tiny stone house

Another tiny home for your viewing pleasure. (You’re welcome!) This one has a Hobbit theme and I love it! The home itself may not be what a hobbit would live in, since it is above ground and all. But, it makes for beautiful views of the nearby ski resort and the rest of the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains.

Look at all the little details like the script written on the stairs. The stone work and the weathered shingles on the outside of the house help to blend it into the surround area. I think it looks like something out of Little Red Riding Hood.

You can even sit out in the hot tub and watch the wildlife walk by, while waiting for the timer to go off on the oven in your fully equipped kitchen. This looks like a great retreat to get away from it all. I’m think we need to plan a ski weekend with the whole family! Snow Magazine has a roundup of the top 10 ski resorts in the world. Wish I could go to them all!

Here’s the link to get the full tour of this magical home…

Little Things: Magical 850 Sq Ft Home (inside pictures)


Tiny houses come in all shapes and sizes. Some blend into their surrounds and some are built to enhance it. This home in the Uk definitely doesn’t blend; it stands out because of it’s fun fairy tale qualities. It is in the most picturesque location too. The ‘Jack Sparrow’ cabin can be found it the Cornish countryside, nestled between Foulmoth Bay, the Tregaminion orchards and Porthallow Beach. It’s lovely! And if you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods you can rent it for the week.

Leaf shaped windows, a tear drop door, quaint four-pained windows, and a sloping roof, this house is one of a kind. The owner/ builder searched long and hard before he decided on a design. He took ideas from many tiny homes until he had created the perfect one. Jack Sparrow was built in nine months and will all reclaimed materials. I love it!

What do you think? Want to live in a fairytale cottage? How about one of these ones here? I like the ‘Adorable Carmel Cottage’…

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Little Things: An A-Line Tiny Home Straight From A Fairy Tale (inside pictures)

Time Warp

I love this story, featured at Little Things, for three main reasons. One, it’s awesome. Two, it’s heartwarming. And Three, it’s awesome. Tom and Jean Cheetham of Sydney, Australia, have the most amazing story. They moved into their home in 1938 and stayed in it for 76 years. They chose to keep it the same over all those years and not make renovations. It was wonderfully kept up and everyone wanted it when the cheetham’s had to move due to health reasons. They were 100 and 103 when it was put up for auction and it sold for 1.6 million dollars! Wow, talk about equity.

I love that they kept everything the same. Those paint colors are just as popular today as they were the day they were first painted. It’s funny how things come back around. Lol. It’s lovely how they were able to stay in their home so long. It’s so light and airy and I just adore the tiny garden.

A love story for the ages. I am a romantic at heart and I get all choked up when I hear stories like Tom and Jean’s. I so admire people who have stuck together through thick and thin. Floyd and Violet are another such couple who have set the bar high for the generations that come after. They are true “Notebook” couple. And if you don’t know that that means, watch the movie with a box of kleenex and read their story here.

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Little Things: Home Unchanged For 76 Years (interior photos)

Most of us spend a great amount of time in our homes, so it is a shame that we often live in small, boring houses or apartments. Let these beautiful interior design ideas below be an inspiration to you!

Some of these ideas may be over the top or expensive but they can certainly inspire you towards more beauty and style at home. There are smaller ideas here too that most of us can do to give your homes that personal touch it needs.

For those of you who live in apartment buildings there are plenty of ideas here too that can help you save space! Go ahead and browse through these unique ideas right now and get creative. Enjoy!

1. Live moss wall in the bathroom:

bathroom moss wall

2. Cool blinds with a view:

blinds with a view

3. Chandelier that makes you feel like you are in a forest:

chandelier forest

4. A circular ceiling library:

circular ceiling library

5. Cosmic wall mural:

cosmic wall mural

6. Turn your floor into a starry night:

fiber optic floor

7. Geometric colorful rug:

geometric colorful rug

8. Geometric interlocking floor:

geometric interlocking floor

9. Glass floor over water:

glass floor over water

10. Glass river table:

glass river table

11. Glow in the dark wall murals:

glow in the dark walls

12. Indoor treehouse:

indoor tree house

13. Beautiful rock wall art:

rock wall art

14. Secret playhouse:

secret playhouse

15. Sparkling prism table:

sparkling prism table

16. Stained glass door from Pantone swatches:

stained glass door

17. Sunken reading room:

sunken reading room

18. Tower clock window:

tower clock window

19. Live tree in the living room:

tree in living room

20. Window reading nook:

window reading nook

secret passageways

When you were a kid, did you often dream about secret rooms or secret passages? It was always so cool to see them in movies or read about them. For the most part, we never really believed they existed in “real life”, did we? Well perhaps to your surprise, there actually are a lot of folks who have designed secret areas right into their homes. There are even successful design companies who specialize in secret passageways and rooms!

