Sponge House

Can you say best science project ever? Now you can. This DIY is simple, fun, educational, and the best thing ever. I found this little gem of a house, covered in grass, and made of sponges over at WonderfulDIY.com and I am in love! I’m beyond excited to feature it here today. This craft will help start kids learning about biology and nature. It might even help get their green thumbs sprouting. The earlier the better!

Sponges are porous and make the perfect growing surface. They soak up water and have all the little nooks and crannies needed for seeds to take root. With this experiment kids will be able to see the whole growing process. You will need four brightly colored kitchen sponges, ruler, marker, scissors, tupperware, spray bottle, and most importantly, grass seeds. Fast growing seeds will make you little ones the happiest. It’s like a Chia Pet! Only not because it’s a house.

Here’s a similar experiment from Measured In Moments. Bean sprouts! Find it here.

Find the full tutorial and expirement here…

WonderfulDIY.com: Little Grass House

Upcycle For Kids

I feel so wasteful. I am flooded with shame thinking about the things I have thrown away that I could have made into brilliant DIYs, outfits, and crafts for my kiddos. It’s ok if you’re right there with me. It’s never too late for us to change! Lol. Check out this roundup and then be ever more vigilant on repurposing for the kids.

Turning an old crib into a playhouse/fort is a great idea! My kids would be on board. I love #8 and all of the little outfits. So crafty! Many of these are geared toward princesses but any can be made to fit Captain America. Have fun using your imagination when coming up with a custom design for your ballerina or Batman. So fun!

Tip Junkie has a lot of fun ideas for repurposing big people clothes to fit little people. Precious! Be sure and bookmark this for later. Find them here.

See all 20 ways here…

Diply: 20 Adorable Ways You Can Upcycle Household Items For Your Kids

Lightup Bugs

Fireflies make me think of hot summer nights in the South. How amazing would it be to sit on the porch, drinking sweet tea, and watching them flit about? Sadly, I live in a lightning bug (lampyridae) free state. I’ve had to come up with artificial ones, like these cute lil bugs. How can something so little be so magical?

Have you made firefly jars? Those are pretty stinkin easy but these bugs are easier still. Their bodies are made from a plastic Easter egg. Some pipe cleaners serve as legs and antennas. Use duct tape for wings and draw on eyes and a mouth. Easy. But what makes them light up? A flameless candle. One of those little LEDs fits in there perfectly. How cute are these bugs?

Kiwi Crate has some more bug and animal crafts that you will love as much as your little ones. Find them here.

Get the tutorial for these cute glow bugs here…

Apartment Therapy: How To Make Fireflies That Really Light Up

homemade fruit roll ups

This quick and easy fruity ‘dessert’ is the perfect treat or delicious lunchtime snack. Let’s spice up the kids’ school lunches! Anything is better than cafeteria food and these fruit roll ups are infinitely better. They are made from two ingredients and no sugar. You will need honey and fruit and that’s all! I am so excited about these!

Our after school snack is graham crackers and milk. Always a classic but it would be nice to branch out and try these. They for sure have less sugar! The only downside to these it that they take 2-3 hours to make from start to finish. Be sure to plan ahead or they will be more like a dinner dessert instead of an afternoon snack. I wouldn’t tell the kiddos I’m making them either. Lol. That would be the longest three hours of pestering in my life! ‘Are they done yet?!’ Lol!

Put these roll ups in with these fun kid-approved lunches. The Food Network has a delicious (and healthy) roundup the kids are sure to love. Find them here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

fairy tale bedroom

Children see magic because they look for it. I bet it would be a lot easier for them to find if they had one of these magical rooms! They are the perfect places to play, experiment, get messy, and dream about being a grownup someday. It is so important for kids to be kids and these 20 rooms, features at Cool Ideas, help with that and will let their imaginations grow.

A ‘magical’ room doesn’t have to mean a complete remodel. Don’t panic if you can’t bash in the walls and build an indoor treehouse! I love the forest, cave, and secret garden but there are littler things to do too. The floating rose from Beauty And The Beast or the talking door knob from Alice In Wonderland are wonderful ideas. I love the butterflies, clouds, birds, canopies…all of it really! My babies, please never grow up…

DIY Network shows how to build your own treehouse. These ones are for outside but your kids will love them just as much! Find the tutorial here.

