If you’re like me then I’m sure you don’t make messes. Haha. Well, I clean then as I go and I bet you do too. After dinner I do the dishes, wipe down the counters and table, and clean up the stove. You don’t have to be an ambitions cleaner to fit that much into your routine. Neat freak or lazy cleaner, dirt and grime build up. Especially on the stove! This trick from DIY Super Mom will help you clean your stove burners in no time at all! I’m really excited to feature it and even more excited to try it.

Who has time to scrub each individual burner until they sparkle? ‘Not I,’ said the already insanely busy wife and mother. This method using ammonia and plastic bags takes care of it. This trick will be really good to hang onto for spring cleaning! I think spraying the ammonia should be done outside. Probably opening the bag too. No house should smell like that nasty stuff. Phewee.

Common Sense Homesteading has an alternative to the above method. It is all natural and uses no harsh chemicals. Everyone has different preferences so be sure and check it out here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Vintage Kitchen

You won’t believe this fantastic house, featured over at The little Things. It hasn’t been lived in…ever! Built in 1965 it has been waiting for the right owner and finally has found one. The best part about that is that now we can see inside.

I love it! It’s pink and perfect and patriotic. Yes that’s right. In the 50’s the color wasn’t seen as girly at all. At the end of WWII the color was seen as joyful and patriotic because of the First Lady. It was the First Lady Mamie Eisenhower’s favorite color. Bathroom and kitchen decor was inspired by her and this particular shade was even named after her. As many as 5 million houses might have had a pink kitchen like this! What? I need to ask my Grandma about it! So cool. I love learning new things.

I couldn’t even recognize some of the appliances. It took me a minute to figure out the dishwasher and what the buttons on the stove did. I loved the fridge. It’s so amazing that all the manuals are there.

Want to learn more about Mamie? I know I do! The Miller Center has a lot of really great info.

Get the full tour inside here…

Little Things: Original 1950’s Kitchen (photos)

kitchen mastery tips

Do you want to improve your cooking skills and skills in the kitchen? Many of us would love to but simply do not have the time available to attend cooking classes or go back to school. Maybe you havea few minutes here and there to catch up on a new recipe, but to really learn some helpful kitchen tips can take some time.

Luckily we’ve found this series of infographics and diagrams that are quick to commit to memory and easy to understand. By reviewing and understanding these diagrams you will improve your cooking skills dramatically!

Learn about different types of knives and knife skills – these are skills you will use every day in the kitchen and are invaluable. Find out what to substitute for an ingredient when you are baking – a real life saver when you run out of something! The list goes on, from learning how to roast a turky to making a simple vinaigrette.

See all 12 infographics here…

Peel An Egg

If you’re a fan of hard boiled eggs and all the delicious recipes you can make with them then you’re no stranger to the hassle that is peeling them. It can take forever and the eggs come out slightly mangled. Don’t even get me started on gross sticky egg filled fingernails! Eww! This kitchen hack is hands free and takes only seconds! I can’t wait to try it! I just wish I’d known it last week when I made deviled eggs. Sad. But I’m going to remember it for next time for sure!

One word…wow! What an eggcellent method for peeling eggs. 3 seconds of shaking in ½ an inch of water and voila! Another trick when making hard boiled eggs, don’t use with super fresh eggs. That makes them even harder to peel (even with this method)! Now that you know the easiest way to peel eggs, here is the perfect egg salad recipe. You have Serious Eats to thank for this yummy treat.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Protect Your Cast Iron

What’s the big deal with cast iron? They can be scary pans until you figure them out. What kind of pan can’t be cleaned with soap? And some people don’t even clean then with water! Once you figure them out you will love them and never go back! I love mine because it gets hot so quickly (perfect for searing), distributes heat evenly, can and go from stovetop to oven. Cast iron pans also have a natural nonstick surface as long as cared for properly. No BPA, PFOA, or other harmful carcinogens are present!

These pans are wonderful, but sadly they don’t always stay wonderful. Don’t worry if you mess yours up! You can recondition it or re-season it. It takes some canola oil and a hot oven. A few hours at 250 degrees and it will be as good as new.

If you’re worried about protecting your other pots and pans, The Kitchn is always a good source of information!

Here’s the video…Enjoy!

cut onions without crying

Cooking is a labor of love. I’ve poured sweat and tears into my dishes and after a lot of work they have come out masterful works of edible art. A lot of the crying has probably been from onions. Pesky veggies! Thanks to this tip from Jack Scalfani there won’t be any more tears in my casseroles. The part of the onion that causes tears is the root; the bulb and gas that gather inside it. Crazy! He shows us how to get rid of that part of the onion without any fuss or mess.

I’ve cut onions under water, while chewing gum, and while wearing goggles. They all work but I’m curious to try this method. (I’m always looking for bigger and better!) My contacts seem to shield my eyes pretty well right now but I don’t always wear them. I’ve heard you can bite on a match or paper towel and that the onion fumes will go there instead of your eyes. Interesting! Here are some other hacks from Distractify that you need to check out…

Here’s the video…Enjoy!

kitchen storage ideas

Find inspirational kitchen storage ideas with this roundup from Stylish Eve. Get creative while getting organized and creating kitchen space that is elegant and efficient. Wooow! Really great ideas guys! I need to ‘remodel’ my cabinets. There is so much space there that I’m not using and some lazy susans and pull-outs would be great. They are all terrific ideas, but just those two alone would give me so much more room. What do you think? Which ones have you drooling?

Prepare to be amazed…see them all here:

Stylish Eve – Terrific Kitchen Storage Ideas

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kitchen makeover

Wow, what a pretty kitchen! Does yours need a little help? Find all the fresh ideas and inspiration you have been looking for here. Thanks hometalk! I am so happy to have run across this beautiful room. The color white scares me but it does open the room up and the end result is gorgeous.

See the beautiful kitchen here…

HomeTalk – A Bright DIY Kitchen Under $500

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