Everybody loves to be organized, but who has the time? It can be so stressful trying to juggle all of your daily responsibilities, and trying to organize your home. We’ve found an excellent source that goes over 19 easy and smart ideas to organize your closets and drawers. Just a few minutes of reading can help you get much more organized at home.

The great thing about learning tips to get organized is that as long as you keep things put away, you don’t have to face organizing again. One really genius idea is to use PVC pipes for storing scarves – so unique!

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Women have a lot to live up to in this day and age. When it comes to saving time, any woman would appreciate these tips! Not only do you want to look beautiful and put your best face forward, but you also have a billion other responsibilities and tasks to take care of every day. Who has the time? You can, if you take a few minutes and review these tips. Just commit a few to memory that will specifically help you out and you’ll notice that shaving off five minutes here and there can really add up.

Love being organized but lack the time or skills to be effective at it? A genius organizing tip is to use shower rings to store scarves. Follow the link below to discover more beauty and organizing hacks. Did you know you could use petroleum jelly to remove scuffs on your favorite patent leather shoes?

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How many pairs of shoes do you have? I doubt very few of us would say less than five. There are just so many options… boots, flip flops, slippers, sneakers, heels, flats, etc. They just pile up and there never seems to be enough storage space for them. This roundup from Fantastic Viewpoint has 16 new and inventive ways to store your shoes.

My shoes are currently on the floor of my closet. Some in boxes but most just haphazardly strewn about. I could really use some of these ideas and I’m sure my husband would appreciate the walking room. I like number 7 a lot. Number 1 too. Vintage boxes stacked haphazardly just looks amazing. The shoe ottoman is pretty great too. Which one is your favorite? All of them? Here are some more DIY shoe rack idea. (Some are duplicated but not all of them.)

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FantasticViewpoint: The 16 Most Inventive DIY Shoe Storage Hacks


Diply has the best roundup! It’s perfect for those of us with tiny spaces filled with too much stuff. These 16 ideas are all about saving room and organizing in homes that are tight on space. Whether you have the biggest house on the block or yours is itty bitty… there is something here for you!

Some of these ideas are great and others just aren’t for me. Number three would block the view of my yard and I wouldn’t be able to see the kids running around as I did the dishes. Also number four? Not my cup of tea. But I adore the bookcase stairs (number 5) and the under-the-bed storage makes my heart skip a beat (number 11). Love love love. I also really like number 14. Do you have a favorite? Have you tried any of these?

Another way to save space in a small home is by getting rid of clutter. Easier said than done but Family Circle has some tips on where to start. Good luck!

Here’s the link to all 16 ideas…

Diply: 16 Space-Saving Ideas For Your Teeny-Tiny Home

Home Organization

Does your house look like the Battle of Britain has been going on in and around your living room? Has a roving pack of neighborhood kids hit your home like the Tazmanian Devil? Sometimes mine looks like that! Ack! Even if your house isn’t like mine, I’m sure it could do with some more organization. That’s why this roundup from Diply is perfect. It has 16 hacks that will help you organize and beautify any space in your home. #win!

Number 12 would look amazing in our office. Bills, bills, bills. Everywhere I look bills are laying on the desk, chair, filing cabinet and floor. I think I will get the hubby to put that one up this weekend. Number 3 and number 9 are going into my kitchen as soon as I find a cute set of baskets to put in there. One can never have too much storage in the kitchen. I do love my kitchen gadgets! Don’t you?

Here’s the link to all 15 ideas…

Diply: 15 Organizing Hacks To Beautify Your Space

Nail Polish

What color are you sporting today? Today my nails are a dark purple. The color is called ‘Lacy not Racy.’ How do they come up with such fun color names? I want that job! I have quite a collection of polishes. Every time I go to Target I have to grab a new shade! That means that I have a mess of polishes that needs organizing. I guess it’s a good thing that I found this roundup from Diply. It has eight ways that polish can be stored and organized and they are all pretty brilliant ideas.

