10 Budget Friendly Ways To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

I am in love with this roundup from Amazing Interior Designs. It is brilliant and I am so excited to feature it here today! These ideas are as affordable as they are simple. It really is amazing how big of a difference little touches can make. Adding a rug, changing the light features, or adding a pop of color can do wonders. I also think that painting the inside of the cabinets is a terrific idea!

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10 Totally Awesome Budget Friendly Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Image Credit: amazinginteriordesign.com

Magical Decal Tutorial (Free Printables)

Waterslide decals are beautiful and great for custom decorations but they aren’t always the most durable or practical. Magic Decals add the durability that waterslide decals are lacking. Here is a terrific pricing breakdown and full tutorial on ‘magic decals’ and how they will change everything you thought you knew about decals. Everyone over at The Painted Hive, thanks for sharing! I’m so excited to feature this project here today! I especially love the fonts on the labels!

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ThePaintedHive – Magical Decal Tutorial With Free Printables

Image Credit: thepaintedhive.net

How To Organize Inside Kitchen Cabinet Doors

There is no excuse for wasting space! Especially in small spaces, like my kitchen. I am embarrassed to admit that I have never thought about using the doors of my cabinets for storage. For shame! I am so excited to try these ideas from Sas Interiors. I love how there is contact paper to fancy them up, magnetic sheets to make them multi-purposed, and cork board for a hidden bulletin board. So cool!

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SasInteriors – Ideas For The Inside Of The Cabinet Doors

Image Credit: sasinteriors.net

slide out pantry

If you only have a few inches to work with, you will love this idea! I love more space and canned food takes up so much of it! I bet I could shove the fridge a bit and have enough room. Now I will be able to see what I have and no more having five of the same thing. It will be great to store more tasty things in the pantry.

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LearningToBeMe – Cabinet DIY Completed And Tutorial

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simplify your kitchen

I think the title sums it all up nicely. “Simplify.” I need more simplicity in my life (and of course in my kitchen). Lifehacker has some great tips on how we can do just that! I recently did #5 and I am loving my new and improved lighting. #10 is next on the list with #3 right behind! I am on board with anything that will make my life easier and these are awesome ideas. Which is your fav?

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Lifeacker – Top 10 DIY Projects That Simplify Your Kitchen

Image Credit: lifehacker.com

should not refrigerate

What good information! Maybe I need to clean out the fridge? So my bread, avocados, and tomatoes are all in the wrong place? Oops! Growing up our batteries were always in the freezer. Guess I better call Mom and Dad and let them know too. I have never heard about people putting nail polish in the fridge though. Super interesting! What are you storing in the wrong places?

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CafeMom – 15 Things That Should Not Be Refrigerated

Image Credit: cafemom.com

The 36 Best Kept Kitchen Secrets

I am a sucker for kitchen roundups! I love all the helpful tips and am grateful to the clever and creative people out there who share them. Listotic has gathered together 36 fabulous tricks to help make life in the kitchen easier, and I am happy to feature them here today. Cooking should be fun (and not too difficult). These will help for sure.

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Listotic – 36 Kitchen Tips And Tricks That Nobody Told You About

Image Credit: listotic.com

How To Clean The Dishwasher

Why do we neglect to clean the things that keep our homes clean? I use my washing machine, dryer, vacuum and dishwasher all the time but I almost never clean them. Home Repair Tutor has some helpful tips on how to clean that dirty dishwasher. I am not all that excited to see what grossness I have been cleaning my dishes with…but I need to do this!

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HomeRepairTutor – 5 Quick Tips (Cleaning The Dishwasher)

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73 Eye Opening Kitchen Secrets

Let’s be ruthless and cut through everything that makes working in the kitchen a bore. That’s what a hack is, right?! Greatist has put together a bunch of tips to help make life easier. There are useful tips on food storage and prep, organization, cleaning, freezing, reheating, cooking, and others. Hooray for an easier life!

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73 Kitchen Hacks To Save Time, Get Organized, And Stay Sane

Image Credit: greatist.com

30 Simple Ways To Revamp Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in a house. That is always the case at my home anyways. There is a lot of foot traffic, people getting snacks and sodas, dinner and lunches being made, recipe experimentation, and a lot of other things seem to take place there. I am always looking for ways to get creative and organize it to make it better and my life easier. Lucky me, I just found 30 of them! I think the fridge ‘lazy susan’ is a fantastic idea. What is your favorite?

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BuzzFeed – 30 Insanely Easy Ways To Improve Your Kitchen

Image Credit: buzzfeed.com