steel wool fire

Any fire bugs out there? Not the bad arsonist kinds, just the ones who enjoy the fire pit a little too much. Maybe the ones who melt things over the candles at dinner? For shame! But I can’t point fingers because I’m right there with you. These 10 tricks that can be done with fire are so fun and you won’t be able to stay away from the matches for long! For all you kiddos…only with adult supervision. There are actually quite a few adults out there that I am worried about. Everyone needs supervision!

I liked them all. I’d seen the crayon candle and the fire in a bottle before but all the rest were so fun and new. The fire tornado is pretty incredible, don’t you think? I loved the seesaw and rising water! Maybe I should get out more but I thought these were all fascinating! I love science and I can’t wait to try these with the kids! Steel wool is a great thing to pack for camping. Perfect for campfires…don’t forget this one! Use a battery instead of a lighter and see what happens.

About Education has some fire magic tricks that are pretty spectacular. I want to try some of them too. Maybe the ice on fire? See all the tricks here.

Here’s the fun video… Enjoy!

plastic spoon ladybug

‘Ladybug! Ladybug! Fly away home…’ Who doesn’t love these dainty little beatles? (Yup beatles not bugs.) This adorable plastic spoon lady bug is easy and the kids will love it! I can’t wait to try it.

This craft uses red and black plastic spoons, black beads, black paint, pliers (or scissors), paint brush, and a hot glue gun. I don’t think I’ve seen red and black spoons before so I’m going to use white ones and acrylic paint. I think that will work just as well. Don’ you? The hardest part about this bug is going to be cutting the spoons; I’ve found that they tend to crack. I’ve heard that heating them up a little can help with that.

I Myself Mk.Ru has a similar tutotial for making adorable plastic spoon lady bugs. It’s always better to have to much info than not enough! Find it here

Here’s the fun video tutorial… Enjoy!

cardboard box ideas

Kids these days have it sooo good. Have you seen some of their toys?! Amazing! I know I had some painters plastic and dish soap not an inflatable water slide. I was over the moon when I got the Barbie Hot Wheels jeep! What kid really needs a toy Kettler ‘53 Chevrolet Vette? No matter what generation of kid, Boomer to GenZ (aka iGen), they all enjoyed playing with cardboard boxes at some time. These box creations that Buzzfeed has roundup are terrific! I’m so excited to feature them here today. I know that you and yours will get a lot of fun and enjoyment out of these ideas.

These ideas will help skyrocket your childs imagine and you will have such fun making them together! This has everything! Especially for the perfect club house; washer and dryer included. Ohh and don’t forget the full kitchen. I heart the pirate ship and gas station too!

‘Logic will get you from A to Z; Imagination will get you everywhere,’ Albert Einstein. It’s so important for the kiddos to use their Imaginations. It helps them think creatively and that is something that will serve them well all their life. She Knows has five tips that will help foster an environment where creativity and imagination can thrive.

Here’s the link to all 31 ideas…

Buzzfeed: 31 Awesome Things You Can Make With A Cardboard Box


I played with all sorts of slimy stuff as a kid. Sticky, stretchy, moddable, gelatinous blobs have always been popular. (Think Silly Putty, Play Doh, Gak, and Floam.) I don’t have a clue why that is. It’s fun to play with but now there is another use…cleaning!

Cleaning slime is an interesting idea. Stores sell it, so why not make your own? It’s cheaper, incredibly easy, and so fun! The kids will love this DIY. You need water, liquid starch, and glue. Glitter and food coloring are optional. This slime helps to get all those crumbs that fall in impossible to reach places. I could really use it around my center console and my keyboard!

I would use this as a ‘stress ball.’ It would be just the thing to squish and stretch my worries away. I love the idea of putting glitter or googly eyes in the slime too. Purple with glitter is my favorite! I’m curious to try making slime with liquid starch. I’ve always gone the Borax route in the past. Wonder How To has that old standby recipe here.

Learn how to make your own slime here…

LittleThings: Homemade Cleaning Slime (Recipe)

parenting tips and hacks

Parenting is a full time job no matter what anybody tells you. Life can get really hectic when you have to work outside of the home, plus be a parent and a spouse. There is just never enough time (so it seems) to get things done. This is why most parents will jump at the opportunity to learn any tips and tricks to help them throughout the day.

We’ve found a great collection of parenting hacks that we think will be super helpful to all parents out there. Sometimes it’s just the small details that can make a huge difference in our day. If you find yourself running around in a chaotic environment, stop and take a breather. There is help on the way! Some ideas you’ll read about here will help you with your babies or toddlers while others are geared towards older children.

