Dinner just tastes better coming off a charcoal BBQ. Charcoal does really add something to the flavor of meats, fish and other seafood. A rack of ribs that has been cooking over low heat half the day. A trout brought home after a day of fishing on the lake. Steaks with a little smokiness. It all tastes better! If you are like me, and love to barbecue here is a backyard summer project to take on.

These brick barbecue plans are brought to you by DIY Doctor. The plans are really simple and the materials fairly inexpensive (especially if you can salvage your bricks from somewhere). If you are not familiar with brick work, which I’m not, take a class at Lowe’s, Home Depot or ask at your favorite hardware store. Brick barbecues can make for a beautiful addition to your backyard get togethers. Go ahead make your neighbors and friends jealous! (Get more info on this DIY here)

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Grass Bed

I am pretty sure I have mentioned my affinity for nap time. I love to take a nap on grass. The perfect piece of lawn is a perfect even green, cool and maybe a little shaded. Some unfortunate souls do not have sod in the backyard. The park is usually too busy for a proper nap. Too much noise, nosy pets and screaming children. However, there is no better way to spend a warm afternoon out in the sun than on a patch of grass. But what if you don’t have your own patch of lawn at home already? Here is the solution for you.

When I first saw the title of this Youtube video I thought he was going to weave a bed out of palm fronds or something along those lines. Sounds like a great idea for your backyard tropical paradise. No, this is even better. He made a bed and used turf for the mattress. That is right, you can take your barren concrete patio and add an elevated grass bed for napping in the sun. Don’t forget the sunscreen peeps.

Find the how to video here… Enjoy!


Have you ever considered making a deck or patio? It isn’t as hard as you’d think! I still don’t think I could do it but I bet you could! RedheadFox (Reddit user) made one using only 43 pallets! That seems like a very small number considering how awesome it is. Once you see all the fabulous pictures, you will be out and hunting for pallets so you can make your own ASAP.

A large part of the project was sanding and painting the pallets. 43 isn’t that many for a patio but it’s a lot when you have to do all that work on them. This DIY took a little elbow grease. They spent a lot of time sanding and painting and planning. They didn’t just wake up on Saturday and decide to build this little oasis.

After the pallets were ready they laid down a geotextile mat, which I just learned keeps the grass and mud out. They made sure it was set up the way they wanted and then secured the whole thing with steel wire and rods. Putting on the finishing touches much have been the best! Pallet sofas, cushions, umbrellas, flower pots, lighting, and lounge chairs all complete this pool paradise. I love this patio. Are you wanting to try this? Something else pallet-ish? No matter what you’re wanting to do, Old World Garden Farms has some tips on building with pallets. You’ll find them handy no matter what your project! Find them here.

Here’s the link to see the amazing build process and “after” photos…

Diply: Gorgeous Poolside Patio Built From Discarded Wooden Pallets (photos)

Fire Pit

Charles Bowden said that, ‘Summertime is always the best of what might be.’ How true! This DIY bench from Little Things fits that sentiment perfectly. It’s the best of what a summertime backyard could hope for.

This curved fire pit bench is what every backyard is missing; I know that mine doesn’t have one but it wants one! Joshua Rhodes decided he wanted to make his backyard oasis just a little more comfortable and stylish by adding some seating. He got an idea, drove to Home Depot, spent $125, built for two days, and got outstanding results that he decided to share with us! I’m so glad that he did! Painting it fun with cute decorative pillows is a must! I love the white look Josh went with and the watermelon pillows. I’m such a fan of simple and straight lines.

p.s. – check out the yard overall. This bench was just the finishing touch on a lot of DIYs. He and his wife’s yard looks amazing! Looking for tips on how to get the perfect yard? Here are some helpful ones.

Check out the full transformation (and gorgeous pictures) here…

Little Things: Transformed Backyard Fire Pit Now The Perfect Neighborhood Hangout

nosey neighbors

The first thing I do when the sun goes down is close the blinds. I call it the ‘fish bowl’ effect. I don’t want anyone who drives by looking in on us, seeing what movies we are watching, and what we are having for dinner. I don’t want to live in a glass bowl where there is no privacy and everything is exposed. Kfoster (Imgur user) felt the same way. She needed some privacy and a way to get away from her neighbors prying eyes.

She built a tall screen around her deck that gave her that much desired privacy. It has a trellis on top and twinkle lights. We all need a stress-free hiding spot, even in the city. Especially in the city. And kfoster has done just that and transformed her backyard in a stunning way.

Thinking about throwing down your hammer and nails and going green? Pick up a shovel and check out these fast growing trees! Be sure you look at the ones that would thrive in your neck of the woods. I really like the River Birch!

See the finished project and all the “after” photos here…

Little Things: Much Needed Privacy Screen Blocks Nosy Neighbors (photos)

backyard transformation

Waste not, want not. Reddit user ‘My_DIY_Account’ wanted a backyard and he didn’t want to waste any space. His little home in Milwaukee didn’t have much space to start with so creativity was a must when coming up with ideas for an outdoor oasis. He turned the space next to his house, barely big enough to park a car, into a wonderful ‘city backyard.’

I love the end results! There is no reason you can’t carve a little stress-free outdoor hiding spot, even in the city. The wood stain that he used is really beautiful and I really like how the fence was built like ‘Venetian’ blinds. I only see one thing missing…where’s the hot tub?

