember from when you were young. Or, if you are younger, it is fun to compare some of the old labels with contemporary ones.

Here are some other places that were reclaimed by nature. Beautiful! Mother nature is a force to be reckoned with!

Take the photo tour of the this old house here…

Wimp: Tour Inside This Mysterious Abandoned Home (photos)

Historic House

My house is pretty new, compared to most. Only 12 years old. (And it’s new to us – we’ve only been here 3 years.) It hasn’t lived a lot of life yet and these walls don’t have that many stories to tell after only a decade and change. The same can’t be said for Linda McQuillen’s house in Madison, Wisconsin. She thought she just bought a regular house in 1989 for $100,000 but what she really bout was a secret Frank Lloyd Wright House waiting to be discovered.

How fun is that?! You think you know someone (or some house) and then they go and get all famous on you. Lol. People were always asking Linda if hers was a Wright house but she never suspected. All the renovations that people had done over the years made it hard to tell too. What a cool story!

What’s the big deal? Who was this guy? Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect, interior designer,and educator. In his lifetime he designed over 1,000 structures and 532 of them ended up being built. Check out his full bio here. The guy was a big deal! He shaped the face of modern American architecture and now we have one more of his works to appreciate.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Churches are always beautiful. From the old gothic styled churches up to the classic american white washed chapel. Maybe it is the memories of church activities, worship, sermons, picnics and potlucks that give me the warm and fuzzy feeling of an old familiar friend whenever I walk into one. This church has been converted into a home and it is beautiful, intricately made piece of art.

Take a look through the photos. The grounds are beautiful. It is entered through a gorgeous stone archway and includes lots of green space and a cemetery. Yes a cemetery. How many people do you know with a cemetery in their backyard? That’s the only thing that makes it spooky.

The kitchen is amazing. It has the original stained glass and statuary above the sink. The old sanctuary has been turned into an enormous living room. I would love this place, but I don’t think we can move to England anytime soon. Check out these other extraordinary churches. Not converted into homes but breathtaking.

Tour inside this amazing house here…

LittleThings: Old Converted Church Is An Absolutely Stunning Home (photos)

vintage home

I love retro. One of my favorites is the style of the early 1940’s. It was when the United States was dominating the world economically as we came out of the Great Depression and we were in between World Wars and trying to avoid the second one. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” was showing to be working and everything seemed to be going great for America and it’s citizens. Optimism abounded. Some treasures from the 40’s, like this house, are still around for us to enjoy today and I’m so glad!

This old house, featured at Little Things, has stood the test of time. Built in the 1940’s it was structurally sound but the inside was in a state of disrepair. That was until designer Sarah Phipps got her hands on it. She saw the potential in the pitfall. Lol. I have to much trouble with that. She took out the nasty carpet and paperboard walls and turned it into the cutest little holiday home. Next time you’re in Oregon, check it out! The whole thing reminds me of Flip or Flop, that awesome show on HGTV with Tarek and Christina. Haven’t seen it? Check it out here. I think it’s on on Thursday nights.

Take a tour of this adorable house here…

Little Things: She Flipped A 1940s Shack Into This Cute Tiny House (photos)


Morton, a design firm out of Minnesota has a pretty unique style. Their homes look plain and ordinary on the outside, some don’t even look like homes, but the insides are spectacular! There are sheds, barns, shops, and all sorts of other buildings that you would never guess are hiding fabulous and lavish homes. I love it!

I always dreamed of having a home with a secret staircase or a hidden room. I loved Nancy Drew and was convinced that my house was involved in some mystery too. Turns out it was not. Just a plain old boring house. These houses have something so much better than a secret room… the whole house is a secret.

This house, featured at Trip Advisor, is another one that looks plain from the outside. But it is anything but ordinary. What makes it special? Is it the tea and cakes or the spectacular view? Maybe the beautiful rooms? I’ll let you decide for yourself but the next time you are in Wales… stay here!

Come tour the surprising inside here…

LittleThings: Seemingly Standard Building Has A Special Secret Waiting Inside