300 Sq. Ft. Barn To Tiny Cabin Conversion

I can’t get enough of these tiny houses. I love the architects and designers brilliant planning. The full kitchens and bathrooms never ceases to amaze me. Even though they are small, tiny homes aren’t lacking for modern conveniences. And this cabin, found over at Tiny House Talk, is no exception. I know that you will love it as much as I do!

This 300 sq. ft. barn, turned rustic hunting lodge is a ‘tiny home work of art.’ It is so cozy and warm! And the personal touches are the best. I love the staircase and driftwood decorations. The checkered deer on the wall is pretty fun too. This house has a lot of personality! I think that is the #2 reason tiny homes are so popular right now. #1 being that they are sustainable, eco-friendly, simple, and that you won’t have a mortgage. The second would be the limitless designs and possibilities to express yourself. Find more totally unique tiny houses here

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Tiny House Talk:
300 Sq. Ft. Barn To Tiny Cabin Conversion

secret window kitchen floor

Spiral staircases are my favorite and having one that doubles as a wine cellar is the best thing ever! The walls are lined with wine. More than I could ever drink! What a wonderful idea for wine drinkers. Cellars are designed to keep wine at the perfect temperature and this one is especially nice because it is close to where the action is; the kitchen and dining room. Even if you don’t enjoy a nice glass of pinot, this is a cool idea. It could be used for extra storage.

I think I would hide it beneath matching floorboards and not a window. Then it would really be a secret room! If you get a chance to build your dream house please consider putting in something like this. Anything can be custom designed! Flavorwire also has some amazing homes with custom secret rooms and passages that should help inspire you…

Check out more photos of this amazing cellar here… Little Things: This Man Put A Secret Window On His Kitchen Floor. The Reason? Genius!

5 Incredible Tiny Homes That Are Under 250 Square Feet…

These 5 house, featured by Little Things, are the most likely to convince you to get a tiny home. Most of the little houses on the market today can be custom designed and they are made with such love and detail! You could go for a modern, rustic, artsy, or waterfront look. That is just to name a few possibilities. There is literally something for everyone and to fit every personality and style. They are are so creative! (The one is Idaho even has a wood burning stove!)

The only thing I would change would be adding about 500 more square feet. Haha. I know that defeats the purpose but I would go stir crazy after about 6 months! I love these to pieces and I desperately want one but I just don’t know if I could live in one long term. Having a tiny home in the backyard for guests or as an expansion to the house seems perfect. I can have the best of both worlds…big house for me and little house for everyone else or when I need to get away from the chaos of it all. If you’re looking for more ways to get away from it all and ‘de-stress,’ check out Help Guide here.

Here’s the link to Little Things’ full article and all 5 amazing houses…

Little Things: 5 Incredible Tiny Homes That Are Under 250 Square Feet…

tiny paris apartment transformation

86 square feet? Yikes! A woman in Paris took an itty bitty living space and turned it into quite the creative apartment. It has everything yours and mine has but on a tiny scale. The before picture is absolutely terrifying! I’m impressed that someone could see past it and imagine something better. I’m sure the money saved doesn’t even compare to the cost of renovations. Paris is a spendy place!

Up 7 flights of stairs and down a narrow hallway you will find a cozy Parisian apartment. Everything needed for living is tucked nicely away. There is a bed, stairs (to reach the bed), table and chairs, closet, bookshelf, storage, sink, fridge, water heater, and every other modern convenience. Everything is hidden in the walls and rolls out when needed. I am most impressed by the fully equipped bathroom. The tile is lovely and she used every bit of space to make it work. The white and wheat artwork is very nice and makes it feel bigger and more open than it actually is.

This is insanely small for me. I could do a night of two but not forever. It is definitely only a one person spot. Two people would drive each other insane after a while. Tiny homes aren’t all as small as this but all of them have one thing in common…an awesome use of space! See Oregon Cottage Company for other tiny house plans.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

170 Sq. Ft. Craftsman Bungalow Molecule Tiny Home

Mobile homes are becoming a thing of the past. If you want a house with wheels you need a tiny house! They are awesome. Seriously. Don’t count them out because they are smaller and with less square footage than you are used too. I would want one as a Mother-in-law cottage. I adore my family but everyone needs some space now and then!

Any house can be custom built and tiny ones are no exception. This one is overflowing with special touches and details. Whoever buys the Bungalow Molecule house is one lucky duck! It has 22 windows letting natural light just pour in. There is a fold up redwood porch, stainless steel appliances, a tile shower, and custom cabinets.

I love the wainscoting and the red door is a nice finishing touch. If I was going to change anything, I would add a staircase or handrail to the ladder to make it safer for clumsy folks like me.