I like the bookshelf side storage idea a lot. I don’t know where I would put a shelf in the bathroom and I don’t want my polish displayed in the living room. Lol. The Polish rolls is more my style. The magnetic board is a good idea too because other makeup can be magnetized and it would save a lot of space. Here are some other fun named nail polishes… I love them!

Here’s the link to all 8 ideas…

Diply: 8 Genius And Gorgeous DIY Nail Polish Storage Solutions


I am so excited to feature this roundup from Diply today. It has 16 ways to organize and overhaul your closet that you simply must see. These life hacks and invaluable tips are going to save you heartache when it comes to that catch-all known as the closet.

Our closet is getting remodeled once we save up the money. Right now there are makeshift shelves and store bought clothes hangers and storage racks but no permanent wall fixtures or cubbies. So annoying! It’s especially difficult to navigate and organize when nothing is permanent but it’s not impossible. I’ve used idea #2, for storing scarves, very helpful. I like #13 a lot! Once we get our permanent shelves I’m going to have to buy some shelf dividers. Aren’t these ideas grand?

If you are needing some help ‘taking control’ of your closet… check out what Target has to offer. I have one of their two-tiered racks and I love it.

Here’s the link to all 16 ideas…

Diply: 16 Genius Ways To Overhaul Your Closet


I am obsessed with my laundry room. That Pinterest board is jam packed with fun ideas and DIYs. There are just so many great possibilities to choose from. I don’t know many people who honestly love doing laundry. Be that as it may, there is no reason that they can’t love the laundry room itself! Mine will be brilliant when done. This roundup from Diply has just a few more fabulous ideas to add to the laundry room inspiration file. They are great.

Number 1 would be wonderful. Did you know that store bought pedestals can run upward of $500? A piece? Building them yourself would be much cheaper! Just be sure that they are sturdy. I have something like number 11, I bought it online, but I haven’t put it up yet. I’m waiting until after I finish painting. I have a change jar too (number 3) but mine isn’t fancy. Now I want it to be! Are any of these going to make it into your laundry room? Here are some more fun laundry room ideas – you can never have too many.

Here’s the link to all 11 ideas…

Diply: 11 DIY Ideas For A More Organized Laundry Room

Tiny Hacks

Tiny. Meager. Small. Cramped. Sound like your living space? All of us have rooms that are short on space and some of us even have whole homes that are short on space. If that’s you then this roundup is perfect for you! It’s a space saving lifesaver! Fashion Diva Designs has everything you need to maximize your space no matter how miniscule it is.

What’s the secret you ask? Organization and space space saving furniture. There are some pretty fabulous ways to use your space if you just get creative. For example, an over the toilet shelf in the bathroom will free up tons of room and a pantry will pull out drawers will allow for so much food to be fit into a tiny space. Hooray! I have something very similar to that Shoe rack.

I think it’s from Ikea but it was in our house when we moved in. I wish I could have an under the stairs office but then I wouldn’t be able to have a half bath or laundry cubby. Will you able to put any of these to good use? I hope so! Wise Bread has 20 other helpful tips for living in small spaces. All of these tips together should make your life much easier! Have fun.

Here’s the link to all 22 ideas…

DivaDesign: 22 House Hacks To Maximize Your Space


I can never get enough bathroom hacks. If yours is small I’m sure you understand. I must sound like a broken record but there never is enough room! Why is my husband’s stuff on my side?! Move over! This roundup from Karma Stream has all the ideas you will need to create storage in the smallest of spaces when there isn’t any.

These ideas are so helpful and shabby chic! Come to think of it, not all of them are space savers but all them are beautiful. They make everything seem light and airy. I’m a fan of anything and everything with a baskets. I really like the door towel rack and pull out cabinets. How about you? Do your bathroom need help? Any winners here for you? This Old House has a tutorial for installing those handy pull-outs. Bonus for detailed instructions! It looks perfect for those beginner DIYers. (Me.)

Here’s the link to all 10 ideas…

KarmaStream: 10 Clever DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas