Monogrammed Yarn Wrapped Ombre Letter

There are a lot of really sweet yarn crafts out there but I am a huge fan of this one. Using yarn to transform a wooden letter into a decoration is easy. Turning it into an ombre letter is awesome! You can get your supplies at any craft store for just a few dollars and the end result looks like a million bucks.

Find out how to make your own! Here is the link…

CatchMyParty – How To Make A Yarn Wrapped Ombre Monogrammed Letter

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button canvas wall art

How incredibly cute is this monogram wall art made from buttons?! Now, the item pictured above is actually available for sale on Etsy if you want to skip the whole “DIY” step. Go here – Letter Perfect Designs.

Now, for those of you looking to make one of these yourself… I was able to find a really great tutorial with lots of photos to help you step by step through the process. Head over to the Changing My Marbles blog for all the details!

Here’s the link…

ChangingMyMarbles – Button Monogram Wall Art Tutorial

Image Credit: / letterperfectdesigns

diy cloud mobile

This has to be one of the cutest mobile ideas I have ever seen for a baby nursery. I first discovered these while browsing Etsy. Here’s the link to what’s currently available Etsy – Mobile Clouds.

Making these seems to be pretty straight forward but I always like to have instructions on hand in case I get stuck. So, I did some digging and found the tutorial linked below – it’s great!

Have fun…

Kestrel Makes – Cloud Mobile Tutorial

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diy barn door baby gate

I am currently past the days where we need a baby gate for any of our rooms but this was just too adorable not to share with you. You never know, we could decide 2 little ones is not enough and have another!

This is such a great site over at Remodelaholic. They have so many fun plans, tips and DIY projects to browse. This is one of my favorites. This looks so much better than the cheap plastic doors and probably a lot harder to try and climb over.

Take a look here…

Remodelaholic: Barn Door Baby Gate

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diy bookcase into cushioned bench and storage

It’s amazing what you can do with Ikea stuff and all the creative ideas I discover each day. Here’s a really good idea that turns an Ikea bookshelf unit into a cushioned bench with storage!

My only issue with items from Ikea is that it can be flimsy and “cheap” in terms of stability so I was curious as to how this problem was solved especially when it comes to something to sit on! I don’t want to break it putting on my shoes.

It appears that a sheet of MDF was cut and used as a topper to keep it all together and create a continuous L shaped unit. When topped with foam and fabric it all comes together nicely.

Take a look here…

Sweet Seating Part 1

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nursery storage and decor ideas

There’s a ton of great nursery storage and decor ideas at this blog post I just discovered! I have just left the baby phase and my boys are getting bigger now and no longer need a nursery but ya never know… accidents happen LOL.

I might just have to keep a few of these ideas tucked away for a rainy day.

If you are looking for cute and clever ideas. Check it out!

Here’s the link to all the photos…

Nursery Storage And Decor Ideas

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homemade baby wipes

I know when our kids were still in diapers just a couple years ago, there was one thing we were always running out of and it was baby wipes!

There never seemed to be enough. From cleaning up the poo to cleaning in general, lots of wipes are very handy to have a round.

I just found this great guide to making your own baby wipes and I wish I had found it when my kids were younger!

See the guide here….

Homemade Baby Wipes

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forest whimsical nursery ideas

I found this stunning image of a whimsical forest nursery while surfing pinterest and I just had to do some digging to see if I could find who designed it and where they got these items.

This design scheme can easily be modified to an older child’s room or even a master bedroom concept for the fun at heart. Finally found the original blog post and the “item list” page.

Check it out here…

Whimsical Forest Nursery – Item List