See all 20 magical ideas here…

CoolIdeas: 20 Magical Decor Ideas (Kid’s Bedrooms)


Your children likely have several interests that can change with the wind! Designing kids’ bedrooms can be difficult because of that, plus they are constantly growing out of everything and changing their minds about what they like. This just constantly ends up meaning that you spend way too much money and time providing them with a unique space to call their own.

So when you pursue this type of project you want to get it right the first time, and not have to change it every few months! Take a look at these gorgeous bedroom makeovers and the numerous themes you can build off of. You will most definitely get some great ideas and find something that is perfect for your child. In fact, sit down with your kids and get their opinions on what they like and dislike. You might find that you learn a thing or two as well!

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Amazing Kids Rooms

This roundup of kids rooms, featured at Architecture And Design, is fabulous! Every kid should have a room like this. Why not?! Creativity needs a place to grow and where better to do that than at home. There are so many ways to make a room amazing and tailor made to fit your child’s unique personality.

Peter Pan had it right…’who wants to grow up?’ No one would want to if they had a room like this! These designs make me swoon. I especially love that a lot of them are doable and not just dreamable. Which is your fav? What will fit your kiddo best? Do you have a rustic farmer, jungle explorer, truck and car enthusiast, spots buff, princess, or future NASA employee? There is something for everyone. #4 with the slide is precious. I would want a cloud ceiling no matter what room I picked. I also love all the ones with bright colors. An indoor playhouse would go great with these rooms. Babble has some really easy, completely DIYable ones. Find them here.

See all the rooms here…

Architecture And Design:
26 Kids Rooms That Are So Amazing They Are Probably Better Than Yours

Hutch To Vanity

If you pull up your local Craig’s List and type in ‘entertainment center/system’ hundreds of results for hutches and cabinets will pop up. Most of them are old, being sold for under $50, and rather ugly. If you wait till garage sale season they can be found for even cheaper (I’ve seen them for $20)! The great thing about this is that they can be repurposed into the cutest projects. Projects like this dress-up vanity.

The transformation from hutch to vanity is incredible! I love how the battery powered lights make it look like a real dressing table and closet that a grown up would have in their room. It’s amazing what some white paint, lights, mirror, and a curtain rod can do. I’m so impressed.

Crafty Momz has another example of how to dress up an old entertainment center. The possibilities are endless and adorable. Find it here.

Find the full article from Sophia Grace & Co here…

Sophia Grace & Co: Dress Up Makeover

watermelon rubber bands

I think my love for magic started when I was 5 and I watched Cinderella for the first time. Every little kid wants the impossible to be real. I wish I had a fairy godmother that could work some magic in my life these days. Oh how I with the house would magically clean itself! Since that’s not going to happen, I might as well do some entertaining with these fun ‘magic’ tricks. They might not fool the adults but at least you will leave the kids in shock and awe at their next party.

I’d seen a few of these before but some were brand new and I loved them! The CD bubbles? That was amazing! And I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like things exploding ( unless it’s inside a newly cleaned house). If you liked these, The Kidzone has some card tricks and simple magic that are sure to impress! You’ll love it! Be sure and check it out here

Here’s the video…Enjoy!

How To Make A Matchbox Rocket Launching Kit

If you are going to go crazy with fire, experiments, rockets, and all things dangerous but incredible fun then this is for you! The King Of Random has really detailed instructions, written and video, to walk you through making your own matchbox rockets. This will be an exciting project for kids and adults alike! I’m so on board!

These matchbox rockets shoot up to 40 feet and are powered by just one match! They leave a cool trail of smoke that is quite impressive. I love that he is organized and conscientious of storage space too! This whole project, supplies and all, fit inside a match box. It’s perfect for travel.

Where were the experiments like this when I was a kid? We were more into blowing things up. I played with mentos and coke bottles and there was one incident involving gasoline and a soda can that got me grounded for months, but I was never any good at designing rockers. This would have been helpful and a whole lot safer! These get hot and travel far, so use common sense and don’t point them at people! Instructables has other fun DIY rockets you can make. Find it here

Find the amazing video here…Enjoy!