I love Dana from Made Everyday. She has the best tutorials that show us how to make fun things out of ordinary everyday things (thus the name). This latest tutorial is all about turning string and glue into stunning lampshades, balls, and globes. They are lovely!

This looks really easy and I want to try it someday! It will take some hard work and two whole days to dry but still pretty easy. Christmas decorations? Yes! They can match any decoration scheme and they’re easy and affordable. I love the lampshade version. The decorative balls are nice but the shades are the best!

Here’s a tip from my personal experience…pull the string from the inside out. It will go much easier and faster. This is the perfect DIY for kids. You could use balloons if you are short on balls but they won’t give the perfect round shape. Looking for more string crafts? Apartment Therapy has some really fun ones. I didn’t know that there was such a thing as a string art trophy. Did you? So fun! Check them out here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

If you love crafting and DIY projects then you will love these projects about decorating with mason jars. Mason jars are so versatile and classy looking, and can really dress up any scene or create a rustic atmosphere. The most common way to dress up mason jars is to use them as vases and hang them with an assortment of flowers.

Another popular use for mason jars are as candle or votive holders. They can make beautiful evening patio lights or gorgeous centerpieces for a wedding reception. The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination! Take a few minutes and look at the projects we’ve found below. Enjoy!

1. Grow air plants in hanging mason jars:

air plants mason jars

2. Add some flair to your balcony decor:

balcony decor mason jars

3. Blue mason jars make a stunning craft:

blue mason jars

4. Mason jars with candles and pebbles:

mason jar with candle and pebbles

5. Fall mason jar centerpiece:

fall mason jar centerpiece

6. Hanging mason jars with flowers decorate formal tables:

flower decor mason jars

7. Mason jar floral trio:

flowers and mason jars

8. Mason jar bouquets:

mason jar bouquets

9. Mason jars hanging from a branch:

mason jars hanging from a branch

10. Burlap wrapped mason jars:

burlap wrapped mason jars

11. Floral mason jars hanging on white chairs:

mason jar flowers

12. A ladder and some mason jars makes a wonderful patio light:

mason jar ladder light

13. Formal mason jar light:

mason jar light

14. Mason jars hanging from a tree:

mason jar tree lights

15. Macrame mason jar hanger:

macrame mason jar hanger

16. Mason jar cluster patio light:

mason jar patio light

17. Hanging mason jars with ribbons and butterflies:

mason jars with ribbons and butterflies

18. Mason jar decor hanging on a fence:

mason jars with candles

19. A chandelier made from mason jar lights:

mason jars chandelier

20. Hanging mason jars centerpiece:

hanging mason jars centerpiece

21. Mason jar vase with wildflowers:

mason jar vase

22. Mason jar decor at a wedding:

mason jar wedding decor

23. More mason jar wedding decor:

mason jar wedding decor

24. Rustic light made from mason jars:

rustic light mason jars

25. Vintage mason jars:

vintage mason jars


This DIY cloud light is a triple threat; easy to make, clever, and affordable. I so want to make this! I’ve seen similar things in stores before but they were so expensive! I much prefer the DIY method. Don’t you? TiffyQuake (YouTube) made this light for a baby shower, so there would be a literal shower of lights, but I want to make it for our playroom. The kids will love it!

To make this awesome cloud you will need: different sized paper lanterns, glue gun and sticks, a lot of cotton batting, clear string, and something to hang your light from. Don’t forget to use battery LED lights or other lights that don’t get hot. No fires! I am in love with this cloud!

Looking for other cloud themed crafts? Look not further! (farther?) Check out all that MollyMoo has rounded up for us. These are perfect for a rainy day…

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

DIY Chandelier

Some things make my heart happy. I can think of two things off the top of my head. (Sorry Julie Andrews. No warm woolen mittens or brown paper packages wrapped up with string.) Mason jars are one and chandeliers are the second. Put them together and I want to swoon. A mason jar chandelier? Yes please! I especially love this one! I’m so glad to have stumbled across it!

Have you heard the song ‘Chandelier’ by Sia? It makes me think of the most fantastic crystal creations hanging high above…whimsy. This is elegant and magical and DIY. DIY. Best three letters ever! Imgur user Mounttod is brilliant! This would be perfect over the island in my kitchen. Country chic. There are so many versions of this that are possible! Different colored jars, lights, etc.. I’ve seen a candle version too.

Looking for a less DIY version? Never fear! Amazon’s got your back.

See the amazing DIY creation here…

LittleThings: Mason Jar Chandelier (photos)

Crestive Candle Designs

I love candles! They smell wonderful and their glow is so romantic; I have 3 burning right now. They’re great for masking unpleasant smells. Wet dog, stinky shoes, little boys’ bathrooms. They are especially useful the day before I clean the house! I got a champagne toast scented one for Christmas and yum! I can’t get enough of it. Mine are ordinary, nothing like the ones you’re about to see…they are game changers!

Some of these designs look nothing like candles. That’s how creative they are. Maybe I’m hungry but the root beer float, egg, watermelon, and macaroons look so real that I could gobble them up.

A few are kind of creepy but all are fun. The light bulb seriously is my favorite! Lights out! Not with this candle. In My Own Style has another creative candle. It’s a DIY outdoor candle chandelier that is going to knock your socks off (it did mine!). Find it here.