See the inside of this tiny home here…

Tiny House Talk:
170 Sq. Ft. Craftsman Bungalow Molecule Tiny Home

22 Very Unique Staircases That Will Inspire You

Wow these stairs are fantastic! It makes me wish I was the fiddler on the roof with ‘one great staircase just going up and one great staircase just going down.’ I took a look at an amazing album of photos over at Stylish Eve and I love the natural looking ones that grow into the walls and seem to be living. The book staircase designed by Levitate Architects makes my heart skip a beat; it’s so dreamy! Some of them are a little steep for me! I’m kind of klutzy and need some substantial hand rails to prevent injury! But they’re all awesome.

Here’s the link to Stylish Eve’s full photo album: (Stylish Eve – 22 Very Unique Staircases That Will Inspire You)

Deciding On A Unique Stair Design

Ever thought that your staircase can serve as an artistic element and enhance your home decor? Probably not, as we tend to see the stairs as just a practical part of the house, which is simply there to lead from one floor to another. However, if you were to take a look at these unique staircases, you will surely be bowled over. These staircases are so original and so artistic, that they not only stand out, but also enhance the value of these homes.

Quality Materials

All these staircases have one thing in common – they are all inventive and ingenious. Apart from being designed in a spectacular manner, it is clear that they are made with high quality materials. There are some which have a really modern look, whereas others are more rustic and classical. The modern ones are mainly made from metallic materials, whereas the others are manufactured from wood.

Space Saving Design

under the stairs storage ideas

There are a number of staircases that focus on the importance of saving space. If you were to think about it, the space beneath each and every step is being wasted. So, isn’t it a great idea to use these spaces as storage compartments? This is just what happened with some of these unique stairs. The areas beneath the steps can be opened so as to store items inside. Some are in the form of drawers, while others are like cabinets or cupboards. You will be amazed at the amount of extra space you will have available, and how many things you would be able to store in there!

Based on this idea, there are also some staircases that serve as a library or an original bookcase too. Lots of books can be stored beneath each step, and even on the sides of the walls too.

Slides? Why Not!

Another simply great idea is to incorporate one or more slides with the stairs. There are several designs that put this idea into practice. If you have kids, they will surely love this concept as they will have the facility of sliding down inside your home, instead of having to wait to go to the park to do so! It is also ideal for people who have accessibility problems too.

Elaborate Rails

Some of these unique staircases have focused on the different shapes of the steps, whereas others placed more emphasis on the innovative rails. Some of the rails look like branches, so the stairs look like a tree, while others are literally like a huge spiralling work of art.

One thing is for sure, all of these staircases are designed by people who are truly artistic. The style, the elegance and the flow of these staircases makes them utterly unique.

Some of the most exciting designs you have ever seen are available to view online, and even though you may not afford to have such a staircase, you will surely love the inventive ideas behind some of them. And after all, who knows, sometime you may put one or more of these innovative ideas into practice and create an original staircase design of your own.

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 Looks Like A Regular House On The Outside. Go Inside And You’ll Be Blown Away

Wow! This house is ‘50 shades of purple.’ If purple isn’t your favorite color then you probably won’t be putting down an offer for this one. This house in Hillingdog, Middlesex, Egland is floor to ceiling purple.

Paint, carpet, tile…you name it and it is purple! (I’m just glad that pea green wasn’t their favorite color. Ewww.) They already have someone lined up to buy it. Either they love lilac, plum, lavender, violet, and all the other shades of purple or they have the imagination to see other possibilities.

Wow, you gotta check out the inside… Diply: Looks Like A Regular House On The Outside.
Go Inside And You’ll Be Blown Away

Image Credit: diply.com

While most homes look very similar from the outside, you can never quite tell what it’s going to be like when you set foot through the door. That’s because interior design is something that is very personal and different to everyone.

Depending on what the persons hobbies are, or what their favorite color is, they can choose different interior design styles. One unique house has an amazing purple interior design which is perfect for anyone who is a fan of the color purple.

purple interior

Tips to get the interior design right:

– Choose colors that you personally like
– Don’t worry too much what other people think – unless you are trying to sell your home
– Be prepared to whitewash walls when you are trying to sell a home if it has your unique character
– Choose complementary or contrasting colors
– Decorate each room with their own theme, or have a theme which runs through the whole house.

Purple Interior Design

One home in England has been decorated head to toe in purple. There is nothing wrong with this as the owners obviously loved purple. From the outside it looked like a typical suburban home and was attracting quite a lot of visitors who wanted to view the home.

The Realtor decided not to put any internal pictures of the house online. This was done deliberately to conceal the houses color scheme which could be off putting. The color scheme is very strong and won’t be to everyone’s tastes, it will no doubt of put quite a few people off. Purple walls, with purple carpets and even purple trim around the bath can be a bit over the top, even if you love the color purple.

