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When you embark on organizing your home, or a room in your home, you might not stop to think about all of the wonderful products that are available to help. One such item we want to bring to your attention is the amazing command hook. And it’s removable and inexpensive as well! Placing command hooks in strategic places in your home can help tremendously with organizing!

When space is limited, which it so often is, we need to make the most out of every nook and cranny. This means use our wall space as much as we can too. Command hooks are a great way to use wall space by allowing us to hang things up and get them out of the way. We found a crazy interesting article that talks about 23 ways to use command hooks around the home to help you organize your life.

Here’s the link to all 23 ideas…

home organization

The trend in homes is to make them smaller and more efficient. More efficient not only when paying the power, gas and water bills, but also in using the space you have available. No more McMansions and 4000 square foot homes. This roundup has some brilliant ideas on how to use your available space efficiently.

Need to hide away that cat box? Try number 2. No pun intended. OK, maybe a little intended. There are great ways to create a guest room for the occasions when you are hosting out-of-towners.(Like the in-laws.) You can still use the space as an office or den most of the time, when you are not hosting.

I don’t know about you, but my kitchen is too small for all my gadgets. I need to try a few of these ideas to make room for them. It will also keep me from digging through that ‘catch all’ drawer just to find a wooden spoon.

After all, a house is just a place to put your stuff. Even if your home is huge, it still seems as though you never have enough space. Big or small, it might be time to think about getting rid of some clutter. Check out some practical tips here.

Here’s the link to all 21 ideas… 21 Brilliant Ways To Save Space Around Your Home.


Have you ever stepped on a Lego before? The result is a desire to say those words you never want the kids to hear come out of your mouth. I know that you will appreciate these great storage ideas from moms like you!

Teach your children to be responsible for their things and you will live a blissful life. We all know that isn’t likely to happen, but it could give you a few more minutes of “me time” if they picked up after themselves. It amazes me how much stuff my children have acquired in their short lives. I don’t think my room was this cluttered with action figures, Legos and superhero capes when I was little. Then again, my parents probably thought the same about my room too. I had barbies galore!

Take a look at these ideas to make it simple for the kids to clean up after themselves. I am personally a huge fan of anything with a drawer or lid. Out of sight out of mind! (Just like this toy chest).

Here’s the link to all 19 ideas…

Diply: 19 Practical Ways To Deal With Your Kids’ Toys

organize with magazine holders

If you love organizing and crave order in your life, then you are among a popular crowd indeed. When we think of organizing we often think of shelving and containers. We came across an article about a container you may not have given much thought to: the magazine holder.

This uniquely shaped container is actually a wonderful item that can be used to store so many items. Everything from toilet paper to canned goods to flip flops! One of our favorite ideas is to install one on the inside of a cupboard door and use it to store wraps such as tinfoil and plastic wrap.

With a little planning and creativity, you will likely come up with several of your own ideas to store items in magazine holders. You can even visit your local dollar store to get some different types of magazine containers.

Here’s the link to all 19 ideas…

Most of us have faced the challenge of dealing with space limitations at home. Small spaces cause a lot of grief for most people. But because of small space challenges, we are forced to organize better and think of smarter storage solutions.

Whether you are organizing the kitchen, laundry room or bedroom we are sure you will find this list of small storage solutions a breath of fresh air. Some storage ideas are straight forward and easy to accomplish while others may take a bit of a crafty hand. Whatever you choose to do just remember that every little space can serve a purpose!

1. Metal basket wall shelf:

metal basket wall shelf

2. DIY phone and charger holder:

plastic phone charger holder

3. DIY bath products storage:

diy bathroom storage

4. Under bed storage:

under bed storage

5. DIY scarf hanger:

diy scarf hanger

6. DIY circular wall shelves:

circular wall shelves

7. Bathroom shelving storage:

bathroom shelving

8. Multifunctional storage solution:

multifunctional storage solution

9. Narrow pantry shelving:

side fridge pantry

10. Kitchen appliances storage:

kitchen appliances storage

11. Create a floating nightstand:

floating wooden nightstand

12. Keep pens and papers organized in fashion:

writing instruments frame

13. Store shoes inside a foot stool:

hide shoes in foot stool

14. Bold hexagon shelving:

hexagon wall shelving

15. Office wall organization:

office wall organization

16. Baskets above cabinets:

baskets above cabinets

17. Toys stored under the bed:

under bed toy storage

18. Easy to make sofa organizer:

diy sofa organizer

19. Makeup organizers from plastic bottles:

diy makeup organizers

20. Jewelry organized in a frame:

frame jewelry organizer

21. Store movies in boxes:

dvds in boxes

22. Dresser with built in bookshelves:

dresser bookshelves

23. Plywood box bed storage:

plywood box bed storage

24. Pull out kitchen island:

pullout cabinet island

25. Elevated floor storage:

raised floor storage

26. Washer side storage:

side cupboard laundry

27. Under cabinet drawers:

under cabinet drawers

28. Versatile furniture for a teenager’s room:

versatile teenager furniture

29. DIY desk organizer:

diy desk organizer

30. Funky adjustable shelving:

mobile wooden shelf

organization tips

Organization. Blech. I hate messes. I love being organized but I hate the process. Things are easier to find, everything is right where you left it, and you’re not embarrassed to have company come over. We can all use more help with organization! These tips are a great place to get started if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. I’m sooo glad I found them!

