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DIY Hook Knit Scarf

DIY Hook Knit Scarf

I don’t know where my sudden love of bright colors has come from! Coral is my favorite color. Coming in second and third are painfully bright yellow and brilliant green. … Read More

Beautiful Butterfly Footprint Art

Butterfly Footprint Art Tutorial

Mother’s Day is May 11th this year. It’s a hard holiday for me to remember because there isn’t an easy set of rules for when it will be. Thanksgiving is … Read More

100+ Picture Perfect Paint Recipes

100+ Homemade Paint Recipes

Growing A Jeweled Rose is a true DIY ‘gem’! I am happy to feature them today and the awesome roundup they put together on how to make paint. There are … Read More

35 Party Ideas For Your Kiddos

35 Party Ideas For Your Kiddos

I love my birthday! It is such a blast and we go all out when celebrating. This year isn’t a big “mile marker” year, so we aren’t having a huge … Read More

Your Own Personal Ball Pit

DIY Ball Pit For Your Kiddos

I used to live for trips to McDonald’s. The toy in the “Happy Meal” was amazing and the play place was the best! The ball pit is a favorite of … Read More

DIY Sand Footprint Crafts

DIY Sand Footprint Keepsake

Just because you don’t live near the beach doesn’t mean you can’t make a beautiful beach themed craft. This easy craft also doubles as a keepsake that will decorate your … Read More

“Tow Mater” Adirondack Chair

“Tow Mater” Adirondack Chair

This is precious! I seriously loved the movie “Cars.” Tow-Mater was by far my favorite. The quirky comic relief normally is. An Adirondack chair created to look like this beloved … Read More

Get The Plans For Terrific Triple Bunk Beds

Triple Bunk Beds (Plans)

My college dorm room had three bunk beds in it but they didn’t look anything like this. I know these are made for kiddos, but this design is great no … Read More

32 Backyard Games At Their Best

32 Fun DIY Backyard Games

This summer I am determined to get outdoors and play. Off with the television and into the sunshine for my family. The Listotic Blog has gathered together 32 amazing DIY … Read More