Fire Pit

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, fire pits are always in season. What is it about them? They are the perfect spot to sit and relax, catch up with old friends, toast marshmallows, and hide from the world for a little while. There are so many great designs and DIYs out there but I am loving this one more and mote. It is durable, affordable, and portable. It would make the best addition to any backyard!

You can build this pit on your own for $50. Hooray! I love this idea and I think Lowe’s has these rings and they go on sale quite often. Why a mobile fire pit? Because the only certain thing in life is change. The perfect spot for the fire pit this year might not be great next. This design is nice because it can be moved and rebuilt elsewhere fairly easily.

Now you know how to make a fire pit out of concrete tree rings. Score! Know what else would be good to know? How to make your own concrete tree rings. Lol. There is a DIY for everything! Some days I can’t even remember what life before the internet was like. I love having all this information! Find that tutorial over at Instructables to learn how to make tree rings.

Check out the full article from Instructables and learn how to make your own fire pit here…

Instructables: $50 Fire Pit Using Concrete Tree Rings

Grill Table

Fire pits can take up a lot of coveted backyard space. That’s why I love this fire pit, grill, and table combo. What? Yup! It’s as awesome as it sounds! It’s not a 3-in-1 DIY but it is a really awesome product. I wish I could have this for summer. It would be a little ‘over-grill’ for my backyard. It’s a too big for my patio/yard space and there are one two many control freaks that would flip out about not having sole grill power. Lol. I wonder if it gets too smokey while sitting around? I hope not! I’d learn to deal if it did, it’s too cool to not love!

I adore this fire fit from The Lilly Pad too. It has an adorable removable table top and is perfect for the patio when not in use. Simply lovely! This is very DIY and very budget. What’s not to love?! Check out the tutorial here.

Here’s the Video… Enjoy!


How many of you have an old shed wasting away? Shame on you! There are so many better things you could be doing with it. Better things like turning it into a pub! Pub sheds are fast becoming a ‘thing.’ They are a definitely a growing trend that I can get on board with.

OMG! These are great. It’s about time there was a playhouse for adults. Why should kids get all the fun? A ‘Shub,’ (my abbreviation for shed pub) would make a great man cave too. I don’t think anyone would mind being in ‘the dog house’ if it looked anything like one of these! After seeing these you will be inspired! Clear out the cobwebs and buy a jukebox. Don’t forget to drop my invitation in the mail for the grand opening! I am so going to do this! I can have happy hour every hour, hehe.

Don’t despair if there isn’t room for a shed in your life. You can build a bar in your house! Learn all about it here.

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Little Things: Old Sheds Transformed Into Something Incredible (photos)

transform backyard into something incredible

You are about to meet a guy who transformed his backyard into a beautiful, functional outdoor kitchen and dining area. He created his dream outdoor kitchen and when you see it you will be astounded. His backyard really needed a major upgrade, especially the existing patio. He was lucky because he had friends who could help him fulfill his dream.

Most of us are so busy with our lives, working and getting home to make supper and tend to our children. We often don’t get the time to devote to our backyards like this guy did. Maybe his story will provide you with some inspiration. Go look in your backyard and see what you can imagine there. Perhaps a new outdoor fireplace? Or gaming area? How about an outdoor movie theater? There are so many things you can do!

Follow along as this guy truly transforms his dreary backyard into a summer oasis. We assure you you will not be disappointed!

diy backyard spring projects

Whether you have a large or small backyard, there are a lot of projects you can pursue to liven things up. After a long drawn out winter most of us are ready to sit outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather. You may be ready for spring to arrive but is your backyard ready?

Even before spring arrives you can start planning projects to brighten up your backyard and get it ready for the best season outside yet. You can consider larger projects such as a pool or building a patio or deck, but there are also several small projects that can make a huge difference with a lot less money and effort.

From homemade flower hangers to crafty lanterns, there are so many possibilities. If you are eager to take on a larger project, consider creating an outdoor fireplace. What could be more welcoming than enjoying an evening beside the fire?

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death star fire pit

Aren’t grandparents the best?! My grandmother is amazing and oh so crafty! What does she create? Dollhouses! Mine won 5 ribbons at the county and state fair before she turned it over to me. (Judges choice baby!) The sad thing about my 3 story, Victorian era, fully electric dollhouse is that I didn’t get it until I was 17! It would have been too pretty to play with anyways. It has a player piano, a conservatory with black and white tile, and pictures of my family miniaturized in the hall. Swoon. But enough about my Grandma…Ready to meet the world’s most amazing Grandpa?

I’m not the only one with amazing relatives. This 84 year-old grandpa made a Death Star shaped fire pit for his grandchildren. I can’t even imagine how long it took! This retired welder took the ends of propane welding tanks and went crazy with ‘em. I am blown away by how cool this looks lit up. Where can I get one?! This will definitely last even longer than my dollhouse!

Besides this Death Star, Serenity Health And Home Decor, has some of the most creative firepits. They feature amazing artists’ and the fabulous creations they come up with. The ‘3rd Rock From The Sun’ and ‘Dragon’ are my favorites. Fine them all here

Find the full article from Awesome Inventions here…

Awesome Inventions: Death Star Firepit

DIY Patio Table With Built-In Beer/Wine Coolers

Ohhh Honey…where are the power tools? It’s time to break them out! I found an amazing DIY and not just pictures from Domesticated Engineer. They included a list of materials, measurements, tools, and the honest upfront cost of $226. I am so happy! This table has the option of a built in cooler and that is so much better that a cooler all the time. Sometimes you just need more room for goodies that drinks.

Be sure to give yourself sometime for this table and have fun with it. I don’t think you should do it the day before the family BBQ or you all might be sitting on the grass. Most stains take at least a day to dry and oils another after that. Some people have suggested galvanized planters instead of plastic and that might be something to consider to save the hassle of replacing them as often. Brilliant! If you’re looking for more more patio idea you should check out the ones here.

Here’s the link to Domesticated Engineer’s tutorial: Domesticated Engineer: DIY Patio Table With Built-In Beer/Wine Coolers