Here’s the full article from Awesome Inventions…

Awesome Inventions: 19 Awesomely Creative Candle Designs You will love

Sparkle Ball

I was confused when I heard the term ‘sparkle ball.’ To clarify, it’s like a disco ball but not. Haha, that’s not confusing at all. It’s a ball/globe made from plastic cups that is all lit up from within by twinkle lights. Sounds gorgeous, right? Right!

Making this decoration is really simple! You’ll need some clear plastic cups, staples, lights, and something to drill a hole in the bottom of the cups with. Easy peasy. This will be perfect for your next dance party! Haalllorr! (Pronounced hollar with some attitude.)

This is very modern looking, I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen something like it at Ikea. I think the lights that flash would look best. Since the lights are stapled inside the globe you better test them first. It would be awful for them not to work after all that! Adding some glitter to the cups would really make it sparkle!

decoist has some DIY pendant lights that are just as amazing as this one! Be sure to check them out here

Here’s the video…Enjoy!

orange candle

Oranges are delicious; they are high in vitamin C and full of health benefits. And now there is another reason you should keep your pantry stocked with them! Besides helping with cholesterol and eliminating carcinogens from the body (just to name a few reason they’re healthy) they can be used to make candles! Yes it’s true! I saw one burn with my own eyes.

All you will need is an orange, a knife, a lighter, and some olive oil. You’re basically making an orange peel bowl. Be sure to not get any holes in it! I hate cleaning up oil. Be sure to leave the stem attached to the peel because it’s going to act as the wick. So cool! I love creative candles like this. Perfect for emergencies. I saw a butter candle once that was just as cool. There are wonderful DIY emergency kits out there but there are also store bought ones, like this one from The Ready Store. Find it here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

How It’s Made, Decorative Candles

Have you ever seen food to pretty eat? Well here is a candle too pretty to burn. Creating hand carved decorative candles is an old German craft but it’s new to me. Apparently they were pretty popular in America in the 70’s and 80’s. I don’t remember them but I’m told that you could find these candles in mall kiosks and at county fairs everywhere.

I’m embarrassed to even think about my layered crayon candles! They take about 5 minutes and a child could do them. But these decorative ones are only for the professionals. It takes a year of training to get ready! The temperature has to be just right when creating and carving the candle. The carver only has 15 minutes to finish their design before the wax become too hard to work with. Talk about pressure!

I love that this one was covered in tulips, they’re my favorite flower! It’s so pretty I wouldn’t want to burn it for long. Just long enough to be able to fit a LED candle inside it. The way the light shines through the designs is lovely! TopDreamer has some other creative candle ideas. Find them here

Here’s the video…Enjoy!

Light Up Your Party With LED Balloons

This is a splendid idea for my next party. I found it over at Brit+Co and I’m going to bookmark it for a rainy day. I’ve heard of using glow-sticks in balloons but never LEDs. I opt for the store bought LEDs over the DIYs because, let’s face it, party planning is hard work! But there is an awesome ‘how-to’ if you feel like making them yourself. Store bought or homemade, I love that these balloons give 24-48 hours of glowing fun! How great is that?!

Here’s the link to Brit+Co’s full article: Brit+Co: Light Up Your Party With LED Balloons

LED Lights inside balloons are an excellent replacement for the traditional candle. They make your party much more special, and aren’t that difficult to make yourself. Read through this guide and you will find out how to make fun LED Lighted balloons.

To Make LED Lighted Balloons you will need:

– LED Lights or LED Keychain
– 5V Watch Battery (if using LED lights)
– Tape (if using LED lights)
– Balloon

Step 1- Getting an LED

The first thing that you will need to do is get yourself an LED which is suitable for putting inside a balloon. You can do this by buying plain LED’s off the Internet, or from an electrical store and powering these with a battery. Alternatively you can normally find keychain lights in dollar stores.

Whether you choose to use an LED or a keychain light is up to you. The advantage of using a keychain is that you already have all the batteries and everything you need for the project. Some of these also have electronic circuits which can make the LED lights pulse and change color. If you do decide to use a keychain light for the project make sure that it uses an LED and not a small light bulb as this will heat up.

Step 2 – Preparing the LED

If you have chosen to use LED’s for the project then take them out of the packet. They are quite a small device which are very simple. There are two metal legs, one of which will be shorter than the other. The short leg is the negative side, and the longer leg the positive side. Push the battery in between the legs of the LED so that it is held in place. It should light straight away, but if it doesn’t then the battery is probably in the wrong way. Take it out and turn it around the other way.

Once the LED is lit, it’s a good idea to put a small piece of plastic with a strip in between the leg and the battery. This will cause the light to go off and operate as a temporary switch. When this is in place wrap the legs and battery in tape to keep everything together. This is basically an LED throwie, and what many people attach magnets to and throw onto metal surfaces. However, you will probably be using it to put into a balloon.

Step 3 – Using a Keychain LED

If you wanted to use a keychain LED then this will be an easier option in most cases. If the key chain is small enough to fit inside the balloon easily then you don’t need to do anything else. However, if it’s too large then you will need to dismantle it and make it as small as possible.

Step 4 – Assembly

Just before you are ready to assemble the LED balloons pull out the tab of plastic and discard it. This will cause the light to illuminate and it will start using the battery. Once you have done this pop the LED into the balloon being careful not to dislodge anything. If you are using an LED key chain then simply turn this on and put it into the balloon.

Then it’s just a case of inflating the balloon normally. Whether you are using helium or just air is up to you. Then get ready to show them off to your friends and family at the party.

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