Every single shade of purple imaginable has been used in the house, and you have to admire the owners for achieving this. Even though the house was just as unique as the owners it still attracted offers. Whether the new owners will leave the home as it is, or decorate it with more neutral tones remains to be seen.

Kendall Charcoal The Perfect Neutral Grey Paint Color

Oh my goodness! I have been looking for the perfect shade of grey paint forever and here it is. Finally! Dawn, over at Creative cain Cabin, decided to switch things up a bit and experiment with greens and greys at her rustic cabin and “Kendall Charcoal’ grey paint was the winner. My guest bedroom wall is covered with grey samples; I hadn’t quite decided on one. Hopefully this will be the end of my search for the perfect paint.

See it for yourself here…

Creative cain Cabin – Kendall Charcoal The Perfect Neutral Grey Paint Color

Image Credit: creativecaincabin.com

What This Man Did To His Attic Is Unbelievable. I Can’t Believe It Actually Worked.

Oh how I wish this was my attic! This guy, featured over at Diply, transformed a scary spider filled space into an awesome ‘man cave.’ Adding walls, wood paneling, windows, stairs, carpet and paint can go a long ways! Total transformation. Man cave? Yeah, righ! This is cooler than my bedroom.

Go here to see the full story and all the amazing step by step transformation photos… Diply: What This Man Did To His Attic Is Unbelievable. I Can’t Believe It Actually Worked.

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the “after” photos:

attic remodel after

Important Items To Keep In Mind When Doing An Attic Remodel

Adding an extra room to your house by extending can be expensive, however if you have an attic this may be a more affordable solution. The attic is normally a waste of space in most homes. It is filled with all sorts of junk and plenty of cobwebs, however, it can be turned into virtually anything you like. Whether you want to create a functional storage area, a home office, or a den, the attic is the way to go.

If you plan on turning your attic into a functional room then there are some important things to consider. This guide will look at these so you can build yourself the perfect attic room. An attic remodel will also add value to your home since you are creating an extra bedroom in your home.

Things to Consider:

- Where are you going to store your stuff – you will need to de-clutter!
– How will you Access the Attic room
– Making the Most of the Space
– Adding Light
– Decoration


As most attics will be crammed to bursting point with all sorts of junk you will need to de-clutter. Get yourself a skip and start throwing or giving stuff away. You can’t be emotional, the clutter has to go. When was the last time that you actually used your old stereo? Do you really need to keep it?


Most people access the attic using a ladder. This is normally fine as you don’t need to go up there that often. In actual fact, most people only venture up there once a year to get the Christmas decorations down. If you plan on turning the attic into a practical and useful room then you will need to make the access much better and more convenient.

Depending on the amount of space you have, you can choose different types of stairs. Space saving designs are perfect if you are short of space. If you have slightly more space then you could consider installing a full size staircase or a spiral staircase. Either of these options will make accessing the room much easier after the attic remodel.

Whatever type of staircase you choose, make sure that it is safe. Use handrails and guards around the top of the stairs to prevent anyone falling down.

Make Most of the Space

Your attic will probably have a sloping roof and this can make it difficult to create much functional space out of it. Depending on the slope of your roof you might have awkward angles to work with. This can be solved in two ways. You can either square off the room if there is enough space, or alternatively you can adjust the angle of the beams so that you have a more functional space to work with.

If may seem like a waste to leave this space, but it will make a better and more practical room by doing so. You could also leave a hatch through so you have some storage space to tuck a small amount of your junk out of sight.

Adding Light

Attics aren’t the brightest rooms in your house thanks to the lack of windows. While artificial light is practical, it’s nice to have access to some daylight. Roof windows can be installed in the tiles of your roof to allow light to stream into your attic room. These can also be opened for ventilation. Bear in mind that special blinds will need to be installed if you are using the attic room as a bedroom.


Once you have solved all the practical things, then you can get down to decorating your new space. The type of decoration you choose will depend on the type of room you are creating. Whether you use drywall or wood paneling to create the room is completely up to you. Then you can choose your color scheme and add the flooring. If you don’t feel up to completing the project yourself then you could also hire an attic remodel company to help plan, and convert your attic for you.

Once you’ve finished you can start using the room for whatever purpose you want. Enjoy your new space!

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40 Rustic Home Decor Ideas You Can Build Yourself

I love this roundup from DIY & Crafts. It is fabulous. No matter where you live, the rustic look is popular right now. There are ideas and projects here for people wanting just a ‘splash’ of country as well as those looking for a whole remodel. (With wonderful tutorials too.) I love having so many options and such variety all in one place. I think the Herringbone dresser has made onto my must-do list.

Find all 40 DIYs here…

DIY & Crafts – 40 Rustic Home Decor Ideas You Can Build Yourself

Image Credit: diyncrafts.com