Paper Fairy Houses

Do you believe in fairies? I hope so because everyone needs some whimsy and fantasy in their life. I know that Tinkerbell and the Tooth Fairy captured by heart a long time ago. I also know that every little girl loves fairies. There is just something about magic and a hidden world only accessible to children that is appealing. Flying and pixie dust probably has something to do with it too.

To make these cute little house you will need some paper, glue, scissors, and an idea of what kind of house might just entice a winged friend to visit. I would want to make a fairy castle by connecting a lot of the towers together. What a wonderful and lovely DIY! It is quick too. The main thing to be sure this works is strong glue. Be sure your glue stick isn’t drying out and loosing it’s ‘stick.’

Midwest Living has some other creative fairy crafts you should check out too. Find them here.
You can also buy the fairy houses pictured above on Etsy from Felted Art To Wear: Felted Fairy Lamps

To make one yourself, here’s a link to a full video tutorial on YouTube…

YouTube-El Universo de Elisa: Paper Fairy Houses

30 Brilliant Ideas To Save A Parents Sanity

Being a parent is hard work! Sometimes it takes creativity to get through the day and not loose your cool. These hacks from Diply are definitely going to help with that. #12 is brilliant! There are ideas here for getting the chores done, keeping the kiddos entertained, preventing messes (if that’s really possible), and all around fun. Which is your fav? I think they’re all pretty great.

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Diply – Parenting Hacks For Life Traps: 30 Brilliant Ideas Every Parent Needs To Know

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21 Hilarious Lies Parents Told Their Kiddos

My parents told me that if I ate watermelon seeds one would grow in my tummy and that the vines would grow out my nose and ears; they said that was what was happening to pregnant women. I was terrified! That is nothing compared to some of the lies these parents told their kids. They are cruel and hilarious! I think I should use the TV one. What lies have you told your kids?

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Buzzfeed – 21 Of The Funniest Lies Parents Even Told Their Kids

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The Ultimate Secret Play Room

I would have loved to have a playroom like this as a kid! Secret rooms are one of my favorite things and you are so lucky if you have one! See how these parents transformed a secret crawl space into the best birthday present ever. What child wouldn’t want their own ‘no-parents-allowed’ room? I would for sure do this, if I had a secret room!

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These Parents Hid A Secret From Their Child For Years.
When He Discovered What It Was…Wow!

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parenting hacks

With two little boys of my own, I can always use a good tip or trick to make life a bit easier. One of the most common requests we get is “water”… “water please mom!” Our cups are up high in the cupboard so we always have to get them over and over and over again.

I think they are old enough now though… that idea #1 with the magnetic cups to go right on the fridge is a totally brilliant idea! Don’t miss the rest of these “hacks”. So many truly helpful ideas!

I’d say many of our most popular tips for parents have to do with quickly and easily making meals for the whole family. Meal prep is a real drain week in and week out so anything you can do to make that easier is welcomed. Don’t miss this previous post on how to feed a family of 6 for just $400 a month as well. Great tips!

Here’s the link to Diplyy’s full article: Diply – 23 Inventive Hacks That Every Parent Should Know

Being a parent is designed to test your patience, although it is extremely rewarding. Looking after children can leave you feeling tired and stressed, but there are some very clever creative parenting tips which can make your life that bit easier. Read this guide to learn some of the simple hacks which can help you manage your family much better.

Some of the creative parenting tips covered in this guide include:

– Help kids know which shoe goes on which foot
– Storing Pacifiers
– Getting out Stains
– Soft Play area
– Adding extra grip to play shoes
– Play wallet
– Jello Ice Lollies

Help kids know which shoe goes on which foot

All kids will have a problem putting their shoes on the right feet. Although there is a 50/50 chance of them being right, they will almost always be wrong. This means that you will have to spend time helping them. Although it doesn’t take long to help them put their shoes on, it will be easier if they can learn to do it themselves. One of the best ways of helping them know which foot is which is to put a sticker inside the soul of the shoe. This doesn’t have to be a L or an R, it can just be a half of a sticker for example so the child knows which foot goes in which shoe.

Storing Pacifiers

Pacifiers can make your life much easier, but keeping them clean when you are out can be virtually impossible. For a more hygienic option store any clean pacifiers in plastic cups with lids. This will help your baby to stay healthier since they won’t be sucking on a dirty pacifier.

Getting out Stains

All children will drop food on their clothing and this is likely to stain. To get the stains out use a mix of dish soap, bleach and baking powder. Apply this to the stained area and work into the fabric. Leave a few minutes and rinse out. Then wash the clothes as normal and rinse well to remove any traces of the bleach.

Soft Play Area

As soon as your kids start crawling or walking you will have to be very careful with them. One way of containing young children is to use an inflatable pool. Blankets and toys can be put inside to keep your kids occupied

Adding extra grip to play shoes

Dressing up shoes often have very hard soles and aren’t really designed for walking in. These can be very slippery. But don’t worry since it’s very easy to add extra grip. Hot glue can be stuck onto the bottom of the shoes and left to dry. This will create a soft surface which will stop your kids from slipping over.

Play Wallet

If you’ve ever left your wallet or purse next to your young child then you will know how much they enjoy to take all the cards out and try to put them back in. You can get a cheap wallet or reuse an old wallet you already have. Cut up bits of colorful paper and put them in the card slots. You can also add pens and crayons which should help to keep your kids entertained.

Jello Ice Lollies

Kids love ice lollies, trouble is they struggle to eat them before they start to melt and make a mess. Try making some out of jello using an ice lolly mold. These won’t melt, but your kids will still love eating them. When served straight from the fridge they can be slightly cool and will also be soothing on teething gums.