Here’s the link to all 30 ideas…

Dollar Store

Kids. Love ‘em. Kids. EXPENSIVE. I love them to pieces but I am always on the look out to find creative ways to save money while entertaining my little darlings. One thing, or rather I should say one place, that has helped immensely with that is my local Dollar Store. What could be more affordable that one dollar? I’ll prove to you with these 20 ideas how helpful this magical store can be to parents.

I’m not sure about #10. Ketchup in the car? Lol. Jk. But seriously, the Dollar Store has so many great things that can help organize your little’s life. Toy storage, car snacks, toothbrush mayhem, hair bows and ties, electronics and games. Those alone should be enough to convince you but there are soooo many more! There are umteen craft possibilities too. Still unsure about the Dollar Store? Rachael Ray has broken it down for us… the good, the great, the bad, the ugly, and the terrifying. I found this article super helpful!

Check out Diply’s full article to see all 20…

Diply: 20 Brilliant Dollar Store DIYs Every Parent Should know

Sponge House

Can you say best science project ever? Now you can. This DIY is simple, fun, educational, and the best thing ever. I found this little gem of a house, covered in grass, and made of sponges over at and I am in love! I’m beyond excited to feature it here today. This craft will help start kids learning about biology and nature. It might even help get their green thumbs sprouting. The earlier the better!

Sponges are porous and make the perfect growing surface. They soak up water and have all the little nooks and crannies needed for seeds to take root. With this experiment kids will be able to see the whole growing process. You will need four brightly colored kitchen sponges, ruler, marker, scissors, tupperware, spray bottle, and most importantly, grass seeds. Fast growing seeds will make you little ones the happiest. It’s like a Chia Pet! Only not because it’s a house.

Here’s a similar experiment from Measured In Moments. Bean sprouts! Find it here.

Find the full tutorial and expirement here… Little Grass House

Upcycle For Kids

I feel so wasteful. I am flooded with shame thinking about the things I have thrown away that I could have made into brilliant DIYs, outfits, and crafts for my kiddos. It’s ok if you’re right there with me. It’s never too late for us to change! Lol. Check out this roundup and then be ever more vigilant on repurposing for the kids.

Turning an old crib into a playhouse/fort is a great idea! My kids would be on board. I love #8 and all of the little outfits. So crafty! Many of these are geared toward princesses but any can be made to fit Captain America. Have fun using your imagination when coming up with a custom design for your ballerina or Batman. So fun!

Tip Junkie has a lot of fun ideas for repurposing big people clothes to fit little people. Precious! Be sure and bookmark this for later. Find them here.

See all 20 ways here…

Diply: 20 Adorable Ways You Can Upcycle Household Items For Your Kids

Lightup Bugs

Fireflies make me think of hot summer nights in the South. How amazing would it be to sit on the porch, drinking sweet tea, and watching them flit about? Sadly, I live in a lightning bug (lampyridae) free state. I’ve had to come up with artificial ones, like these cute lil bugs. How can something so little be so magical?

Have you made firefly jars? Those are pretty stinkin easy but these bugs are easier still. Their bodies are made from a plastic Easter egg. Some pipe cleaners serve as legs and antennas. Use duct tape for wings and draw on eyes and a mouth. Easy. But what makes them light up? A flameless candle. One of those little LEDs fits in there perfectly. How cute are these bugs?

Kiwi Crate has some more bug and animal crafts that you will love as much as your little ones. Find them here.

Get the tutorial for these cute glow bugs here…

Apartment Therapy: How To Make Fireflies That Really Light Up

homemade fruit roll ups

This quick and easy fruity ‘dessert’ is the perfect treat or delicious lunchtime snack. Let’s spice up the kids’ school lunches! Anything is better than cafeteria food and these fruit roll ups are infinitely better. They are made from two ingredients and no sugar. You will need honey and fruit and that’s all! I am so excited about these!

Our after school snack is graham crackers and milk. Always a classic but it would be nice to branch out and try these. They for sure have less sugar! The only downside to these it that they take 2-3 hours to make from start to finish. Be sure to plan ahead or they will be more like a dinner dessert instead of an afternoon snack. I wouldn’t tell the kiddos I’m making them either. Lol. That would be the longest three hours of pestering in my life! ‘Are they done yet?!’ Lol!

Put these roll ups in with these fun kid-approved lunches. The Food Network has a delicious (and healthy) roundup the kids are sure to love. Find them here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!