Why do people feel the need to create secret passages and rooms? Who really knows! It could be simply for fun, or as a safety area built out of fear. Either way, they are so much fun to delve into and investigate! We found an article all about hidden passageways and wanted to share that with you. Tons of amazing passageways to explore!

Here’s the link to see all 15…


Not all tiny homes are built alike. I’ll say! This one, built by Jola and Justin from New Zealand, is so creative and has broken the mold in more ways than one. I’m in love! You can’t judge a book by it’s cover and you can’t judge a home by it’s outward appearance. In this case, a truck. This truck looks average from the outside but wait! It transforms into a magical castle straight out of the fairy tales!

This home is so well thought out. It’s economical, function, and beautiful. Nicely done guys! I feel that it’s more luxurious that most tiny homes. There is a sewing machine and even a seat for the baby. I am quite keen on the rooftop bath too. This home shows what really is possible and raises the bar. A lot. If I was going to live in a tiny home I would want it to be this one!

This castle is completely road legal. I know that a lof of people are skeptical about the legitimacy of that claim that Tiny House manufactures and DIYers make but it is true. There are, however, restrictions. In most U.S states the maximum size is 13.5 feet tall, 8.5 feet wide, and 40 feet long (65 feet total including the vehicle used to tow it). Learn more about the regulations here.

Check out the terrific transformation here… Enjoy!

merete tiny home

Think big, dream big, believe big, and the results will be big. Sometimes a big dream can come in a small 127 square foot package. It did for Colorado couple Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller. They wanted to build their own home but believed that small and green was the best option for them. They wanted to reduce their footprint but not give up the comforts of home. Their house is amazing and you will be surprised at how large it feels!

Do you think you could do this? There are lots of options if you are thinking that the tiny house movement is right for you. You could buy a pre-made model, a box kit, find a DIY tutorial, or just go for it with nothing but a hacksaw and your carpentry skills. This couple opted to make their own and the results are stunning. I love the rustic look and natural lighting!

Looking for more tiny house inspiration? Check out this collection of photos from Houzz. You can’t help but be inspired! These little houses… they really are a lot bigger than they seem! Cross my heart!

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LittleThings: See Inside Their Tiny Home (photos)

1915 WWI cottage

I recently went to the National WWII museum in New Orleans. It was moving to see things from a difficult time in our history. I’ve never been to the National World War I museum is in Kansas City, MO, but I really would like to. I love history. This little cottage is full of period history. Untouched and a glimpse into another time. It’s located in Paddington, Sydney (Australia) and it was built in the 1800’s but hasn’t been touched since the great war. The same family has owned it for 5 generation! They have only made two modern additions. It might look abandoned but it isn’t. This family just wants to stick with the old ways. I’m all about my stove and water heater but good for them!

Many museums have actors pretending to be from a certain era and they never break character. Have you ever been to Jamestown? OMG! they are amazing. I understand that for leaving and teaching but I can’t understand living that way all the time. Please explain it to me? There are some amazing places where you can go to experience that for a short time and I love that idea. Like true western towns. How cool would that be?! I know they’re out there but are hard to find! What about this one?

See the full article from Little Things here…

Little Things: Tour This World War I Cottage Abandoned Since 1915 (photos)

diagrams to decorate your home

Home decorating is not a one time thing, it’s something we tackle over and over again as our tastes and preferences change over time. After all there is always something that you can find to improve upon, isn’t there? But in order to lessen the indecisiveness and changing your mind too often one needs to plan ahead. Planning is extremely crucial and can save you boat loads of time and money!

Now not everybody is great at planning, so we thought this article containing decorating diagrams would be super useful! They are a wonderful place for anyone to get started with. Once you take a look you’ll realize they are just what you need to identify what direction to take your decorating.

Here’s the link to all 24 diagrams that will get you that much closer to being a professional designer! Have fun…

decorate small spaces

It can be fun decorating large spaces where you have a lot of room to spread your wings. But small spaces need attention as well, and can sometimes pose a challenge. You need to change the way you think about decorating when dealing with small spaces. The rules are totally different! Think combining style and decor with storage and functionality.

In small spaces you need to think outside of the box a lot more, and consider how to save space. This could mean looking at unique pieces of furniture that utilize the walls or at least alleviate floor space. Small spaces do not need to be intimidating either. Once you get some ideas to spur your creativity, you will be well on your way to becoming a decorating diva! Go check out the super secret furniture art frame, one of our favorites.

Here’s the link to all 12 ideas…