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diy keepsake stepping stones

I want to preserve as many precious memories of my children as possible and this wonderful stepping stone from Enchanted Mommy is a great way to do just that! She has some must-see tips to guarantee fantastic results every time! A garden stone with a little hand or foot print is the perfect way to capture time and a great craft for you and your kiddo to do together.

Check it out here… EnchantedMommy – Cute Cement Stepping Stone

A keepsake cement stepping stone is a great way to personalise your garden and make it more special. You can either mix the cement yourself, or choose to buy a kit which will be slightly easier. This guide will show you how to make a keepsake cement stepping stone in easy steps.

You will Need:

– Water
– Mold
– Decorations
– 3 cups of Water
– Mixing Stick
– Paper Towels

Step 1 – Mixing the Cement

Start by mixing up the cement. If you use the specially produced pack for keepsake cement stepping stones then you only need to add three cups of water and give it a good mix.

Step 2 – Pouring into a Mold

Now you need to pour the cement into a mold. This can be anything which is the right shape, size and thickness for your memorable tile.

Step 3 – Resting

With the cement in the mold it can be very tempting to start decorating straight away, however you need to wait 30 minutes or so. This will allow the cement to firm up a bit and also let it settle.

Step 4 – Removing Moisture

If after resting for 30 minutes there is any moisture on top of the cement then this will need to be removed. Do not try to pour it off. Instead, use some paper towels to soak up the moisture and throw them away.

Step 5 – Decorations

This is the fun bit, you now get to decorate. You and your kids can go wild on this task. You can use hand prints, foot prints and all sorts of other decorations. Pieces of crushed up tiles can look amazing, so can old glass bottles, but watch out because they may be sharp. Have fun and experiment to see what looks good.

Step 6 – Leaving to Dry

You now need to leave the tile to dry for around 2 days. Don’t let it dry too quickly otherwise it will crack and be useless. Instead, make sure you leave it at room temperature and it will dry perfectly.

Then it’s just a matter of removing it from the mold and deciding where you are going to install it. It can be installed like any other tile and will look amazing.

33 Mindblowing Summer Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy (Under $10)

Entertaining the kiddos for three months can be tough. It’s tempting to just let them watch TV but after seeing this fun roundup from Buzzfeed you won’t let them! These terrific ideas will get them running around (inside and out), playing, creating, designing, learning, and all with minimal expenses and work for you. My favorite is… well I don’t have one! I think they are all fabulous!

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33 Activities Under $10 That Will Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer

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cardboard boxes

It’s not fair that these are for the kids! They are so cool! I can’t think of a better way to repurpose/upcycle old boxes. I wish I’d had the fruit stand when I was little! (My lemonade stand might have done a little better.) And the washer and dryer are beyond brilliant! I think I’ll have to make the Transformer for myself ASAP! We’re all kids at heart, right?!

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31 Things You Can Make With A Cardboard Box That Will Blow Your Kid’s Minds

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watermelon sticks

This is great for hot summer days and picnics! It keeps hands and faces from getting sticky and not a bite gets wasted. That sounds like a win to me. I don’t think I would choose this for the family watermelon eating contest, but for everything else it is awesome! So delicious. Let’s learn how to cut it up…

Here’s the link to A Thrift Mom’s full article: A Thrifty Mom: Watermelon Sticks (Perfect For Little Hands)

Healthy eating is important to everyone, no matter how old they are. It is important to start teaching your kids the importance of healthy eating early on in life. Most kids will eat pretty much anything, as long as it is served to them. Toddlers and young children love finger foods as they are a great way for them to feed themselves without having to use cutlery. This guide will look at some healthy snack ideas that are suitable for kids and adults alike.

Why Finger Foods

Toddlers and young children love being able to do something on their own. They’ve spent their whole lives being waited on and love to be able to feed themselves with finger foods. What’s more, it also teaches good hand eye coordination, and it will also help them to understand how to behave at meal times. There are plenty of foods that are perfect for finger foods, so let your imagination go wild.

Finger foods are also useful for anyone with arthritis that is unable to hold cutlery but wants to retain some independence. They are also great foods to take on picnics since you don’t need to take any cutlery.

Water Melon

Water melon isn’t really that child friendly because it can be messy and difficult to eat. However, if you cut it into sticks then this is great for children to hold and feed themselves. A big slice of water melon isn’t really suitable for small hands or mouths. But by cutting them into easily manageable sticks this should be much easier.

Start by cutting the water melon up into thirds. Then lay each third down on a chopping board and cut it into strips. Then cut strips the other way. What you are then left with is a series of water melon sticks. It’s best to prepare the water melon sticks just as you want to use them, otherwise they might dry out a bit. The seedless varieties of water melon are the most suitable for children since you don’t need to worry about them choking on the seeds.

Watermelon is a favorite of children because it is soft and easy to bite. It is also nice and cool which makes it perfect if they are teething.


In a similar way carrot can be cut up into matchstick sized pieces. Carrot is very nice to eat raw but is only recommended with older children who are used to chewing. Carrot also needs lots of teeth. For younger children you can try cutting carrot into matchsticks as before and then boiling them for a few minutes to soften them up. Wait until they are cool and then serve.


If your child can eat cheese then it’s a healthy source of protein and calcium, although it is very high in fat. Cheese can be cut into sticks which the toddler can then feed themselves with.

Meal times can be a battle for some parents with picky children. However, you should find that if you let your kids feed themselves that meal times are much less eventful and might even be pleasant and relaxing.

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