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Creative Toy Car Storage

Paper Roll Toy Car Storage Project

A child’s bedroom or playroom can be full of landmines and disasters. Toys and clothes scattered everywhere can make watching where you step a challenge. The Whoot has found a … Read More

Spring Handprint Tulips

Spring Handprint Tulips Craft

Tulips are my favorite flower! I love them and a bunch is only $9.00. But a bouquet of handprint flowers like this is priceless. Make a springtime craft that doubles … Read More

Clubhouse Bed

Clubhouse Loft Bed For Kids

Growing up I thought forts and clubhouses were the coolest! The neighbor kids and I had one but it wasn’t anything like this. I’m excited to feature That’s My Letter … Read More

Ransom & Chore Bin

Ransom and Chore Bins (A Good Idea?)

There are some ongoing disputes about whether holding your children’s toys “ransom” is a positive form of parenting. Positive Parenting Connection feels this a step in the right direction away … Read More

DIY Hook Knit Scarf

DIY Hook Knit Scarf

I don’t know where my sudden love of bright colors has come from! Coral is my favorite color. Coming in second and third are painfully bright yellow and brilliant green. … Read More

Beautiful Butterfly Footprint Art

Butterfly Footprint Art Tutorial

Mother’s Day is May 11th this year. It’s a hard holiday for me to remember because there isn’t an easy set of rules for when it will be. Thanksgiving is … Read More

100+ Picture Perfect Paint Recipes

100+ Homemade Paint Recipes

Growing A Jeweled Rose is a true DIY ‘gem’! I am happy to feature them today and the awesome roundup they put together on how to make paint. There are … Read More