Feeling inspired? You can build your own deck! This Old House has a terrific tutorial. It won’t be easy (moderate to difficult skill level) and it won’t be cheap ($800-$1000) for a 10×16 foot deck. It won’t be easy, but it will be gorgeous. Here’s the how-to.

Here’s the link to all the project photos…

Little Things: 6 Poles Backyard Transformation (photos)

fire pit cheap

DIY is the best! Especially when it is affordable. If I’m being honest, some of the projects out there, though terrific, can be a little spendy ($$$). This DIY fire pit, featured at Viralnova, really isn’t one of the pricey ones. you can make it for $50! Scouts honor. I’m so excited to have found this tutorial! I know you will love it too.

Where were you last summer?! This DIY pit is simple to make and perfect for beginners. Although everyone, beginners to experts will love it! It’s easy to start and stop. Not to mention clean. It might take some work, but this a portable pit too. I like the idea that if I have to move something I can. What do you think? Is this the fire pit for you?

Woohome has a roundup of 38 fun and easy fire pit ideas worth checking out too. If this one from Viralnova isn’t for you, one the 38 will be! Have fun deciding which one.

See the full project details here…

Viralnova: $50 Fire Pit Build Plans (photos)

DIY Fire Pit

Hot summer days, cool summer nights. You know what that means…fire pit season is almost here! Hooray! There are so many DIYs out there for making your own but this one from Home Repair Tutor is great because it’s small and will make a nice ‘accent’ piece for your yard or patio. This is a great and easy idea!

I can see myself roasting marshmallows already! This is a bit of work but the end result…wow! Worth it? I think yes! So doable. Maybe my next DIY. There are lots of supplies needed for this one….You’ll need some plastic bowls, Pam, quick setting cement, trowel/stir stick, bucket, palm sander, grout sponge, sandpaper, lava rocks, and gel fuel cans. This is such a detailed tutorial. The video is great but be sure to check out the written instructions too.

There are so many styles of patio fire pits. I wish I had room for all of them. I love this simple DIY version but I find myself falling more and more in love with fire glass. That’s a DIY beyond my skill level. They come in all shaped and sizes with all colors of glass. They’re also all sorts of expensive. This one here, from Wayfair Supply, is the dream. With blue glass.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

If you love crafting and DIY projects then you will love these projects about decorating with mason jars. Mason jars are so versatile and classy looking, and can really dress up any scene or create a rustic atmosphere. The most common way to dress up mason jars is to use them as vases and hang them with an assortment of flowers.

Another popular use for mason jars are as candle or votive holders. They can make beautiful evening patio lights or gorgeous centerpieces for a wedding reception. The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination! Take a few minutes and look at the projects we’ve found below. Enjoy!

1. Grow air plants in hanging mason jars:

air plants mason jars

2. Add some flair to your balcony decor:

balcony decor mason jars

3. Blue mason jars make a stunning craft:

blue mason jars

4. Mason jars with candles and pebbles:

mason jar with candle and pebbles

5. Fall mason jar centerpiece:

fall mason jar centerpiece

6. Hanging mason jars with flowers decorate formal tables:

flower decor mason jars

7. Mason jar floral trio:

flowers and mason jars

8. Mason jar bouquets:

mason jar bouquets

9. Mason jars hanging from a branch:

mason jars hanging from a branch

10. Burlap wrapped mason jars:

burlap wrapped mason jars

11. Floral mason jars hanging on white chairs:

mason jar flowers

12. A ladder and some mason jars makes a wonderful patio light:

mason jar ladder light

13. Formal mason jar light:

mason jar light

14. Mason jars hanging from a tree:

mason jar tree lights

15. Macrame mason jar hanger:

macrame mason jar hanger

16. Mason jar cluster patio light:

mason jar patio light

17. Hanging mason jars with ribbons and butterflies:

mason jars with ribbons and butterflies

18. Mason jar decor hanging on a fence:

mason jars with candles

19. A chandelier made from mason jar lights:

mason jars chandelier

20. Hanging mason jars centerpiece:

hanging mason jars centerpiece

21. Mason jar vase with wildflowers:

mason jar vase

22. Mason jar decor at a wedding:

mason jar wedding decor

23. More mason jar wedding decor:

mason jar wedding decor

24. Rustic light made from mason jars:

rustic light mason jars

25. Vintage mason jars:

vintage mason jars

Fire Pit

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, fire pits are always in season. What is it about them? They are the perfect spot to sit and relax, catch up with old friends, toast marshmallows, and hide from the world for a little while. There are so many great designs and DIYs out there but I am loving this one more and mote. It is durable, affordable, and portable. It would make the best addition to any backyard!

You can build this pit on your own for $50. Hooray! I love this idea and I think Lowe’s has these rings and they go on sale quite often. Why a mobile fire pit? Because the only certain thing in life is change. The perfect spot for the fire pit this year might not be great next. This design is nice because it can be moved and rebuilt elsewhere fairly easily.

Now you know how to make a fire pit out of concrete tree rings. Score! Know what else would be good to know? How to make your own concrete tree rings. Lol. There is a DIY for everything! Some days I can’t even remember what life before the internet was like. I love having all this information! Find that tutorial over at Instructables to learn how to make tree rings.

Check out the full article from Instructables and learn how to make your own fire pit here…

Instructables: $50 Fire Pit Using Concrete Tree Rings