It’s funny how some of the best ways to organize is by repurposing. A tupperware rack works wonderfully as a clutch/purse rack and mesh bags work great in the kitchen. Number 10 is a fantastic idea! Shower caddies are amazing in the shower, so why wouldn’t they be great to hang things on? No reason! I’m gonna run out and get some. Martha Stewart will set you straight if you need more help organizing your life. She is amazing! Get all the info here.

See all 19 organization hacks here…

Diply: 19 DIY Hacks To Organize Your Whole House

Bathroom Storage

I hate my bathroom right now. Mostly it’s because I need to clean it but it’s partly because it looks like a tornado tore through there. It’s not a shoe box but it’s not spacious either and since my husband I share it…Messy! I am always on the look out for organization tips (I know my honey appreciates that) and that’s why I’m excited to feature this awesome roundup from Daily Savings! These ideas are brilliant!

I am so going to try putting a Lazy Susan under the bathroom sink. That would save me a lot of space! The repurposed drawer and upcycled window DIYs are beautiful and I don’t care if they add storage! They add a certain je ne sais quoi that I must have. Lol!

If you liked those, then you will love these. Check out these 13 big ideas for small bathrooms from This Old House.

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DailySaving: 12 Easy Organizing DIYs That Will Transform Your Small Bathroom

jar storage

All the small things…” nope I’m not talking about a Blink 182 song. I’m talking about all the little things in your life that need organizing and these brilliant ideas to help get the little tiny things in your life in order. Who doesn’t need help with that?! If you said no it’s because you’re lying or because you recently had a nervous break down and threw away all your worldly possessions. I haven’t had that breakdown yet so my stuff still needs help.

It is always the hardest for me in the bathroom. That’s where most of my tiny clutter is. What a mess! There and the kitchen. Buzzfeed has a lot of fun ideas that should hopefully cut down on the chaos.

I know that this hack is old, but it’s not played out…magnets to organize bobby pins! I loose all of mine and this could save time in the morning. I love the pill organizer for traveling with jewelry. Earrings in an icecube tray is another wonderful idea! I also want to try the drawer organizer for kitchen utensils. iheart organizing has tons of great ideas too. Find them all here

Here’s the full roundup from Buzzfeed…

Buzzfeed: 33 Clever Ways To Organize All Things Small

52 Weeks Of Organization

“Don’t bite off more that you can chew.” I think we have all heard that. I think we have all done that! I know I have and especially when it comes to resolutions and large projects. Every December 31st I decide that I am going to clean and organize my house from top to bottom (I also make this same declaration when spring cleaning starts). How often do you think I have accomplished my resolution? Oh thats right…I haven’t. Nein. Ne. Nil. A grand total of zero times. My resolve fails fast! I normally get to the cleaning supplies, under the sink, laundry room, family calendar, and the things I need regularly to keep life from becoming a disaster!

Cupcakes N Kisses has a 52 week plan that breaks organizing your home into manageable bite-sized pieces. I am so excited to feature it here today and I’m even more excited to try it! Will this be the year or organization success?! Wish me luck! Also see these helpful tips from HGTV.

Find all the organization tips here…

Cupcakes Kisses N Crumbs: 52 Weeks Of Organization

Ring In The New Year: Cleaning And Organization Challenge

Challenge you say? I’m so competitive! I will even compete with the arrival time on my GPS. Even I know that’s weird. (4:30? Ha! I’ll get there by 4:20.) And if you’re gentle and soft spoken you don’t want to play Catch Phrase with me. That must be why another cleaning/organizing challenge appeals to me. I want to be the most organized and have the cleanest house! This a great schedule to start on January one. New Year’s resolutions are the hardest to keep. Good intentions can only carry us so far but practical tips and schedules, like this one, are a sure fire way to succeed.

The Friday chores on this list are my least favorite! That’s why my Microwave and air vents are gross! This cleaning calendar is so detailed, it doesn’t miss anything. I skip a bunch of these every week when I clean but now there are no more excuses. I’m going to have to work a lot harder now! I don’t want to do chores on Sunday though. That is our family day and we are often out and about. Maybe I could rotate some to Friday or Saturday. Get more cleaning tips from Living Well Spending Less here.

Find the full article and printable cleaning schedule from Missy Inspired here…

Missy Inspired: Ring In The New Year: Cleaning And Organization Challenge